Muslims vow to take more African territory, force sharia on everyone.


Somalia: Islamist Rebels Vow To Attack Puntland
July 28, 2010
An Islamist rebel group based in Puntland said it would wage war against the semi-autonomous region’s government until Shariah is enacted, Reuters reported July 28, citing a July 27 statement from the group’s leader, Sheikh Mohamed Saiid Atom. Speaking in the town of Galkayo near the border with Somalia proper, Atom said his group is allied with al Shabaab and urged local residents and businessmen to join their cause. Atom said his group and al Shabaab are “brothers united by Islamic Shariah,” and will never stop fighting the government in Puntland.

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2 Replies to “Muslims vow to take more African territory, force sharia on everyone.”

  1. The world is in trouble, major wars only happen when the major power/nation weakens themselves, Obama has succeeded in weakening us and the left is working hard to weaken us more. This leaves the rest of the world unprotected, Japan is being ask to increase the size of its military, France and Britain are close to civil war because of Moslem violence. Things aren’t going to get any better for a long time.

  2. Once Africa was in the hands of the European powers.

    Now it may end up in more ruthless hands, ones which would think nothing of destroying every black African who would not submit.

    It was Arabic slavers who started the world’s longest running slave trading empires, back in the 8th century. It is still going on, but now the “slaves” are domestic workers imported from Asia.

    If I were the leader of any African nation, I would take this threat not only seriously, but make pre-emptive strikes against any and all Muslim organizations, wherever they may be.

    If it is war they want, then I would hope that non-Muslim nations ally themselves and give it back.

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