Filip Dewinter (and his stunning daughter An-Sofie) sure know how to campaign!

The leader of the Beligian Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) party already has a well-deserved reputation for being a brave man.

He has been been prosecuted on preposterous trumped up charges, for doing nothing more than pointing out the extent of Islamisation in his country, and manhandled and thrown to the floor by police for just holding legitimate democratic protests.

But now it seems that Dewinter’s courage runs in the family, as does an eye for campaigning strategies that cut right to the heart of modern European political issues.

(Though the Mail really should be thoroughly ashamed of itself for repeating the utterly spurious ‘Far-Right’ slur. Their readers agree, as evidenced by this comment: “That poster is not extremist. Extremist is covering women from head to foot and claiming that you own them.”)

from the Daily Mail

Belgian politician risks Muslim backlash after using teenage daughter dressed in burka and bikini for campaign against Islam

A Belgian politician has risked causing uproar among Muslims after starting a ‘Women Against Islamization’ campaign featuring his 19-year-old daughter wearing a burka and a bikini.

Filip Dewinter, leader of the far-right Vlaams Belang party, uses a shot of his daughter An-Sofie Dewinter in the dark blue bikini for the political campaign. The glamorous teenager dons a burka that covers her head and face, while the rest of the Muslim garment is draped over her back.

Cover up: Politician's daughter An-Sofie Dewinter poses in a burka and bikini in a campaign against Islamic extremists

The provocative image is likely to inflame tensions among Islamic groups and nationalists in the racially-divided country.

The poster shows the words ‘Freedom or Islam?’ written on a red bar across Ms Dewinter’s breasts. Further down the poster a black panel with the words ‘You choose!’ is seen covering the teenager’s crotch.

The extremist [b*llshit! Ed] Vlaams Belang party claims that it wants to convince women to take a stand against Islam. Ms Dewinter told the Belgian press she does not feel used by the party. She said: ‘I’ve suggested (the poster) myself, I have learned to live with it but I have had everything up to death threats made at me.’ She said that she ‘wanted to make this statement.’

She added: ‘What is the greatest contrast with a niqab? Nude. ‘The campaign fits in perfectly with how I feel about the whole issue . As women, we must choose: freedom or Islam.’ The teenager claimed that she had been threatened by Muslim groups She added: ‘Death threats and criticism no longer scare me off.’

Her father, the party’s leader, said: ‘Women are always the first victims of Islam. We want to make clear that they have a choice.’

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And incidentally here’s an idea of the beauty that the Islamists would rather cover up.

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8 Replies to “Filip Dewinter (and his stunning daughter An-Sofie) sure know how to campaign!”

  1. great body, and hilarious pic, I think we need more of these and infact I will try to get one done to wear on a t-shirt
    Anything to insult those fuckers who have a school in my city that all of our tax dollars go to support, through Federal funds, yikes, so they can encourage their backward v alues in the many children who attend, and then whaat ha[[ens to these children, once they go through 12 years of indoctrination at a Sharia islamic wahhabi arabic school,
    oh ya, thats right, they develop their intellect and get into positions of power in the city so they can influence their psycotic values and ideas on others, change from within, while we the idiots pay for them and encourage them to do this

  2. Stunning! Need her in the Congo for my own campaign against the Negrofication of the Congo. God bless her and her wonderful father!

  3. What a sick dad,, pimping his own daughter 😮
    So Islam resembles covering, freedom means being nude? This is sheer stupidity.

    @morticiaa: “Anything to insult those fuckers….” You need help, buddy.

  4. ne yaz?kk? kad?nlar? bir MAL veya T?CARET E?YASI gibi kullanan insanlar islam? bilmedikleri halde özgürlü?ünden bahsediyorlar ne acayip bir matematik ki kulland?klar? insanlarda evlatlar? olabiliyor neden her geçen gün nesil çürüyor sizce ? seçim kampanyas? için islam? kullanmak yerine onunla bir tan??mak daha mant?kl? bir yat?r?m olurdu çünkü her?ey onun içinde bütüüün sorular?n tek anahtar? ! ?-S-L-A-M

  5. @Muslim People:

    Hmmm…Islam a religion whose male practitioners would jump at any chance to kidnap and sexually enslave any young and half way decent looking western female – for their own pleasure or for lesbian abuse at the hands of older women??? That is the “purest religion”???!!! Really???

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