“All antisemitism in Western Europe is by Arabs and muslims” -US Special envoy

This is a stunning admission by US Special Envoy on Antisemitism at a panel discussion on the subject in Manhattan on September 10th this year.

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STOP Imposing Islamic Law on Yourself

Muslim Brotherhood in the USA Part II

This is the second part of the 2 part series on islamic dominance in the USA.

It is part of the overall series by Israeli TV 10 on the Muslim Brotherhood in the West and so far we have translated part 1 of the USA and part 1 of Islamic control in France.

This one is especially disturbing however.

Very many thanks to our hard working and meticulous translator from Hebrew to English for the hard and time consuming work on these.

[Additional comment by Eeyore]

There are two parts of this video that I feel deserve pointing out in terms of critical omissions. The first is the black cleric who falsely claims that the Bible is racist while the Koran is not. In fact, the koran is much clearer and more direct about Black Africans utility as slaves. Mohammad was a slave trader and also felt that the devil was a black man and there is much more in the Koran about the inherent badness of being a black person, and also the koran and some hadiths, make out that Mohammad was unusually white, which added to his divinity.

So all in all, the Koran is far more racist than the Bible and Im pretty confident that cleric knew it.

Secondly, and more importantly. near the end the Israeli is discussing the Hudud, or sharia corporal punishments and the muslim gets away with a long anticipated logical fallacy. He makes the claim that electrocution and lethal injection and so on are more cruel than beheading.

This may or may not be true, but it commits three critical lies by omission.

The first is that beheading is only one form of hudud. Stoning to death, amputations, crucifixions etc. are certainly more cruel than Western corporal punishments.

Second is that the nature of the crime for which you receive these punishments are wildly different. Essentially, in Islam, anything you are accused of doing that inhibits the growth of the authority of Islam will get you the hudud. In the West, what we consider a crime is based on reason and the sanctity of the individual and his property rights. There has to be a victim generally speaking. And you have to have done that person wrong. With Islam, the victim is Islam itself or the perception of Islam. So blasphemy is a capital offence. In reasoned Western law, the very idea is ludicrous.

And thirdly, the method of determining guilt is vastly different. In Islam a person is guilty in essence for not being a muslim. So if you are accused of say, drinking from a well to be used only by muslims and thereby spreading your “najis”, as in the case of that young Christian girl in jail in Pakistan, you could be executed without any proof other than the say so of a muslim, who may, and even likely, has an ulterior and selfish motive. Such as they want something from you and you wont give it.

In the case of Asia Bibi, my guess would be sex.

In the West, we have to prove, using science and reason, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the accused actually did whatever it is they are accused of. And the cornerstone of our system is, “let 10 guilty men go free before punishing one innocent”. (This is an excellent method, except when confusing a military act with a criminal one. Then its a recipe for failure)

While this is a documentary exposing the Muslim Brotherhood and the Soft Jihad in the USA and it is not a platform for arguing with its thinking, I did feel that the narrator could have addressed these two items at the end in a voice over. In any case, this is a profoundly important documentary and I hope you will all watch it and send it out to all you know.

Thank you for reading.

Eeyore for VladTepesBlog.

Germany: Muslims Praying On Tracks Halt Rail Traffic

An original translation of a police press release.

BPOL-FL: Prayer on railway track causes train cancellations
22.02.2018 – 15:02
Neumünster (ots) – Yesterday evening around 9:30 PM, Federal Police were called to an operation out of the ordinary in the train station Neumünster. Train personnel had spotted two men in the tracks, one of them was shining a torch-light, the other one was praying right next to the tracks. The affected track had to be closed for 30 minutes.

Upon address to remove themselves from the danger zone, the men replied that they hadn’t yet finished their prayer. Shortly after, the men absented themselves.
With the personality description, Federal Police were able to arrest said men. They admitted to having resorted to the track bed to pray, as it was too bright on the platform.

After securing their identity, a 20-year old Kosovar and a 17-year old Macedonian, both men were lectured about the danger to life that they had put themselves in. Charges were laid against them.

Two trains were cancelled, two further trains were delayed.

Fatih Mosque, situated next to Neumünster train station


British expats explain move to Bulgaria (segment)


The wife of the couple in this interview is known for wearing overly revealing clothing, nearly on top of exaggeratedly enhanced mammary glands. This may cause some degree of distress in some viewers (and is likely intended to by the interview subject) and laughter in others.

But the interview is also revealing.

German High School: Christmas Celebration Suspended As Christmas Songs Not Compatible With Muslim Pupil’s Beliefs

An original translation from NDR (Norddeutscher Rundfunk, public broadcaster):

Christmas Party at Lüneburg Highschool voluntary
Dec. 20, 2017
The Johanneum in Lüneburg this year will forgo a Christmas celebration during class time. The reason: it appears that last year, a Muslim pupil complained that the Christmas songs that were sung were not compatible with her belief. Instead of the mandatory celebration during class time, there will now be a voluntary celebration in the afternoon. This is what the school administration decided upon. The chair of the school parents’ council said that this was a compromise she could live with.

School invokes school law
In their decision, the highschool invokes the Lower Saxon school law. It says that during class, religious beliefs must be respected, and the feelings of people with dissenting opinions were to be respected. In music class, no religious songs were sung either, says the leader of the high school.

Implementation is up to the school
Each school can decide on their own how the rule is to be implemented, said a spokesman of the school board. The paragraph in the school law was not a prohibition to sing Christian songs. Not all schools handle the situation like the Johanneum. In the catholic elementary school in Lüneburg, the Muslim pupils attend the Christmas celebration, says the school director. Some Muslim parents deliberately
registered their children at that school, so that their children could come to know other cultures and religions.

Johanneum in Lüneburg

Germany: Jewish Community Bochum Asks Members To Not Wear Jewish Symbols in Public Anymore

An original translation from Jüdische Allgemeine, the largest German-language Jewish publication online and offline.

Bochum is everywhere
The Jewish Community advises their members to not wear Jewish symbols. The reason: they are being threatened by muslim Migrants

December 14., 2017 – by Philipp Peyman Engel

Not long ago, there was a report in a local Bochum radio station that went widely unnoted, but it was an alarming signal. According to the report, the Jewish Community Bochum advises their members from now on, to not wear kippah or other Jewish symbols in public. The reason: there have been repeated attacks in the past, when community members were identifiable as Jews on the street. Particularly Turkish and Arab migrants are responsible for the attacks, the community announces.

Reality in other German cities is not different from Bochum. In Berlin, it has long been daily life for Jews, from Neukölln over Kreuzberg to Wedding, to not wear Jewish symbols in public. The same can be heard from many Jewish communities, from Kiel to Konstanz. For non-Jewish Germans the antisemitic excesses of muslim Migrants might come as a surprise. For the Jewish community, they are part of life.

CLARITY. It is all the more important to point out in all clarity and without prohibitions of speech: the muslim community has got an enormous problem with antisemitism in their own ranks. The hatred for Israel, the abhorrence of everything Jewish, is not seen as anything offensive by many Arabs and Turks in Germany. But when it goes unpunished that the antisemitic mob in Berlin desecrate Israel flags in front of everyone’s eyes, and cheers the massacre of a Jewish tribe that Mohammed’s army once committed, then this is highly dangerous.

Contrary to what has happened, the police should intervene immediately and with all toughness. The only answer should be: a strong rule of law, consequent intervention, a clear naming of the problem, and more than just trite »Never again!«-phrases.

When politicians like Sigmar Gabriel demand »zero tolerance« in their Sunday speeches towards such excesses, but on all other days of the week, tolerate the hate, then something is going very wrong. In Bochum, Berlin and in many other German cities, where aggressive Muslims try to make Jewish life impossible.

Hamed Abdel-Samad to Glamour Magazine: “Congratulations! The Self-Empowerment Of Political Islam Advances, With The Support Of The Left And Its Feminists!”

In a Facebook post today, Hamed Abdel-Samad slammed “Glamour” magazine for naming Linda Sarsour “woman of the year”.
Original translation of his post:

A woman in America has just been named Woman of the Year by Glamour magazine for organizing a march against Donald Trump last year.

The woman is called Linda Sarsour, she wants to introduce parts of Sharia law in America, and claims that the system in Saudi Arabia is more humane for women than the Western system.

Not only that. She massively attacked the human rights activist Ayan Hirsi-Ali because she had criticized Islam’s treatment of women. About Ali, Sarsour said,”I wish I could take her vagina away. Women like that don’t deserve to be women.”

Incidentally, Sarsour, who calls herself a feminist, was the initiator of the campaign “Headscarf means empowerment of women”, which has now also gained a foothold in Europe.

Congratulations, the self-empowerment of political Islam advances, with the friendly support of the left and its feminists!

The question is now: Why should one have compassion for a culture that no longer knows where it stands and that voluntarily gives itself up?

Glamour Magazine’s website

Translator’s note:
Upon visiting their website, we found that it doesn’t end there: Glamour Magazine also thought the “Hijab Barbie” deserves an award.

Because nothing is as empowering to little girls as teaching them they must hide their hair and bodies:

Glamour Magazine website

German Court Rules: Polygamy Not Against the Constitution

An original translation from Stuttgarter Zeitung by Egri Nök.

German Top Court Decides:
German Passport And Two Wives: Both Is Permittable
By Eberhard Wein
August 27, 2017

According to the Koran, a man can marry a second woman; but in Germany, too, this is not against the constitution. At least this is what the two highest administrative law judges say. Photo: ‘Arab with Three Wives and Two Servants’, Wikimedia Commons

A Syrian, who is married to two wives, can still become a German national. The city of Karlsruhe cannot revoke his naturalization, the administative court says.

Karlsruhe – if you contract a second marriage abroad, you can still be a good and loyal citizen. This is the gist of a verdict of the administrative court (VGH) in Mannheim. The highest administrative law judges of the country repealed a contrarian decision by the administrative court Karlsruhe. The city of Karlsruhe had revoked German citizenship from a native of Syria, after it surfaced that he had married a second wife in his old homeland.
The 36 year old Kurd came to Germany in 1999, studied and became a construction engineer in 2008. He married a German that same year, and applied for German citizenship shortly thereafter. At the naturalization test, he scored 33 out of 33 possible points. He received his naturalization certificate in October 2010.

Shortly after the wedding he married a second wife
In 2010, 2013 and 2015, three children were born. But then the man recognized fatherhood for another child born in Damascus in 2012. What surfaced now led to the city of Karlsruhe revoking the naturalization. The man allegedly had married another woman in Syria, already in June 2008, only seven weeks after his marriage in Germany. The charge is that he had given incomplete information in his application.
In the verdict, the administrative court leaves open the question if the plaintiff gained naturalization by willful deceit. It is true that the application form only asked for “previous marriages” and not “additional marriages”. Still, the judges of the previous instance were not wrong to say that a second marriage should have been stated “all the more”. But at the same time, the senate does not share the administrative court’s opinion that the principle of singular marriage was part of the constitution.

Marriage saved woman from ostracism
The city of Karlsruhe had argued that polygamy violated the dignity of man as guaranteed in article 1 [of the German constitution – translator] – in the judges’ opinion “an absolutely unique legal opinion”. They pointed to a decision by the administrative court Regensburg: Who violates the principle of single marriage, is not necessary an “enemy of the constitution”, it said “boldly and correctly”.
In the case at hand, the court also acknowledged the special circumstances. The plaintiff said that he had married the woman, his cousin, because their affair from the year 2006, was busted. Only this way he were able to save her from social ostracism in Syria. His Muslim belief allowed a multiple marriage. At the same time, he admitted, he could not imagine to be one of several husbands.

Case of fundamental importance
After detours over Istanbul, Abu Dhabi and Sweden, the wife now lives in Karlsruhe, too, but in an apartment of her own. His first wife always knew of her, allegedly. There would be no marital contact. The city of Karlsruhe already lodged an appeal against the verdict. The administrative court allowed the revision at the Federal Administrative Court. „We deem the clarification of this legal matter of fundamental importance for generality and consistency”, a townsspeaker said.
(File Reference 12 S 2216/14).

Italians defend themselves against rock-throwing illegal

Comment from Gates of Vienna on this attacker:

Bastet on August 6, 2017 at 12:30 pm said: Edit
He took ” a gun away from two city police officers”??? WHAT?

In his underwear?
When did this bit happen and if true how was he permitted to wander around freely? This piqued my curiosity and I subsequently discovered that the pistol taker was a different ‘nordafricano’ previously arrested in April for robbery then on 31 July stole a mountain bike and was weaving in and out of traffic in a dangerous manner. Municipal police arrive, he throws bike at their car, they exit car and somehow, I am not clear on this, he manages to get a pistol from one of the policemen, fires it off, bullet goes into asphalt, reinforcements arrive one of whom is another immigrant. He is subdued, arrested for attempted murder and found to have no documentation on him. (One wonders in April did he have documents? Perchance he just left them home before this crime spree…) http://www.bufale.net/home/notizia-vera-firenze-immigrato-ruba-la-pistola-un-poliziotto-spara-arrestato/

Regarding UnderwearMan: further research reveals: with the aide of Google translate: . According to the daily newspaper Nation, all comes from the demand for a glass of water or coffee (reports differ) not granted. The man, known to locals as an abusive parking attendant , entered semi naked the local La Vecchia Bettola. He asks for something to drink, the owner sends him away. The North African, not new to brilliant gestures, threatens revenge. Shortly thereafter, he returns armed with a shovel, stolen from a nearby yard. (I wondered where the owner got that shovel…)

The migrant launches the stones, until there is the reaction of the people in the area. Give chase after the North African parking valet who flees in the Florentine night. The rest is in police records: the on going case of degradation and violence of a city increasingly hostage to illegality. Giovanni Donzelli, leader of the Fratelli d’Italia Region, asked for “a census of immigrants who have already been stained by crimes, who must be expelled from Italy within 48 hours. For a long time, we are asking for a blockade on immigration, while for those who are already here, we need more rigid rules. ”

Firenze, lancia sassi contro ristorante. Migrante inseguito e pestato (VIDEO)


A great example of how not to deal with the issue of Islamic subversion

In the video of the tweet embedded below, there is a fine woman who well represents her case that there is no need in islam for muslims to do their various rituals and ablutions during the working day for which she gives cultural and scriptural reasons.

On many occasions I have argued that this must not be done. At least not in this manner.

Robert Spencer, Stephen Coughlin, Bill Warner and a small handful of other scholars are the rare exceptions as they fully get the implications of these kinds of debates but for the rest of us, the best we can hope for is winning a battle on the way to losing the war. And winning the battle is unlikely.

The fact is, the only variables that can be allowed to be considered when discussing work place behaviour, are the terms the employer set when the job was given to someone.

If foot washing and preying can be done invisibly to the business and its clients during break times then who’s to argue? But debating special cases using Islamic scripture or reasoning, such as it is, will always mean a victory for Islam, not just over the business or circumstance in question, but over all of society, as it will mean that Islamic reasoning and law, will increasingly be the deciding factor for how we make decisions.

This is not a small thing.

I made this same point when a woman was flying to the Middle East and a muslim passenger demanded the aircraft be turned to face the East so he could prey towards Mecca. Our friend loudly explained that Islamic law says when traveling, prayers can be deferred till one reaches one’s destination. She won the argument in a way, and the aircraft was not turned, more because the pilot simply refused to endanger the entire aircraft and change his flight plan so a tard can mumble incantations and arselift in Arabic.

The pilot had the right idea.

It doesn’t matter what sharia says. It doesn’t matter what Koran says is compulsory. It only matters what our law says, and what our values are. People who wish to participate in our society must also make reasonable accommodation to keep their own culture private and after hours and live up to the agreements they make when they apply for, and accept employment, or board an aircraft which doesn’t turn East at prayer time, or doesn’t stop non-muslims from eating during ramadan.