BBC clip: fairly good one on the events of Oct 9 Cairo 2011

My prediction? The government of Egypt will have little choice as they see it, but to blame the unrest on Israel and perhaps the US as well. They are already hinting at “foreign influence” in these events which I believe is likely true. Iran almost certainly is behind these attacks on the Copts etc. The question is, will Egypt have the raw guts to admit that, or take a populist position and blame Israel and perhaps American Jews or something very much like that.

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  1. Notice the passive neutral “Sectarian violence is nothing new here.”

    Sectarian violence runs one direction. A more informative reportage without ulterior motives would describe it thus… Muslim violence against religious minorities especially Jews and Christians, is nothing new here….or where-ever Mohammadeans gather in numbers.

  2. I agree the Egyptian government will blame the Jews and America for all of the violence, they don’t have any other choice if they want to keep the MB and Iran off their backs. You will note that the government is already talking about a conspiracy.

  3. Having your homes, shops, and churches burned, can’t get a job-if there were any- because muslims won’t hire Christians, children kidnapped and raped —all with the police refusing to do anything–is not a conspiracy by Christians. Their reaction is about survival. 100,000 left? That leaves 8 million who can’t leave. Read your history of islam. Christians are worried about dying at the hands of state sanctioned mobs.

  4. Joy we are agreeing with you, were just not being as emotional as you are. The Moslems are trying to force the Christians out the same way they forced out most of the Jews, they are then going to increase their global jihad against all non believers.

  5. What they are doing is making themselves a target rich environment with no human shields left.

    It’s not going to end well for Muslims.

    And yes I did note that the government official is already talking about a conspiracy. Is it all a conspiracy or does Allah will it?

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