Memorial to victims of terrorism in Vienna ransacked by Turkish muslim woman

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Muslims in Austria must feel they have quite a bit of control if they not just to attacks against the unbeliever, but they actually feel justified in destroying any tribute to the victims of those attacks. This is every bit as appalling and important as the attacks themselves, at least symbolically as clearly not in terms of human suffering. But like the attacks themselves, the media is careful to hide or sanitize these events which is itself a terrorist attack, at least where terror is crime for political purposes. They hide them for one reason. To make sure there is no data to energise any resistance to Merkel and the EU/UN plan to eliminate all world cultures through mass migration, and then multiculturalist policies which protect all cultures but the host’s.

Example of the kind of insane enemy propaganda we are used to from government and the media

The point:

In Austria, a woman attacks a rabbi with a knife screaming anti semitic things during her fairly ineffective attack.

The government response is to claim it will do everything it can to stop this kind of thing, but everything it can does not seem to include providing a description of the woman who is still at large, so that any other Jewish person might be able to avoid an attack.

No matter what the reason, it cannot be helped due to the massive lieing that we see in media for decades now, that the real reason is the woman was conspicuously muslim. And that the reputation of Islam, even a faked one but supports mass immigration policies, must be protected over the lives of the people muslims feel they need to kill.

Now this may not have been a muslim. But its very difficult given the lies of omission that is the NORM now in media, to believe this is the case.

Woman Screaming ‘Slaughter the Jews’ Attacks Rabbi in Central Vienna as Onlookers Stand By


Interior Minister Karl Nehammer said he had ordered extra security around synagogues following the attack and pledged to find the rabbi’s assailant.

“All measures will be taken to quickly clear up this obviously antisemitic attack,” he said. “There is no tolerance for antisemitism – regardless of whether it is politically or religiously motivated.”

All measures except a description of the attacker beyond “50 year old woman”.

Vienna jihadi had track record of Jihad activity, but released cause ‘deradicalized’ according to muslims

One minute of silence in Austria to onor the victims of the terrorist shooting spree in Vienna:

Details about the shooter, in German:

20 year old man with a North-Macedonian background (1/3 of that population is muslim, and of Turkish, Albanian or Romani ancestry). He was convicted on 25. April 2019 of trying to join IS in Syria, and sentenced to 22 months. He was released on probation on 5 december, due to his young age.

He was shot close to the Ruprecht Church.

Police are arresting the people he was in contact with, they’ve raided 15 houses.

During the attack, he was armed with an assault rifle, handgun, machete and fake bomb vest. He posted a photo of 2 of his weapons on Instagram before the attack.

According to his lawyer he was a nice boy from a good family, who fell in with the wrong crowd and was radicalized at a mosque.

He was treated by a de-radicalisation group called Derad. They declared he was no longer a threat, a condition for his release.

14 people have been arrested so far (other source).

17 of the victims are now in hospital, some with shotwounds, some with slash wounds.

Two raids in St. Pölten, 2 people arrested:

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Major attack in Vienna

For ALL the videos and news and tweets on this most major attack in some years now, please make sure you check the Reader’s Links Post comments for today

There will be a lot more on this as the evening progresses

It looks like the attack was at a Synagogue. Several dead including a police officer.

Daily Mail: (7 people dead)

Several reported dead in ‘repulsive terror attack’ at multiple sites in Vienna

Austrian police say attacks at 6 different locations, including near synagogue; Jewish leader says no casualties among community members; gunman apparently shouts ‘Allahu akbar’

SWAT team patrols streets of Vienna following series of horrific attacks

Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer has said that special forces have been on a hunt for “presumed terrorists” who wrought havoc in Vienna, killing at least one, describing the attackers as “heavily armed” and “mobile”

Previous Austrian FM: “Looks like an orchestrated operation”


Martin Sellner explains how the Austrian high court determined his innocence and the state was guilty

This is a singularly important video.

Martin Sellner, the most visible leader of Generation Identitaire has been persecuted AND prosecuted by the Austrian state for many months now, including, but limited to, the confiscation of his property and his wife’s property.

A high court in Austria determined that the state persecution of Martin Sellner was out of bias, and was in fact illegal.

This is a very important determination and must be known by all of us so that we have a precedent to point to, when we, or someone we know, also become targets of political persecution by leftist components of the deep state.

Please do share this one. It is an important victory not just for Martin, but for rule of law.

Special thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and also to everyone who helped us find this video.

Member of Austrian FPO party investigates the new wave of migrants rumoured to be invading Western Europe at this time

Link to part 1:

Link to part 2:


About that Sputnik article blaming Mossad for the Austrian honey trap…

Just to add to the anti-Israel and antisemitic hysteria that is hitting new heights in the modern world, Sputnik came out with an article claiming that Israel’s Mossad was somehow behind the despicable and ultra-slimy setup of Austria’s best hope for a classical nation’s restoration, Heinz-Christian Strache.

We asked MissPIggy, our German translator, if she could find any articles on this which might give a hint as to where all this came from.

What follows is her translation of what she found:

From Spiegel.De:

Spiegel writes about Rudolf Adam’s article in Cicero:     

The former vice president of the BND, Rudolf Adam, falls right into the anti-Semitic house through the door. “Was it the Mossad?” stands above the article in which he whispers exactly this question. And this without the slightest hint, but solely on the grounds that the “Mossad would be capable of it.” In social media, “Mossad” is identical in meaning to “Jewish world conspiracy,” and it is precisely with this intention that the article by the former BND vice-president is shared by FPÖ fans.

In a bizarre circular conclusion, Adam claims that the anti-Semitism of the FPÖ could have been the driving force behind the Mossad. In Austria, as in Germany, right-wing anti-Semitism is virulent, but there it is exploited in a more politically offensive way. Three years ago, in the context of an SPÖ affair involving a Jewish advisor named Tal Silberstein, “Mossad rumours” extended into the editorial media. By the way, Sebastian Kurz’s having something to do with Silberstein can also be read as an anti-Semitic starting point in the state crisis speech.

The former head of the BND, August Hanning, argues that video recording is a “very costly operation, as we actually only know it from intelligence services”. Hanning’s video clip is shared on Facebook as a supplement to Adam’s article. Hanning explains the motivation: “Obviously there are attempts to manipulate elections.” Then he goes on an absurd offensive: “Even serious crimes don’t justify residential surveillance,” he says, and worries a lot about “political culture. A secret service man whose most important task should be to prevent treason and who has had thousands and thousands of people intercepted — suddenly worries about residential surveillance? Exactly when, according to ex-BND vice-president Adam, it’s about behaviour that seems “half-Mafia, half-treacherous”?

[MissPiggy has discovered more as well on this honey-trap variation, and it shall be posted as it becomes available. -Editor]