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A music festival stopped due to terror, the organizer statement, the muslim answer

Here is an interesting follow up on a story that was huge a day or three ago.

Germany’s largest rock concert was cancelled due to a bomb threat. Below, the organizer of the festival gives a press conference about the cancelation where he dares venture onto the tarmac of reality. Something which is increasingly illegal across the post-modern West.

The organizer is ethnically Jewish, and has a solid reputation in Germany as a really decent fellow from what our translator, Egri Nok, tells us.

A muslim living in Germany saw his presser and decided to add his own words of wisdom in that uniquely gentle, witty and Islamic way.

An interesting bit of analysis from Egyptian TV from the Louvre attack

Thank you Sandra Solomon for finding and translating this clip for us.

The host of this Egyptian media TV, Mohamed Al-Ghiety, interviewed the father of the muslim who attacked the Louvre, and brought forth some worthwhile ideas on him.

That the jihadi was a regular guy, bribed by Al-Qaeda and or the Islamic State, but either way for certain the Muslim Brotherhood, with a fat job for a fake company, and a mysterious wife, a hijabi, who appeared out of the blue around the same time.

This would explain not just the attack, but why it was so feeble. One might imagine that this person actually didn’t;t want to succeed. That getting put in a French hospital for a while was the best possible outcome. Then again, there was his social media posts.

For more on the host of this show, clearly a decent guy and a good analyst, but look at what he has to endure at the video on this link. A shoe down between an imam in a black ball gown and a Santa hat, and another guy.

When a paint bomb does more damage to your culture, people and morale than a fragmentation bomb

According to Le Parisien, 

(Thank you Ava Lon for the translation)

Attack at the Louvre: what is known about the Egyptian Abdallah E.-H., the main suspect

The Egyptian man, aged 28 or 29, reportedly landed at Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle airport on 26 January. He was coming from Dubai, where he would have obtained a visa for France.

The identity of the Louvre assailant, who attacked the soldiers of Operation Sentinel with a machete this Friday morning, is gradually becoming clear. He was hospitalized in serious condition at the Georges Pompidou hospital in the 15th Arrondissement of Paris, after being hit on the flank and buttocks by several gunshots. It is now known that the man is an Egyptian who was born in 1988.

If he did not have any ID, a cell phone and paint bombs were found in the backpacks he was wearing. These elements allegedly enabled the investigators to establish his identity: Abdallah E.-H. The man who rented a hotel room in Rue de Ponthieu, not far from the Champs-Elysées, in the very chic 8th Arrondissement of the capital. Police then quickly searched the premises.

A return ticket to Dubai

The search allegedly confirmed that the assailant arrived by air on January 26 at the Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle airport from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He allegedly entered France with an Egyptian visa. The man had a return ticket to the UAE for Sunday February 5th. He was unknown to the French intelligence services; his identity was transmitted to Egypt for verification. In addition, DNA and fingerprint analyses are underway.

No explosives found on him

On Friday morning at around 9:45 the man burst into the gallery of the Carrousel du Louvre carrying two backpacks. After he approached the soldiers on patrol, he took out two machetes to attack them. According to prefect of Paris Michel Cadot, the man rushed at the soldiers, “uttered threats” and shouted “Allahu Akhbar”.

In the report, the aggressor, aged about thirty, was seriously wounded in the flank and buttocks. He was conscious when taken away by the ambulance. No explosives were found in his backpacks.
The man fought and risked being killed to try and gain entrance to the Louvre with a satchel full of PAINT BOMBS.

The Daily Mail has this report here as well.

Think about the damage to the treasures of Western civilization he could have done had he succeeded. And more importantly, lets consider the actual agenda of an agent that would be willing to risk his life to destroy the great works of art of our Wester heritage.

This was an attack on our culture on a scale we have not seen yet, had it been successful.  The great works of art at the Louvre might have become mere legends. As it is, the focus on teaching things like art and music is diminishing rapidly with increased Islamic populations, as typically they will not allow their children to learn it.

So this would be in keeping not only with the Islamic prohibition on representational art, but on the Islamic notion of ‘jehillia’, or erasing the “time of ignorance” (the period of all history before the time of Mohammad). The Saudis do it when archeologists discover an artifact from before the time of Islam. They will not allow it to be uncovered or seen, and often destroy it if it relates to another religion. In Gaza, Muslims are working every day to dig up any Jewish artifact and destroy it on conveyor belts with smashing machines.

This probably was not the first attempt at the Louvre. And it doesn’t take a prophet to know this was coming. I believe it was the opening scene of the creators of South Park’s movie, Team America.

We need to learn, or at this stage, be willing to accept the facts of what Islam is, and what it wishes to do to us, our culture and our history, if he expect to ever develop policies that will serve the interests of a free and liberal democratic society.

Pretending Islam is just another form of Judaism or Christianity, a kind of curried Christianity as one British observer claimed, is virtue signalling at the highest imaginable cost.

*Check out this comment for more on this*

Germany: Quran stolen from art exhibition


John Latham, God is Great (#4) – 2005 – Glass, books, silicone – courtesy John Latham Estate and Lisson Gallery – Picture: Portikus

On Saturday afternoon, three men -presumably in the age between 25 and 35- entered the art gallery ‘Portikus’ in Frankfurt, Germany. Asking loudly for the meaning of the displayed work of conceptual artist John Latham.
The artwork, ‘God is great (#4)’, shows a Bible, a Talmud and a Quran lying between smashed glass. The reason for their excitement obviously was the Quran, as one of the men took it away before they left the scene.
The artwork is insured with 150,000 €. State Security has launched investigations.

In 2005, Tate Gallery in London cancelled plans to display ‘God is great (#2)’, another work by John Latham, since this piece of art also shows a Quran. After the Islamic bombings in London on July 7th, Tate Gallery only had one concern: They didn’t want to offend Muslims…


Art Gallery ’Portikus’ (Frankfurt/Germany)

Translation: Carpe Diem

This poster was in a British public school

Please read it carefully and send it out to all your liberal arts friends. Once again, a British public school

Thank you Pimpernel

 This poster hangs on the walls of the main corridor of Leicester’s Madini School.

Music is haraam UK school

The Baron at Gates of Vienna transcribed the poster for us:


Listening to Music is Haraam and a Sin

Stay away from evil acts such as listening to music and encourage others to do the same too!

Music is a tool of Shaytan (Satan)
The playing of musical instruments and listening to them is Haraam
According to the Law [of Allah] one who participates in music is regarded as a Fasiq  (Sinful person)
One of the harms of music is that it distracts one from his Creator.
The messages of today’s music follow a general theme of love, drugs, and freedom
Appearance of music and stringed instruments is [sic] a cause of Allah’s anger
It is a tool of Shaytan (Satan) by which he attracts people to commit wrongful acts

Music is Haraam

Unesco stops unauthorised reconstruction of Bamiyan Buddhas

If anyone has any lingering doubts about the UN being in the pocket of the OIC and Islamic concerns, this article should put them to rest.

From The Art

                 Organisation says actions of German archaeologists who have partially rebuilt one of the statues “border on the criminal”

By Alessandro Martini and Ermanno Rivetti. News, Issue 254, February 2014
Published online: 06 February 2014

German archaeologists have rebuilt the lower appendages of the smaller statue

The international community has reacted furiously to news that a German-led team of archaeologists has been reconstructing the feet and legs of the smaller of the two Bamiyan Buddhas, the monumental Afghan sculptures blown up by the Taliban in 2001. News of this reconstruction, which has taken place without Unesco’s knowledge or permission, was revealed during the 12th meeting of Unesco’s Bamiyan working group, in Orvieto, Italy, in December.

A team of archaeologists from the German branch of Icomos (the International Council on Monuments and Sites), led by Michael Petzet, who himself served as the head of Icomos from 1999 to 2008, spent most of last year rebuilding the smaller Buddha’s lower appendages with iron rods, reinforced concrete and bricks, an operation that Francesco Bandarin, Unesco’s assistant director-general for culture, describes as “wrong on every level”. He says: “Unesco has nothing to do with this project. It was undertaken without the consent of the Afghan government and has now been stopped.”

Click to continue:

I can’t imagine a more persuasive news item than this. That UNESCO believes that the Taliban ‘right’ to destroy ancient massive public world statues only because they represent an organizing principle and spiritual system other than Islam actually trumps people who wish to try and reconstruct these ancient and priceless artifacts at no public expense.

H/T Fjordman


Sharia Adjustments in Canadian Schools


By Cynthia Yacowar-Sweeney

Winnipeg’s Hasting School, presently at the centre of a controversy regarding the cancellation of this year’s Christmas and Halloween celebrations, is part of the very same school division where a dozen Muslim families who recently arrived in Canada, went to demand their children be excused for Islamic reasons, from the elementary school music and co-ed physical education programs, both compulsory, back in 2011.


In the end, the immigrant Muslim families finally accepted the physical education classes, but with stipulations: boys and girls would have separate classes. However, the Muslim parents would not allow their children to be exposed to singing or playing musical instruments, as this is not permitted in Islam.  The school division caved to Muslim demands by suggesting these students write a music project instead.

Well, so much for promoting Canadian values. The next thing to go is Canadian traditional holiday celebration. This is actually occurring at Winnipeg’s Hastings School, part of the Louis Riel School Division. Hastings School is not only cancelling Halloween and Christmas celebrations, but replacing them with possibly Islamic ones. Yes, Islamic ones. How so? Continue Reading →