EDL on grooming of Luton Sikh girl

Sikhs demonstrate in Luton

The British city of Luton saw a large protest by Sikhs last week after the alleged rape of a Sikh girl – reportedly in her teens.

The alleged attacker, British Pakistani Anan Majid Basharat, 19, subsequently appeared at Luton Magistrates Court, charged with assault. He pleaded not guilty and was granted bail on condition that he did not reside in Luton while awaiting trial, and that he adhered to a curfew.

Both the attacker and victim are students at Icknield High School.

Pakistan’s Daily Times reported that, “hundreds” of the Sikhs protested outside Luton Police station following the allegation of rape. The protest, which was called at short notice, is seen as a “warning shot” to the Muslim community of Britain to “get its house in order.”

Several cases of child grooming and rape by gangs of Muslim men have been prosecuted in Britain over the last year. However, it is now widely accepted that police routinely ignored sexual violence by Muslim gangs for several decades, due to political correctness. Although sexual predators are of ethnicity and religion, Muslim men with Pakistani roots make up the vast majority of perpetrators in this specific crime.

Sikhs and Hindus recently criticized the British media for describing grooming gangs as “Asian,” not least of all as both Sikh and Hindu girls have been targeted for grooming by Muslim gangs in Britain. There have been no reported cases of Sikhs or Hindus involved in grooming.

Although the protestors in Luton were mostly male, some Sikh women also turned up to protest what they see as police negligence in the case.

The parents of the alleged rape victim had complained to the local police authority on four separate occasions that their daughter was being “groomed” for sexual abuse. As with many other such cases, however, the police authority failed to take any action, leaving the girl and her family vulnerable.

The Sikh community decided to protest outside Luton police station after convening a meeting at Guru Nanak Gurdwara on Tuesday evening. Between 30 and 40 members of the English Defence League (EDL) also joined the Sikh protestors.

The EDL describes itself as a movement opposed to “radical Islam.” It has a large white working class membership, and according to a recent article in the Asian Tribune, the EDL also has strong “grass root support” that includes “members from every Asian country.” The EDL also has a number of ethnic and religious minority divisions, including a Sikh division.

“I don’t say [the victims are] ‘white girls’, because it’s not [just] ‘white girls’ who are victims of these grooming gangs,” says EDL leader Tommy Robinson. “They’re targeting black girls, they’re targeting Sikh girls, they’re targeting English girls.”

And “this is not [just] a Sikh problem,” either, says Robinson. The victim “is a member of my community, the way I see it. That girl that has been groomed and raped – I see my community as the Sikh community, the Hindu community, the Jewish community; all the communities need protecting from Islamo-fascism.”

“The Sikh community strongly believes that this attack [on the Sikh girl] was racially motivated,” says the Sikh website Panthic.org, “and is one of the many and growing body of evidences of activity within the Muslim community, however, small or isolated, which preys upon vulnerable Sikh females in an organised way and actively encourages this.”

Although unreported in the mainstream media, threats have been made against the girl’s family, with the mother and sister of the victim being threatened with rape if they complained to the police. Videos of the victim were also reportedly made, and the family have also been threatened that these will be posted on Sikh websites in an attempt to have her outcast from the Sikh community, if they speak out.

“What has happened to her… threatening to rape her family – threatening to expose these videos – it’s happening all across the country,” says Robinson. “I know another twenty English girls in this position.”

Panthic.org also accuses the police of failing “to handle the incident properly” because they are scared of “Pakistani radicals.”

“the reason the police don’t deal with these crimes is because [the attacker] is a Muslim. If a Muslim family went to the police[…] then the police would be kicking off doors,” Robinson believes, “and that’s the two-tier system we’re up against” in Britain.

Indonesian Muslim paramilitary defends Irshad Manji — whether she likes it or not

From People of Shambhala.

The Indonesian Shi’ite Islamist organization Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) recently defended Canadian-American author and Muslim reformist Irshad Manji from attack. The organization has said that Muslim leaders need to “practice” the “spirit of tolerance,” rather than just talking about it.

The NU has a complicated history. It was founded, in 1926, partly in response to the abolition of the Caliphate by Ataturk, and partly to unite Muslims against nationalism and communism.

It was involved in the mass executions of communists during the 1960s, which led to the ousting of Sukarno, Indonesia’s “puppet master” president, who had retained power by playing the communists and the army off against each other.

Abdurrahman Wahid — who inherited leadership of the NU from his grandfather, and who later became president of Indonesia — apologized for the executions of communists.

Wahid described the NU as being “like Shiite minus Imamah [the belief that certain imams should interpret the Islamic tradition and guide the community]; similarly Shiite is NU plus Imamah.”

Indonesia is predominantly Sunni. As such, the NU represented a minority faith; and in recent years appears to have embraced the nation’s minority faiths more broadly.

AsiaNews.it reports that events spaces and attendees of Manji’s talks were regularly attacked. “Only during a speech at the headquarters of the Free Journalist Alliance in South Jakarta, were there no assaults, thanks,” Asianews.it says, “to the intervention of members of Banser, the paramilitary group of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), the Shiite Muslim movement that defends the country’s ethnic and religious minorities.”

AsiaNews.it reports Aan Anshori, a member of the NU, as saying that the problem in Indonesia is that… read more.

Malaysian Islamic Party’s cultural cleansing of Buddhists

From People of Shambhala.

Flag of the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party.

In the latest incident of cultural cleansing, a Malaysian Buddhist society, in the city of Kota Bharu, is being forced to build its new temple to look like a mosque.

Despite 30% of the inhabitants being Buddhist and Christian, the Malaysian city of Kota Bharu was declared to be officially Islamic in 2005 by the Parti Islam SeMalaysia, or Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS).

Since Then the Kota Baru Municipal Council (KBMC) has instituted a number of sharia laws in an attempt to Islamize the public space.

Due to a provision introduced by PAS, which heads the state government the Kelantan Buddhist Association is now being “forced to comply with Islamic regulations for their building’s design,” reports the Malaysian Chronicle.

According to the Chronicle, the temple’s “windows must contain Islamic features and cylindrical-shaped domelike shapes. The provision has denied the unique… read more.

Muslims against Lady Gaga

From People of Shambhala.

A radical Islamist organization has promised to bring “chaos in Jakarta” if a planned concert by Lady Gaga goes ahead.

The Islamic Defenders’ Front (FPI) “is strongly rejecting Lady Gaga’s concert because we know very well how she is during the performing in concerts everywhere,” the organization’s chairman Habib Rizieq said recently.

The Jakarta Post reports that he said that FPI members take to the streets if the concert — scheduled to take place in Jakarta on June 3 — went ahead. Habib said that there would be “chaos in Jakarta” if Lady Gaga performed.

In March the FPI and other hardline Muslim organizations protested in Jakarta against liberalism,which they claim ruins morality.

Indonesian Council of Ulema (MUI) chairman Cholil Ridwan has also said that he believes the Lady Gaga concert is part of a plan, “intended to destroy the nation’s… read more.

ADL accused of ignoring Muslim anti-Semitism

From People of Shambhala.

Charles Jacobs, President of the American Anti-Slavery Group and Americans for Peace and Tolerance, has accused the Anti-Defamation League of overlooking Muslim anti-Semitism.

According to the ADL website, the organization, which is best known for its work against neo-Nazism, says it is ” the forefront of the fight against anti-Semitism.”

“As the problem grows, [the] ADL generates even fewer press releases on the matter,” Jacobs said to ADL head Abraham Foxman in a recent letter.

Jacobs wrote “Today more than ever, Jews need an… read more.

Indian nationalists pressure government on “cultural genocide”

From People of Shambhala.

Murli Manohar Joshi, a leading member of the Indian nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party, has accused the Indian Government of being “totally silent” over the “cultural genocide” of Hindus in Pakistan.

Speaking on the television show Zero Hour, he said that neither the Prime Minister nor the Minister for External Affairs have raised the issue with Pakistan.

Joshi referenced recent reports that approximately 25 Hindus were kidnapped in the Pakistani province of Sindh each month.

Many of these are women and girls who are… read more.

Yezidi leader: Turkey will be forced to acknowledge genocide

From People of Shambhala.
President of World Yezidi Union, Aziz Tamoyan, has said that 500,000 Yezidis, as well as 1.5 million Armenians, were massacred by the Turks during 1915-1923.

Although the Armenian genocide is now widely recognized, outside of Turkey, the genocide of the Yezidis (sun worshippers) has long been ignored.

“We condemn the Turkish denial policy. It is a rough crime,” Tamoyan told Armenpress. “Turkey must understand, that the whole world is with Armenia. They ought to keep their bloody hands far away from the nations. We have been standing next to Armenia and… continue reading.

Hard line Muslims attack Ahmadiyah, throw Molotov cocktails

From People of Shambhala.

(A previous, frenzied mob attack on an Ahmadiyah mosque. Note the shouts of “Allahu Akbar” and the use of knives. )

A mob of about between 150 and several hundred hard line Muslims “vandalized almost everything inside the [Ahmadiyya] mosque,” said Nanang, chairman of the Ahmadiyah in Tasikmalaya, Singaparna, West Java.

Trouble started at around 10:00 AM on Friday, when the Ahmadiyah were praying. A small group of hard line Muslims left a nearby mosque and began protesting outside the Ahmadiyah mosque. They were soon by a much larger group.

The campaign against the Ahmadiyah quickly escalated from shouting insults to a number of Muslims throwing Molotov cocktails inside the Ahmadiyah mosque, reports the Jakarta Globe.

The mob then forced their way inside, and began smashing windows and breaking doors and equipment.

The police arrived but initially only stood by, watching the attack, saying they could not do anything.

Local residents eventually took… read more.

Buddhists demand demolition of Mosque and Muslim shrine

From People of Shambhala.

Over 1,000 protesters in the area of Dambulla, Sri Lanka, have rallied against the Masjidul Khaira mosque, which they claim did not obtain the proper planning permission.

The protesters, led by Ven Inamaluwe Shri Sumanagala, included a large number of Buddhist monks, who waved the international Biddhist flag and carried placards.

The issue of planning permission does not seem to be the real objection to the mosque, however. According to the Ceylon Times, Akmeemana Dayarathna Thera, one of the monks on the rally, said, “We asked them to remove the mosque as Dambulla was declared a holy city with a sacred temple.”

According to the International Business Times, the mosque was firebombed the evening before the demonstration. The Army, Police and the Special Task Force (STF) were deployed to protect it, and Muslim worshippers, from attack when a large group of Buddhists surrounded the building during… read more.

Yoga practitioner in Canada faces possibility of execution in Iran

From People of Shambhala.

“I had a good job in Iran, but I came here [to Canada] and worked hard so I could know what it’s like to live in freedom,” says Kavoos Soofi Shiaoosh, 43.

He arrived in Toronto, in 2004, on a renewable student visa, but started a painting business after it expired. Shiaoosh also changed his religious views during this time. He renounced Islam, and took up a new faith.

Shiaoosh says that, growing up Kurdish, but still Muslim, in Iran, he had always thought about religion.

Living in Canada Shiaoosh eventually came across Sahaja Yoga meditation. Based on traditional Hindu chakra meditation, Sahaja describes itself as, “a method of meditation which brings a breakthrough in the evolution of human awareness.”

He soon began telling his friends about Sahaja, and later joined a Facebook group called “I am not a Muslim.”

After the 2009 Iranian elections he campaigned against the regime in Tehran and its brutal crackdown of the pro-democracy movements, and the rape and torture of young demonstrators by the clerical militia, Basiji. Shiaoosh even compared Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomenei to Adolf Hitler.

Now an apostate and an anti-Tehran activist, in 2008 Shiaoosh claimed asylum, based on the certainty of torture and execution if he were ever to return to Iran. It seemed a clear cut case. But a year later, immigration had rejected Shiaoosh’s claim for refugee status.

In January, he was summoned to read more.

Syrian Christians ethnically cleansed by “militants linked to al-Qaeda”

From People of Shambhala.
Approximately 50,000 Christians are believed to have been forcibly expelled from the city of Homs, Syria. Hundreds more — including women and children — have reportedly been slaughtered.

The Orthodox Church says that the al-Qaeda-linked Brigade Faruq is responsible for the “ongoing ethnic cleansing of Christians.” About 90% of Christians in Homs are believed to have been forced out by the Sunni Islamic militia, who are going door to door and forcing Christians to flee.

The militants have also prevented them from taking any possessions, which they have seized as “war-booty from the Christians.”

The Pakistan Christian Post says the report is being circulated by a Mr. Robert, who writes, “Today the Sunnis seek to restore the old order which allowed them the freedom to stomp the minorities whenever they wished. Should Bashar al Assad lose to the Sunni rebels, the minorities will be sorely oppressed. Islam has never emerged from the Bedouin tribal mind set of the 7th century Hijaz. Past is present is future. Should Bashar al Assad be vanquished, who will protect the minorities from the wrath of their enemies? The UN, NATO, Obama? Don’t hold your breath.”

Bengali New Year, Muslims desecrate Hindu temple with severed cow’s head

From People of Shambhala.

The severed cow's head used to desecrate the Hindu temple.

“We are taught communal harmony,” Moumita Dawn, a local Hindu girl, remarked after yet another attack on a temple of her faith. “How far can we maintain this?” she asks, “Are only the Hindus responsible to maintain harmony? Won’t Muslims make any effort to maintain harmony?”

Such questions aren’t exactly limited to West Bengal, where the latest desecration of a Hindu temple, by Muslims, took place. An increasing number of people in the West are dismayed by the aggression of extremist Islamic organizations and agitators given carte blanche by authorities.

Events, and political response, in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are instructive.

On the eve of Bengali New Year celebrations, a gang of young Muslim men threw a severed cow’s head into the temple grounds of a Hindu temple in the area of Budha, Asansol, a coal mining metropolis.

The severed cow’s head was discovered by a group of Hindu women who had gone to the temple early in the morning to worship the god Shiva. The women were reportedly distraught at the sight, and at least one woman… read more.

See also: Muslims slaughter pregnant cow in Hindu temple compound


Riots after Hindu temple desecrated with cow meat and green paint

Sheikh arrested in Indian bomb explosion investigation

An explosion in Metiabruz in the Kolkata Port area last Sunday left two people dead and six injured.

A police investigation has since led to the arrest of Shiekh Zahidur Rahman, who is accused of storing bombs on the ground floor of the building.

Police have also accused the building’s developer Munna and two of his aides, Kalim Ansari and Haroon, of being involved in the storing of the bombs, for terrorist purposes.
The explosion, which appears to have gone off accidentally, ripped through the building, destroying six walls and even tearing cracks in the top floor.

The deceased have been named as Razia Begum, 32, and Sameer Khan, 20.

Kalimuddin, a resident of the building, told the Times of India, “There was a huge sound. For a few seconds, I could see nothing due to the rubble even as shrieks rang out from all across the ground floor. When I regained my senses, we all… read more.

Hindu temple in Dinajpur, Bangladesh, desecrated

Hindus in, Komolpur, Dinajpur district, Bangladesh, worshipped at the Narayan Thakur Durga temple until it was destroyed in the 1971 War of Liberation by Islamic extremists.

Local Hindus had recently decided to rebuild the temple, using bamboo and tin. “When construction work of the temple started” on March 12, says Bangladesh Minority Report (BMR), “Mohammad Abarul, Member of the 10, Komolpur Union trespassed into temple” and threw “away the Hindu deities” inside.

BMR reports that the next day… read more.

Hindu temple desecrated with cow meat and green paint

From People of Shambhala.

Three months ago Muslims in the state of Kerala slaughtered a pregnant cow inside a Hindu temple. The cow is considered sacred in Hinduism.

Now, an indefinite curfew has been imposed on the Madannapet and Saidabad areas of Hyderabad, India, following the desecration of a Hindu temple on Sunday also by Muslims.

The Hindu temple is located in a predominantly Muslim area. The walls were splashed with green paint, and cow meat was thrown inside.

Hindus revere cows and consider them to be sacred animals. Killing a cow is a sin in Hinduism. The attackers probably used green paint as this is the color of… read more.