New Mosque? Time To Lawyer Up.

In my line of work, such as it is, I meet a lot of people from around the world. One of these is Mr. Gavin Boby, a lawyer who specialises in building applications.

If you want to build something or don’t like the idea of a potential development, then he’d be one of the people you want to talk with. He knows the by-laws, the regulations, and how to deal with the authorities.

That’s what he does.

What makes him a bit different is that he’s now set up a foundation to offer his services pro bono (that’s FREE for those of us who didn’t go onto tertiary education) to help people campaign against the ever-increasing proliferation of mosques.

If you think I’m joining in the chorus raised by Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna, you’d be correct. I’ve known this man for a few months now, but he’s finally ready to go public with his Law and Freedom Foundation, and word of his mission needs to go out.

When it comes to the islamisation of our Western societies – Australia, North America, Europe and especially the UK, the mosques are often a beachhead.

(While this is also applicable in non-Western societies such as Thailand, the legal foundations are not the same, hence Mr. Boby’s particular training would not necessarily be as practicable as in our world.)

We’re not supposed to talk about things like this, but as we’ve seen locally with the Alma Rd Community House cum masjid, it starts small, and will nearly always end in tears.

Usually infidel tears.

Now I’m sure the lefties are about to start screaming racist, fascist, nazi (which no longer holds that sting that ‘racist’ is also losing due to overuse) and all the rest of the hyperventilating that they excel at, but I suggest they have a look at the world they live in.

Where mosques start up, then in creeps sharia law with its attendant ills.

Quite apart from the basics like noise pollution from the call to prayer, the traffic congestion as more and more of those who submit to allah move in, the falling property values and the rise in crime and general disrespect to the natives of whatever stripe, the area becomes known as a bit of an islamic enclave.

For example, I live in the outer suburbs of Melbournistan, and even though it’s within staggering distance, I stay out of Dandenong and refuse to swim at the Oasis swimming centre. I’m not alone in voting with my feet and my wallet.

I don’t like seeing women in niqabs pushing overflowing shopping trolleys while their husbands just hang around watching them load the groceries into the back of the van. I understand it’s a cultural thing, but I don’t like to see it, so I don’t shop there.

It’s the little things, and they lead to bigger things, such as public demonstrations of piety that are designed to make a statement to you, the audience rather than being a quiet personal relationship with their god.

Mr. Boby believes that it’s time to step up and take the battle to the courts before it ends up on our streets.

If we stand against the incursion of mosques in our neighbourhoods then we are supporting our culture*.

I’ll let Mr. Boby speak in his own words:

Why am I doing this?

I’m a British planning lawyer. I deal with planning permissions (I think that’s ‘building permits’ to you!), helping people pursue or oppose planning applications.
I’ve set up a the Law and Freedom Foundation to help neighbourhoods oppose planning applications for new mosques. If there’s a planning application for a new mosque or phoney ‘cultural centre’ in your area, then I will help you oppose it. First, helping you to get up the campaign, and secondly putting forward the legal argument to the authorities.

I’m doing this for 2 reasons. One, it has to be done. And two, no-one is doing it.

Why does it have to be done?

To be honest I’d be happier reading poetry than tangling Islam – tell a lie, I’d be happier stir-frying my own lungs than tangling with Islam – but it has to be done. The threat to freedom and law posed by the islam, nurtured by the self-serving lawlessness of political elites, threatens everything. Freedom on its own may not be enough to make you happy, but everything else is based on freedom which the tide of islam threatens to destroy.

That tide, and the institution of brute force that sharia represents, also threatens law. This point is dull, and often forgotten, but without law the big ones eat the little ones and everyone lives in poverty – just look at the average Islamic capital.
Hence the Foundation is about Law and Freedom.

Mosques are an essential element of islamisation and, therefore, have to be resisted. Mosques are command and control centres, as in Mohammed’s day, and are today since every muslim must follow Mohammed’s example as the ideal man. They are also the centre for ‘hijra’ or expansion by migration, as with the original hijra to Medina where Mohammed became a politician and warlord, and where he set up the first mosque. He planned battles, and blessed and dispatched troops for offensive war, passed death sentences and praised his executioners from that mosque, and it is a template for all mosques today.

Why isn’t anyone doing it?

Fifty years from now there will probably be a lot of boring theses written as to why political leaders adopted such happy faced passivity about islam, and the debates can get arcane. But the fact is that self-serving and lawless elites are doing all they can to encourage it.

Mosques are not only permitted but encouraged, with authorities bending the rules to nurture islamic institutions, handing out money to them, and offering land on the cheap.

This is treacherous to the values – freedom and law – upon which western civilisation, the most towering and humane in history, has been built. And it is callously indifferent to the lives of the working class neighbourhoods being swept over by Islam.

What I hope to achieve by it?

First to slow the tide of islamisation, second to stop it, and third to reverse it.

And to do this in three ways: by winning cases; by instilling confidence in people to resist; and by putting authorities on notice that they can’t get away with acting unlawfully.

The first two are more or less self evident, but the third is important. I see no way that British authorities can justify their petting of islam. A skim read of the bloodthirsty Koran will tell you that promoting islam falls way short of the bundle of hate speech laws that European governments emanate, and which they use as the racism fasces to beat down opposition to their pet program. It hasn’t yet occurred to them that law applies even-handedly, and not just against the people they find inconvenient. Governments need to know that the law applies to them, and that aiding and abetting is a crime. And that they will one day be held accountable if, as seems unavoidable, they are breaking the law.

Authorities need to know that the wind is shifting, and that when it has blown away the politically correct fog, they will be left in full view.
We will accomplish this. We will not allow self serving elites to let us down. Every Councillor, every Local Authority official, every politician will jump to inform himself how the law will apply to him once the PC immunity has worn off, and they’re in the cold like of day.

They have a choice to make and we intend to force them to make it.

Considering the hash the current crop of politically correct magistrates and lawyers are making of our countries, it’s about time that somebody took them on.

Mr. Boby is prepared to do that for those in the United Kingdom, and we in the United Kaffirdom should be prepared to support him in any way we can.

He knows what our culture is, and he’s fighting for it against those who think that we’re just racist nazis. Not that islam is a race, and not that Hitler didn’t like islam as a religion.

*And for all of those who seem to forget that there IS actually a Western Civilisation, take some time out and enjoy Sir Kenneth Clark’s excellent series.

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3 Replies to “New Mosque? Time To Lawyer Up.”

  1. Law is one thing muslims have used against the infidel. It is about time that we start using their tactics to defend ourselves. That is why I have chosen this particular name just now. Beheading seems to be one way. Muslims beheading infidels. No. We can do that too and we can do it to the useful idiots of the muslims as well just as easily as we can do it to the Rage boys of the world of islam. . Using the Law against the infidel seems to be one way. No. We can do that too. It is about time the political elites who pander to this seventh century barbarism got a taste of their own medicine. Muslims can go and cry on their shoulder. Great!

  2. For too long the left and the Moslems have been using the law against civilization, now lawyers in Britain and the US are starting to use the law against them, hopefully this brave man will bring out more brave men to help him.

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