Trump Card: A new film by Dinesh D’Souza

I have only watched the first few minutes. But confident enough to post it now as his movie, “Hillary’s America” was so phenomenally good, that I am confident this will meet standard, and be worth all of our time to watch it.

Here is the description from the originating Bitchute page:

In his most important film yet, Dinesh D’Souza presents an EXPLOSIVE exposé of the socialism, corruption and gangsterisation that now define the Democratic Party. Whether it is the creeping socialism of Joe Biden or the overt socialism of Bernie Sanders, the film reveals what is unique about modern socialism, who is behind it, why it’s evil….and how President Trump can and must stop it.

Mr. Jones: Netflix totally avoids saying communism even once

Last night I had the chance to watch the docu-drama, Mr. Jones.

While on the one hand, it is refreshing to see any pop culture reference to the Holomodor, something which pretty much no one knows about thanks in no small part to the subject of Mr. Jones, a certain historical class monster, Walter Durante, it is highly disturbing that at no point do they say why it happened.

The only other attempt to explain it is the excellent film, The Soviet Story. Something which should really be a mandatory part of all high school curricula.

In fact, as I write this, I am having a txt chat with a friend who also watched the film. And as I type here, he asked the question:

“I wonder what the conditions were for the massive starvation. It wasn’t bad crops”.

The fact that within hours of watching this movie a question like that would appear shows the failure of the movie and perhaps more sinisterly, the real agenda.

Netflix is notoriously leftist. On the board is Barack and Michelle Obama as well as Susan Rice. So it was a shock to hear they made a film about Durante at all. But it gets clearer after you watch it.

The Ukrainian genocide, you would think from the film, was not the fault of communism. No of course not. It was the fault of a hedonistic, corrupt, megalomaniac, sex fiend, white-male, American who worked for the New York Times and perhaps Stalin who was not doing things right. ‘Imperfect’ let’s say.

What they do not tell you, is that it is Communism that did this Genocide.

That Stalin was a good communist in the way that Mohammad was a good Muslim and Dr. Mengele was a good Nazi. They were all excellent representations of the ideology they believed in and acted on.

Politics is downstream from philosophy, and Stalin knew exactly the politics of Marx.

The film even went so far as to credit a famous saying by Stalin, “To make an omelette you have to break a few eggs”  to Durante. Which shows how anxious it was to foist this historical class crime on an American opportunist. Next project for Netflix, they will make a drama about how the tens of millions of deaths in China under Mao are the fault of Norman Bethune.

The Holodomor was about killing millions of people in the Ukraine for the exact same reason that Mao killed tens of millions of Chinese farmers. Because Communist ‘science’ required it. Which is never mentioned in the movie at all.

In fact there was no communist or Soviet iconography in the film, which was in fact as ubiquitous as Nazi icons were in Nazi Germany. (Early Nazi art was actually taken from Soviet art as we learn in The Soviet Story. A more real attempt to educate rather than deflect.)

The film also neglects this interesting titbit from Durante’s belief system:

Crowley of course, was famous for claiming to be The Antichrist, and although British, worked to undermine the allied war effort against the Nazis. Another Socialist government which is also whitewashed pretty much by everyone within a thousand miles of Hollywood.

Seeing as how both Marx and Alinsky dedicated their most important work to Satan, it seems like no coincidence that Durante would be a close friend of Crowley’s. Even to the point of cordially marrying Crowley’s mistress.

The film does do an interesting treatment of George Orwell, painting him as a sympathetic leftist desperate to believe that communism was working and a good thing in the Soviet Union, and even willing to justify the deaths of millions of Ukrainians as needed for the greater good. Of the survivors one presumes. All during this film, they cut to Orwell writing Animal Farm. But if even Wikipedia says that although a self proclaimed atheist and provocateur, he was a regular attendee of Church of England and a lover of Traditional British values, then I have to go with that.

As I watched there was one thing that did come to mind quite often though. It was that amazing quote by Goebbels that we post often on this site:

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.

The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Nazi propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels

You certainly see that in action by Stalin and the Soviet Union all through this movie. But they do not credit the underlying philosophy to communism or fascism where it belongs.

At the end of the day, Mr. Jones is more a product of one of Orwell’s characters than it is of George Orwell himself, which the movie seems to imply at the beginning. Specifically Winston Smith, as the film clips facts that the party does not want known from history and burns them, and replaces them with the things you are to believe today as surely as 2+2=5.

Filmmaker Michael Hansen on Infowars with Matt Bracken, Aug. 1, 2019

Direct link:

Unknown agent attempts take down of movie, ‘Killing Canada’

The film Michael Hansen made about the massive loss of true liberal freedoms in Canada under the current Trudeau government, was made available free on line on February 4th by the website, Free Speech and interestingly at the same time, that server came under its first meaningful DDoS attack ever.

According to the person who hosts the domain, “there is no doubt it was because of that movie being on that server”.

The attack is known as a “UDP-Based Amplification Attack”, and was as much a test of the server’s defences as it was an attempt to take down the movie’s availability.

But it clearly was an attempt to make the film, unavailable to the public.

The good news is, the film is available to the public!

Killing Canada from Dane Hansen on Vimeo.

Please enjoy and spread the link to all you know. If this much effort is being used to suppress this movie, its worth seeing for yourself and deciding about its value.

Thank you again FSD for the information, and Michael Hansen for making this film free to the public for us all to see.


Killing Free Speech, now FREE to the public until the money for the wall is provided

This will be pinned for a couple of days as its an excellent film documentary and should be known about by all and seen by many. Newer posts will be below this one.

Danish film maker, Michael Hansen, has released the third, in his “Killing really good things” series, to the public for now and until the US-Mexico border wall gets funded.

Please note: This movie was so well received by the actual US Border-Guard union, they arranged an unprecedented screening for politicians and the media in a theatre in San Diego California. Of course the media did not show up but some did write articles about racist-xenophobe-PoMo-buzzwords anyway without bothering to see it and yeah, no politicians showed either.

Anyone wishing to help Michael Hansen recoup some of his costs for making this film may do so by clicking this PayPal link.


Drive to press and distribute DVDs of Killing Canada to people

ACT For Canada is doing a drive to raise funds to make DVDs of Michael Hansen’s excellent film, Killing Canada, and distribute it to politicians and Canadians on the street. Please read their release below and help them if you can. Canada is not yet circling the drain, but the drain is getting visible on the horizon. This seems like quite a good effort to Red Pill Canadians before the next election.


Dear fellow patriotic citizens:

We want to take back our country.  The Yellow Vest movement is part of it. As this protest spreads across the country – and pay no attention to reports of “infiltration” which you will get in every patriotic movement – we want to be able to hand out brochures along with DVD’s of Michael Hansen’s excellent “Killing Canada” to all the Canadians who are taking the time to come out and stand for our country. We also want to deliver this DVD to selected Members of Parliament.

Of course, this takes money and since we are not funded by the likes of George Soros, we must appeal to you – every citizen who cares deeply about the destruction of our country and are prepared to fight for everything that Canada stands for.

If you are able to contribute to this, no matter how small your donation, we would be very grateful.  You can go here to contribute:

Thank you in advance.

We are nationalists; not globalists. Canadian are

united and on the move to make Canada great again!

Thank you in advance.

The film, for those who have not seen it, can be viewed here for now.

US Border Patrol Union is having a private screening of Michael Hansen’s Killing Free Speech

This is exciting. At last someone has made a film that properly represents the facts of leftist deceptions and thuggery, including the misrepresentation of treatment of illegal border crossers by ICE and the US Border Patrol.

And now the union has arranged to screen the movie for media and personnel.

This may be the first time ever that the Border patrol Union has set up a screening for a film on topic like this.

This could be the start of something big.

Killing Canada (Was Oh Canada!) now available free on Youtube

Michael Hansen, the maker of the important documentary, Killing Europe, released his second project just this past weekend in Ottawa and Toronto called, Oh Canada!, now renamed to Killing Canada.

The film in its simplest terms, was about how various lawyers who champion the phoney human right not to be offended, at the expense of the genuine human right to freedom of speech, and certain government officials broke rules and used deception to cancel the showing of Killing Europe, as well as even cancelling his planned talk at the Ottawa Public Library on why and how they cancelled the film some months earlier.

Both Ottawa and Toronto audiences felt this needed to be seen by everyone, and most certainly in Canada.

And so Michael has now made it available on Youtube for free and for all.

Please send the link to all you can if you feel as strongly as we do, that this movie exposes some of the truly pernicious machinery within Canada for the purposes of shutting down all discussion on certain transformational subjects. As a nation, Canada does not have a lot of chances left. One more term of Trudeau and its anyone’s guess what sort of culture and legal system Canada will have by the end. I suspect only the Swedes know for sure.

For all who appreciate Hansen’s work, please consider contributing to it here. I speak for many of us when I say that we would like him to continue making films like this one, and Killing Europe. So if you feel it was worth your time, please consider donating to Michael, at least the cost of a movie ticket or two weeks subscription to the nearly fully Postmodern, Netflix.

For those who have not seen Killing Europe, and wish a greater contextual understanding of the documentary above, Killing Europe can be seen below in full.

Anyone who wishes to arrange a showing of either or both of these films at a local theatre, community centre or library or classroom, may download these videos from Youtube (please make sure you get at least 1080p version) and show them.

If you would like to arrange to have Michael speak to your audience after the showing, you may arrange this with him at the website,


Oh Canada! premiered in Ottawa and Toronto this weekend to great audience reviews

Michael Hansen’ creator of the stunning and important film, Killing Europe, premiered the Canadian version of his new film, Oh Canada! about the death of free speech as orchestrated by the government-media complex, as well as self appointed information warriors for money, masquerading as “human rights lawyers” while in fact, working to crush real human rights in favour of enforcing their replacement, cultural Marxism and phoney group rights.

Both the Ottawa and Toronto audience felt that this was a movie that MUST be seen by everyone in Canada while there may still be time to salvage freedom with the vestigial bits of it we still have.

I would like to thank the many volunteers of ACT for Canada, as well as the Zionist Centre of Toronto for their efforts to make this video available for a screening at all in these days of Samizdat V2.0

Also of course, Michael Hansen with whom, efforts are being made to try and make this video easily available to the general public and soon.

Rest assured, one way or another, we will make sure that some method is found, even if its handing it out on scraps of paper like a flip book.

Michael Hansen’s new film, Oh Canada! Premieres TOMORROW in Ottawa!

In true Samizdat-Soviet dissident style, going to see a movie is an act of defiance. So much so, that getting the ticket and information needed to see the movie has become complex due to leftist thugs and totalitarian bullies like ANTIFA or OAF. (Ottawa Against Fascism), who’s actions define fascism as its normally thought of, (quite sure they don’t give a damn about means of production) and who’s IQ prevents them from being aware of the irony of their name Vs. their actions.

However film maker, Hansen’s new movie is a must see. While it has nothing to do with Islam this time, or even immigration, it does dig deep into the machinery, both government, such as M103, quasi government, like the self named Human Rights Commissions, and their thuggish enforcers like ANTIFA and other leftist activists, both violent and merely deceptive.

I hope many of you come out to see the film tomorrow. The procedure, tortured as it is, to get a ticket and find out where it is, (somewhere in downtown Ottawa though) is below.

It will in part, deal with the shutting down of director Hansen’s previous film, Killing Europe and some of the people involved with that. It was not, shall we say, an above board process.

  • To purchase a ticket, please go to the website
  • Go to “Contact/Join” heading on upper right hand side. (If you are using an IPad or a smaller mobile device, you have to go to “More”; then “Contact/Join” and then go to the dropdown that says “Donate”
  • Here you go to PayPal option. You can also pay with Visa, Mastercard, Amex, etc.
  • Once you have entered the amount of $20/per ticket (or $15 if you are a student or senior 65 and over), you will see “Write a Note”
  • Make sure to enter: DOCUMENTARY
  • Upon receipt of your money, a receipt will be forwarded which you then need to print out and bring to the event as your “ticket”.
  • The other option is to bring a cheque for $20 payable to “ACT! For Canada – Education.”  There will be NO cash taken.
  • You will receive an email notification on the morning of September 15th. Look for an email from “Ottawa Chapter.” The Ottawa chapter leader will be sending out the notification.
  • If you have not received your notification by 10 a.m. on Saturday, September 15, send an email to