Alberta-Montana border: Truckers stand off with SWAT teams. It’s on

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Just another crazy conspiracy nut from 2014

Pay no attention. He gets nothing right at all.

(A couple of important notes on this video. While I find a lot of it mind blowing in some ways, he did use this scenario material to advance an ugly agenda. The quote attributed to Kissinger was never found to be anything he said, and all sources lead to neo-Nazis. Also the attempt to massage in the 911 conspiracy stuff is odious at best.)

We must remember to add him to our daily 3 minutes of hate if there is any energy left after Trump.

This is the document he is quoting from.

A solid explanation of what is a “Colour Revolution” and how it played out in the USA

(This is really good. It also seems like the time to add that during most of the ANTIFA/BLM riots, i often noticed a much higher than chance, occurrence of specific clothes. For example, for some weeks during various riots in Portland and other cities, I noticed that a lot of people who might be directing the violence, wore Rolling Stones T shirts with the tongue on it. It seemed to me that they were too young and there was too many of them to accidentally be wearing that symbol. Even at the time it looked like that was a secret uniform maybe showing rank of some kind. This would fit with the “colour” part of the Colour revolution in the following explanation.)

There are several other segments to the show of which part 1 is above. We will add them here as soon as they are found.

Below, is a video from October 29, where Rich Higgens discusses what might happen on November 4th. Now that we are at November 20th, its interesting to test their models against their predictions.

Keith Olbermann calls for the immediate arrest of Tucker Carlson and President Trump

Former ESPN and MSNBC host Keith Olbermann called for the arrests of Tucker Carlson and President Donald Trump on Twitter.

Olbermann tweeted Thursday evening that “It is necessary to remove, and arrest, the president of the United States. Tonight.”

It is necessary to remove, and arrest, the president of the United States. Tonight.

— Keith Olbermann (@KeithOlbermann) November 6, 2020

Thank you Xanthippa


Rhetoric moves to dangerous levels

Biden Campaign Calls President Trump a “Trespasser” in the White House

Amid a nation that is teetering on the edge of something very dangerous, this type of rhetoric from the Joe Biden campaign adds a particularly explosive fuel to the issue.

BIDEN CAMPAIGN THREATENS TO ESCORT TURMP FROM WHITEHOUSE: “As we said on July 19th, the American people will decide this election. And the United States government is perfectly capable of escorting trespassers out of the White House.”

– Biden Campaign Spokesperson Andrew Bates.


Two thoughts:  First, this outlook is quite simply the mindset of the group who is determined to take over control of the United States Government.

Second, this outlook is not unique to a singular campaign spokesperson:

more :

Biden Campaign Calls President Trump a “Trespasser” in the White House…

H/T M.

Two interesting and important tweets by Andy Ngo on refusal to assist Portland politicians by law enforcement

US Radio host on results of successful impeachment

I do not know much about Rick Wiles, but he is probably right. Its from a channel called “Right Wing Watch” which indicates that they think what Rick Wiles says is a bad thing, and therefore its likely they do not think the disenfranchisement of the American people by illegal removing a duly elected president is a good thing.
Wikipedia claims he is antisemitic, but in my experience, people who are truly antisemitic despise Donald Trump because of his pro-Israel stance and pro-Jewish stance.

He is described as “A far right radio host” which means he is anti-communist.

Rick Wiles: ‘There Is Going to be Violence in America’ if Trump is Removed From Office from Right Wing Watch on Vimeo.

Anyone who knows more about this fellow, please do post it in the comments. If he genuinely is an odious character, then we should know about it. However the goal posts have been moved so far to the left at this point that they are both now in the same end zone. So forgive me if what I found on line about him I do not find trustworthy.

General elections: Brazil moves to the center-right

A few days ago, I asked a friend of ours, José Atento, who is a speaker of Portuguese, and a watcher of the political situation in Brazil and Portugal, to write up something to help us all understand what happened in the election, and who is this “Tropical Trump” who was stabbed, but won anyway. The letter below is his answer:

(Bold is mine)

Hi Vlad. Here is a summary of the situation in Brazil after today’s election. The situation is very complex and dynamic and the summary does not cover all details. Only a broad vision is provided.

Brazilian right-wing presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro gestures after being stabbed in the stomach during a campaign rally in Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais State, in southern Brazil, on September 6, 2018.
Frontrunner Bolsonaro was attacked with a knife while campaigning — but escaped with just minor injuries, his son said. / AFP PHOTO / Raysa LEITE / RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE – MANDATORY CREDIT “AFP PHOTO /RAYSA LEITE” – NO MARKETING NO ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS – DISTRIBUTED AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS

The general elections in Brazil took place today (Sunday) and it is fair to say that it has been a tremendous victory for center-to-right parties, which will be majority in the two houses of Congress, and elected most state governors. The socialist Worker’s Party (PT), which have won all elections since 2002 has been relegated to a secondary plane, along with the other leftwing parties associated with it. The coveted and powerful position of president of the republic (remember, Brazil is a presidential system) has not been decided and it will require a second set of vote in three weeks.

Overall, the majority of the population is saying no to socialism.

Concerning the presidential election, Jair Bolsonaro, from the conservative Christian Social Party (PSC), has obtained 47% of the valid votes, whereas Fernando Haddad, from the Worker’s Party (PT), got 28%. Fernando Haddad tried to take advantage of the popularity that former president Luiz “Lula” da Silva still has. However, Lula is not as popular now. He is in jail, accused of bribery, condemned for 9 years behind bars. Lula faces many other judicial processes, and is accused of embezzlement.

Besides, Lula and his team controlled the largest corruption scheme in Brazil’s history, with several other PT officials and parliamentarians either in jail or facing justice. Other important elements of the private sector are also in jail, some of them owners of the largest engineering companies in Brazil. They would go overseas to friendly countries, such as Cuba and Venezuela, and build harbours, subway systems bridges, and a portion of the money would be donated back to PT to finance electoral campaigns. Add to that the disastrous government of PT’s Dilma Roussef. It left the country in recession, with high unemployment and rampant crime.

The attempts to impose gender ideology in the primary and secondary school systems angered the parents in this overwhelmingly Christian country.

Jair Bolsonaro, on the other hand, has been fighting the left, which has controlled Brazil and dragged the country to the gutter. His motto “Brazil above everything, God above all” and his vigorous opposition to socialism and communism has ignited a population tired of the socialist failures of the Worker’s Party government. He wants to open the economy, fight crime and respect the family. He is a nationalist who defends Brazil for the Brazilians. He remains the favourite to win the second round of presidential election.

One should keep in mind that Bolsonaro was stabbed by a left-wing sympathizer early during the campaign and had to undergo two surgeries. He is still convalescing and the only contact with his supporters started last week via short video clips, which cannot be longer than 15 minutes due to medical recommendation.

Today’s election was plagued with the accusation that 16,000 ballot boxes have been tampered with, favoring Haddad. We have to remember that Brazil uses a paperless electronic ballot box, which does not allow recount. Surprise, surprise, it is the same system used in Venezuela. This is cause of worry for the second round and PSC has even notified the Organization of the American States

One important thing for us is that Bolsonaro, if elected, will have majority in the Congress. His future minister of foreign affairs was one of the most tough critics of the Law of Immigration (a subject discussed on VladTepes ), which basically opened Brazil borders in a way that only Justin Trudeau would dream of and fits very well under the UN’s Global Compact for Immigration.

We hope that under Bolsonaro Brazil will modify this law and refuse to be part of the UN’s attempt to destroy our sovereignty. I believe that Eastern European countries have already expressed their intention to leave the agreement.

Brazil has a big problem with drug trafficking exacerbated by the operation of Hezbollah, in the triple border with Paraguay and Argentina and in Venezuela. Bolsonaro promises to be tough on crime.

Bolsonaro is also pro-Israel and very critical to the hate campaign that the Palestinian Authority and Hamas perform to indoctrinate their own people. He promises to move Brazil’s embassy to Jerusalem.

It is not surprising to see Bolsonaro under attack by the globalist media. A series of articles published by the likes of BBC, Foreign Policy, El País have blasted him to the point of calling him a deplorable (sexist, racist, xenophobe, homophobe, misogynist, etc.). Most of the media in Brazil is also against Bolsonaro but the more they beat him, the more he grows. Bolsonaro is the anti-establishment candidate, and, if elected, will be a proud member of the “deplorables international”, ranking shoulder-to-shoulder with the Easter European leaders and with the current US administration.


José Atento

Blog Lei Islâmica em Ação





In the image, Bolsonaro puts his hands on the injury, moments after being stabbed by a left-wing radical

The second American civil war: Links 2 for Aug. 6, 2017

1. California: Muslims Attack Counter Jihad Coalition, Law Enforcement Caves to Muslims

At first I thought that the two Muslims shouting at us would leave, as they have done in the past. I was wrong; it played out differently on Saturday. They were there to stay with their loud, obnoxious voices until they could get us shut down. The crowd started growing due to the commotion. Soon it numbered in the hundreds.


The cause of all of this was that the Counter Jihad Coalition (CJC) was out on a public outreach in the Cerritos Mall in Cerritos, California, educating the public on the truth of Islam. The CJC was formed several years ago to get the truth into the hands of people, since most of the mainstream media paints Islam as the religion of peace.


We have developed over 30 brochures on different aspects of Islam. All are factual and true, not our opinions. They are all based on the doctrines of Islam as set out in the Quran and the Sunnah. On a typical day, we pass out 1,500 or more of these brochures to people, who for the most part are thankful for what we are doing. […]

2. The man McMaster fired. (Brilliant and important interview from Spring 2016)

3. ‘Communities under siege!’ FURY as cutbacks force four in 10 police stations to close

(So the plan is, make terrorism a law and order issue, not a military one, which it is, and then shut down as much police resources as you can. That way, you can lose to them ASAP)

NEARLY 400 police stations across England and Wales have closed in the past seven years as a result of brutal cutbacks, it has been revealed.

In some parts of the country more than half a million people are served by just a handful of police stations and with violent crime and terror offences on the rise, a host of senior figures have demanded action.


Figures for 31 police forces in England and Wales, revealed in a Freedom of Information request by the Mail on Sunday, show the number of front counters open to the public has fallen from 901 in 2010 to just 510 today. 

4. Video on Google’s policy on why you have to be racist and sexist to be anti-racist and anti-sexist.

The memo he is talking about. 

Buck, M., Xanthippa, EB., Wrath of Khan, Richard, and too many to remember have been sending in important materials all day. The US is clearly in a civil war and its being fought by the enemies of freedom in earnest. Because they know that freedom of speech, the rights of the individual flow from the United States. Once it is gone there, it is gone everywhere. We must not let the US fail.