Interesting protest by College of Nurses today in Toronto. Videos MIA

Today there was what looks like an interesting protest staged by Toronto front line nurses against the measures and rules in place over Covid. I have found 2 videos on Youtube where nearly nothing is established and there is one complete video on Facebook but its really difficult to watch and hear, and my editing software for some reason, is all but useless right now.

If anyone out there knows where we can see videos of Today’s Toronto protest, please post the links to this post and I will add them to it.

Here are the few I have found so far:


2006 CBC documentary, Nuclear Jihad. AQ Khan’s Nuclear weapons Walmart

I first saw this documentary around 2006. It was on CBC stunningly, although the Toronto Library website seems to have sanitized the description a lot since then. Amazing how fast the CBC went from a news service to enemy propaganda.

This documentary offers a decent explanation of how Pakistan got the bomb. The excellent documentaty on the true nature of the UN, UN Me, also gives some insight on how Pakistan got the bomb. The bottom line is about how Islamic leaders like Bin Laden, were both capable and willing to use nuclear weapons against infidel cities for jihad.

From the description:

A.Q. Khan — a rogue Pakistani scientist – has done more than any other person or country to spread nuclear weapons around the world. Name a nuclear hotspot — and Khan’s clients are there. Iran. North Korea. Libya. And perhaps the deadliest potential customer.a terrorist network. willing to make its own nuclear jihad. This is the story of one man’s deadly legacy that spread around the world. How he managed to get away with it for so long . and how the nuclear seeds he helped plant could explode anytime, anywhere. A.Q. Khan has changed the rules of the nuclear game forever. The first nuclear age was about great powers facing off against each other. It was terrifying, but at least everybody knew the rules. In the second nuclear age, in the age of A.Q. Khan, there is no return address and so there is no deterrence. The bomb could come in a backpack, in a briefcase, in an oxcart. In the second nuclear age, we’re seeing the privatization of the atomic bomb. The outsourcing of the bomb. It’s a much more frightening world. Award Winner – This film has won an Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Award for broadcast journalism.

A detailed look at how VOX, the last hope for Classical Spain, won big in Catalan

Spanish politics is a little complex. Various regions can be fairly autonomous, somewhat like the US, and have altered their demographics to achieve political outcomes as we have come to expect in say, Minnesota for example.

In this RAIR Foundation article, a clear and excellent summary of the basics of Spanish politics is made which allows us to put the VOX party win in the region of Catalan into perspective. And its no small victory given the demographics of the region, and the tactics employed by Catalan Left and Islamic groups.

Muslims protest in France against new laws that prevent terror

This is a bit complex. Sassy, who translated the article and signs for us, explained it more or less this way:

France has passed new laws against hate preachers and what one might call, genocidal or incitement preaching with real consequences. Closing mosques, deportations etc. So naturally muslims are protesting their right to freedom of religion. And they have a case. If Islam is a religion, well thats pretty much what most of it is. Incitement and hatred for all others, and a total effort is demanded to take over the joint, wherever or whatever it happens to be.

But there is more. Something about demands for Islamic separatism in France. If that is what it is, speaking as an English Canadian I must enjoy the payback. Wasn’t it Charles de Gaulle who paraded through Quebec saying: “Vivre le Quebec Libre!” that started the entire Quebec separatist movement? And this time it was France who brought in all the muslims and gave them special status to spit on the foundational law of Laicite which was till then, a defining aspect of French law, and therefore culture.

Below, the video:

The SIGNS say:
Equality of Rights We are all different.
Stop Separatism Law.
Coordination against the Separatism Law
All united against political islamophobia
Freedom guides all people
This article in French (Google translate seems OK) explains the anti-separatist nature of France’s new law. So in effect, yes, the Muslims are indeed asking for a separate legal space for Islam in France.
The National Assembly examines the bill against “separatism” at first reading. The deputies adopted Saturday article 44 which establishes an administrative closure of two months for the places of worship “theaters of speech, ideas, theories, activities inciting to hatred or violence, or tending to encourage them”.

French deputies approved on Saturday an expansion of the grounds for closing places of worship, with mosques welcoming “hate preachers” in the crosshairs, as part of the examination of the bill on “separatism”. The first reading examination of this text “reinforcing respect for the principles of the Republic”, according to its official name, which notably wants to strengthen the arsenal against Islamism, must be concluded this Saturday. A solemn vote is then scheduled for Tuesday before his passage in the Senate.

This appears to be in the wake of the murder by decapitation of public school teacher, Samual Paty for stating a simple fact and showing a cartoon in a classroom that had muslims in it. Subsequent to that, many other teachers are now under constant guard. We are working on a video about that at this time.

Thank you Sassy and Oz-Rita.

A couple of photos from today’s demonstration at Parliament Hill

Sunday, February 14. Several hundred people showed up to demonstrate against the lockdown measures and what they anticipate will be the next set of measures, demands, and loss of rights in Canada based on what we see around the world.

There will be videos and interviews soon. But here are a few pics from the day:

Protests in the Netherlands against liberty destroying Wuhan Flu measures move to the next stage

This post will be updated as items are viewed and added. Thank you MissPiggy and C. and M. for sending in such amazing material. Whatever one may think of these events, the question we all should ask ourselves is, how far can we allow governments to push us before we fight back?

1. Covid Test Centre burned down

2. Another video of riots in Amsterdam and Eindhoven:
0:30 random escaped horse
1:16 man in bear(?) suit
11:06 supermarket looted
11:32 pavement broken up to use as projectiles

3. According to the mayor, the police was pelted with stones, traffic poles, golf balls, fireworks and even knives. About 1500 people participated in the protests, 100 arrested. Article in Dutch:

C. adds the following analysis:

PS Eindhoven is somehwat notorious for its soccer hooligans.who call themselves “the craziest”. I suspect the rioters are mostly from this demographic.

4. Minor (?) riot against the COVID curfew just broke out in the Hague, the Netherlands, in the mostly muslim area Schilderswijk. Arson, blocking traffic, police react with tear gas. Videos:

(The video above does work but you may have to click a few times or go to YT to see it)

5. Explosion (fuel tank?) at 0:30

6. Videos of the riots in Amsterdam and Eindhoven.

7. Eindhoven train station vandalized with stones, arson of a railway company car, looting of a supermarket, etc:

The mayor spoke out and called this “simply criminal behaviour”.

8. General mayhem

9. Eindhoven




Anyone know where this guy is? He has the right attitude though


This video is from September 10, 2020 and this is a doctor explaining his reasons for not forcing a vaccine on people.

And yes, its now ESTABLISHED that people with no symptoms (asymptomatic) cannot spread Covid19. So why does she have to wear a mask?


Three restaurant owners clearly would rather go down fighting than fall for nothing

Both in Canada and the USA:

1. Owner of D&R Daily Grind speaks to judge’s refusal to overturn anti-lockdown orders

(All the numbers show that infections are not happening because of restaurants or bars)

2. 30 minute update on Mac’s Public House protest

3. March in Toronto for the BBQ house