PLEASE help The Rebel fight malicious and illiberal law suit

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Please help: The Rebel, and me personally are being sued by an anti-Israel extremist group. And the lawyer they’re using just happens to also be suing the government on behalf of an illegal Muslim terrorist group.


And he’s campaigning for Canada’s M-103 Islamophobia censorship motion, too.

That’s who’s coming for us.


It’s lawfare.


I believe they want to kill The Rebel, and silence our criticism of radical Islam. They’re suing us for more than $100,000. Plus their lawyers fees. We’ve already racked up tens of thousands for our own lawyers.


I need your help if we’re going to survive this.


The plaintiff is an extremist group with the ironic name, “Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East”. They promote the “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions”


campaign against Jewish companies in Israel. Last year, I criticized them for a stunt where they go into stores, and when no staff are watching, they put bright orange “WARNING” labels on products made by Jews in the West Bank, warning customers not to buy them. It’s sneaky, and I think it could be trespassing or criminal mischief too.


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  1. One ofthe videos cited in the court case.

    “I don’t think these anti-Semites are destroying property or making it dangerous. But they’re definitely trying to obstruct, interrupt and interfere with property — the Jewish goods in question, and the store and its operations in general.

    We need to fight back, and we will, in two ways:

    1. We’ve launched a petition calling for the removal of CJPME’s charitable status, which you can sign below.

    2. But to make the case stronger, we hired a great civil liberties lawyer, Sonya Shikhman, to help fight back against CJPME.

    I promised her that I would try to raise $2,500 to retain her as a lawyer, with the goal of fighting back. I told her I’d try to crowd fund her fee, so please click here to help us pay the legal bill.

    The Nazis had the audacity to stand there, in person, while being anti-Semitic. Today’s anti-Semites are more the hit-and-run types, sneaking into stores, including into Jewish stores, to essentially vandalize the place.

    Join our fight against BDS. Sign our petition below; and help chip in the $2,500 to hire our civil liberties lawyer, Sonya Shikhman, our freedom fighter.”

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