Where is the ‘flotilla’ for the real starving?

A regular reader and commenter on Vlad, was kind enough to send us two pictures. If one tells a thousand words, then two tells a million. The first one, you may have seen a few posts back:

Here, the fat hits the fire.

If you look at #8 for men, and #3 for women, you may suspect that the frequently made claims that Israel is starving the Palestinians is not in accordance with the facts.

Below, a food market in Gaza:

However, there is a group on Earth that is being deliberately starved and right to death in large numbers. They are being taken as sexual and hard labour slaves. They are being treated as badly as any group on earth has been treated shy of with modern deliberate mass methods of torture and extermination. But historically, this typically is as bad is it can get just shy of genocide and frankly, one might make the case that this is genocide.

Indeed, the lies about Israel and its alleged treatment of its neighbours, when the reverse is more the case. That Muslims who sell property to Jews in Judea and Sumeria are often killed, sometimes by their own families, while Muslim Arabs live as full Israeli citizens with greater rights in some ways than the Jewish population. I believe that an Arab Muslim has the right not to serve in the Israeli military for example, while non-orthodox-Jews do not.


Just in case the last image left you feeling hungry and depressed, an add for a new five star restaurant in Gaza
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Thank you for your great emails Proud Kaffir

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10 Replies to “Where is the ‘flotilla’ for the real starving?”

  1. The people from Darfur are Christians. You know, one of those other religions where Islam lives in peace with.
    Islam is one of Gods plagues.

  2. Wow, shocking! Almost shocking that is. Almost because the data are from 1999-2003. Now we can all just pretend that in 2010 the world is still exactly the same as in 1999-2003, but then we wouldn’t have wireless internet now, would we? Iceland would still have one of the highest living standards in the world because of their very succesful banks. The Greek would still be the happiest people in Europe, thanks to a government that has found the perfect balance between spending money and earning it back through taxes. And these are not the only things that changed… I do agree with the one-sided “news” on how Israel teases the Palestinians while nobody seems to care shit about the situation in Dafur, but don’t flash with 10 year old statistics for a country (or area) where everything changed for the worse in the following 7 years. Your credibility is at stake.

  3. @ Jantje

    You’re mistaken. The people in Darfur are Muslims. Their only “crime” is that they are black (subsistence) farmers.

    You’re confusing the Darfuri’s with the persecuted Christians and animists in southern Soudan.

  4. With more infidel aid, more food aid flowing in from Israel and still sitting on their rear ends since 2003, insh’allah, those fakestinians are likely to have moved up in those rankings if we consider Mike’s question.

  5. Ron,

    Stating that the images are from 2009 will not make a difference for the facts beeing presented here are still from 2001-03.

    besides, beeing obese does not mean you have enough nutrition to be healthy. beeing obese states the fact that they have not enough variaty in there daily routine(like eating white bread and cheap fat meat)

  6. Proud_Kafir I wasn’t going to fall for that particular little trap. Ok so now he wants Israel to deliver only just the right healthy foods to Gaza at which point he would then say “You are denying them the right to choose and destroying their own cultural foods and traditions!”

    There is no winning that game. Arab food is unhealthy. That is what they eat. Arab breeding habits are also unhealthy as the WHO shows the highest disease from consanguinity in the world in Muslim states from Pakistan to England. They also blame the Jews for that. http://vladtepesblog.com/?p=17026

  7. There is no winning that game. Arab food is unhealthy.

    Yep, Eeyore, exactly… And, as a side note on the subject, I guess many folks here probably know the English name for the binge-eating celebration following the mahoundian fasting-plus-gluttony-after-sunset madness taking place for a whole month every year… Sugar Feast, which actually denotes a mahoundian daily bad habit taken to much greater heights.

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