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Just fancy that… “I told you so” edition.

Married three wives in “Muslim ceremonies”.

But the religion of Islam strictly forbids Muslim women marrying non-Muslim men.

So these cannot have been Muslim ceremonies, unless of course…

And that’s why George Galloway won Bradford West.

It hate to say, “I told you so!”, but…

from MailOnline

Galloway’s new Dutch bride (his fourth) is younger than his daughter. . . and his last wife had a baby four months ago

After his sensational by-election victory of last week, he might have been expected to pause for breath.

George Galloway with his fellow Muslim constituents

Instead, three-times-married ‘Gorgeous George’ Galloway flew to Amsterdam and took a fourth bride – a woman 30 years his junior.

The ceremony, in a hotel, happened less than 48 hours after the MP took the Labour stronghold of Bradford West with an astonishing 10,000-plus majority for his Respect party. And it was a mere four months since his third wife had given birth to a son – their second.

The fourth Mrs Galloway is a Dutch-born researcher of Indonesian extraction who took a degree in cultural anthropology at the University of Utrecht. She also studied in Amsterdam before taking a masters degree in children’s rights at Amsterdam University.

From 1979 to 1999, Mr Galloway was married to his former teenage sweetheart, Elaine Fyffe. They had a daughter, Lucy, now 29 with two children of her own.

The couple separated in 1987 but did not divorce for a further 12 years.

The politician had already taken Dr Amineh Abu-Zayyad, a Palestinian scientist, as a second wife in a Muslim ceremony in 1994. A year after his divorce from Elaine in 1999, he married Dr Abu-Zayyad in a civil ceremony.

[So he married his second wife – in a Muslim ceremony – five years before he divorced his first. So Mr Galloway is either a bigamist or a Muslim. This is probably the time of his conversion. As a bigamist he could only “remarry” in a tradition that allowed polygamy.]

The politician had already taken Dr Amineh Abu-Zayyad, a Palestinian scientist, as a second wife in a Muslim ceremony in 1994. A year after his divorce from Elaine in 1999, he married Dr Abu-Zayyad in a civil ceremony.

By this time the Respect MP had already had a son, Zein, with his Lebanese former researcher, Rima Husseini, whom he had married in a Muslim ceremony in 2007.

New Al-Jazeera Variety Show to Showcase Ethnic and Sexual Minorities

All of us at Vlad Tepes were thrilled at obtaining exclusive footage of this groundbreaking new program, whose pilot episode is due to air on the worldwide Islamic TV network later on today’s date.

The show called, “Why not NOT kill the Infidels?” will attempt to bridge the gap between Islam and persecuted minorities, in a jocular and lighthearted way. Judging by this clip, our Canadian readers will more than agree that it succeeds!

It’s understood that the team behind the show are the same producers who made last year’s biggest smash hit movie in the whole Ummah.

Who could possibly forget that tender romantic comedy describing the hilarious love affair between a six-year old girl, and  a a fifty-two-year old man, ‘You Jihad me at: “Hello” – The Aisha & Muhammad Story’?


REPORT: George Galloway returns to Westminster wins unprecedented landslide in Bradford West

George Galloway, new MP for Bradford West, in front of the Muslim Brotherhood's banner

George Galloway the shill for Saddam Hussein, the supporter of Hamas, the Islamists’ friend, has been returned to Westminster as an MP after a landslide shock by-election victory of truly unprecedented proportions.

The 53% vote increase his Respect party took in tonight’s result represents the largest EVER increase of a vote in Westminster parliamentary history. His over 10,000 majority, is about as comfortable as any MP could ever want.

Bradford West’s demographics are startling. The Islamic tipping point has been passed, so that the Muslim population dominates every aspect of culture, identity and politics, regardless of actually only consituting 43% compared to the 53% of indiginous whites. These are however 2001 census figures (!). Bradford West, is Europe’s future.

This startling result is a powerful representation, both of the rapidity with which Muslim populations can swell in the blink of an eye, and, of what a block vote can accomplish if an ethnic group votes together for one candidate. This is a thing ethnic Europeans have long since ceased to do, so successful has been the campaign of divide and rule, through accusations of “divisive” politics against nationalists.

Indeed had a credible nationalist candidate stood in the by-election you can be sure that the whole media would have swooped down on them demanding to know how they would even pretend, as MP, to represent the diversity of the “whole” community. You can bet nobody will dare to raise this question now in Bradford West, and that territory and the ethnic English it contains, like London’s Tower Hamlets must – in all seriousness, and without a trace of hyperbloe – be considered lost to the Dar al-Islam.

QUESTION: How did George Galloway win Bradford West?

ANSWER: By successfully claiming to be a better Muslim than the Muslim Pakistani Labour candidate in what has always been a safe Labour seat!

Mr Galloway has for years been darkly hinting that he is a secret Muslim, as this video demonstrates, while acting with incredulity towards anyone who would dare to be impertinent enough to ask him to come clean.

It is very important to fully understand what this historic result represents. In response Michael Coren has tweeted, that the “Bradford vote proves UK Muslims care about Islam, not Britain. Culture war – denial increasingly futile.” In fact it means much more than this, and two key things are profoundly and undeniably proven by this result.

The first, and here I am thinking of the incredulity that greeted Kent Ekeroth from all sides over the subject in this interview posted by Eeyore earlier today, is that this result must finally dismiss any last vestige of skepticism over the reality that Europe is being Islamised.

It is important to be clear. A white Scotsman born a Roman Catholic, has just won a respounding victory in Europe against a Pakistani Mulsim Labour favourite, precisely because he convinced the local populace that he was a more active/pious/true Muslim than the person he was against. This is Islamisation crystallizing politically before our very eyes, in inglorious technicolour.

The left wingers did what has always worked in the past, and are now scratching their heads in incredulity and astonishment. They accused everyone else of racism, but then played the race card with consumate skill. To them, on paper at least, their candidate in the safe Labour seat, was perfect. A locally born 33-year old barrister and Pakistani “Muslim”, Imran Hussein,  who had chaired the local Labour party for years, and was deputy leader of the council.

There was one crucial difference, Mr Hussein is a moderate Muslim, a secular Muslim, a reform Muslim, that is, not a real Muslim at all.

Just like the French “Muslim” paratroopers killed by Mohamed Merah in France only two weeks ago, that are supposed, in the ignorant minds of liberals, to refute the self-evident truth that Merah was driven by Islam.

Because what Mr Galloway did – in a constituency in which he had never set foot before – against a Labour party with 100 times his financial resources, was simply to post, with the use of the electoral roll, the following letter through the letterboxes of the Muslim households of Bradford West, a week before the polls opened:

I have been increasingly angered by the dishonest and desperate efforts of the Labour campaign for Imran Hussein, to deceive you about your vote. You should vote for him because he is a “Muslim” they say, and because he is of Pakistani background. … God KNOWS who is a Muslim. And he KNOWS who is not. Instinctively, so do you.

The second thing this thumpingly declares, is a deafening clarion call against the repeated shibboleth of the entire political establishment of Europe, that criticism of Islam must necessarily be racist in character.

the letter that won Bradford West

In the public sphere the issue of Islam is not religious, not ideological, not one of a dangerous foreign dogma that seeks to dominate wherever it goes – so they keep telling us. It is one of identity, victimisation, colour, and the powerless being repressed by the racial bigotry of ethnic Europe.

If that had even a modicum of truth in it, Labour’s sure-fire bet would have come off handsomely, and Mr Hussein would now be preparing to take his seat in Westminster.


It is now beyond denial that Islam has nothing whatsoever to do with race and only does so from the Muslim’s side when it is a convenient stick with which to beat conscessions out of the foolish European kuffar.

Finally, spare a thought for the likes of Matthew Goodwin, who is regarded as Britain’s supposed foremost authority on political extremism. Naturally, like his colleagues Europe-wide he is a committed Left-winger, obsessed with “Rightist-under-the-bed” plots, and the imminent certainty of a far-Right attempt to take over Europe through the barrel of a gun.

If the BNP win 40 votes in a parish council by-election it is the end of the world, 12 members of the EDL protest outside a chip shop and it is empirical proof that a Breivik copy-cat is just hours away from striking evil in the heart of Ashby-de-la-Zouch.

Because it is the duty, of people like him and his colleagues, to warn us of the intense dangers of political extremism and the fascist ideologies that are inexorably tightening their grip.

You can guarantee that for the next week, just like the last week when little Jewish girls were being gunned down in the streets of France, Goodwin and all his kind in politics, media, and the police, will be nowhere to be seen.

Latest Religion of Peace News

from Mail Online

Former Pakistani dancing girl commits suicide 12 years after horrific acid attack which left her looking ‘not human’



A Pakistani former dancing girl left fighting for life by a ‘horrific’ acid attack has committed suicide a decade after being heavily facially disfigured.

Fakhra Younus, 33, leapt to her death from a sixth floor building in Rome 12 years after the acid attack which she said left her looking ‘not human’.

Cleared: Younus's ex-husband Bilal Khar, the son of a wealthy Pakistani governor, was cleared in 2003 of charges relating to the attack

At the time of her attack in May 2000, her ex-husband Bilal Khar was the man accused of entering her mother’s house and pouring acid over Younus’s face as she slept.

The attack, which took place in front of Younus’s then five-year-old son, left her unable to breathe and fighting for life.

Her nose was almost completely melted and she has since undergone 39 separate surgical procedures to repair her disfigured face over the past decade.

The horrific attack also burned off her hair, fused her lips, blinded her in one eye, destroyed her left ear and melted her breasts.

After being rushed to hospital she said, ‘My face is a prison to me’, while her distraught young son said at the time, ‘This is not my mother’. …click through to read the rest

FOX NEWS: SSgt. Robert Bales v. Maj. Nidal Hasan — a breathtaking hypocrisy


Two serving US soldiers go on gun rampages which result in the death of innocents.

Staff Sgt. Robert Bales is a veteran of three Iraqi tours and was serving on his fourth Afghan tour when he snapped. Throughout his career he has probably contributed to the saving of many, many Muslim lives. Twenty times the number of infidels (read, supposed comrades-in-arms) no doubt, that Major Nidal Hasan shot dead at Fort Hood.

Hasan is likely to seek a defense of “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder” even though he, unlike Bales, has never seen active service. In contrast, Bales is to be charged with war crimes, which have irreparably inflamed Afghani/US tensions; whereas the Pentagon – at the White House’s insistence – has classified the Fort Hood massacre as “workplace violence”.

In other words while Hasan screamed “Allahu Akbar” as he pumped round after round into his colleagues, he was being no different than a disgruntled postal worker. And crucially, as this Fox News video confirms, the media has happily collaborated in “de-contextualising” the one case while insistently and pointlessly contextualising the other.

So in the desperate search for any “motive” that might explain these horrific incidents, the fact that Hasan had business cards on him saying, “Soldier of Allah” which he had printed up before his killing spree: is not deemed in the slightest bit relevant. But the fact that Bales sought a life in the Services after his business went belly-up over a decade ago? Ah there’s all the explanation you need…

“No one is stating the obvious. France has been occupied all over again.”

There is a very, very powerful essay over at Darren Greenfield’s blog comparing how and why Jewish children were hunted down and killed in France in the past, and how and why they are being so now.

from Sultan Knish

The New Nazis

There was a time when Jewish children were hunted down and killed in France. Their killers believed themselves to be members of a superior group that was destined to rule the world and enslave or exterminate members of inferior groups. The cowardice and appeasement of the French authorities allowed them to operate freely, to kill Jews and launch attacks on other countries.

What was then is now again. The occupying army doesn’t wear uniforms, it wears keffiyahs. It doesn’t speak German, it speaks Arabic. It doesn’t believe that it is superior for reasons of race as much as for reasons of religion. It does not view all others as Untermenschen, but as infidels. It looks forward not to a thousand year Reich, but to a thousand year Caliphate.

Mohammed Merah did not chase down a French-Jewish seven year old girl, put a gun to her head and pull the trigger because he came from an economically depressed area or any of the other media spin. He was only doing what Muslims had been doing to non-Muslims for over a thousand years. He didn’t do what he did because he was “radicalized”, he did it because he became a fully committed Muslim.

It won’t end with taking down one man and it won’t end with Jewish children. When your ideology believes that it is in a zero-sum struggle with the rest of the world and that membership means that you are a superior breed of human being because you worship the Fuhrer or Allah, then it won’t stop. It won’t ever stop. Not until the figurehead is toppled, the creed is humiliated and the supermen are shown to be cowards, neurotics, pedophiles, insecure men dressing up their weaknesses in power fantasies.

Between all the non-stop coverage, the expressions of grief, the political pandering, no one is stating the obvious. France has been occupied all over again. Once again the occupation has been carried out with the consent of the authorities who have decided that cowardice is the only way. Vichy France has become Vichy Europe, Vichy America, Vichy Australia, where the blatant appeasement is disguised as honor, treason is portrayed as responsible leadership and collaboration in the mass murder of your own people is never acknowledged as such…

…That simple undeniable fact is denied by government, in every university and in every center of culture. And every one of those deniers has blood on his hands.

Please click through to read the rest of this extremely important seminal piece.

Sarkozy (and media): “The Muslim faith has nothing to do with the insane acts of this man”

This graphic by Bosch Fawstin beautifully sums up the French President's cowardice. See more of Bosch's work at fawstin.blogspot.com

From the time the perpetrator of the Toulouse massacre turned out to be a jihadist, there’s been a concerted effort by the Lamestream media to shove the entire incident under the carpet – noticed it?

Whereas before, when they happily concluded a “right-winger” must be responsible, every effort was made to tar Marine Le Pen with responsibility so that the media’s Left wing chums in French politics could benefit from these deaths; now it’s an irrelevant aberation by a diseffected and alienated “French citizen” – and of course, “nothing to do with Islam.”

Where are the press flow charts, the impressive graphics, the fine-tooth-comb examinations of the killer’s “manifesto”, the weeks of lengthy essays by “extremism specialists” pointing to malevolent “worldwide networks” that followed the Breivik slaughter?

There’s been none of it! Just a silent attempt to shoosh everything away and return the populace back to more important matters like reality television and celebrity bra sizes. We’ve been doing our best over here at Vlad Tepes to counter this, and the good folk over at JihadWatch have been putting up a valiant fight too.

Here for example, is an absolute tour de force from Dr Spencer:

from JihadWatch

Imam Sarkozy on Toulouse jihadist: “The Muslim faith has nothing to do with the insane acts of this man”

Muhammad Merah’s murders had everything to do with Islam: he claimed affiliation with al-Qaeda and may have trained with the Taliban, both of which are explicitly and ostentatiously Muslim groups that justify all their actions by reference to the Qur’an and Sunnah. He claimed to be a mujahid, which is a warrior of jihad, which is an Islamic theological and legal concept.

He killed Muslim soldiers who fought in the infidel military — something that only someone who considered one’s loyalty to the umma to trump all other loyalties would have done. So grounded is Merah’s massacre in Islam that it is virtually inconceivable that he would have carried it out had he not been a Muslim.

And so Sarkozy is, like every other leader in the West, whistling in the dark, trying to pretend that there is no problem when there is a huge problem, and basing the future of his nation on the fantasy that the overwhelming majority of Muslims in France do not believe the same things Muhammad Merah believed…

click through for the rest

Picture of the Day – Demographics is Destiny edition

British Prime Minister David Cameron visits the Kings Science Academy, Bradford, Northern England.

I particularly like the faux heraldic symbolism on the breast pockets. How soon before the parents of this school’s pupils realize that heraldry dates primarily from battlefield identification in… erm… the Crusades?

Voters in Western European nations often fool themselves into thinking that our political establishment are somehow cocooned from the reality of their demographic cleansing of our nations. The truth is however, as this picture demonstrates, that though insulated from the negative effects they know exactly, exactly, what they are doing.

from the Daily Mail

UK armed police in stand-off with veiled woman believed to be carrying explosives



Sharpshooters took aim from all directions at the veiled female suspect (below)

Saltburn is a small seaside town in the North East of England, the part of North Yorkshire that contains Middlesborough, and one of the depressed working class areas where Muslims have moved to in droves.

The only thing astonishing about this story, is that:

(a) The MSM are covering it: this is porbably due to that fact that the story was broken by a citizen journalist site.

(b) Politicians will claim it is an isolated incident.

(c) The powers that be will assure everyone that where we’re headed is a future in which things like this are less, rather than exponentially more, likely.

from MailOnline

Portrait of Britain 2012: Armed police train guns on veiled woman fearing she has bomb in her bag

Armed Police surround the woman in Saltburn, Teesside, and take aim. Her bag is behind her.

It is a chilling image that will go around the world – police taking aim at a woman in a hijab after a tip-off claiming she could have a bomb in her bag.

It is not known if the holdall contained an explosive or not but officers were not taking any chances.

The incident is on-going eight hours after it started at the seafront in Saltburn, Teesside, today. Army bomb disposal experts are believed to be on site.

Armed Police surround the woman in Saltburn, Teesside, and take aim. Her bag is behind her

Cleveland Police have not yet confirmed the exact nature of the incident but said it was sparked after ‘information’ they received about the woman’s conduct. They said the area has been cordoned off and they are concerned about the welfare of a woman.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing a white woman wearing a dress with a veil sitting on a bench surrounded by armed police, who were alerted shortly after 11am. At 6.40pm, negotiations with her were still taking place.

Residents in Saltburn say they believe it is a woman local to the area.

…click through to read more

Dissecting an academic hit-job

Bruce Bawer recently published a book called, “The New Quislings: How the International Left Used the Oslo Massacre to Silence Debate About Islam”, and the title sums up what the Left has been doing since the tragic events of last summer. Literally trying to smear the blood of those poor Norwegian children on the faces of their political opponents, in order to silence any criticism of Islam, diversity or mass-immigration. 

A good example of this was the release last week of a truly nonsensical report by two British academics, produced for the UK think-tank of the anti-Fa movement: Hope Not Hate. The report can be summarized briefly, accurately and without hyperbole: as an attempt to insist that anyone critical of multi-culturalism has a latent propensity to bloody violence.

The report’s cover-page (right), clearly an attempt to be chilling, comes across as cack-handed, risible, almost hilarious.

Here the social commentator of The Daily Telegraph, Ed West, delivers a detailed fisking to this piece of “research”.

from The Telegraph

There’s nothing extremist about rejecting the ‘benefits of diversity’   

Imagine that a report came out linking people’s unease with inequality and poverty to extreme Left-wing violence of the Baader-Meinhof variety, showing that Labour voters shared some of the same concerns with supporters of the Communist Party or other Far-Left organisations.

Imagine it illustrated this report with a picture of a gun beside a red flag and jackboots, and pictures of Ed Miliband and Harriet Harman by pictures of Left-wing extremists. … So try imagining how the UK Independence Party must feel about the Hope Not Hate report, “Voting to violence? Far right extremism in Britain”, which lumps the group in with the British National Party and English Defence League in a study of Right-wing extremists.

The report was produced in response to a Home Office committee last year that declared that the risk of extreme Right-wing violence was underplayed and that there was a serious terror threat from these groups. The aim of this report, therefore, is to explore the intellectual hinterland from which these Right-wing extremists will emerge, for:

The report graphically highlights the central dominance of immigration and a fear of Islam to supporters of both the British National Party (BNP) and United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP). This is despite the leadership of both organisations playing down their hardline views. …

There is a strange, almost quaintly unknowing quality about this worldview. UKIP and BNP supporters, the report argues, “are almost unanimous in their rejection of the notion that Britain is benefiting from diversity”.

And one would, of course, have to be literally insane to hold such a view. Continue Reading →

Britain Gone Mad II – Taxpayers money routed through gov’t to Islamist groups

...the Global Islamic Political Party working for the reestablishment of Khilafah

After Eeyore’s post from earlier today that still has my head spinning, here’s another story that beggar’s belief from the country that once used to stand up to totalitarian ideologies.

We all expect the Islamists and Jihadis to be dedicated to overthrowing our governments and overturning our way of life, and some of us get furious when we discover how inactive these governments are in the face of the threat, but when these selfsame governments are actively funding groups dedicated to their own destruction, with our money? Well this is a degree of ill-judgement which borders on lunacy.

How taxpayers are still funding the extremists

from The Telegraph

Millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money is still being paid to groups linked to Islamist extremism, more than a year after David Cameron vowed to outlaw the practice.

People associated with one “extremist” group whose grant was terminated after the Prime Minister’s pledge are now being used to induct new staff into the Government’s own Office of Security and Counter-Terrorism (OSCT), the Home Office division responsible for directing Britain’s anti-terror efforts. Only last week the same individuals were awarded thousands of pounds of fresh public funding.

Meanwhile, the Civil Service has solicited “fast-stream” recruits for the top ranks in Whitehall from a group which has hosted numerous extremists and terrorist supporters, including the al-Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who was linked to a number of international plots before his death last year.

Another body linked to the extremist sect Hizb ut-Tahrir, the public funding of which Mr Cameron condemned as long ago as 2009, is still receiving hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money, to educate primary-age children in Hizb ut-Tahrir ideology.nds of taxpayers’ money is still being paid to groups linked to Islamist extremism, more than a year after David Cameron vowed to outlaw the practice…

click through for the rest

EDL documentary I – My Hometown Fanatics (Stacey Dooley Investigates)

February saw the broadcast in the UK of two separate in-depth documentaries taking the English Defence League (EDL) as their theme.

Long overdue, these programs both shared two particular characteristics. First, an almost allergic unwillingness to square up to or cite the easily-verifiable realities of Islamic doctrine, in any way. Second, an attempt by the respective filmmakers to use both editorializing and film-editing to present a slanted picture often at considerabe odds with the facts.

The first program was a childish, bordering on the infantile, effort by the BBC which purported to cover the subject of extremism in Britain in general, and Luton in Bedfordshire in particular; which is the hotbed of Islamic radicalism that gave birth to the EDL.

BBC3’s Stacey Dooley, a young lady clearly not recruited into documentary making because of her brains, failed to draw any evidence-based conclusions in her “examination” of both Islamism, and the English Defence League (EDL); which originated in her home town.

Dooley has considerable experience as a documentary maker and the format of her “investigations” are identical. They consist of the naive and ditsy Stacey being confronted with very serious issues indeed, in order to do little more than present her shallow emotional responses to the matter in question. That’s it. Simply, she doesn’t make films about issues, she uses issues to make films about herself.

However, no matter how hard the program-makers might have tried, in typical BBC fashion, to obscure the truth: much of the footage speaks volumes about the reality of life in Luton; and will prove eye-opening to many international viewers about what many working-class areas in England are like.

But some of the more laughable scenes include:

  • Stacey putting on a niqab to “understand” how Muslim women feel… While ignoring the issues of choice, force and consent; let alone honour killings and gender segregation; which are inherent in Islam.
  • Trying for the entire program to get an interview with the leader of the EDL, Tommy Robinson. Then, having succeeded in doing so spending all their time telling him about her views on a subject she knows nothing about (rather than asking him any questions and listening to his answers).
  • Not covering the question of the demographic replacement of native Britons in Luton by South Asians, as anything other than (a) completely normal, or (b) absolutely wonderful.
  • Taking at face value the pronouncements on Islam from individuals who clearly have a very strong vested interest in presenting a particular and distorted picture. And the usual crop of Muslims who do not even know the content of their own religion. (e.g. Islam “condemns the killing of the innocent”. Yes it does, but it also defines the unbeliever as necessarily guilty.)
  • Not confronting preposterous statements and situations. A particularly breathtaking segment is where a community leader says that none of the remaining native residents have complained about the call to prayer being broadcast through loudhailers in their former neighborhoods. Hmmm… what always happens to people who complain about Islam?
  • To say nothing of the young Muslim lad chatting up Stacey being presented as indicative of the community’s normalcy. I wonder what response a male non-Muslim program maker trying to pick up a Muslim girl would have elicited?
  • Dooley also chides Tommy Robinson as unreasonable for wanting to end any discussion premised on accepting the imposition of Sharia in his country (!): this while he and Dooley are being physically intimidated by “youths” because they are talking publicly and critically about Islam; and despite this, she insistently repeats the assertion that only a “tiny, tiny” minority of Muslims are extremists. (For the record, repeated surveys have pegged support for Sharia amongst Britain’s Muslims at 60%.)

Dooley’s final conclusion suggests that what is at fault in Luton, is “ignorance” as ignorance causes extreme feelings…

Sure Stacey, because people only hate Nazism until they find out more about it.

Though “My Home Town Fanatics” inadvertently reveals much about modern Britain there is an enormous amount that it deliberately conceals. Here’s footage from Leicester for example, a town slightly further down the Islamic demographic path than Luton, to give you an idea of what I mean.


“Civilization Jihad” and the First Amendment

The following is the presentation given by Robert Muise, who is the co-founder of the American Freedom Law Center, at the CPAC 2012 event hosted by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.

To say that Robert and Pamela had some difficulty in staging the “Islamic Law in America” lectures, would be an exercise in understatement. It was clear from the beginning that the CPAC organizers were desperate to undermine and marginalize discussion of Jihad and Sharia at the foremost conservative political conference in the world, and that alone should be reason enough for them to be ashamed of themselves.

But to do so in such a crucial election year? That’s both startling and dangerous! 

All of the videos and presentations given by the speakers are fascinating and well worth a look. They can be reached at the YouTube page of user: “payakhall”.

The EU: Like “a giant Vatican City, beholden to no one”

Yes, ordinary people DO get it.

And NO, it isn’t racism. Er yeah, we know. We’ve all been saying so. For years!

‘The View On The Streets: The European Union’, WORLDbytes.

On the streets of Walthamstow in East London, we ask the public what they think about the European Union. It’s clear that opposition to the EU is not the preserve of bigoted ‘little Englanders’, far from it. Eloquent, well informed citizens are seriously concerned at the EU’s undemocratic set up and want to have their say. Individuals backing the EU are hard to find and are against a referendum as they see their fellow citizens as ignorant and too ill educated to ‘understand the issues’.