Retired NSA Arabist, Barry Webb: Slavery in Islam part II

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A few items, new and old, on the Islamicly enlightened Republic of Mauritania

Mauritania broadens death penalty for blasphemy

Nouakchott – Showing repentance will no longer prevent the death penalty from being applied for blasphemy and apostasy, Mauritania said on Friday, as the conservative Muslim nation hardens up its religious laws.

The decision follows the release on November 9 of a blogger previously condemned to death for criticising religious justification for discrimination in Mauritanian society.


A new bill will “harden up expected sentences for blasphemers,” the government of the west African nation said in a statement released by the official AMI news agency.


“Every Muslim, man or woman, who mocks or insults Mohammed (peace be upon him), his angels, books… is liable to face the death penalty, without being asked to repent. They will incur the death penalty even if they repent,” Justice Minister Brahim Ould Daddah said, according to the statement.

Related video:

A bit more on Mauritania. Notice how even though these videos clearly show how slavery is a deeply embedded aspect of Mauritanian life, no mention of Islam, which is 100% the justification and basis of slavery in Mauritania, is mentioned.

Making women desirable by force feeding them like pate de foie gras

Slavery: (When the narrator says “Arab family” it really should read Muslim. Once again the MSM uses REAL racism, creating false impressions of a racial group, in this case Arabs, to avoid offending members of an ideological group, Muslims. Christian, Jewish, atheist Arabs do not keep slaves. Muslims of Arab or Pakistani or other origins, frequently do and justify it with Islamic scriptures.)




The Real Glory: 1939 film about islamic genocide and slavery in the Philippines and US help to defend against it

For those that make time to watch this, there are some obvious questions we need to ask ourselves. How could we have known all this in 1939 and utterly purged ourselves of these consistent facts which would have made this a non-problem had we allowed ourselves to retain what we so obviously knew then? Even to the issue of the ‘moderate ”moros” (Probably a version of the word, ‘Moors’?) which is rapidly resolved in one scene of this movie where you find out exactly where the loyalties of the nice ones who live among you lie.

I really look forward to any and all reviews of this movie from a content point of view. In terms of acting and as a piece of entertainment, yeah I would say its pot boiler. At best a 7 out of 10. But in the context of what Americans knew in the 1930s its an 11.

More on the Islamic practice of kidnapping young boys, enslaving and raping them, and killing them if they run away

Yesterday a post on the epidemic rape and murder of young boy sex slaves in the islamic world, most publicly in Afghanistan was published with a few videos and following the story of a man who’s son was murdered in Afghanistan, very possibly because he went against the local islamic culture of kidnap, rape and often murder of these children.

This problem is not new but MSM discussion of it is. Probably because of servicemen who have died over the issue or been dismissed from the military because of their disagreement with the Obama policy of not doing anything about it and working with these people like you accept what they do.

Below are two short excerpts from a 2012 documentary by VICE news back when it had the courage to go against the narrative. Below that, an older documentary called, ‘The Dancing boys of Afghanistan’. I am quite confident that neither manage to express the whole truth or horror of it. But I think the VICE one should be good enough for anyone to make a sound judgement.

Dancing boys

(I haven’t seen the Dancing boys one in a while. But I suspect it was allowed to be made because it suggested that islam was a solution to the problem. It needs to be made clear that islam is the cause of the problem. Sex with boys too young to have pubic hair and treating them as slaves is one of the things promised by koran and hadiths to the faithful muslim in Mohamed’s after life, bar and brothel in the clouds. It is central dogma in islam.