A rumour of tremendous hope

Here is a related video from Africa News 2 years ago. This would be a giant step towards victory should he follow through, and should the machinery of the deep state be retuned to make it happen.

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(Restored) Israeli documentary on the Muslim Brotherhood in France

In the process of moving videos past and present to our new bit.tube channel, the odd one is sufficiently important that they are worth reposting here. This is one of a series of five videos done by an Israeli journalist on the extent to which Ikhwan, the Muslim Brotherhood, has infiltrated and subverted Western nations and systems to its will.

In this video, the focus is France. For those who have seen it before, it may or may not be worth the refresher. For those who have not, I highly recommend it.

Muslim Brotherhood in the USA Part II

This is the second part of the 2 part series on islamic dominance in the USA.

It is part of the overall series by Israeli TV 10 on the Muslim Brotherhood in the West and so far we have translated part 1 of the USA and part 1 of Islamic control in France.

This one is especially disturbing however.

Very many thanks to our hard working and meticulous translator from Hebrew to English for the hard and time consuming work on these.

[Additional comment by Eeyore]

There are two parts of this video that I feel deserve pointing out in terms of critical omissions. The first is the black cleric who falsely claims that the Bible is racist while the Koran is not. In fact, the koran is much clearer and more direct about Black Africans utility as slaves. Mohammad was a slave trader and also felt that the devil was a black man and there is much more in the Koran about the inherent badness of being a black person, and also the koran and some hadiths, make out that Mohammad was unusually white, which added to his divinity.

So all in all, the Koran is far more racist than the Bible and Im pretty confident that cleric knew it.

Secondly, and more importantly. near the end the Israeli is discussing the Hudud, or sharia corporal punishments and the muslim gets away with a long anticipated logical fallacy. He makes the claim that electrocution and lethal injection and so on are more cruel than beheading.

This may or may not be true, but it commits three critical lies by omission.

The first is that beheading is only one form of hudud. Stoning to death, amputations, crucifixions etc. are certainly more cruel than Western corporal punishments.

Second is that the nature of the crime for which you receive these punishments are wildly different. Essentially, in Islam, anything you are accused of doing that inhibits the growth of the authority of Islam will get you the hudud. In the West, what we consider a crime is based on reason and the sanctity of the individual and his property rights. There has to be a victim generally speaking. And you have to have done that person wrong. With Islam, the victim is Islam itself or the perception of Islam. So blasphemy is a capital offence. In reasoned Western law, the very idea is ludicrous.

And thirdly, the method of determining guilt is vastly different. In Islam a person is guilty in essence for not being a muslim. So if you are accused of say, drinking from a well to be used only by muslims and thereby spreading your “najis”, as in the case of that young Christian girl in jail in Pakistan, you could be executed without any proof other than the say so of a muslim, who may, and even likely, has an ulterior and selfish motive. Such as they want something from you and you wont give it.

In the case of Asia Bibi, my guess would be sex.

In the West, we have to prove, using science and reason, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the accused actually did whatever it is they are accused of. And the cornerstone of our system is, “let 10 guilty men go free before punishing one innocent”. (This is an excellent method, except when confusing a military act with a criminal one. Then its a recipe for failure)

While this is a documentary exposing the Muslim Brotherhood and the Soft Jihad in the USA and it is not a platform for arguing with its thinking, I did feel that the narrator could have addressed these two items at the end in a voice over. In any case, this is a profoundly important documentary and I hope you will all watch it and send it out to all you know.

Thank you for reading.

Eeyore for VladTepesBlog.

Short excerpt of Israeli doc on Muslim Brotherhood in USA part II

About 13,000 of you have seen the full segment on the Israeli documentary on the Muslim Brotherhood in France by now. Thanks to Bill Warner and others, it came to a lot of people’s attention. But so far not that many have seen the segment on the same organization’s control of the USA in some parts. You can see the first episode here, and below, a sneak preview of the sequel, Muslim Brotherhood in America part II.

Who is the pro-sharia Islamist behind the street of prayer in Montreal?

An original Translation by Ava Lon. Video translation by Oz-Rita and CB Sashenka with much thanks to all.

From this Quebec based site:

Samer Elniz, one of the leaders of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood in Quebec, invoked Allah and prayed on Ste-Catherine Street in Montreal, on the steps of St. James Church, June 7, at a ceremony co-organized by the United Church of Canada and the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Video translation by Oz-Rita and CB Sashenka

Article originally published at Poste de Veille

Translation: Ava Lon

Who is the pro-sharia Islamist behind the street of prayer in Montreal?

Samer Elniz, one of the leaders of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood in Quebec, invoked Allah and prayed on Ste-Catherine Street in Montreal, on the steps of St. James Church, June 7, at a ceremony co-organized by the United Church of Canada and the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) of the Muslim Brotherhood.

(Photo caption) Samer Elniz, executive director of the Laurentian Community Centre and responsible for the Al-Rawdah mosque, proclaimed the prayer was called ìsunsetî before the faithful prostrated themselves in the church square, the women behind the men.

The al-Rawdah mosque led by Samer Elniz belongs to the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC), an organization that openly proclaims the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Mr. Elniz appeared in photos with veiled girls published by the website of the al-Rawdah mosque, reprinted by Djemila Benhabib on her blog, in a post titled ìSmall veiled girls: our big hypocrisy,î where she denounced ìthis blatant and cruel inequality imposed on some small Muslim girls.î

(Photo caption) Samer Elniz on one of the pictures that Ms. Benhabib published on her blog to accompany her post ìSmall veiled girls: our hypocrisy.î

As a result of his article, she was sued by the mother of one of the girls. Fortunately, Ms. Benhabib has won this case.

The al-Rawdah mosque is the largest house of Sharia in Montreal belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist sect classified as terrorist entities by several countries (Russia, Syria, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates).

Mr. Elniz also co-militates with Samer Majzoub, president of the Canadian Muslim Forum, the first Muslim lobby in Quebec, and with Said Fawaz, the representative of the Muslim World League in Canada, a pro-Sharia organization based in Saudi Arabia.

(Photo caption) We see Mr. Elniz (right) in this photo taken July 4, 2015 in Montreal with Samer Majzoub (left), president of the Canadian Muslim Forum, Sheikh Fawaz of the Muslim World League (center), and Mullah Ali Sbeiti.

The Muslim World League, of which Fawaz is the representative in Canada, recently sent propaganda materials to public libraries in Quebec denigrating the emancipation of Western women, criticizing the rejection of polygamy by Christianity, and boasting about Islamic values.

Every year Ali Sbeiti organizes a ceremony in his mosque where girls 8-9 years of age swear by Allah to do everything possible to wear the hijab until death (2014, 2015, 2016).

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

In 2015, the specialist Wael Saleh warned against the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC), an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood:

As local affiliates of Muslim Brotherhood, it is vital for the Muslim Association of Canada and the Islamic Society of North America to set up schools and mosques, according to an expert on Islamist movements at the University of Montreal.

ìOne of their main goals is to monopolize the Muslim public space to become the sole spokesman of this religion,î said Wael Saleh.

This infiltration of religious communities is extremely disturbing, he said.

ìThe Brothers are seen by many researchers as the birthplace of the terrorist religious movements.

Original post in French at Poste de Ville

Zhudi Jasser on the announced merger of Al Qaeda, the Islamic State and the Muslim Brotherhood

Zhudi is spot on here if you make a couple of minor changes. If he replaces the word, ‘radical’ with the word ‘Kinetic’ and exchanges the word ‘extremist’ with, ‘orthodox’ or ‘religious’ then he is actually great on this video linked here.

The main thing is, they distorted the timeline here. The Muslim Brotherhood is the parent organization of the other two. There is no merger, just a public admission that all these groups are identical but one was a beard for the other.

Video here duration 2:35