Qaradawi’s sharia “gradualism” is a threat to liberal democracy

From European Son

During the Balkans war of the 1990s, Alija Izetbegovi?, then Bosnia’s President, was championed by the Western media. For Western reporters, educated in the humanities, Bosnian Muslims were Europe’s new Jews besieged by Serbian nationalists – Europe’s alleged new Nazis. That Izetbegovic had been a longtime member of the Young Muslims, a secretive and once-Nazi affiliated movement, was conveniently overlooked. Izetbegovi?, for the Western press, was more than a victim, and more than a “moderate Muslim.” He was, in the view of reporters embedded in Bosnian hotels, a defender of the multiculturalism that was under attack from the Serbs (Orthodox Christians).

It seems curious today, but probably the only people in the West – certainly in Britain, at least – to challenge this rosy picture were the communists. Early on during the war, one communist organization held an exhibition of photographs of Serbian victims of Bosnian atrocities. It was, of course, ignored by the media.

Significant atrocities were, of course, conducted by Serb forces. Nevertheless, the media, we are led to believe, is composed of “experts.” But, if reporters – allegedly after the truth – ignored photographic evidence of the frequently conducted Bosnian atrocities, and if one or two reporters may even have doctored evidence against the Serbs, universally ignored was Izetbegovi?’s own long term plan to tear down the old (semi-communist) system and establish an Islamic state in its place. Even today… read more.

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  1. The Serbs were terrorised for centuries by Islamic aggressors. When the Ottoman Turks (the usurpers and guardians of the Muslim Caliphate) invaded the Balkans, they did what Muslims do best and terrorised the natives. Forced conversions, rape (and so on) were the order of the day. The Serbs, unlike most of the Bosnians, refused to convert and as a consequence suffered for it. They also suffered under the Nazis thanks to Hitler and his Muslim partner-in-crime Amin al-Husseini.
    The Serbs know only too well what Islam is all about, a lesson that most of us in Western Europe and North America haven’t quite learnt yet!
    Shame on the British media for lying in order to further the Muslim cause. It just goes to show that even back in the early 90s, the Dhimmis were out in force!

  2. The West is rapidly developing into the new Balkans thanks to the multiculturalism that is being crammed down our throats, and like the Balkans we in the west are going to end up resorting to violence to protect our culture and religion.

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