Coptic church surrounded by armed Salafi Muslims:

(From Coptic group facebook page)

a mob of extremists muslims have surrounded a church in the ains shams district of Cairo. Egyptian army so far to date has allowed the crowds to gather around the church was was recently re-opened.

Breaking News – Hundreds of Salafies with Weapons have surrounded the Church of St Mary in Ein Shams waiting to attack – Priests and Deacons inside the Church – Army looking On! WHAT DO WE DO

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  1. What’s this? You’re back? Just like that? Excellent! What happened, Eeyore?


    I don’t know what to do about the Copts, but I’d say they are pretty much toast. Islam is a religion of genocide and the Copts are in the final stages. Just as there are no Jews in Saudi Arabia, there will be no Christians in Egypt. That’s how Islam works. First they squeeze every single cent they can out of a Dhimmi People, then, when they’ve been milked dry, they kill them. That is the method of Islam. For the Copts, the prognosis is dismal indeed.

  2. Have posted to a few sites but can’t find where to send this info to NBC or MSNBC.

    If anyone reads this page I hope they try to contact the media about this.

  3. Hussein Osama is too worried about the safety of the Muslim Libyans to be concerned about these Christian Copts. Why, they’re practically Newt Gingrich as far as he’s concerned. And, as for those rebels in Libya, they are firing at Gaddaffi. They may be right, but they are not innocent bystanders.

  4. A recent letter writer to the National Post, a Copt, suggested a two-state solution in Egypt (what’s good for the goose . . . ).

    I’m all for withdrawing our jets from Libya and re-deploying them to Egypt.

  5. And who the flying fiddlesticks are these Salafis and why have we not heard of them before? They seemed to pop up out of nowhere during the revolution and now everyone and their brother is a member and always has been.

    Someone has posited the obvious that they are yet another Muslim Brotherhood group that pretends to be seperate in order to give the MB deniability for their violent acts.

  6. jjk I am not sure but I think the Salafis are the small sect that the Moslem Brotherhood was originally formed from, of course I could be wrong so don’t quote me on this.

  7. -Richard

    The Salafis are fundamentalists who only observe the first three generations of Islam. They’re who we are fighting. Osama bin-Laden would be a Salafist. I believe Said Kutb and the Muslim Brotherhood were called Salafist. They are definitely the bad guys.

  8. Thanks Chris, if is getting hard to keep the bad guys straight in that region, new ones keep popping up and old ones change their name.

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