Info-thug bullies Hungary’s top diplomat on behalf of globalist, EU

This is great watching. Journalism as propagandists and enforcers for globalist-communist agencies like the EU, UN, Democrat party US etc. are becoming increasingly transparent as such. My favorite part is where he denies that the EU is blackmailing Hungary, and then restates the exact terms of the blackmail.

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Italian MEP reacts to full blown communist worded report on invasion of Europe

Please read the details over at RAIR

A little proof of her contention:

‘Italians, we’ll cut your throat’ – Migrants shoot controversial music video in Sardinia reception center


Former Greek Finance minister busts the EU using secret recordings with gross corruption and anti-democratic agendas

We are just a few hours away from the release of #Euroleaks! To find out more, watch Yanis Varoufakis, DiEM25 co-founder and ?eRA25 MP, explain why we’re releasing the files and why now. Leaked by DiEM25 – full transcripts available at Join us!

All the secret recordings can be heard here.

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On the EU and why it’s wrong, even when it is right


According to this Daily Mail article, The European Union is going to force apple to adopt USB-C as a standard on all its devices, meaning you can throw away your Lightning chargers on iPhones.

It is probably the right move to have your devices running USB 3.1 or higher. Its a good standard and most devices run on it and it has a pretty extreme data transfer rate, as the new Samsung T7 drives prove.

Apple’s counter-arguments are good as well but not the right ones. The right ones are that no government body should have the power or take the power unto itself to make these kinds of decisions.

Legislation against planned obsolescence make sense. But then we would have to shut down Apple altogether. So we know even those laws will be selectively enforced. So its better not to have them since they will always favour giant companies.

Free markets can be messy, but they are far less messy than governments who think in terms of solving problems by taking more power.

Below, one of many solid proofs that the EU is about becoming an authoritarian Soviet like body who wishes to make decisions on every aspect of all people’s lives down to the level of how you will charge your phone. Strangely similar to Islam’s sharia law actually.

A good case can be made that Apple changing to USB C on their phones, the same standard they already use on their laptops, is a good move for lots of reasons. But if history teaches anything at all, its that for every right decision a totalitarian government makes, it makes 100 more really bad ones, and many that are catastrophic.

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Viktor Orban: EU driven by Soros, suggests new “Alliance of Christian Nations”

This is from Viktor’s weekly radio broadcast on Magyar M1, Friday, January 17 2020

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Another clear proof that leftism is using islam to destroy classical Europe

First, this news item from Turkish publication, Hurriyetdaillynews:

Turkey must be within EU: Former Spanish PM

ISTANBUL-Anadolu Agency

Turkey must be within EU: Former Spanish PM

Turkey must be within the EU, it would be marvelous for the stability, peace and cultural diversity, the former Spanish prime minister said on Nov. 27.


“Turkey is a significant power and it has a high capacity for bringing the west and the east together,” former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero told the 10th Bosphorus Summit in Istanbul.


He said Turkish people experienced some disappointments but they should get closer to the EU.

All countries should make efforts for the peace settlement, and the current positions of the global powers are worrying, he noted.

“We should resist the nuclear armament as all countries, we cannot take chances,” the former minister added.

Saying that the east and the west should be balanced, he noted that summits such as G20 and Bosphorus are positive steps in this process.


Improvements in technology, communication and transportation devices are significant leverages for development, he added.


He also said improving communication among people brings successful results.

The three-day Bosphorus Summit, organized by the International Communication Platform under the auspices of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an, is held between Nov. 27-29 with the theme of “Towards a New World Order”.


Top Turkish and foreign officials, high-level business people, academics and experts attend the summit for addressing trending topics such as trade issues, changing world order, digital transformation and defense industry.

Now lets have a look at who this former Spanish PM is exactly:

José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero


Zapatero attended his first political rally, organized by the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) in Gijón in 1976. Some political parties had been legal since 21 July 1976, but the PSOE was not legalized until February 1977. The speech of Felipe González, the PSOE leader and future Prime Minister of Spain, who took part in the rally, exerted an important influence on Zapatero. He said, among other things, that “the Socialists’ goal was the seizure of power by the working class to transform the ownership of the means of production” and that “the PSOE was a revolutionary party but not revolutionarist or aventurist […], as it defended the use of elections to come to power”.

[15] Zapatero and his family had been traditionally attracted to the Communist Party as it was the only party really organized before Francisco Franco‘s death in 1975.[citation needed] But, after the famous political rally in Gijón, they, and especially Zapatero, started to believe that the Socialist Party was the most probable future for the Spanish left.[16] At that time the Socialist Party was rebuilding its infrastructure in the province of León after having been outlawed following the Spanish Civil War.[17]

In 1977, the year of the first democratic elections after Franco’s death, Zapatero supported both the Communist and Socialist parties. He pasted posters of both parties.[16]

He eventually joined the PSOE on 23 February 1979. The impression Felipe González had caused on him in 1976 played a fundamental role in his decision to join the party. In 1979, during the Congreso Extraordinario del PSOE (1979), the PSOE had renounced Marxism as its ideological base. He said nothing about joining the party at home, because he was afraid his parents would discourage him, considering him too young to join a political party.

In 1982, Zapatero became head of the socialist youth organization in the province of León. In July 1982, he met Felipe González at the summer school “Jaime Vera” and suggested that he make a “left turn” in the PSOE political program for the General Election of October 1982.[18] González answered advising him to abandon his conservative (traditional for PSOE [leftist]) viewpoint.[citation needed]

Any Questions?

Genuine diversity has won the day at the EU elections

As readers of this site will more or less agree, Postmodernism seems to be the weaponization of language as a tool of deconstruction of classical thought and all its fruits, often or near always using justifications from Marx or evolutions of Marxist thought like Fascism etc.

A couple of examples of this might be the terms, “multiculturalism” and “diversity”, both of which really mean one monoculture of socialism with no differentiation between any history, peoples, cultures, or religions but composed of people with varying skin tones.

Let me offer a test on that.

Ask anyone who celebrated diversity and multiculturalism the following questions:

  1. How much will you donate to build a bullfighting arena somewhere in the suburbs?
  2. Where shall we build the stoning and beheading stations for blasphemy?
  3. Where shall we set widows on fire on the husband’s funeral pyre as according to traditional Hindu customs? (Till it was force stopped by the British)
  4. Should Nigerian breast ironing be government subsidized? Will it be done by doctors in public hospitals?
  5. Do we protect albinos? Or the East African tradition of hunting and killing them for body parts with magical powers?
  6. Where shall we hold the Afghan dead-goat polo tourneys?
  7. Bacha Baz? brothels of kidnapped young boys?
  8. Can people who identify as Texan in culture carry a 6 gun?
  9. Can Canadians drink beer and smoke cigarettes in a bar during a hockey game? Even in Canada?
  10. Can we open a Korowai restaurant that serves human flesh so that their enemies can eat the people on the menu?
  11. Do we need to abolish the companionship of dogs as it is offensive to islam and illegal in Iran?
  12. In all the cultures of the world, now and ever, men are men and women are women with some elasticity in there. Can these cultures continue to believe that and research it?

Thats really just a short list but it helps make the point.

Diversity and multiculturalism are code words for one, socialist, society at the expense of all cultures.

And so diversity, as it really is, won in the European elections for the most part.

Poland gets to remain Poland and be self determining in its laws, which one should have realized now is nothing less than the codification of culture and values.

Same for Hungary, England, France, Italy and all the other nations who voted against suicide. This is genuine multiculturalism and diversity. Each nation self determining and the rest of us get to cherry pick what parts of it we like and don’t like to enhance our own, and for our own reasons.

So it is with relief that we can continue the reporting on a Europe that chose to remain diverse and multicultural instead of a Soviet like super-state where decisions are made for ideological reasons and far, far, far from the people who suffer the consequences of those decisions.



Hungary’s Fidesz wins 52% of vote; Orban vows to halt immigration

BUDAPEST (Reuters) – Hungary’s ruling right-wing Fidesz party won 52.14% of votes in the European parliamentary election on Sunday on a hardline anti-immigration platform, scoring a big victory over a divided opposition.


Prime Minister Viktor Orban told supporters of his Fidesz party that he would cooperate with everyone in Europe who wanted to halt immigration.


“The election victory means that … Hungarians gave us the task of … stopping immigration all across Europe,” Orban told cheering fans in Budapest.

Hungarians wanted Fidesz to “protect Christian culture in Europe” he said.

More will be added over the course of the day.

Thanks to many who have been sending in materials overnight.

We can consider this election a victory in that we now have a platform from which to fight. It is not a victory yet as the hands of the left-islamic coalition are still firmly holding the levers which make things happen, but we did loosen the grip on the political levers that make it easy for them. So now we can launch the fight from somewhere.

Now we get to work.

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