Vienna: Burka-Wearer Attacks Teacher

An original translation from the Austrian news portal OE24:
Downtown Vienna

Burka-Wearer Attacks Teacher

photo: OE24/private

October 5, 2017
First Incident after veiling ban. It hasn’t been full week since the burka ban went into effect, and there was already a first major incident. In Vienna-Mariahilf, a fully-veiled muslim attacked a teacher. Ten police officers had to intervene to protect the Austrian.

Mariahilfer Street, Wednesday afternoon: shortly after 3 PM, a teacher (name known to the editors) notices a burka-wearer at the subway station Zieglergasse. She approaches her and tells her, that a full-body veiling is prohibited since October 1st: „I don’t care, I love Islam“, answers the fully black-clad woman.

„Within moments, dozens of young men assemble, clearly Muslims. They solidarize with the burka-wearer, insult me as being a racist“, says the teacher. On the stairs to the subway station Zieglergasse, the Burka-wearer attacked the teacher, pushed her to the ground with both hands, and said, that she wasn’t obliged to follow laws. The young men made fun of the Viennese. Quickly, police officers intervene and protect the resident from the angry crowd.

The teacher: „They took my personal data, and took the Burka-wearer to the police office, to identify her.“ The officers advised the teacher to be cautious: „Avoid such scenes in public, you might land in hospital with a knife in your stomach.“

Translator’s note:
We have translated the new Austrian law into English for you:

Federal Law on the Prohibition of Veiling the Face in Public
(Anti-Face-Veiling-Law – AGesVG)
§ 1. The aim of this federal law is the encouragement of integration by the strengthening of participation in society, and by securing the peaceful living together in Austria.
Integration is a process that involves the entire society, and its success depends on the participation of everyone living in Austria, and it depends on personal interaction.
Ban of Veiling
§ 2. (1) Whoever, in public spaces or in public buildings, veils or covers his facial features with clothes or other items, in a way that they are not recognizable anymore, commits an administrative offense, and will be punished with a fee of up to 150 Euro. The administrative offense may be penalized by a traffic ticket according to § 50 VStG up to 150 Euro. Public spaces or public buildings are places that are always or at certain times accessible by a non-restricted group of people, including the non-stationary facilities of public bus-, rail-, flight- and nautic transport.
(2) It is not an offense against the prohibition of veiling according to paragraph 1 when the veiling or covering of the face is necessary by federal or national law, when it is part of artistic, cultural or traditional events or sports exercise, or when it is for reasons of health or profession.

You can find the original text in German here, on the Austrian government’s website.