Interview with Sergio Redegalli, Painter of the ‘No Burka’ mural in Australia

This is an interview that I conducted with Australian artist Sergio Redegalli this morning via Skype as he waited for various leftist groups to make good on their threat to firebomb his studio. The police told him that it was likely going to be tonight and as I spoke with him, it was about midnight in Australia.

More on this story here.

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5 Replies to “Interview with Sergio Redegalli, Painter of the ‘No Burka’ mural in Australia”

  1. He’s Ok Richard.

    I figure no news is good news

    I think that the fact the threat has been plastered all over the media, that these idiots won’t do anything, as the police are now aware of who they are.

  2. It amazes me how the Leftist find murder and fire bombings not offensive….but yet a painting can set them into this frenzy of hate and violence.

  3. Any screaming male Muslim jihadist nihilist mass murdering liar, even the few not named Mohammad, should be able to wear a burqa, as long as they have their genitals mutilated. The burqa is after all a totalitarian twinset. It’s bad taste to seperate. The women can wear ’em too but strictly two or more women to a burqa.

    I thought of becoming a fabled practicing “moderate Muslim” but I couldn’t stand the blood, screaming and deception. Never been a big fan of beheadings you see. They’re so gauche. My old stick in the mud narrow minded tastes again.

    Actually the instant natural reaction to the burqa is revulsion. It’s part of a hideous 1300 year old nightmare. It looks like the end of the real free world and the beginning of global death because, it is. No, really. Colonel Neville.

  4. Thank you Shirl, the publicity scaring the left doesn’t always work.

    Gene the left has a double standard, they think they are the good guys and that anyone that disagrees with them is evil, they also think that anything goes when fighting evil. Thus the left is the most violent political faction on earth, and will likely remain so for a long time.

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