Ottawa: May 15th a tale of two demos. Freedom marchers and anti-Israel

Its good to know the narrative is cracking. Calgary mayor Nenshi actually said that anyone supporting the freedom marches was anti-government and white supremacist. CBC parroted that line on radio all morning.

Despite that Howitzer level politically-correct attack on the counter-revolution, about 2000 people or more showed up in Ottawa. This is amazing for Canada’s capitol. Normally any large demonstration is made possible by people from Quebec. But in this case it was actual locals. As this was a global march, Quebecers and others were all at their own anti-lockdown demonstrations.

In the video below, Most, but not all the people at the Hill Demo went for a march downtown. At this juncture they passed the anti-Israel demonstration:

Below, more footage of the Anti-Israel demo with its chants which frankly, give away it’s true sentiment. Also the heavy communist presence at the anti-Israel march tells a lot. The Freedom marchers had a distinctly anti-communist message though, going by the signs.

A couple of shots from the demo:

In case its not obvious, Trudeau and Ontario Premiere, Ford as clowns.

A sign that well reflects the thousands on Parliament Hill for the Freedom March

Start of Anti-Israel demo heavy communist presence.

Thank you RAIR Foundation, where you can read more on this event.


Preview of anti-Israel + communist demonstration in Ottawa today

There will be lots of photos and videos coming later. But just to get the sense of it, here is a photo showing the joint demonstration of communists and anti-Israel, mostly muslims but some of the left.

There was also an anti-lockdown protest, and ANTI communist one on the Hill today a few blocks from this, Several thousand people attended it. Was amazing. That footage to come.

Israel post 1: May 11, 2021

1. Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv under attack

2. News team had to break due to attack

3. POTUS 45 issued this statement:

4. Bus hit by rocket fire in Tel Aviv

5. This is Gaza I believe

6. Fire on Temple Mount May 10th

7. IDF warning and safety precaution

8. City of Holon

9. Trans Israel pipeline Ashkelon

10. IDF says 80 jets are conducting raids and wide scale strikes in Gaza. The locals seem pretty stoked as they are yelling the same thing they yell when they are really happy about something

Please check the comments under this post, and under the Reader’s Links post for today for what Im certain will be a LOT more news on the current war in Israel which could widen and get a lot worse. I hope the Biden supporters are happy. They made this happen.

Thank you all who contributed to this post.

Israeli Supreme Court ends forced medical experimentation, Government accused of violating Nuremberg code

There are a few regulars to this site who I believe can speak and read Hebrew. It would be a tremendous service to this community if the following story and its details could be confirmed. If this is true, it is a tremendous victory and a major vindication for those of us who have opposed these measures and been highly suspicious of the mRNA injection program that so many countries are engaged in promoting and even forcing, even if by inversion of force. (We won’t make you take it, but we won’t take our hand away from your mouth and nose unless you do.)

Below the English article taken from America’s Front Line Doctors:

After the State of Israel failed to satisfactorily respond to Thursday’s Supreme Court order to provide a reason why the Special Authorities Regulations for Dealing With the Novel Coronavirus restricting exit from and entry into Israel, and restricting operation of airports and flights, should not be cancelled, the Court today overruled the limits imposed by the government on the total number of passengers allowed to enter Israel by air each day.

The petition that led to the ruling was written by Attorney Batya Sachs and submitted by the firm of Sachs-David-Price-Hegedish.

The 3,000 passenger daily limit will end on Saturday, March 20th.

A three-judge panel issued the ruling, excoriating the government over its handling of COVID-era air travel.

Arutz Sheva‘s David Rosenberg reports the court also ruled as illegal the requirement for travelers who lack both vaccination and recovery certificates to receive special permission to travel from a government committee, eliminating the need to receive Exceptions Committee approval. Those seeking to leave Israel after this coming Saturday will not be required to receive Exceptions Committee permission.

The justices, led by chief justice Esther Hayut, blasted the government over the way it adopted the restrictions, saying the decisions were made without reference to relevant data.

“In the future, any new restrictions on travel into or out of Israel need, in legal terms, a comprehensive, factual, data-based foundation.”

The Court also deplored the restrictions themselves, writing in the ruling that the limits constitute “an assault on the very heart of the legal right to enter Israel and to leave it, and other rights that are at the heart of the fabric of life in democratic societies.”

“It seems that instead of investing the effort and resources to enforce isolation, the violation of which is at the center of fears of variant outbreaks, the government preferred to impose a regime on entry to and departure from Israel that is easier to do, but much more seriously harms basic rights.”

Meanwhile, Attorney Ruth Machnes Suchovolsky, whose law office submitted a claim to the International Criminal Court in the Hague that the Israel government is guilty of violating the Nuremberg Code and committing crimes against humanity in its vaccination campaign said lawyers from around the world are turning to their offices, asking to join the complaint in the Hague: “Those same lawyers from around the world recognize the fact that Israel is a country where an experiment was conducted, and fear that their countries will also be forced to be exposed to the experiment,” she said. “The names of the lawyers and the countries joining will be announced later.”

The law office Monday also sent a letter to Pfizer demanding an investigation regarding the Pfizer-Netanyahu agreement, emphasizing section 4.2.6 that discusses cancelling the agreement as soon as a public investigation is opened. Copies were sent to the FDA, the U.S. Attorney General, Members of Congress, and the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Thank you MissPiggy

This seems to be a good time to repost the Holocaust survivor’s assessment of the situation:

Oz-Rita offered the following comment about the video above:

WOW ! just simply WOW !!!

I always suspected those, who wear the mask in places where it is not mandatory, as people who would have been among the eager first ones to lift their right arm in an early Hitler Salute. That is until I heard this amazing lady say, at minute 15.15:

” …Mandatory masks are an insidious psychological weapon, they demean our dignity as free human beings…[…]…they are the symbolic equivalent of the Yellow Star …”

The few times when I could not avoid wearing “a mask”, (Doctor’s surgery, public transport), I felt totally ashamed.

I am just reading “I will Bear Witness 1933 – 1941” Victor Klemperer’s Diary of the Nazi Years (I highly recommend it). I am only in the year 1933, but in the introduction I read:

“….The climax of the indignities to which Jews still living in Germany were forced to submit was the Yellow Star, the wearing of which became compulsory on September 19, 1941…..[…]…. For days Klemperer was unable to summon up the courage to leave the Jews’ House and go out into the street with the yellow star displayed on his chest….”

It’s tempting to compare the 1930ies with the 2020ies….

Another worthy comment from Peter B.


Holocaust survivor offers important insights into medical collectivization

This Israeli Holocaust survivor makes a few astonishingly important points. One of them is that when the medical community joins with politicians and collectivizes medicine, you have another axis of what is always the case when the state loses the importance of the individual and attempts to solve collective problems. She speaks to the Vaccine program in Israel as an example.

Actor in Israel details the new Covid tyranny steamrolling Israeli law and individual rights

The claims this man makes I have seen in various credible news sources. This is why I am posting this video. I believe that his assertions are correct.

The embed does not seem to work. Here is the direct link


Israeli Human Rights Lawyer talks to German Lawyer, Reiner Fuellmich about Covid measures and experimental mRNA treatments

Oz-Rita has this to say about the above video:

This is a raw discussion (as in impromptu and unreaharsed nor edited.)
An Israeli Human Rights Lawyer talks to the German Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich. I listened to the whole 30 minutes, found it rivitting on many levels, but its very interesting…Israel seems to have gotten all bolshy about the vaccinations. Its kosher in that it is anti-THAT-experimental vaccine.


German Luftwaffe and Israeli airforce fly wing to wing over Germany for the first time ever, and as friends