Islamic roots of the African slave trade. Fighting fiction with facts

Here is a video of Farrakhan spouting unfounded unsubstantiated historical revisionism about Jewish involvement in the transatlantic slave trade. This is pretty clear as to what it is. Again, it is just a guy holding a book and ranting. The facts of course are that Jewish people marched with Martin Luther King and where first and foremost in the civil rights movement in the US. Then below, please watch the expertly researched documentary on the Arab-Islamic roots of the African slave trade. The facts are clear and in good evidence.

H/T to Bad Faun for the Farrakhan vid

replacing another video that was taken down

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6 Replies to “Islamic roots of the African slave trade. Fighting fiction with facts”

  1. something to think about I don’t think anyone has questioned.
    We now know Islam converts or kills anyone that is non-muslim.
    Being a dhimmi is only temporary until they can force the rest over to Islam.
    Those countries with 100% Muslims are proof of that.

    The Muslims that was part of the slave trade sold rather then kill their victims.
    I doubt they gave them a choice but in their mind they were being merciful.

    Such evil it just amazing.

  2. Would people stop calling this person “minister”?

    Farrakhan is as religious as the Muslims he serves, which is: not at all.

    His racist, ill-informed, stupefyingly dull and boring rants have stirred up more hatred in the last 40 years than any neo-Nazi leader stirred up during the civil rights movement back in the 60s and 70s.

    At least people are calling him on his BS.

  3. Toxic. Explosive.

    The people in the grip of these demagogues will kill and cause massacres. It is astounding that these swine are not taken out of circulation before they can cause more damage.

    There are laws against subversion & sedition. Time to use them and crack down…

  4. Trying to find out. Certainly there are groups that fight the truth getting out as it does not fit their narrative. But in this case, I think its more political infighting and morons who do not understand the consequences of their actions, who cause various video hosting sites to terminate channels.

  5. I have read estimates of 80 million Africans taken into slavery by Muslims over a 300 year period. The statement at the beginning of this video that millions of slaves came to America is false. The highest figure I have seen is 450,000. That is a huge contrast to 80 million in Arab speaking lands and yet America is singled out as the cruel slave master of the world. The fact is, where are the descendants of those 80 million slaves in Muslim countries? There are none. They were not permited to procreate. Women were sex slaves and men castrated. Not so in America. In “cruel” America blacks enjoy the highest standard of living of any African people in the world. Did you know that slavery was legal in the guardian of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, until 1965? Farrakhan is a hypocrite and an idiot.

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