Cameroon shows the way. Will the US punish them for it? Links 1 on Aug. 3 – 2015

1. Swedish-Danish soccer match with Muslim players: strangulations, punches, police…

“On Saturday youth Players from the football club Fremad Amager was involved in a brawl, and the police were called. … The fight was so violent that the police have registered five instances of violence. Including ‘throat grip’ and punches, as both players and to the people rushing to the fight were involved.

(Well we know that isn’t cricket. Cause when muslims play cricket they hit each other with bats)

2. Finns would rather live near a rehab centre than a mosque, poll claims

(This could make a great Simon and Garfunkel song. ‘I’d rather live near druggies than a tard Yes I would, if I only could I surely would’)

Attitude survey finds that a Muslim prayer room is second only to a drug users’ needle exchange in terms of unpopular neighbourhood services, while support centres for alcoholics or mental health patients would be more warmly received.

(Finns may be quiet in their understanding of islam, but not stupid)

3. Obama is consistent in his actions if not his words.

4. Cameroon shuts down mosques

(At last! One nation in the world does the most obvious thing you have to do when under attack. Close the enemy bases on your soil. Let Cameroon show the way on this one)

Cameroon has shut down all mosques and Islamic centres in response to a wave of suicide attacks in the country’s north.

Cameroonian authorities have ordered all mosques and Islamic centers be shut in northern parts of the west African country, after an increase in suicide attacks.

“They should have better solutions to their problems. Why is that governor chasing the wrong horse?” asked 70-year-old Aladji Haman from the Maroua central mosque was quoted by Los Angeles Times, citing an AP report.

Announcing the decision on Sunday, the northern Cameroon temporarily closed its mosques and Islamic schools.

More here as well

Child beggars have also been ordered off the streets due to the latest trend of children being used as suicide bombers

Mosques and Islamic schools have been ordered by authorities to stop religious activities following suicide bombing attacks in northern Cameroon that have left at least 60 people dead.

Child beggars have also been ordered off the streets due to the latest trend of children being used as suicide bombers, including a 13-yr-old girl who was responsible for the bomb attack on Saturday evening, Associated Press (AP) reports.

(If anyone wants to test the validity of the model of where exactly Barack Obama sits in terms of islam and any competing ideology and doctrine, they may want to research state dept. policy on how fast any aid to Cameroon gets cut off or any other policy that negatively impacts Cameroon since this decision was made. I think that could be very revealing. Anything from cutting funds, to rigging elections to have a muslim rule should be expected)

5. Nigerian and Cameroonian leaders meet to discuss the fight against islamic supremacists.

6. Cameroon also bans the full face cloth

7. Cameroon deports 2,500 ‘illegal’ Nigerians in fight against Boko Haram





Cameroon has expelled more than 2,000 Nigerians who were living in the country illegally as part of new security measures intended to prevent suicide attacks by Boko Haram jihadists, sources said on Friday.

Regional newspaper L’Oeil du Sahel reported that about 2,500 Nigerians had been “rounded up” in Kousseri, in the far-north of Cameroon, and sent back to their country on Thursday.

Thank you M., Richard, WTD., Maria J., and all who sent in materials today.

Seriously though, tracking changes in US foreign policy that follow close on these new measures by Cameroon to defend itself from islamic manifest destiny would be a powerful indicator of where Barack Obama’s true beliefs and foreign policy ambitions lie. Lets try and track those.


VICE News: Another tool for the Obama narrative on Islam

weatFor anyone who remembers VICE when it was an edgy innovative organization that made rapid status for itself by speaking the unvarnished truth about places like Liberia and North Korea and about interesting subjects like Datura, (Scopolamine) the drug that makes people so suggestible they may give away everything they own to strangers after a single unaware dose of it, this article may be painful to read.

Not long ago, VICE did a video on the aftermath of the murders of the Jewish people and attempted murder of free speech advocates in Denmark where they had a woman in tears defending islam and ignoring it’s victims, saying that the real tragedy was the image of islam by Danes. The woman looked so much like she staged the whole thing, as the speech she gave as a ‘woman on the street’ interview was so perfectly delivered yet through spontaneous tears of grief that, at least last time I looked, even VICE felt it was too much and took down the video altogether.

Since then, all kinds of VICE videos dealing with islam have appeared which frequently use common deceptions to sell the narrative of a hijacked islam. And lets not even mention the ‘interview’ they gave Justin Trudeau which has to have been scripted by his own campaign managers. I can’t link to the Danish video because they took it down. But Im sure its out there somewhere should it be needed.

In the 3 part video, ‘The War Against Boko Haram’ they manage a massive amount of ‘lie by omission.’ In part 1 they only interview muslim ‘victims’ of Boko Haram’s outrageous horrors against the Nigerian population and never mention any of the enormous number of Churches and Christian targets of Boko Haram, nor do they interview any Christian victims, nor do they bother to mention the full name of that group, “Group of the People of Sunnah for Preaching and Jihad”. An odd omission for a documentary on this same group.

The narrative runs that this group are not muslims but merely criminals with no agenda other than crime for no particular reason and their actions run contrary to islamic teaching. A point their muslim family of victims makes directly to the VICE reporter, but there is no attribution given to these teachings which Boko Haram is running afoul of. It could also be noticed that his family was allowed to leave because they were muslim. The Christians never seem to get that sort of mercy. Typically if you cannot prove you muslim credentials to one of these monsters you don’t get to give an interview to VICE news. You get killed.

The narrative also runs in part 1 that the problem may be because Christians control the part of the country that has natural resources and the wealth is not distributed to the muslim parts of the country. It fails to mention however whether or not the islamic side of Nigeria actually educates any of its citizens in anything that might generate wealth or whether islamic law forbids such education, which is what the name Boko Haram, specifically means. ‘Western Education is Forbidden’. But the idea is, to create doubt in the viewer as to the fact that Boko Haram is a muslim terrorist group seeking to replace democracy and secular law with the sharia and hudud (Islamic punishments) and that the motives are entirely based on islam and islamic doctrine, as the kidnapping and enslaving of non-muslim women wherever they can, illustrates rather clearly as slavery is a big part of Islamic culture and dogma.

In Part II they manage to interview a soldier who explains that they, Boko Haram, attacked churches, but they are not really muslims but just devils. Still no footage of the attacks on Churches or the stated goals of Boko Haram as creators of an islamic state in Africa, despite the internet being so full of this material you need delouser to avoid seeing it. The message that Christians and muslims are united against BK is repeated like a Buddhist mantra but with no actual evidence to support it.

In part III the soldiers they show at the start use terms like “grace” and “father” and “heart” during prayers, which VICE calls a “toast” while drinking and smoking cigarettes. This leads me to suspect they may not be muslims. A lot of the rest of it is tactical minutia. It does look like the Nigerian Army has some reactive armor on their tanks though. Thats gotta help as well as some serious air power. And if you want to know what happened to your old Ramones T shirt, you get to find out at the end.

But one thing is for sure. VICE is now part of the effort to propagandize the public into the Obama/Cameron plan of reinventing islam with the hope that either muslims will believe it and stop following islamic examples or at least the public will not act up and make their governments uncomfortable as we are all slowly being forced to give up our own rights and freedoms and customs and accept a sharia one.






Reports: Boko Haram Close in on Regional Capital, Two Million Under Threat

Breitbart Jan. 29 2015


Boko Haram jihadists have reportedly closed in on the Nigerian city of Maiduguri, which has an estimated population of two million, along with another 200,000 who are currently taking refuge within its borders.

Click to continue:

(The standards at the Junior Varsity level have gone up a lot since Obama played I think)

Rep. Gohmert meets the mothers of kidnapped Nigerian Christians

This is the direct link to the video as they have blocked embed code from working

I feel I need to correct a few of the statements made by the well intentioned, well informed and generally excellent point of view of Rep. Gohmert.

To his first point, if there were ‘peace loving muslims’ in Nigeria, they would have stopped Boko Haram the way the Israelis stop factions of Jews who decide to go all vigilante or Christians when they denounce psychos who lone-wolf out on doctors etc.

On to his second point. This religious war does in fact need to happen. The reason I say that is the muslim side is already at full scale war against the non-muslim side. They are attacking villages, taking slaves, slaughtering Churches full of people at every opportunity. The only reason, and let me stress only, that this war is not happening now, is because the other side is not fighting back. The consequences of that in the medium and long term are not hard to calculate. Rep. Gohmert says this war does not need to happen. I beg to differ. The options given to Nigeria and the non-Muslims are the classical Islamic ones.

1. Convert to Islam. Kick up a fifth of your booty to the Caliph and live under the sharia

2. Live as dhimmis. A kind of second class semi-slave non-citizen at the mercy of every whim of any muslim. As the Christians in Pakistan are now, and as any non-Muslim living in Saudi Arabia would be if there were any left.

3. War.

To paraphrase Sir Winston Churchill:

“You were given the choice between war and dhimmitude. You chose dhimmitude and you will have war.”

I think its important we do not repeat this error.

Eeyore for Vlad



Egypt Friday Aug 16 2013

Typically, the real violence starts on the Muslim ‘sabbath’ Friday. Normally because that is when the imams fire up all the faithful in the mosques and then get them to go run amok in the streets looking to kill, burn, generally riot or ‘martyr’ themselves trying.

So the headline here is understandable.

Thanks Richard for the links.

Egypt braces itself for protests:

Egypt ‘Day of Rage’ turns violent, protesters killed

Protesters, police killed as Egypt army deploys to guard govt buildings

It would appear that the US is sending troops in to another theater to assist in hunting a Christian militia

How many countries is the US fighting in? Not that I am against these actions necessarily but it doesn’t really fit the Obama image that he has opened two new wars from some perspectives. Two new theaters of operation from others.

I think the US should be sending a pile of troops to dispatch ‘Boko Haram’ frankly. But hell for all we know they did.

BBC clip: fairly good one on the events of Oct 9 Cairo 2011

My prediction? The government of Egypt will have little choice as they see it, but to blame the unrest on Israel and perhaps the US as well. They are already hinting at “foreign influence” in these events which I believe is likely true. Iran almost certainly is behind these attacks on the Copts etc. The question is, will Egypt have the raw guts to admit that, or take a populist position and blame Israel and perhaps American Jews or something very much like that.

Ten were arrested last week for posting a video believed to have incited the burning of churches in Imbaba

Article from link provided by JJK999 under article on current threat to Copts in Egypt:

From Daily News Egypt:

An Egyptian Coptic Christian dismantles tents outside the state television building in Cairo on May 19, 2011 before a 12-day protest meant to end was extended, complaining the government failed to live up to a pledge to reopen all churches closed during deadly inter-faith clashes this month. (AFP PHOTO/KHALED DESOUKI)

By   Heba Fahmy /Daily News Egypt May 19, 2011, 8:50 pm

CAIRO: Hundreds of Coptic protesters said on Thursday that they would continue their open sit in in-front of the state TV building until the Virgin and Bishop Abram Church in Ain Shams district is re-opened and the Maghagha Diocese in Minya is rebuilt.

Bishop Mitias Nasr told protesters that according to the priests at the church, police forces attempting to re-open the Virgin and Bishop Abram Church in the afternoon, were impeded by Salafis, ultra-conservative Muslims.

Security officials told AFP several hundred Muslims and Coptic Christians pelted each other with stones after hardline Islamists showed up at the Ain Shams church to object to its reopening.

Military police moved in and restored calm, the officials said on condition of anonymity.

“How is it that the government and the army can’t control some Salafis and reopen a church,” said Coptic protester Emad Rayyan at Maspero.

For the rest please click the link at the top:


Coptic church surrounded by armed Salafi Muslims:

(From Coptic group facebook page)

a mob of extremists muslims have surrounded a church in the ains shams district of Cairo. Egyptian army so far to date has allowed the crowds to gather around the church was was recently re-opened.

Breaking News – Hundreds of Salafies with Weapons have surrounded the Church of St Mary in Ein Shams waiting to attack – Priests and Deacons inside the Church – Army looking On! WHAT DO WE DO

“We only meant to kill Americans”

From New Vision Uganda by way of TROP

We are sorry, say 7/11 suspected bombers Thursday, 12th August, 2010

TOP LEFT TO RIGHT:  Idris Nsubuga, Mohamood Mugisha, Haruna Hassan Luyima and Issa Ahmed Luyima TOP LEFT TO RIGHT: Idris Nsubuga, Mohamood Mugisha, Haruna Hassan Luyima and Issa Ahmed Luyima

By Herbert Ssempogo

FOUR key suspects who confessed to involvement in the bomb blasts were paraded before journalists yesterday.

Two of them, Edris Nsubuga and Haruna Hassan Luyima, cried over the pain their actions caused. Issa Luyima and Haruna Hassan Luyima are brothers, while Nsubuga is their friend. The fourth suspect was identified as Mohamood Mugisha.

“I am very sorry for the loss of life. I was hesitant to pick on Ugandans. My target was the Americans, who I think are responsible for the suffering in the world. I am very sorry to the people, who knew me,” Issa Luyima, described as the mastermind of the blasts, said without emotion. Continue Reading →

US charges 14 Somalis with terrorism

US Charges 14 With Aiding Somalia’s al-Shabab: VOA News

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced charges on Thursday against 14 suspects accused of supporting the terrorist group al-Shabab in Somalia. Holder said the indictments reflect a “disturbing trend” of terrorist organizations recruiting in the United States.

Attorney General Holder announced four indictments charging suspects in Minnesota, California and Alabama with seeking to provide money, personnel and services to al-Shabab, which has links to al-Qaida.

Two suspects have been arrested, the rest are still at large with several believed to be in Somalia fighting for al-Shabab.  The group, designated by the United States as a terrorist organization, has been battling the transitional Somali government for control of Mogadishu.  It has also been blamed for recent suicide bombings in Uganda. Continue Reading →

Muslims vow to take more African territory, force sharia on everyone.


Somalia: Islamist Rebels Vow To Attack Puntland
July 28, 2010
An Islamist rebel group based in Puntland said it would wage war against the semi-autonomous region’s government until Shariah is enacted, Reuters reported July 28, citing a July 27 statement from the group’s leader, Sheikh Mohamed Saiid Atom. Speaking in the town of Galkayo near the border with Somalia proper, Atom said his group is allied with al Shabaab and urged local residents and businessmen to join their cause. Atom said his group and al Shabaab are “brothers united by Islamic Shariah,” and will never stop fighting the government in Puntland.

Where is the ‘flotilla’ for the real starving?

A regular reader and commenter on Vlad, was kind enough to send us two pictures. If one tells a thousand words, then two tells a million. The first one, you may have seen a few posts back:

Here, the fat hits the fire.

If you look at #8 for men, and #3 for women, you may suspect that the frequently made claims that Israel is starving the Palestinians is not in accordance with the facts.

Below, a food market in Gaza:

However, there is a group on Earth that is being deliberately starved and right to death in large numbers. They are being taken as sexual and hard labour slaves. They are being treated as badly as any group on earth has been treated shy of with modern deliberate mass methods of torture and extermination. But historically, this typically is as bad is it can get just shy of genocide and frankly, one might make the case that this is genocide.

Indeed, the lies about Israel and its alleged treatment of its neighbours, when the reverse is more the case. That Muslims who sell property to Jews in Judea and Sumeria are often killed, sometimes by their own families, while Muslim Arabs live as full Israeli citizens with greater rights in some ways than the Jewish population. I believe that an Arab Muslim has the right not to serve in the Israeli military for example, while non-orthodox-Jews do not.


Just in case the last image left you feeling hungry and depressed, an add for a new five star restaurant in Gaza
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Thank you for your great emails Proud Kaffir

Islamic roots of the African slave trade. Fighting fiction with facts

Here is a video of Farrakhan spouting unfounded unsubstantiated historical revisionism about Jewish involvement in the transatlantic slave trade. This is pretty clear as to what it is. Again, it is just a guy holding a book and ranting. The facts of course are that Jewish people marched with Martin Luther King and where first and foremost in the civil rights movement in the US. Then below, please watch the expertly researched documentary on the Arab-Islamic roots of the African slave trade. The facts are clear and in good evidence.

H/T to Bad Faun for the Farrakhan vid

replacing another video that was taken down

Islam ends music on Somali radio

There are a few radio talk show hosts I can think of, Somalians probably need to hear. This article found on the fine New Zealand blog, Johnny Dissidence

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Somalia: Fear of Islamists kills music

Original article here.

MOGADISHU, Somalia, April 13 (UPI) — Most radio stations in Somalia have stopped playing music because of fear from the country’s Islamist insurgents.

The stations comply with a ban issued by the Islamist Hizbul-Islam insurgents who say music is un-Islamic, BBC News reports.

A government-controlled radio and a Kenyan station are the remaining two outlets playing songs.
The stations that stopped playing music are using “sounds such as gunfire, the noise of the vehicles and birds to link up our programs and news,” one radio executive told the BBC.

Hizbul-Islam and al-Shebab, the other major Islamist group, control most of Mogadishu and much of the country’s southern and central regions. They are said to have close links to al-Qaida and reports claim the terror organization is reinforcing them with senior insurgents from Yemen.

Somalia’s weak transitional government has been unable to stop violence in the country.