It would appear that the US is sending troops in to another theater to assist in hunting a Christian militia

How many countries is the US fighting in? Not that I am against these actions necessarily but it doesn’t really fit the Obama image that he has opened two new wars from some perspectives. Two new theaters of operation from others.

I think the US should be sending a pile of troops to dispatch ‘Boko Haram’ frankly. But hell for all we know they did.

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10 Replies to “It would appear that the US is sending troops in to another theater to assist in hunting a Christian militia”

  1. He has sent the advisers (that is how Nam started, only then it was 50 instead of 100 advisers) to Uganda to protect George Soros investments in the newly discovered oil fields.

  2. It’s only 100 soldiers being sent and their responsibility is to train the local soldiers, not to engage in combat actions. Of course our involvement could escalate but the LRA is so vile I don’t have a problem with that.

    The LRA has been operating in 3 predominantly christian countries. They are NOT a christian militia like the Falange of Lebanon. Joseph Koney may say he is christian but as you can see in this report he and his band of psychos behave like muhammad. He uses a twisted version of a religion as an indoctrination tool and as justification for bloodlust, banditry and enslavement.

    Their involvement in South Sudan has been to attack South Sudanese villages and have been accused of acting as proxies for North Sudan. They aren’t fighting against the north sudanese.

  3. Many asian christians or asian people who professed to be christians criticised the islam in europe but gave so generously to islamics in asia. It is just disgusting and weird.

  4. The Noble peace prize winner is in three wars more then when he received his peace prize. This totals 5 wars around the world.

    The LRA believe in Christ, Mohammad and tribal religious beliefs over all they are much more compatible with Islam. They believe in Slavery and burning witches. They are not a Christian organization or friendly in anyway.

  5. LRA is revolting and NOT Christian. I’ve been reading about this group for years and can’t understand why Uganda or the Congo can’t do anything to stop him. Children living in rural areas in Uganda walk to cities to sleep in the streets at night because they are afraid they will be kidnapped by the LRA if they stay at home.

  6. Find a copy of the book (long out of print) The Night They Burned the Mountain, this is the book that created the uproar that led to the US sending advisers and trainers to Nam. This was in the early 60s, by the time I enlisted in 66 there were over a million US servicemen in Nam, don’t get me wrong the war in Nam was a war we should have fought. One we should have stayed in and won so the 2 million murdered in South Vietnam, the one Million in Laos and the uncountable millions in Cambodia would have lived out their normal life spans. But it started with 100 advisers and trainers, the troops are being sent to Africa for two reasons, 1) protect George Soro’s investments in the newly discovered oil fields and 2) draw media attention away from the gun walking case, you know the gun smuggling case set up to make it easier to take guns away from American Citizens.

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