Banned interview of BC Father where the state has taken control of his daughter’s medical treatment and sterilized her

Laura Lynn who also interviewed this man was in court and fined yesterday for doing and publishing her interview with this man.

Eva Vlaardingerbroek’s controversial speech about the dangers of modern feminism, English subtitles

This video is a list of good and at this point, courageous observations. But misses the big point. And that is that Feminism has been hijacked, if it wasn’t created in the first place for this purpose, by Marxists as a weapon of attack on Western culture, peoples and thought overall.

To understand how this works, watch pretty much anything produced by Netflix. Communists have been steadily hijacking and repurposing every legend, myth and story of the West, understanding the power of a narrative far better than we, and repurposing these stories to incept the communist dialectic negation of all things Western.

The Gay Jesus story is a top of the heap example. But we see it in and through everything like a virus hijacks a healthy cell.

To be blunt, she, like most people who understand what is going on, in a way become controlled opposition. Because they see a tactic but not the strategy. This means they can be negated easily because they do not point the light quite in the right direction.

Feminism is one of many institutions if you will, that has been repurposed. Much of the Catholic Church, entire Churches like the Unitarian are nothing but a Lenin’s beard.

Reform Jewish temples, most of major media, all now are agencies of repurposing existing truths to force a Neo-Marxist agenda.

I used to ask why various groups, African-Americans, Feminist etc. etc. did not make their own legends and stories but instead had to create Ghostbusters 3 and ruin our own existing cannon.

The answer is obvious now. Because the purpose was not to create new legends with politically correct plots and characters, it was literally made to destroy our own. Not to make a good movie, but to ruin good movies of the past. To Winston Smith the culture. Put the classics and genius of the past into the incinerator and replace it with the new horrible and unwatchable replacements but push the ‘right’ message.

We were never at war with Oceana.

We have always been at war with Oceana.

non-blurred video with sign and translation


The woman in the middle of what appears to be a large crowd of leftists and muslims starts out with a sign that says:

“Blasphemy is a right of (those who live in) the Republic of France”

It isn’t until people took her sign away that she went for a message that was harder to ignore.

“Do not sell secularism cheaply”.

This event appears to be a major march against “islamophobia“, that took place in Paris today. This is likely a prelude to a new anti-free speech law in the guise of hate speech. We are seeing this all over the Western world now.

Janice Fiamenco on contemporary feminist attitudes towards men

It would be fun to list the contradictions in feminist thought, although time forbids a complete one. A couple of obvious ones for fun though. Modern feminist gender theory (4th wave feminism) claims gender doesn’t exist. That there are no differences between men and women and the terms probably shouldn’t exist. So if there are no differences, what makes men so bad? The second one might be if there are no differences and men are so bad why are females being encouraged to get surgery which mutilates them in a way to make them vaguely resemble males? And the reverse of course.

The answer lies in postmodernism. This branch of Neo-Marxist thought eschews reason and logic altogether. Therefore any contradictions in the writings and thought of leftists do not matter, as they deny logic altogether so logical scrutiny cannot apply.

To get this more clearly, should such be possible, to those of us hopelessly raised in systems of thought that actually yield results and which possess predictive value, read or listen to the book, Explaining Postmodernism by Steven Hicks.


FEMEN does their stupid thing at a VOX rally

Just a thought VOX.

Why not hire some strippers to hang around behind the scenes with pro-VOX slogans, and when FEMEN tries this nonsense next time your own girls can come out and dance around to a blazingly loud version of “Im just a love machine”.

Actually all you need is the music really but weaponizing your own strippers might be funnier,. Pretty sure FEMEN will arrest themselves just to get away from there once the music makes them look like supporters.



BBC, or Monty Python

H/T Henry. (I was gonna spell it Hxnry but don’t know him well enough to know if he would appreciate the humour)

At one point, Ava Lon, our hard working French, German, Polish translator, had me convinced this really was a Python sketch. She said the video looked 80s and it just couldn’t be real.

I had to agree.

But then I searched…




When it matters, women depend on strange men to defend them

I wish Katie had talked about how men who do intervene end up in more trouble than the man they defend the woman against.

To be honest, there is literally nothing in it for men in the West now, to defend women in the way she discusses. Hell they could even get done for racism if they defend a woman from a muslim man. And for all they know, this women had provoked her attacker in a manner that if another man had done it, he had a punch coming to him. So, being all equal and everything, why should she be defended?

This is not to defend the situation, but to condemn what leftism with all its vectors like feminism etc. has made us.

The only thing to do now is not get involved. Or if you do, expect that no good deed will go unpunished and do it anyway with the expectation of being done in for it.

One imagines that was the nature of early Christianity in fact. Maybe its time again.