More clips of the Israeli town under bombardment, Sderot

Many thanks to MC for taking the time, trouble, and not unsubstantial risk, of getting this footage for us so that we may have some notion of what life is like in that Israeli border town.


Today started early with missile warnings starting in the early hours, the trains have stopped running south of Ashkelon so I had to run my daughter to Ashkelon station, the roads were empty, even more so than Sabbath.

Most of the traffic was military.

Later I went out on my bicycle to collect Video footage for Vlad, we were having alarms almost hourly through the day, finally I went to the Iron Dome site, I was nearly knocked off my bike as the alarm went off yet again; a panicking BMW driver.

I got to the ID site, and the alarm went off again, but no launch, the missiles are about $40,000 and they do not launch unless lives are threatened.

Later, I set out for Ashkelon Station to pick up the daughter but the main roads past Yad Mordechai and the Erez crossing were closed so I had to take the back roads.

I finally got to the station, but the train had been delayed because of the missiles.
As I drove out of Sderot I had seen about 12 to fifteen smoke trails rising up from Gaza city – obviously going to Ashkelon and Ashdod.

There have been fatalities and serious injuries, Hamas does not care about collateral damage, they tell the world that all Israelis are soldiers even the children and pensioners.….
Whilst waiting at the station there were two sirens (they have the traditional air raid wailing siren in Ashkelon.

There in front of me were the missiles, their rocket motors fireflies glowing in the dark, but I fumbled the camera on the ‘phone – sorry
Today is has been stressful, many people are terrified, my daughter reports people on the train terrified and weeping. It is difficult to put across just how bad it can be.

Personally, I tend to rationalize, I faced my first bomb in Singapore as a teenager when the Indonesians bombed the Hongkong and Shanghai bank in Orchard Road in 1966., and I have been bombed in Londonderry, Ryadh and London(11/7) – I tend to be fatalistic about it, If it has my name on it then so be it, I can’t run any more so I just brazen it out.


Two IDF return targeted strikes

Hamas terrorist hit by IDF while bicycling


Rocket hits home in Central Israel

And about Iron Dome’s usefulness:

The rocket is named J-80 after the head of the military wing of Hamas, Ahmed Jabri, and according to Hamas – since it travels on a nonlinear path – it can not be intercepted by Iron Dome.

It was always a questionable strategy anyway. Retaliation and deference works better in general.

Thank you Yucki

A few IFD tweets from the past few days


BBC Asia interviews a Hamas leader on their ties with Iran and ambitions.

This is a significant interview and while it was supposed to be available in English by request, no request was answered by those who asked. Please download and spread this video by any and all means in case it is removed. It must be seen and understood. While it isn’t a ‘sexy’ video of psychos screaming, it is an extremely powerful person calmly discussing geopolitically significant matters such as nuclear weapons, genocide, strategic alliances and enmity as well as ambitions as well as the implementation of sharia in Gaza. Add to this recent demonstrations of Hamas’ alliance with Turkey and we see what could be a game changer in the region.

Hamas leader speaks to Turkish Prime Minister about coming victory over Jews in Jerusalem

[Note from Tanya, the translator about video below. Hamas leader, Khaled Mashal, to the congress in
Konya Turkey thanking Turkey for their support for Hamas in its quest for victory over the Jews in Jerusalem and bringing good wishes to their Turkish brothers form Hamas. The new Prime Minister of Turkey, Ahmet Davuto?lu, is sitting in the front row of the audience in this speech with his whole family, showing the seriousness and level of the support of Turkey of Hamas. Also the speech claims that with Turkey’s power and Allah’s help, Hamas can get victory.]

Article here at Al Arabia

His brief address was interrupted repeatedly by cheering crowds in the hall waving Turkish and Palestinian flags and chanting: “Allahu Akbar (God is greatest)” and “Down with Israel!”

Israel is serious about Hamas and the kidnapped teens.

Ya’alon: We won’t cease or rest until we find the abducted teens 

Everything linked to Hamas is being targeted,” says source; soldiers enter Balata and Awarta areas of Nablus; IDF says in protracted campaign to weaken Hamas.

Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon
Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon Photo: Ariel Hermoni, Defense Ministry spokesman

In a statement to the media on Tuesday evening, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said that the IDF had the ability to target Hamas leaders, “anywhere and anytime.”

Ya’alon reassured the public that, in spite of the IDF’s general campaign against Hamas, its main mission was to find the teens.

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