Rasmus Paludan explains why he stirs the pot in Sweden

Once upon a time there was a beautiful old country manor. It was built long ago by hard working people who made it to last for their descendants, so long as they could work hard, and maintain the beautiful home that was left to them.

Generations later, some who lived there noticed that some of the rooms had become uninhabitable and the space for the owners had been reduced by a fair amount. Sure, sometimes they could go in to the old rooms if they were very very quiet and didn’t try and fix or adjust anything or even let their presence be known in these rooms. But basically they had lost the use of the space, and seemed genuinely puzzled as to why this was the case.

One day, a Danish architect came in and dragged some of the owners of the manor house into the lost rooms and pointed at a giant and expanding hornets nest and said, “these are why you can’t use parts of your own home anymore and soon, you won’t be able to use any of it”.

They didn’t believe him and called him names, because they did not want to have to face the difficult fact that they had allowed their ancestral and only home to be taken over in this way, and by such hostile and dangerous invaders.

So the architect decided to poke the nest with a stick and show the residents what these new residents were like, and make it undeniable that they had to face the facts and deal with them, or surrender the house to the hornets.

The residents decided that now was the time to charge the architect with the crime of forcing reality on them. No one likes an alarm clock when all you want to do is sleep.

For the story details, please see Rair Foundation.com

Rasmus Paludan makes the list

From Gates of Vienna:

It seems that Rasmus Paludan, the founder and leader of the Danish party Stram Kurs (Hard Line) has been put on the Al Qaeda hit list. He’s in exalted company now.

Many thanks to LN for translating this article from Samhällsnytt:

After Swedish-Danish Rasmus Paludan’s Islamophobic party Stram Kurs went on tour in Sweden and burned several Korans to demonstrate against the Islamization of Denmark’s neighboring country, and for freedom of expression, the terrorist organization al-Qaeda announced that it will assassinate the party leader. Paludan, however, shakes off the threat, and is now collecting money for another return visit with Koran burnings.

Samhällsnytt has followed the development of recent events around the Danish party Stram Kurs’ interest in Sweden, where the police announced a two-year entry ban on the party leader Paludan, and in violation of the constitution banned their demonstrations throughout Sweden. Despite this, party functionaries have carried out several actions, including burning the Koran and ‘Koran football’.

On Monday Geert Wilders, the party leader of the PVV (Party for Freedom), who already lives with death threats from Islamists, noted that the Muslim terrorist organization al-Qaeda is now urging all Muslims inside and outside Europe to attack all individuals who humiliate Islam, the Prophet Muhammad and the Koran.

Paludan new on al-Qaeda’s death list

Al-Qaeda lists the people it is particularly interested in, and a new name is Rasmus Paludan. Furthermore, the terrorist organization is still looking for the Swedish artist Lars Vilks. Below is what is said to be an excerpt from al-Qaeda’s message…

After a Koran is burned in Sweden, Muslims set Malmo ablaze

Much more to come on this as translations come in. But the point form on this for now looks like this:

Rasmus was denied entry to Sweden

But a Swedish group against the islamization of Sweden burned a Koran in Malmo anyway.

When night fell, this sort of thing started:

This appears to be earlier today in Malmo:

Police arrest Danish politicians playing 5 Koran in Malmo

The original video that sparked the Islam out of the local muslims

(ANTIFA chants appear to be in English for some reason)

(There are videos of members of SION burning a Koran in Malmo i saw today and cannot find, but will add here if and when I do)

It is interesting though how there are no riots in Sweden over events like this, or events like this. All of which should bring a lot more vitriol to the table then just tossing a fetishized book around.


Islam’s clumsy move after Koran burn in Norway

Some of you may remember the Norwegian koran burning and the subsequent day of rage set into motion by the OIC, primary reactions in Turkey and Pakistan. Of course. It’s a buyer’s market for outraged mobs in Pakistan. Its nearly the only growth industry.

One of the more propagandistically efficacious responses by muslims was to give away thousands of free Korans across Norway hoping to make those who burned one seem petty and mean spirited. Unlike the muslims of course, raping, killing and waging jihad across Norway.

Of course this leads to a problem for the muslims I would think.

The purpose of burning the koran was to raise awareness of what was in it and its anti-Western components most Western people refuse to admit exist, or matter at all if they do.

So one wonders how giving thousands of them to Norwegians, beyond the superficial optics of a seemingly benevolent act in the wake of what is made out to be an awful one can work for muslims.

For the answer we turn to Author, Bruce Bawer from his December 10 2019 article at Gatestone:

Norway: A Fake “Translation”

  • This 2013 Norwegian-language “Koran” is available online. A perusal of key passages, however, shows that it bears little or no resemblance to the actual Koran.
  • Let us hope that the word gets around that the book they are being handed is not really the Koran at all.


On the heels of this remarkable news came the announcement that three Norwegian Muslim organizations, in response to SIAN’s Koran burning, planned to hand out 10,000 copies of the Koran to Norwegians at stands in Oslo and, perhaps, Bergen. The idea, said Hamza Ansari, a member of the board of one of those organizations, the Oslo mosque Minhaj-ul-Quran, was to “demystify” the holy book. Another one of the organizations, the Islamic Literary Association, added that “the Koran teaches us to show love.” Which Koran, one wondered, were they talking about? Surely not the one I have read, which is full of injunctions to kill Jews and other infidels, among many other horrific mandates. Indeed, it turned out that the “Koran” in question is a 2013 translation into Norwegian that “contains explanations” intended to clarify the seventh-century text for twenty-first-century readers.

In fact, this 2013 Norwegian-language “Koran” is available online. A perusal of key passages, however, shows that it bears little or no resemblance to the actual Koran. Take this verse:

O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people. (5:51)

In the Norwegian “translation,” this verse reads as follows:

Is it a judgment of ignorance they want? And who is better at (judging) a judgment than Allah for a people who have the certainty of faith?

Please do click over and read the whole article by Bruce Bawer. It also explains more about how Norway is threatening indigenous Norwegian citizens that if they do not act as if burning koran (or insulting islam) is a crime, the government will damn well make it a crime.

And the logic is that burning a koran is an utterance of hate, and somehow that’s illegal unless of course, its hate of anything the state demands you hate. Anything that can be branded as nazi for instance, or classical. Standard directed 2 minutes of hate stuff. Whatever is under the rubric of Emmanuel Goldstein will, no doubt be made mandatory to hate, while any act or utterance that diminishes the authority of leftism or Islam will be a “hate crime”.

The most basic sleight of hand of the totalitarian, yet surprisingly to many of us, Astonishingly effective so far.


One of the very first books written in English in the modern era about the consequences of the importation of Islam to Europe and the West, was “While Europe Slept” by Bruce Bawer. It is still, over a decade later, one of the best ‘Red Pill’ books you can get on the subject. Any of you looking for a gift for a friend that would be at least receptive to reality enough to read a book on it, that would be an excellent choice.

UPDATE: Norwegians appear to be burning Korans all over the place now.

A little more on this new Danish koran burning video…

What at first seems to be kind of a pointless burning of a Koran in Denmark reveals a few things we may not have known otherwise…

Our Danish contributor, Tania Groth watched this for us and said there is nothing to translate. The police show up and tell them to scram. No charges or arrests, just insistence that they leave the area.

The area is what is interesting. They burned this koran in front of the Grimshøj mosque, which has an imam, Tania describes as “Denmark’s Anjem Choudary”.

The Imam at the Grimhøj mosque, Abu Bilal, goes out publicly and says that they are working within Denmarks laws etc. but behind the scenes they preach the killing and stoning of women for infidelity and all the usual stuff. They were caught in some undercover footage some years ago.

From Gatestone:

Last week, a Danish district court ruled that what a Danish citizen had written on Facebook in November 2013 violated the Danish criminal code.


In response to a debate about the local activities of a radical Islamic organization, Hizb-ut-Tahrir, which works for the re-establishment of the Islamic caliphate, he wrote: “The ideology of Islam is as loathsome, disgusting, oppressive and as misanthropic as Nazism. The massive immigration of Islamists into Denmark is the most devastating thing to happen to Danish society in recent history.”

We believe the video below is hidden camera of this imam from that mosque:

So whatever one may think of these people driving up and burning a koran outside this mosque, they did not demand that all non-observant Danes be killed. but the imam at that mosque does in fact preach war against the non-muslim on the Dane’s taxpayer dime. So these fine people did us all a service if they can raise awareness of these goings on.

Thank you Tania Groth for the help on this.


Subtitled video of the Koran burn in Norway

We posted more info on this earlier here, but this explains it all very well.


The video seems to have been made private on YT.

I think this is the same one below. (It may not be ready to play for a few minutes)

Muslims and leftists jump the fence in Norway after protestor lights up a koran

Video is dated November 17th and took place in Oslo, November 16th.

Protestors held demonstration against Islamic values in ascendance in Norway and of course were met with massive far-left wing violent extremists as well as muslim counter-protestors.

According to Tundra Tabloids, this protest was done by “Stop the islamization of Norway”.

According to our Norwegian translator, the first speaker says: “we wanted to burn the Quran but police don’t allow it.. So we toss it..”. This is repeated a lot.

Then they toss a koran into a red bucket. Someone else lights up another copy and then the muslims and leftists jump the fence to attack the protestors.

Thank you Tundra Tabloids, Tania Groth, Inge and all who helped gathering the info on this.

Looks like Rasmus is a franchise now!


Oli North, Migrants kill French driver, more: Links 1 July 1, 2017

1, Oli North: Defeating the Islamic State will not stop (Muslims By Any Name or IBAN) from attacking the West.

2. So much better than a hashtag:

3. Van driver killed when running into barrier made on highway by illegal migrants.

(Please see photos at end of post for Canadian solution for problem Canada caused)

4. Child minister Trudeau makes a point of naming every province and territory in Canada from West to East, and deliberately does not name Alberta.

(For those who do not know, Alberta is the last bastion of classical liberalism/libertarian thought in Canada, in a similar way that Texas may be in the USA)

5. Student union president sparks controversy by saying she would like to ‘oppress white people’, everyone should read the Koran and that men and women must not be friends 

In one tweet from May 9, 2012 under the hashtag #ifIwasPresident, she wrote: ‘I’d oppress white people just to give them a taste of what they put us through!’ 

Ms Ibrahim was also recently elected to the National Union of Students Block of 15 committee. 

She has also completed a BSc in Business and Financial Management.

During her campaign for election with the NUS, Ms Ibrahim, who is a Muslim, claimed: ‘Since Brexit referendum result, there has been a rise in hate crime by 41 per cent. NUS needs to continue the great work on combating racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, homophobic and ableist hate crime.

Zamzam Ibrahim pictures taken from her facebook


6. Several rapes at Swedish festivals last night

Swedish police have received several reports of rape after music festivals Friday evening.

A 15-year-old girl was raped during a concert at the Bråvalla Festival in Norrköping on Friday night.

According to the police, the girl was held and raped by a man in the midst of the crowd in front of the scene, without anyone intervening.

– It’s terrible that one has to experience such a thing with a lot of people around, says police spokesman, Thomas Agnevik, to Aftonbladet.

– We have little information about the perpetrator and about what has happened, he said, while encouraging those present during the concert to contact the police if they saw anything suspicious.

(Other reports confirm that the Swedish answer to this problem is that this festival is preemptively cancelled next year. Proving again, that multiculturalism really only ever meant Islamic-socialist culture and nothing else.)

Thank you Xanthippa, M., EB., Richard, (q) Gates of Vienna, Johnny U., Wrath of Khan, and all who sent in materials. The last few days, the reader’s links have been very worthwhile. And the views for this site today are uncomfortably high. For reasons I do not understand, that often happens right before something terrible. But this hasn’t been the case for a couple of months now. Lets hope it was pure coincidence. It probably was.

Britain continues to ARREST people for RACISM for burning a BOOK because of objections to the contents

This is truly totalitarian. And worse as there are no clear laws on it. People are just supposed to know you can’t do this. If someone burned Mein Kampf one can be certain there would be no arrests. No trials, no jail.

From the Daily Mail:

Police have arrested two people on suspicion of racial hatred after a video appeared online showing a man burning a copy of the Koran.

The video, which MailOnline has chosen not to publish, shows a tattooed man standing in a kitchen complaining about being unable to start a fire.

Speaking into the camera, he says: ‘I’ve been trying to get my poxy fire started for half-hour wondering what s**t I can get it going with.’

Holding a paperback copy of the Koran up to the camera, he adds: ‘And then I found this.’

Two videos were posted on Facebook and YouTube on Tuesday and are still available today on various pages.

The second shows the man standing outside tearing pages from the holy book and throwing them on a bonfire.

He says to the camera: ‘And it worked, all I’ve got left is the poxy, sh***y cover and look, that’s on the fire as well.’

The Daily mail has decided not to publish the videos. They do publish videos of Muslims stabbing, shooting and blowing up people. But people burning the instruction book that tells believers to do these things, that is too much for the Daily Mail. Here they are:

South Park did a brave and creative attempt some years ago to solve problems like this. They put forth two ideas in a 1 episode series called, “Cartoon Wars” several years ago.

The two solutions were that people could all decide to draw Mohammad, the great taboo of that time, and then the thugs, bullies and muslim supremacists would know their tactics didn’t work and it would just go away. Or, everyone could bury their heads in the sand and hope the problem just kinda goes away on its own.

The people of South Park, just like the people of Canada and Great Britain, have decided on the bury the heads option.

This problem could be solved permanently and bloodlessly if a large fraction of the people of the UK filmed themselves burning Korans. Perhaps they could also burn a copy of some other book they find repugnant. Maybe a copy of one of Obama’s ‘autobiographies’. Or Rules for radicals. But the fact is, if enough people do it, they will have to make a law which is clear, and let people know they have lost their liberal democracy, or they will have to abandon the notion that the state can do forced mind control without bothering to tell people exactly what it is they are not allowed to say, think or do.

I was hoping to embed the South Park clip here, as it used to be on YT but there is nary a trace of it. Even the suggestion that people resits this totalitarian evolution is getting hard to find. But for those of you who know how to bit torrent, the 2 episode series of Cartoon wars, in fact all  4 or 5 banned episodes of South Park can be obtained. All of them I believe, deal with the child raping, mass murdering, slave raping Mohammad. Although they don’t mention that in South Park. They just deal with the concept of not being able to depict him, even if, and here quoting one of the characters in the show, Muslims are forbidden to draw him perhaps, but we, are not.

H/T M.


Slovak government tricks model into returning, and arrests her with “no-knock” SWAT team for burning a koran in Finland.

This is a story of the new totalitarian fascism sweeping Europe today, and may well be a prelude to life in the West, including in Canada soon if M103 becomes bill 103 and passes into law.

The first video shows a Slovakian model all of 24 years old, who made a video for Facebook, which while lacking in good taste, was definitely not illegal in Western democracies, and certainly did not deserve the treatment which followed.

In it, she urinated on, and then burned a koran on the snow, in Finland. And no one was harmed and no property was damaged except her own copy of the koran.

First, lets look at the news footage of some of the arrest:

According to our source close to the family, she was contacted by the Slovak government shortly after she made the video.

She then left Finland, where she had been working as a model for five years, and rushed back to Slovakia to speak with authorities who had told her she had better come home to discuss this Facebook video.

That night, a SWAT team broke into her family home and arrested her and took her to jail.

Since then, people across Slovakia and even the Czech Republic have been burning korans in sympathy with the young girl and have told the Slovak authorities they will not stop until she is released.

Below is an ex-Muslim woman who eloquently explains her reasons for supporting her koran burning, while burning one of her own, in the Czech Republic.

It should be noted that the Czech Republic very recently held a trial of someone else charged with burning a koran, and the court found the accused not guilty, and that burning a koran in the Czech Republic is not a crime.

Here is a link to an article that contains a number of videos of people burning korans all across the Czech Republic and Slovakia, vowing to keep doing so until Adriana Melekova who goes by the name of “Sheila”, is released from custody.

Below, the video that seems to be at the source of this storm.

Burning a koran and urinating on it in the snow.

This video IS in bad taste. But it contains no violence and extremely little nudity, most of which was painstakingly covered by the subtitler.

People close to the family have informed us that Sheila is a card-carrying member of a Nationalist party in Slovakia.

Many fear that her arrest is a test case, and her conviction will allow the authorities to go after actual sitting members of Parliament of the same party.

Much thanks to Xanthippa who spent the better part of a day translating these videos for titles.

Please post any questions to the comments. We are going over more material and will update this post as more understanding is gleaned.

Three clips on yesterday’s toileted koran riots at refugee center in Germany

Thank you Oz-Rita for translating these three News reports on muslim riots at a migrant center in Germany where muslims destroyed a lot of property and injured 15 people including 4 policemen yesterday.

Here is the first clip:

Here is a second clip about this riot. In this one, they not only say it was muslims rioting but they explain that it was because one of the Afghan residents tore up a koran and toileted it. Something we should all do on a dedicated day each year called, ‘Preserve the Enlightenment day’ until environmental activists shut it down for polluting the sewers.

Notice that other news clips have omitted these two key facts.

There is another clip of the news team running for their lives from the rioting muslims which is referred to in one of the other clips above but mirrors of it have been pulled down for CR reasons very quickly. I can put the translation of the clip below here though. Remember, this is the translation of the audio from the two journalists who were fleeing for their lives from the rioting muslims. The non translated version on the original site I believe is still available online here.

(Australian News article here)

00:00:16,280 –> 00:00:20,300
someone shouting “allah-u-akbar”?

00:00:20,320 –> 00:00:24,400
get in here !

00:00:24,420 –> 00:00:28,560
come in here

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