Police Release CCTV Footage Of Brutal Attack On AfD Politician

Original translation of a police press release:

Place: Bremen
Date: 11.01.19

Public Prosecutor and Police have released a video for the purpose of public search concerning the investigations into the suspicion of inflicting dangerous bodily harm upon the MP Frank Magnitz, Bremen.

A video of the attack is published at www.polizei.bremen.de.

The video shows (partially in slow motion) the raw data of the relevant sequences, recorded by two different cameras in the Sankt-Pauli-Passage at the Theater at Goetheplatz.

Police and Public Prosecutor want to know: Who can give clues leading to the perpetrators? The criminal police can be reached under the 24 hour hotline 0421 362 3888.

The Public Prosecutor Bremen offers a reward of Euro 3,000 for clues that lead to the arrest and the conviction of the perpetrators.

Police Bremen are still providing the opportunity to upload pictures and videos on their portal. You can reach the portal under the following link: https://hb.hinweisportal.de/

For inquiries please contact:
Pressestelle Polizei Bremen

Thank you BM and D

Germany: AfD MP Brutally Attacked By Masked Assailants

Leftist political violence seems to be escalating in Germany. Member of Bundestag, and AfD Bremen chairman Frank Magnitz was attacked by three masked assailants earlier tonight when he was leaving a new year’s event at a theater.

Frank Magnitz, AfD chairman and member of Deutscher Bundestag, was attacked Monday evening

This comes just a few days after an arson attack on the Federal Court of Leipzig for which Antifa have claimed responsibility, and after an explosion rocked an AfD office in Döbeln. The perpetrators of this attack are still on the run.

The original police press release:

Polizei Bremen
POL-HB: Nr. 0019 — Attack on member of Bundestag and AfD Bremen chairman
07.01.2019 – 19:55

Location: Goetheplatz, 28203 Bremen
Time: 07.01.2019, around 17:20 h

On 07.01.2019, around 17:20h, at the theater at Goetheplatz Square, the member of Bundestag and AfD chairman was attacked and wounded by several persons. Due to the victim’s office, the attack is probably politically motivated. The state police and the Federal Prosecutor Bremen opened investigations.

Police are urgently looking for witnesses: Who witnessed the incident near Goetheplatz Square? Who can give clues? Witnesses are asked to contact criminal police at phone no 0421 362-3888.

Germany: 9 Wounded in Stabbing Attack On Bus in Lübeck

An original translation from Bild

Knife-Attack in Lübeck Bus
Fist punch to the bus driver, then the perpetrator stabbed!
Attacker (34) puts down a rucksack ++ fire accelerant found ++ nine wounded ++ Perpetrator German citizen of Iranian background ++ He was a German Federal Army soldier ++ Chief prosecutor: „We have no clues for a political radicalization in any form“

By Jan-Henrik Dobers, July 20,2018, 6:45PM CET
Nine people were wounded in a knife-attack in a crowded public service bus in Lübeck (state of Schleswig-Holstein) – one woman severely!

The Interior Minister of Schleswig-Holstein, Hans-Joachim Grote (CDU) told BILD: „The suspect is a 34-year old man – he is a German citizen of Iranian background. Six passengers were wounded with a knife. Nine people totally were wounded.“

No casualties, according to the Chief Prosecutor.

The area around a bus stop in the district of Kücknitz was cordoned off. The deed took place in a bus headed for Travemünde (Line 30). The harbor festival „Travemünder Woche“ (Travemünde Week) at Lübeck Bay is starting there on Friday.

First a fist punch, then knife

Interior Minister Grote describes the course of the attack to Bild: „At 1:47 PM, the suspect stood in the middle of the articulated bus. The bus driver saw in the rear mirror how the man was putting his backpack down.“ [translator’s note: the backpack was smoking and people were screaming “there is a psycho!”, according to Lübecker Nachrichten]

At that, the driver stopped the bus and approached the perpetrator. Grote: „He confronted the man, upon which the man punched him in the face with his fist.“

After the wrangling that ensued the knife-attack took place. „The man pulled out a knife and stabbed six passengers indiscriminately. Besides the bus driver, two more people were wounded.“

Passengers overpower attacker

According to Chief Prosecutor Dr. Ulla Hingst, the other passengers intervened and were able to overpower the attacker. Hingst tells Bild: „Police then were able to arrest him.“ He will be interrogated this Friday.

Chief Prosecutor: „We have no clues for a political radicalization in any form. The background of the deed is still unclear.“

Fire Accelerant in the backpack
The munitions removal squad was analyzing the backpack, according to the Chief Prosecutor. Bild learned that fire accelerant was found in the bag.

Eye witnesses told „Lübecker Nachrichten“ that smoke came from the backpack. The bus driver was quick-witted and opened the doors so that passengers were able to flee.

Germany: Agreement Between Merkel and Seehofer

This agreement below, between Angela Merkel and Horst Seehofer, was moments ago handed to the press and tweeted out by the CSU MP Dorothee Bär.

Original translation:

In order to better regulate, control and prevent secondary migration, we come to this agreement:

  1. We agree to a new border regime at the German-Austrian border, which ensures that asylum seekers for whose asylum procedures other EU-countries are in charge, will be refused entry
  2. To do so, we will establish transit centres, from which the asylum seekers will be directly sent back to the countries in charge (refusing entry on the basis of the legal implication of non-entry). We do not want to act uncoordinated, but come to administrative agreements, or establish communication, with the concerned countries.
  3. In those cases where countries refuse administrative agreements, the rejection at the German-Austrian border will be on the basis of an agreement with the Republic of Austria.”

    The original document as it was handed out to the press

Merkel’s part in this agreement is one single sentence: “We do not want to act uncoordinated, but come to administrative agreements, or establish communication, with the concerned countries.” This allows her to save face, while still conceding to Seehofer.

The true issue at the core of this was whether Germany has got sovereign national borders and can refuse people entry. Merkel, who ideally would like for Germany to dissolve into a supranational, non-democratic EU superstate, had, again, denied national sovereignty two weeks ago (“EU law should always have priority over German law”, on “Anne Will” talkshow on Sunday, June 10), which sparked the crisis between her and conservative new Interior Minister Seehofer. The media onslaught that ensued against Seehofer was so strong that nobody really expected him to come out of this alive.

This is an important day in the fight of Germans for their right to national self-determination, and to even exist as a nation.

Angela Merkel on her way to a crisis meeting this morning.

Merkel’s constestor, former Bavarian premier and new German Interior Minister Seehofer.

German Government Crisis: Seehofer Suggests Resignation

Angela Merkel’s challenger Horst Seehofer has announced to resign from his offices as German Interior Minster and head of the CSU, if no consensus can be reached over his demand to turn away illegal migrants at the border – a demand Merkel staunchly rejects.

Sunday’s CSU board meeting in Munich, photo: private/Facebook

On June 14, Merkel had asked Seehofer give her time to negotiate “European solutions” “with the same effect [as turning away illegal migrants at the border]” at this week’s European Summit (June 26.-27.).

The summit’s results were then presented to the German public as a full success; Merkel’s “European solution” was found; all countries had made concessions to Angela Merkel. No one in the German sphere seemed to realize that the negotiations were in fact a win for the countries who opposed migration (see Orban Wins At EU Summit: No One Takes Migrants They Don’t Want). Only yesterday, Saturday (June 30.), when Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland sent out memos, refuting that they had made resolutions with Merkel, the German public slowly began to understand that they had been fooled.

Today’s CSU board meeting lasted until late in the night. Attendees passed details to the tabloid Bild“Seehofer unmistakably made clear what he thought of Merkel’s negotiation results in Brussels: nothing.” He called the prior evening’s discussion with Merkel on the matter “pointless and ineffective”.

In the meantime, after Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, Greece’s Yanis Varoufakis came out in strong terms about Angela Merkel’s “European Solutions”:

There is no deal really, this is a typical EU fudge. They have agreed on phrasing. They celebrated it, but this hides that there was no agreement on the substance.
They gathered in Brussels to reform the Dublin agreement, which was never designed to cope with mass migration flows. Also to resolve secondary migration, which the CSU demanded action on and even put the Merkel’s government in jeopardy over it.
It is a complete failure of the European Union that has been packaged as a success, but that isn’t new, is it?

Around 10PM, news agencies suddenly reported that Seehofer had just resigned from his office as Interior Minister and leader of the CSU. The Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany’s equivalent of the Guardian or the Washington Post, and state TV, immediately published obituaries on Seehofer.

A board member of the CSU though messaged that Seehofer had not resigned but offered his resignation, to test if he had the CSU’s full support for challenging Merkel. Seehofer allegedly stated that he had three options: to give in to Merkel, which he refused; to challenge her, for which he needed the party’s support, or to resign. According to members, the CSU expressed their support.

But when Seehofer finally left the building, he told attending press that he would resign from all offices within the next three days if no consensus on turning away illegal migrants at the border was found.

The outcome of all of this is entirely unpredictable at the moment. The way Merkel’s team are detached from reality – the majority of the population support’s Seehofer’s position – reminds of the end days of the DDR though.


Kassel, Germany: Syrian “Refugee” Throws Boiling Oil Into Janitor’s Face

An original translation from the Hessian news portal Extratipp:

Incident in Kassel, Hesse
Horror! 30-Year Old Asylum Seeker from Syria Throws Boiling Oil Into Janitor’s Face
June 25., 2018

Kassel – A 30-year old asylum seeker from Syria threw boiling oil into his janitor’s face on Friday around 3PM (CET) in Erzberger Straße. The janitor suffered severe burns on his face, his upper body and arms. The 30-year-old immediately had to be taken to a special clinic in Hannover. Police Spokesman Torsten Werner confirmed this to extratipp.com on Monday before noon.

The incident happened in the Kassel district Nordstadt in an apartment building. Upon request of the Kassel District Attorney, the 30-year-old was taken to the committing magistrate at the district court Kassel, who ordered custody, on Saturday.

Background: The two officers, who were lightly wounded, were investigating arson in the apartment building. There had been problems in the previous week: an unknown person had set a newspaper on fire in the building’s hallway, and later, a paper notice. When, on Friday, another paper notice was burning, the officers of office 11 for arson investigated in the apartment building.

The 30-year-old Syrian stated to have only limited command of the German language. Therefore, the officers asked him to come along with them to the precinct. There, an interpreter would have translated his statements. The asylum seeker turned around, took a pot filled with oil from the stove, and threw it onto the officers and the janitor. While the janitor was hit by the largest part of the hot oil, the officers overpowered and arrested the 30-year-old.

The arrested asylum seeker will have to answer for the suspicion of severe arson and severe assault.

The assault took place in this apartment building in Erzberger Straße in Kassel. A man poured boiling oil into the face of the janitor who is responsible for the building. The man was wounded gravely. Photo: Schachtschneider


Munich: “Underage Refugees” Attack Emergency Doctor On Call, Smash Her Teeth Out

Munich: Friday evening, two “underage refugees” attack emergency vehicle, badly wounding doctor on call. (Photo credit: Thomas Gaulke)

An original translation from Abendzeitung, Munich:

Drunk rioters injure emergency doctor
June 23., 2018 – 09:21 AM CET

According to first information by police at the scene, two unaccompanied underage refugees riot in Ottobrunn (suburb of Munich – translator). With a full Whiskey bottle, one of the two smashes in the side window of an emergency doctor’s car and wounds the emergency doctor.

Ottobrunn- Friday evening around 8:30PM, two underaged unaccompanied refugees attacked an emergency vehicle of the hospital Neuperlach.

According to first information by the police, one of the two smashed in the side window of the car with a full Whiskey bottle and struck the emergency doctor right in the face. The woman lost consciousness and lost several teeth. Then, the youth threw the bottle at the doctor’s driver who suffered injuries, too.

The emergency vehicle had pulled over at the old people’s home in Ottostraße, to assist the emergency brigade and responders of the Ottobrunn fire brigade, who were treating a person with a life-threatening condition in the old people’s home. The incident occurred while the fire brigade were already seeing the patient.

The obviously drunk duo – who had apparently been rioting moments before – fled, but was apprehended and overpowered by police a few hundred meters away. Allegedly, during this measure, several residents of Ottobrunn attacked the officers to help the alleged perpetrators, who were then taken in preliminary detention.

Merkur, Munich, provide a bit more context, 23.06.18 11:13AM CET (original translation):
Two youths (17 and 20), who are unaccompanied refugees, wanted to enter the Ottobrunn youth club with a trolley filled with alcoholic drinks after 8 PM. When one of the caretakers pointed out the alcohol prohibition, and called a colleague for help, the two drunk teenagers attacked the women, and then left the building.
At the same time, the Ottobrunn fire brigade had arrived at the nearby Hanns-Seidel-Haus, the old people’s home, to help a person with a life threatening condition. While the fire brigade had already entered the building, the emergency vehicle from the Neuperlach hospital arrived. In this moment, the 20-year-old attacked the car, and, from a distance of about 1.5 meters, threw a full Whiskey bottle into the side window of the passenger seat. It smashed the window, hit the emergency doctor who was sitting in the car in the face, and smashed out several of her teeth. She suffered a fractured jaw, a concussion, and cutting wounds in her face. The paramedic who was driving the car just suffered cut wounds from the window splinters.

Germany: Move on, nothing to see here

Munich – Tuesday morning, between all the commuters and tourists, a man with a knife prompted a police operation inside main train station. This isn’t anything special anymore, it is the new German normal. Someone who accidentally was there wrote on Facebook,

“Crazy, all the tourists were panicking, and the Germans were totally ignoring it like nothing was going on.”

Tuesday morning at rush hour in Munich main train station: police overpower a knife-carrying man. Photo: Joerg Voelkerling.

Germany has seen a recent surge in violent crime and in knife violence, a discipline not long ago practically unknown to Germans.

For the first time ever, “due to the increase of the intensity of violence”, Berlin police just issued a total ban on carrying any dangerous objects on the subway between 8pm and 6 in the morning. Normally, you can carry small knives like swiss army knives, and pepper spray.

Cologne: Tunisian Arrested On Suspicion Of Preparing Toxic Attack

*UPDATE*: the Federal Court Of Justice has just (22:20h CET) confirmed that the material found is to be classed as “biological warfare”, and turned the preliminary custody into proper arrest.

Cologne: Tunisian Arrested On Suspicion Of Preparing Toxic Attack
An original translation from Kölner Express:

Terror Suspicion in Cologne: Poison Lethal In Smallest Doses. What did the Tunisian plan?
By David Keller and Robert Baumanns, 13.06.18, 16:15h CET

Cologne – what was he planning, the 29-year-old Tunisian who was arrested Tuesday night in his apartment in Chorweiler?

Kölner Express and Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger learned from investigative circles that the substance discovered during the special forces operation on Tuesday night in the apartment of the suspect: Ricin is the third most poisonous substance in the world – 25,000 times more poisonous than Strychnine.

The investigators acted at 8PM. The Office For The Protection Of The State had received clues that the suspect was handling highly toxic substances in his apartment.

The Poison Ricin
Most people aren’t aware that one of the deadliest poisons in the world can be processed from the same plant used to make the harmless castor oil. If, when pressing the oil, the toxic components of the seeds completely remain in the residue and not in the oil, the smallest quantities of ricin can kill a person.

No Antidote
For children, five, and for adults, between ten and twenty seeds, or one milligram of the poison are enough. The substance ricin damages the digestive tract – colon, kidneys and liver. The mucosal membranes of the stomach and of the colon die and internal bleeding occurs. So far there is no antidote or vaccine.

Investigations are continuing
It has not yet been announced how much of this substance was discovered in the apartment. The specialists were still on site Wednesday morning to carry out further examinations.

The main suspect is still in police custody. He is currently being interrogated. His wife, allegedly a German who converted to Islam, has been released in the meantime.

Terror Suspicion
The Federal Prosecutor’s Office has taken over investigations, as a terrorist background cannot be ruled out. Current investigations are for the suspicion of a “grave subversive act of violence”, but it has yet to be verified whether the composition and amount of the substances discovered might have negative consequences.

Contrary to the initial police statement reported earlier, the four underage children, one of them a baby, were not taken into custody by the city of Cologne. As the Federal Attorney is not investigating the Tunisian’s wife, but only the husband himself, the wife and her children were released later that same night.

Tunisian hadn’t been in Germany long
As Kölner Express and Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger also learned, the suspect only came to Germany in November 2016. He was deemed unremarkable and hadn’t drawn police attention upon himself previously.

He only came onto the radar of State Protection and investigative authorities after they were tipped off. From then on he was surveilled, and now has been arrested by special forces officers (SEK) to avert risk.

Video from Die Welt:

“I am dying, I am dying” – Another girl stabbed to death in Germany.

An original translation from Bild:

Iulia (15) stabbed to death in the park
++ Suspect turns himself in to police ++ Mother collapses at crime scene

Iuliana R., called Julia by her friends, only lived to be 15 years. Photo source: Facebook

(This is a breaking story, the following translation is of the most updated article. To read the previous version, please scroll down. – translator)

By J. Löbker and G. Altenhofen, published 11.06.2018 – 23:18h CET

Viersen (NRW) – The young girl is smiling into the camera friendly. Dark hair, brown eyes. She is Iuliana Elena R. (15), nicknamed Julia. Her life ended brutally on Monday. On this sunny spring day, the girl was stabbed to death in the park called “Casinogarten” in Viersen.

Shortly afterwards, between shrubs and flowers, there are investigators in forensics overalls, investigating the crime scene. The homicide commission’s investigators are trying to reconstruct what had happened on the lawn.

Gravely injured, the victim staggered towards two homeless people, said: “I am dying, I am dying”. Then, she collapsed.

As the girl did not have any papers with her, her identity was initially unclear. In the evening, it turned out: it is Iulia R. (15).

The girl is from Bucharest (Romania), and living with her parents in a suburb of Viersen in a three-storey building. She had a boyfriend and went to school in Viersen. Police officers escorted her parents from the precinct to the crime scene, where blood stains were still to be seen in the evening.

The mother kept crying “Iuliana” and collapsed crying at the crime scene. When they came home, the parents were still crying. They allowed Bild to show a photo of their murdered daughter.

“Casinogarten” in downtown Viersen (North Rhine Westphalia) is a meeting point for drinkers. The homeless Ilja Hansen (47) and his girlfriend come here often, yesterday, too. Ilja Hansen tells Bild: “We were sitting in the park, having a beer. Then we heard loud screams.“

Moments later, the victim approached them. Hansen: “My girlfriend and me ran to her. She fell on her knees, into our arms. She was covered in blood and covered in slash wounds. We immediately called police and fire department.“

The homicide commission was searching for a perpetrator, who, according to police, was of “northern African appearance” and had “black, oily hair“. A helicopter and a large police force were deployed, searching for the perpetrator. Specialized “mantrailer“ dogs were to take on his trace.
When the officers wanted to check a suspicious Turk (25), he fled. Later, the man, who has got a previous police record, turned himself in at a precinct. A police spokesman: “His possible involvement in the deed is currently investigated.“

A mother who was visiting the park with her child and allegedly witnessed the deed might be able to identify the perpetrator.

The background of the deed is still completely unclear.


Previous article from earlier tonight:

Woman stabbed to death in park in North Rhine Westphalia
Eye Witness: “She was covered in slash wounds”
+++ Perpetrator on the run ++ Victim cried “I’m dying. I’m dying” ++ Homeless man called ambulance +++

By Jörg Löbker and Gerhard Altenhofen, published on 11.06.2018, 17:12h
Bloody deed in Viersen (NRW): According to Bild information, a young woman was stabbed to death on Monday in Casinogarten!

Police are hunting for the perpetrator on the run!

According to police, the man is wearing dark clothes and is of “northern African appearance, has got black, greasy hair”.

According to investigators, the victim is around 20 years old. Her nationality is uncertain, but she allegedly said in German „I am dying, I am dying“, when she approached homeless persons in the park, gravely wounded. Then she collapsed unconscious.

One of the homeless people made an emergency phone call at 12.22, the woman was taken to hospital immediately, where she then died.

Ilja Hansen (47) is the homeless man into whose arms the woman fell. He tells Bild: “We were sitting in the park, having a beer. Then we heard loud screams.“
Moments later, the victim approached them. Hansen: “My girlfriend and me ran to her. She already fell on her knees, into our arms. She was dowsed in blood and covered in slash wounds. We immediately called police and fire department.“

The homeless man describes the victim as: “black hair, mediterranean type. Between 18 and 20 years old. Black shirt, white-and-red trousers.“

A helicopter and a large police deployment of officers and cars is searching for the suspect. Specialized “mantrailer“ dogs are to catch the perpetrator’s trace. Police began an murder investigation, led by the experienced investigator Ingo Thiel.

“Casinogarten“ is a posh park. It contains statues by the Beuys-scholar “Anatol“. In its centre is a modern, popular playground. A mother wrote in a Facebook group in the afternoon that she and her little son witnessed the deed, and described the perpetrator to the police.

The crime scene is alleged to be a meeting place of drinkers and homeless people. According to eye witnesses though, the young woman was well-kempt. She had a bicycle with her. It remains unclear whether she belonged to the homeless and drinkers.
As the witness did not have a passport on her, identifying her was difficult, according to Bild information.

Herbert Reul (CDU), interior minister of North Rhine Westphalia, comments on the crime: “The deed that happened this noon in Viersen is shocking. It saddens me that a young woman was lethally wounded in a public park. Police of NRW are investigating with consequence, and searching for the alleged perpetrator with great force. The ministry is costantly informed about the current state of investigations.“

Berlin: Young Man Beaten And Attacked For Wearing Kippa

This happened Tuesday afternoon in Berlin, in broad daylight. A young man who was wearing a Kippa is attacked and beaten by another young man who yells “Yahudi something something”.

Last night we posted a video of a young Jewish boy in Berlin being beaten by a Muslim for wearing his kippa. YouTube took Vlad’s video down shortly after I posted it, so I replaced the old embed with his BitChute version.

Strangely enough, however, RT posted a version of the same videoon YouTube this morning.

Here’s what Egri and Vlad had to say today:

When Vlad published this video on YouTube last night, YouTube immediately took it down, for “violating their guidelines”. So Vlad re-uploaded it to Bitchute. We are aware that Bitchute is not as convenient and popular yet as YouTube, but please take the moment to watch. Also, the more we use Bitchute, the more user-friendly it will get.


The Daily Mail posted the entire video on its site as well!

There is something particularly odd about YouTube’s decision to remove this video. Much like the way they leave up videos of imams preaching supremacy and hatred but remove the videos of the same when translated to show that they are indeed saying these things.


Even if there is an innocent explanation, its wrong from the ground on down. We must be allowed to expose the reality of enemy propaganda for the home crowd, and we MUST be allowed to show the EFFECTS of that propaganda, which this video most certainly does.


Without imams constantly preaching that Jews should be attacked, this just wouldn’t happen. So not to remove videos showing imams saying such things, and then to remove videos showing Muslims following these instructions, makes YouTube APPEAR to be in league with them, whether they are or are not.

The Daily mail posted the entire video on its site as well!

There is something particularly odd about Youtube’s decision to remove this video. Much like how they leave up videos of imams preaching supremacy and hatred but remove the videos of the same when translated to show they are indeed saying these things.

Even if there is an innocent explanation, its wrong from the ground on down. We must be allowed to expose the reality of enemy propaganda for the home crowd and we MUST be allowed to show the EFFECTS of that propaganda, which this video most certainly does.

Without imams constantly preaching to attack Jews, this just wouldn’t happen. So to remove videos showing imams saying such, and then removing videos showing then following these instructions, it makes Youtube APPEAR to be in league with them, whether they are or are not.


RT now has the SAME VIDEO on Youtube!

(Mirrored from Gates of Vienna.net)

Hamburg Dad: Turkish Classmate Stabbed My 12 Year Old Son, School Did Nothing

This Hamburg Dad had enough and is calling out the school for doing nothing. An original translation from Bild:

Classmate (12) stabs Luca (12)

Stabbing-victim Luca (12, name changed) at the scene of the attack. To this day, he feels scared and embarrassed. Photo: Sybill Schneider

By Sören Haberland
April 08., 2018 – 23:21 CET
Hamburg – School is out, and on their way home from the district school, Luca (12, name changed) and a friend quickly go to the kiosk. But they get attacked. The attacker demands their phones and money, then stabs his victims with a knife.

The attacker is still a child too!
Luca can’t forget the scenes how his Turkish classmate Ahmed (12, name changed) threatened him: “He held a jackknife to my chest. When I did not hand over my phone, he immediately stabbed me. I got stabbed in the groin, four times.”

The smart phone in his pocket halted the knife. Luca’s buddy fends off stabs to his chest with his bare hands. In the end, the perpetrator makes the boys lie down, kicks them, and collects their mobile phones.

Luca’s father Toni (45) immediately alerts the police. Eight officers search the perpetrator’s apartment the same day, and find the weapon of the deed. Police confirm the incident to Bild. A spokesman: “Investigations are still ongoing.”

And the school? “They did nothing at all! They are shitting their pants”, laments father Toni. The under-aged offender was suspended from school for eleven days, but returned to a parallel class, and his school yard ban is not monitored.

Father Toni (45) is fighting for his son’s right to attend school happily and safely. Photo: Sybil Schneider

Ahmed is no unknown quantity. Just a week before the deed, he allegedly showed up on the schoolyard with a realistic-looking gun and threatened to shoot teachers. And this was allegedly not the first time he caused trouble.

Almost two months after the deed, the school finally reacts. Ahmed was suspended and attends a different school now. It is a relief for Luca. But the problem is only relocated.

Breaking: Police Prevent Terror Attack On Berlin Half Marathon

3:45 PM CET

An original translation from Die Welt:

Police Prevent Terror Attack On Berlin Half Marathon

Police have arrested four men from the social circle of the Breitscheidplatz [Berlin Christmas market – translator] terrorist Anis Amri. The main suspect planned knife attacks on passers-by at the Berlin Half Marathon. The motive is allegedly revenge.

According to information obtained by Die Welt, Berlin Police prevented an attack at the Berlin Half Marathon. Special Forces arrested four men, the main suspect among them. He allegedly planned to kill audience members and participants of Sunday’s sports event.

According to information by Welt, the suspect is from the social circle of the terrorist Anis Amri. One of the apartments that is being searched now, in City West, had already been searched after the attack on Breitscheidplatz before Christmas 2016.

Detection dogs, specifically trained on explosives, barked in the basement of an alleged accomplice of the main suspect, who was overpowered by the SEK [German elite police forces – translator]. A high-ranking police leader said to Welt: „We are still analyzing. But it seems this was a close call.“

The main suspect allegedly had two extra sharpened knives to carry out his planned bloody deed. But as the man had been under the surveillance of security authorities for quite some time, there was allegedly no concrete danger.

A successful attack in Berlin, similar to the deed in Münster on Saturday, would have hit a crowded inner city where lots of people are up and about. 32,000 runners, more than ever before in its history, attended this year’s 38th Berlin Half Marathon. The mild spring weather drew a large audience.

Just before noon, the interior senator of Berlin, Andreas Geisel (SPD), had declared in view of the attack of Münster that he had reviewed the already strict security measures. But there was no imminent danger. This is true in that a mobile force (MEK) had been surveying the friend of Amri 24/7 for quite some time, and the Berlin SEK were prepared to overpower and arrest him on Sunday at any given time.

According to security circles, the man wanted to avenge the death of his friend Amri with the knife attack. The Tunisian had plowed into the crowd on the Christmas Market at the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church with a truck on the evening of December 19, 2016.

The first severe islamistic attack in Germany took the lives of twelve. Other visitors to the Christmas Market were severely wounded. Amri managed to flee unidentified from the crime scene and travel across half of Europe for a few days. On December 23., he was shot by Italian police officers near Mailand.

Berlin Half Marathon 2018. In the background the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church where the 2016 attack on the Christmas Market took place. Photo: SCC EVENTS / Camera4 via Berliner Halbmarathon

Breaking: Van Attack In Münster, Germany: 3 Dead, 30 Wounded, 6 In Critical Condition

9:45 PM (CET): F.A.Z. who said the perpetrator was 27 years old apologized for their mistake and corrected it to 48 years. An earlier live report on n-tv where journalist Ulrich Klose said that the perpetrator had announced to commit a spectacular suicide in the public eye remains to be confirmed.

8:40 PM (CET): Currently, there is conflicting information in the German news outlets; the attacker is referred to as “Jens R.”; some outlets say he was 27 years old, others say 48 years old. Some say he has no criminal record, while n-tv cite “unconfirmed reports” that he had a record of mental instability from 2014 on, and was a petty criminal.

8:26PM (CET): North-Rhine Westphalia’s Interior Minister Herbert Reul announces that two people have been killed, and additionally, the perpetrator killed himself. Several are critically wounded. Reul announces the driver of the van was a German, and that there were currently no clues to an Islamist attack.

7:15 PM (CET): According to Bild, the driver’s house is searched at this moment. Public broadcaster ZDF report that the driver was a German, 48 years old, and had recently attempted suicide.
6:50 PM (CET): as a “suspicious item” was discovered in the van, police are currently evacuating the nearby houses.

Münster, 4:50 PM (CET): A van plowed into a crowd of people who were sitting at the tables at a street cafe. There are conflicting numbers out there. So far there are 3-4 dead, 30 wounded, 6 of them in critical condition reported. The dead driver is still in the vehicle. He allegedly shot himself. The area is in lockdown, the motive still unclear. Police treat it as a terror attack.

This post will be updated as we learn more.

Photo: Oliver Werner

Photo: Oliver Werner

Austria To Ban Headscarves At Kindergartens And Schools

An original translation from Die Welt:

Sebastian Kurz announces headscarf ban for kindergartens and schools
April 04., 2018

„Veiling little children is something that should definitely have no place in our country“, said Austria’s chancellor Sebastian Kurz. With this, he wanted to prevent discrimination at a young age.

In the will of the Austria government, in the future, girls won’t be allowed to wear a headscarf in kindergarten and elementary school any longer. „Veiling little children is something that should definitely have no place in our country“, said chancellor Sebastian Kurz on Wednesday in Vienna.

It was about granting the same opportunities to all children. „And this also means that there isn’t any discrimination at a young age“, said Kurz. The new law will be titled „Child Protection Law“. „All children should have equal opportunities, girls and boys“, said Kurz.

The respective motion is to be formulated no later than the beginning of summer. To elevate the law into constitutional status, the government, conservative ÖVP and right-wing FPÖ, will have to convince one oppositional party of their plan. FPÖ-chief Heinz-Christian Strache wanted to combat „undesirable developments regarding political Islam“ with his headscarf ban for girls.

50 people charged for veiling their faces
It is unclear how many children are affected. There are no figures. „It is certainly a symbolic gesture“, said education minister Heinz Faßmann (ÖVP).

In Austria, a general ban on veiling the face came into effect half a year ago. The anti-face-curtaining-law means that in public spaces and in public buildings, clothes or other items shall not disguise or veil „the facial features in such way that they aren’t recognizable anymore“. Dressing up in the context of halloween is not affected by this law, the decree specifies.

Since then, approximately 50 people have been charged. The law specifically aims at veiling with a burqa or a niqab, and it is meant to promote integration of Muslims. According to the law, it is punishable with up to 150 Euros, if the face is made invisible between chin and brows.

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