Major attack in Vienna

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It looks like the attack was at a Synagogue. Several dead including a police officer.

Daily Mail: (7 people dead)

Several reported dead in ‘repulsive terror attack’ at multiple sites in Vienna

Austrian police say attacks at 6 different locations, including near synagogue; Jewish leader says no casualties among community members; gunman apparently shouts ‘Allahu akbar’

SWAT team patrols streets of Vienna following series of horrific attacks

Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer has said that special forces have been on a hunt for “presumed terrorists” who wrought havoc in Vienna, killing at least one, describing the attackers as “heavily armed” and “mobile”

Previous Austrian FM: “Looks like an orchestrated operation”


For the second time in a month, a mosque has been de-platformed for hate speech. This time in Ottawa

We saw it in a Danish mosque a few weeks ago, when they arrested an imam for inciting genocide and now in Ottawa, a major South-East end mosque, the Ottawa Islamic Centre, has lost its charitable status for fully predictable reasons. It is still a long long way from what would happen to any other organization that preached genocide, group hate, supremacy and sedition, but its a hell of a lot more than any of us ever thought would happen to any islamic group. Especially one where, I SUSPECT Trudeau visited and gave one of his semi-comprehensible

From Spencer Fernando:

A number of disturbing guest speakers, and serious concerns over an attendee who was jailed for trying to join Islamic State, has led the Canada Revenue Agency to revoke the charitable status of the Ottawa Islamic Centre.

Here’s what the CRA said about the Ottawa Islamic Centre Assalam Mosque:

“Many of the views expressed by the organization’s speakers are misogynistic, homophobic, racist and/or promote violence.”

Additionally, according to Global News, “The CRA was also concerned that “radicalized individuals” had attended the mosque, one of whom, Ashton Larmond, is now imprisoned for attempting to join the so-called Islamic State.”

The CRA decision stripping the mosque of their charitable status took effect on July 14.

Here’s a key section a report on the CRA’s findings:

“The CRA documents (available below) singled out Abu Usamah At-thahabi, Bilal Philips, Hakkeem Quick and Saed Rageah — all of whom had spoken at the Ottawa mosque one or more times.

(More at Spencer’s excellent site)

This is a really interesting and important story. The report explains this is a serious problem across Canada, which this site has exposed on more than one, more than10 occasions, with incitements to genocide, and every other form of hate crime by socialist Canada standards, and plain old Koran by Islamic ones.


100 rockets from Gaza

Denmark: For the first time ever an imam has been charged with encouraging the killing of Jews

An original translation by Tania Groth with much thanks

From this Danish publication

The controversial words were spoken during Friday prayers at a mosque on Nørrebro in Copenhagen.

An imam from a mosque in Nørrebro in Copenhagen has been charged for encouraging the killing of Jews.

This was stated by the prosecutorial authority in a press release.

This is the first time a prosecution has been initiated under the so-called Imam Act of January 2017. The Imam Act was passed in an effort to curb radicalization and religious [hate] preachers.

“These are heinous statements, and I think it is quite right that the court now has an opportunity to assess the case,” says Advocate General Eva Rønne from the State Prosecutor’s office.

She has the sermon on video, as the mosque from Nørrebro in Copenhagen itself posted it on Facebook and YouTube.

“Come and kill him”

According to the Prosecution Authority, the sermon consists of both the imam’s own words and a quote from the Quran. The imam says, among other things:

“Judgment Day will not arrive until Muslims fight the Jews in order that the Muslims may kill them — and the Jew will hide behind rocks and trees, and the rocks and trees will say,” O Muslim, O God’s worshiper, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.”

Assistant State’s Attorney Eva Rønne explains that it is legal to quote religious scriptures from the Quran and the Bible, but it is punishable if, for example, killing a certain segment of the population is applauded and that the person preaching the words at the same time makes the words his own.

“It has always been illegal to accept the killing certain segments of the population, but what is new is that we now have a method to target hate preachers that can sentence them to up to three years in prison,” she says.

Danish Jews happy about the pending trial

The Jewish Society in Denmark is pleased that the word of the imam are now going to appear in court.

“For us, there was no doubt as to what the statements mean. It has been deeply worrying,” says chairman Dan Rosenberg Asmussen to TV 2.

“There are examples for weak souls who listen to preachers,” he explains.

The imam is also charged under the racism section of the law.

The criminal case will be prosecuted at Copenhagen City Court, but a date has not yet been scheduled.




The face of a jihadi

H/T Oz-Rita

What do Islamic authorities teach about Jewish people and non-Believers in islam in Canada?

Funny thing happened with this video.

The creator of it asked me to redo it with aa minor translation fix. Not an urgent thing but when the stakes are this high and your enemies so twitchy, you don’t want to make any mistakes or possible misunderstandings.

So I re did the video with the slight change in translation of one segment, and uploaded it, and YT pulled it before it even published for “Terms of service” reasons, even though the identical one was working perfectly right till I pulled it down.

Anyway, here it is:

Trudeau may yet create the most stunning examples of selective enforcement in Canada’s history

Check out plans:

AUTHORITARIANS: Trudeau Government May Bring Back Widely-Criticized ‘Hate Speech’ Law As Campaign Against Free Expression Continues

The endgame for the Trudeau government is obvious: Define any political opposition or alternative viewpoint as ‘hate speech,’ and silence opponents under the guise of ‘human rights.’

During their time in office, there has been a steady drift in the Trudeau government seeking to demonize and even criminalize the millions of Canadians who dissent from their viewpoints.


The government has regularly slandered Canadians as “racists,” “bigots,” and “Islamophobes” for expressing views that are held by the majority of the population.

They have insinuated that those who oppose their “ISIS reintegration” policy are prejudiced, and introduced a motion (M-103), that could lead to serious restrictions on freedom of speech down the road.

Please continue at this link:

So how will the Trudeau regime apply these restrictions and laws to this?

Germany: Hanukkah Menorah Vandalized in Heilbronn

An original translation from Stimme Heilbronn.

Dec. 26., 2017

Jewish Hanukkah Menorah Vandalized On The Street

Heilbronn. Over Christmas night, the Hanukkah Menorah of the Jewish community on Allee was vandalized. Does the deed have a political background?
By Kilian Krauth

Police are calling it “a sensitive matter”, but they are unable yet to determine whether it was a political deed or stupid mischief.

Upon Stimme’s inquiry, a spokesman confirms that the intelligence services will investigate. Monday morning at 9:45, a pedestrian noticed that the about three metres high Hanukkah Menorah in the Alley at Synagogengasse had been vandalized.

Many believers feel dumbfounded

The nine-branched candelabrum had been erected by the Jewish Community for the Hanukkah feast, that traditionally coincides with the Christmas season. Several lamps and their glass cartouches were knocked off by unknown perpetrators. The exact time of the deed and the financial extent of damage have not yet been determined.

Heilbronn Police, telephone 07131 1042500, are hoping for cues from witnesses.

A speaker of the “Friends of the Synagogue” society says that many believers feel “like dumbfounded”. The society ask for donations as a sign of solidarity with the Jewish community, which is not well off financially.  IBAN DE 73 620500001230031855.

The Hanukkah Menorah in Heilbronn. Photo: Stimme

Germany: Jewish Community Bochum Asks Members To Not Wear Jewish Symbols in Public Anymore

An original translation from Jüdische Allgemeine, the largest German-language Jewish publication online and offline.

Bochum is everywhere
The Jewish Community advises their members to not wear Jewish symbols. The reason: they are being threatened by muslim Migrants

December 14., 2017 – by Philipp Peyman Engel

Not long ago, there was a report in a local Bochum radio station that went widely unnoted, but it was an alarming signal. According to the report, the Jewish Community Bochum advises their members from now on, to not wear kippah or other Jewish symbols in public. The reason: there have been repeated attacks in the past, when community members were identifiable as Jews on the street. Particularly Turkish and Arab migrants are responsible for the attacks, the community announces.

Reality in other German cities is not different from Bochum. In Berlin, it has long been daily life for Jews, from Neukölln over Kreuzberg to Wedding, to not wear Jewish symbols in public. The same can be heard from many Jewish communities, from Kiel to Konstanz. For non-Jewish Germans the antisemitic excesses of muslim Migrants might come as a surprise. For the Jewish community, they are part of life.

CLARITY. It is all the more important to point out in all clarity and without prohibitions of speech: the muslim community has got an enormous problem with antisemitism in their own ranks. The hatred for Israel, the abhorrence of everything Jewish, is not seen as anything offensive by many Arabs and Turks in Germany. But when it goes unpunished that the antisemitic mob in Berlin desecrate Israel flags in front of everyone’s eyes, and cheers the massacre of a Jewish tribe that Mohammed’s army once committed, then this is highly dangerous.

Contrary to what has happened, the police should intervene immediately and with all toughness. The only answer should be: a strong rule of law, consequent intervention, a clear naming of the problem, and more than just trite »Never again!«-phrases.

When politicians like Sigmar Gabriel demand »zero tolerance« in their Sunday speeches towards such excesses, but on all other days of the week, tolerate the hate, then something is going very wrong. In Bochum, Berlin and in many other German cities, where aggressive Muslims try to make Jewish life impossible.

Australia now under the sharia in all but name

In a stunning act of dhimmitude, Australia has turned down an application to build a Synagogue in what was traditionally a Jewish area, because it will be a terrorist target.

This is using the language of national security to enforce sharia law, in exactly the same manner that the rest of the West uses the language of postmodernism, read ‘hate speech’ etc., to do the same.


A LOCAL council has banned the construction of a synagogue in Bondi because it could be a terrorist target, in a shock move that religious leaders say has caved in to Islamic extremism and created a dangerous precedent.


The decision, which has rocked the longstanding Jewish community in the iconic suburb, was upheld in court this week as the nation reeled from the alleged airline terror threat and debate raged over increased security measures at airports and other public places.


The Land and Environment Court backed the decision by Waverley Council to prohibit the construction of the synagogue in Wellington St, Bondi — just a few hundred metres from Australia’s most famous beach — because it was too much of a security risk for users and local residents.

UK Planning lawyer AKA The Mosque Buster was kind enough to give us ten minutes of his time to discuss this underrated issue from yesterday’s news:

On a related matter.

Quite often brutal antisemitic comments appear under some of the Youtube videos we upload. As a general rule, I delete them and ban the poster.

I very much believe in freedom of speech. And blocking people who attempt to hijack our very hard earned platform for irrelevant posts which in 90% of the cases are 100% irrelevant to the issue in the video, is no more blocking people’s freedom of speech than when Kieth Richards smashed the head of a man who jumped on stage at Altamonte was interfering with that man’s right to play guitar.

I do not want the government to regulate them, arrest them, or otherwise interfere with their right to hate on Jewish people. But I will not allow people to hijack a thread on a specific subject to make it about their pet issue and that applies to any issue, although antisemitism is the most common hijack of a thread.

This video was about a Synagogue. But not about Jewish rights per se so much as about the fact that the secular government of Australia denied a permit on the basis that Muslims will attack it. This issue would have been exactly as important if it was any other kind of building. An art gallery, a Church, a school for girls. So I have been deleting attempts to make this about Jews as the central evil under this video on its Youtube page.

First person accounts of the events at the Bataclan club, Friday the 13th of Nov. 2015

An original translation by Ava Lon with much thanks.

From le Figaro French news site:

Attacks of November 13: the confessions of the first police officer to be entered in the Bataclan.

Before the parliamentary committee, the police commissioner admitted he did not think he would “live through this hell.” Arriving before anyone else, he killed the jihadist Samy Amimour.

“For us, everyone was dead.” Before the parliamentary commission investigating the 2015 attacks, the Police Commissioner who was the very first responder of the Paris Bataclan concert November 13, tells how he shot down one of the jihadists. A chilling story, delivered in camera and anonymously, the transcript of which was released on Tuesday.

The man especially shares the feeling of terror during the first moments of the operation, even outside the room, seeing “the dead people on the ground in front of us.” “I remember seeing two: a man in front of the Bataclan Café and a woman outside the entrance. We (also with his police driver, Ed) were recorded because someone was filming with a mobile phone. We told him to leave. We heard gunfire.” The police commissioner then looked at his partner, saying: “Let’s go.” The two men understood each other in a glance, according to him. “It was enough to understand that we were on the same wavelength, and we were unified, a team.”

A face-to-face with Samy Amimour

Around 9:54 p.m., the two team members enter the Bataclan, without waiting for reinforcements, and without knowing what awaits them inside.” As soon as we started to move forward, Bataclan’s wooden swinging doors opened towards us, and between fifteen and thirty people fled running and screaming in our direction,” he said before the parliamentary committee. “From the moment we started to progress down the hall, the shooting stopped, and when we entered, there was no more shooting, it was silence.” “There, the scene was indescribable — you can imagine. Hundreds of bodies — for us, everyone was dead — were entangled with each other: at the bar, in the pit, sometimes piled on more than one meter [three feet] high,” he says. The man then describes an “icy silence” in this still concert hall that was so festive only a few minutes earlier. The Commissioner then describes the terrible face-to-face that eventually led him to kill one of the jihadists who was about 25 meters [80 feet]  away. “One of the terrorists, whom we later identified as Samy Amimour […] appeared on the scene. He was in front of us and was holding his assault rifle and threatening a young man a few meters from him. I shot four times and my teammate did twice. The man uttered a groan, collapsed and fell to the ground.”

“There were only the two of us, we had no long guns, we did not know where the terrorists were” — Police Commissioner present at the Bataclan

Seconds later, the officer described an explosion “very high”. This was actually Samy Amimour’s explosive belt that went off. Then an exchange of fire took place in the room, before a new pause. The two men ducked. “We were certain we would not get out of that hell alive,” he said. “There were only the two of us, we didn’t have rifles, we didn’t know where the terrorists were. So I decided to go out to see if reinforcements had arrived.”

“The living pretending to be dead”

Once the two policemen left the room, the gunfire resumed “piecemeal” inside. “So we understand that they are executing people. It was not humanly possible […] for us to stay outside. So we’re all back inside (there are now a dozen policemen, Ed). There was still shooting in our direction, but it was really hard to tell where from. I fired back twice.” When they arrive, people still don’t move. “We could tell that even the living were pretending to be dead,” insists the policeman.

The man explains that after a moment, when the shooting stopped, he decided “to go find the victims who were in the pit a few meters from us.” There, they began to move and to show themselves. “We started to implement an evacuation, one by one, not without difficulties: the floor was very slippery, because there was blood and casings everywhere. We had to step over or move the deceased. There were also people that we knew very well were seriously injured, but we had to retrieve them anyway, unable to use normal aid techniques to transport the victims,” says the police Commissioner.


1. Iran, Hezbollah Reportedly Backing Al-Qaeda Attacks Against US Interests in the Middle East

Iran and Hezbollah have been supervising and funding fighters linked to Al-Qaeda to target US interests in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan, independent Lebanese online newspaper Naharnet reported on Sunday citing a breaking report from pan-Arab daily Asharq Al-Awsat.

Sources told Asharq Al-Awsat that Iran is playing a central role in running the affairs of Al-Qaeda, and even, surprisingly, Jabhat al-Nusra, after it has taken in a number of leading fighters in order to plan terrorist attacks against these US interests.

The sources confirmed that the fighters have been moving between Iranian cities, including Tehran, Meshad and Zahdan. Meanwhile, Iran’s Lebanese proxy Hezbollah has been taking care of planning and providing them with financing.

2. Phased US-Iran nuclear deal taking shape

GENEVA (AP) — The United States and Iran are working on a two-phase deal that clamps down on Tehran’s nuclear program for at least a decade before providing it leeway over the remainder of the agreement to slowly ramp up activities that could be used to make weapons.

Officials from some of the six-power talks with Iran said details still needed to be agreed on, with U.S. and Iranian negotiators meeting Monday for the third straight day ahead of an end-of-March deadline for a framework agreement. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry joined the negotiations after arriving Sunday.

3. Iran Press: Obama desperate for a nuclear deal

How are the ongoing nuclear negotiations between the U.S. and Iran playing out in the Iranian press? Well, the U.S. is being portrayed as desperate.


In an article by Press TV, an Iranian propaganda organ, the headline reads, “Obama ‘under pressure’ to reach nuclear agreement with Iran: Analyst.”

US President Barack Obama is “under pressure” to reach an agreement with Iran over Tehran’s nuclear energy program, an American foreign policy analyst says.

“It’s quite obvious to everyone that Mr. Obama would like to have a deal with Iran,” said James George Jatras, a former US diplomat and adviser to the Senate Republican leadership.

4. Nuclear-Themed Domino Show in Iran Culminates with Missile Destroying Israeli Flag


Thank you Richard, Yucki, M., and all of you who sent in materials.


England and Europe uses its Jews as a ‘hatesync’

Twice now I have read news from the UK on how a school board has banned pork or pig products from meals served at public schools – something which should not be happening in the first place – and is trying to spread the blame for this on Jewish students as well as on muslims. In today’s story, the claim is that “it’s too expensive to monitor the diets of Islamic and Jewish pupils.”

In fact, there is no prohibition in Jewish law from handling or serving pork or pork products. Many Jewish people, in fact, have pig hearts and stomach parts surgically implanted as treatment for disease, as do many other patients preferring an organ from an animal over an artificial or synthetic one. Jews simply cannot eat pig meat. They have no objection to being near pigs or having any other relationship with them such as pets. Add to that, Jews have been in England for centuries and all the while never required these sorts of changes in public eateries for non-muslims, changes that we see only muslims requiring from non-muslims and only since the number of non-muslims within the UK have risen.

It’s pretty much a guarantee that it’s only muslim students and their families who have an issue with being near pork or with allowing non-muslims to make their own choices that are in defiance of islamic sensitivities. So clearly then, the idea of including Jews in the excuse to ban all pork products is a kind of ‘hate-sync’ or ‘blame-sync’ in much the same way as a computer uses a piece of metal as a heat-sync to get heat away, which it generates itself, from a sensitive part. This is done to soften the inevitable and well-justified vitriolic reaction to muslims who certainly caused it, so that they can say: ‘This isn’t just muslims!’

One has to wonder how a government agency can make a policy more cynical than this one. Clearly it knows that there is no future for Jews in Europe, thanks to unlimited and irrational islamic immigration. And so it cannot matter what is true, fair or just or what kind of problems will result from a calculated lie that protects the guilty at the expense of the most vulnerable segment of the population. Pre-teenage girls raped by hundreds of thousands, by muslim gangs that are often protected by muslims within the establishment, notwithstanding of course.

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