Ten were arrested last week for posting a video believed to have incited the burning of churches in Imbaba

Article from link provided by JJK999 under article on current threat to Copts in Egypt:

From Daily News Egypt:

An Egyptian Coptic Christian dismantles tents outside the state television building in Cairo on May 19, 2011 before a 12-day protest meant to end was extended, complaining the government failed to live up to a pledge to reopen all churches closed during deadly inter-faith clashes this month. (AFP PHOTO/KHALED DESOUKI)

By   Heba Fahmy /Daily News Egypt May 19, 2011, 8:50 pm

CAIRO: Hundreds of Coptic protesters said on Thursday that they would continue their open sit in in-front of the state TV building until the Virgin and Bishop Abram Church in Ain Shams district is re-opened and the Maghagha Diocese in Minya is rebuilt.

Bishop Mitias Nasr told protesters that according to the priests at the church, police forces attempting to re-open the Virgin and Bishop Abram Church in the afternoon, were impeded by Salafis, ultra-conservative Muslims.

Security officials told AFP several hundred Muslims and Coptic Christians pelted each other with stones after hardline Islamists showed up at the Ain Shams church to object to its reopening.

Military police moved in and restored calm, the officials said on condition of anonymity.

“How is it that the government and the army can’t control some Salafis and reopen a church,” said Coptic protester Emad Rayyan at Maspero.

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  1. They don’t want to control the Salafis, they want to remove all competing religions from all Moslem nations, and then make the entire world Moslem.

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