Egypt Friday Aug 16 2013

Typically, the real violence starts on the Muslim ‘sabbath’ Friday. Normally because that is when the imams fire up all the faithful in the mosques and then get them to go run amok in the streets looking to kill, burn, generally riot or ‘martyr’ themselves trying.

So the headline here is understandable.

Thanks Richard for the links.

Egypt braces itself for protests:

Egypt ‘Day of Rage’ turns violent, protesters killed

Protesters, police killed as Egypt army deploys to guard govt buildings

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  1. If someone closes the Suez, the West will have to intervene. Arabs remind me of ants that run out, en masse, of their anthill at the slightest disturbance. I guess, if you’re a peasant having a reason for melodrama & an activity must be exciting.
    I read yesterday there’s 10’s of thousands of Brits in the Sinai resorts. I know it must be a cheap vacation spot, but not really a good idea. Recipe for disaster.

  2. CNN finally brings some coverage of attacks against Christians in Egypt…

    ‘Horrible’: Christian churches across Egypt stormed, torched (CNN, Aug 16, 2013)
    “… Ishak Ibrahim, a researcher with the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, told CNN he had confirmed attacks on at least 30 churches so far, in addition to the targeting of church-related facilities, including schools and cultural centers. Those churches reportedly set ablaze Wednesday included St. George Church in Sohag, a city south of Cairo on the Nile River. And the new day brought new attacks. Prince Tadros Church in Fayoum, which is southwest of Cairo, was stormed and burned Thursday night, according to the official Middle East News Agency…”

    Egypt’s churches looted and torched (CNN/Video, Aug 15, 2013)

  3. Marc not really, after one of the wars Israel held control of one side of the canal for years with the Egyptians closing it for traffic, no one intervened then. Also which side would the west come in on?

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