Protestors at Parliament Hill excited about James Topp arrival

A fun short interview with a protestor still here from the Freedom Convoy in February, pumped about James Topp’s arrival on June 30th

For the details, please check out RAIR Foundation.

NOTE: The itinerary is changing as police, and far left wing extremist Ottawa Mayor, Jim Watson, makes it increasingly difficult to have a gathering of actual patriotic Canadians.

So watch this space and RAIR Foundation for updates. The poster at that link may not be still the plan.

Speaking with James Topp as he approaches Ottawa

For the background and story details, please see:

March For Freedom: Veteran James Topp is the Hero Canada Needs to End Government Overreach (Exclusive Interview)

Some updates on this story:

If you want to join the march:
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Entire area near Parliament shut down and reenforced due to unspecified threat

I have an idea what it was about, and will write it up as soon as time permits. For the moment, I can’t help but notice how our deep state seemed unable to spell “Para-military” on the backs of the men’s uniforms in the olive green.

This was all this afternoon at Parliament Hill, from around noon to when we left at about 4:00 PM.

The Man with the Tin Foil Hat

This is one of the videos from Parliament Hill Protest about two and a half weeks ago. This gentleman had a custom tin foil hat, a bicycle, gas cans, and an interesting message,

All of the videos and Madeline’s write up on the day can be seen at RAIR

Registered Nurse speaks at Parliament Hill, May 28th, 2022

This is one video of four posted at RAIR foundation of the small but interesting protest on Parliament Hill last Saturday, May the 28th. Please click over to RAIR for all the videos and Madeline’s excellent write up of the event.

Rumour has it, the protest this coming Saturday, June the 4th will be larger. The only way we can get rid of Trudeau and the other actual fascists running Canada is to take to the streets. They did it in Egypt twice in a year. But it takes protesting by the millions and every day shutting the country down in the process, till the army and police realize which way the Derecho is blowing.

Meanwhile, please enjoy this video of a Registered Nurse from last Saturday at Parliament Hill.

March for Life Ottawa: Compare this to the MSM narrative and disinformation on both the issue, and the event

First, watch this interview the day before the event on May 11th, 2022 with the actual organizer of the March for Life, Jack Fonseca. Then, watch a video of the start of the march from the hill around parts of downtown.

Then check online for what the government controlled media has to say. This would be mostly CBC, CTV, Global News, and CFRA-AM, a formerly conservative talk radio station. Please feel free to leave links in the comments with what you find, or even if you find nothing. Remember, Trudeau was for his first few years in office, as hostile to people who opposed abortion as he is now to people who think you have a right to informed consent for medical treatment. In fact, he attempted to pass a law of sorts, that no company connected to aspects of the government could hire anyone for a student program unless they signed a document with the politically correct views on abortion.

Also please read the analysis by Amy over at RAIR

Interview with Jack Fonseca:

Some footage from the actual event

First clip from Friday night in Ottawa: The Trucks return briefly

As I’m sure you can all understand, going out to collect news and edit and so on, takes a lot of time. Which means posting can be light on other matters when there are local events. But I hope you all feel it was worth the wait. Meanwhile the Reader’s Links post is as it always is, an excellent elbow in the bathwater of world events.

We will attempt a series of posts with videos from this past weekend in Ottawa, and all will link back to RAIR Foundation’s article, which is very good on the explanation of who what why when and where these events took place. As far as I can tell, its actually the best out there so far. She really did a superb job.

This clip is from Friday night when for a brief shiny moment, some of the trucks and quite a few people from the Freedom Convoy managed to reappear in Ottawa and remind us all that the totalitarian measures that Trudeau implemented on all who will not accept a repeated armful of experimental mRNA juice, (that we now know contains an actual synthetic RNA substitute for a natural one, that does not break down like the natural one does) are subjected to.

If those who do not take the injection are stupid, then allow them to leave Canada and Canada will be smarter.

If those who do not take the injection are dangerous to those who have, then let them leave Canada and Canada will be safer.

If those who do not take the injection are diseased, then let them leave Canada and Canada will be healthier.

And most important, if those who do not take the injection are recalcitrant, then let them leave and Canada will be more obedient and ask fewer questions.

When I was a child, there was a grade 8 teacher that had a sign on our classroom wall. It read:

“There are two kinds of people who are useless to society. Those who can do nothing that they are told, and those who can no nothing else.”

Below, a compilation clip of some of what happened in Ottawa on Friday night. Please enjoy.

Below, some of the protestors, and just some, walking from the barricaded section of Wellington in front of the Parliament Buildings, towards Rideau street, where unbeknownst to me at the time, many trucks had returned as you can see in the clip above.

Brief update on Rolling Thunder

There will be a lot more to come soon. But for the moment, there is enough out there now in media and political response that it becomes easy to see this is fully a political issue. That is to say, it has nothing to do with anything anyone might claim its about, other than suppressing a point of view friendly with traditional and Western Canada, and the notion of individual rights.

Check out these tweets by an Ottawa city councillor who has pronouns in their Twitter handle, a mask on their Twitter photo, and Ukrainian flag colours before the pronouns.

Note: “I do not want convoys sympathetic to the past…”

In other words, its the opinions they seek to suppress. Rule of law and democracy is dead. It is still useful to have examples to prove it though. So we have to thank they/them for that.

Ottawa leftist leaders force bad faith negotiations with Veterans – Results to be seen soon


Ottawa police had been in negotiations with the rally planned for April 29/30 called, “Rolling Thunder”. All arrangements had been solidified. A route and locations had been agreed upon, and the Canadian veterans had planned a rally at the War Memorial and Cenotaph downtown which would last a few hours and they would take planned routes out of Ottawa.

Then CTV did a classic hit piece on them with all the right adjectives to create loathing and fear of the people who had put their lives in harm’s way for Canada, and slammed them with the same narrative they maligned the Truckers with, in order to justify what came next.

Please listen to one of the principle people, Neil, who explains what Ottawa’s Mayor did at close to the last moment, and what the mood is. This is what happens when you take away people’s right to peaceful protest, and when you use the police in bad faith, and when the media is nothing more than a weapon of state control.

The video above was made in reaction to a tweeted statement by the Mayor which he now claims was false.


Interview with man beaten by police at Trucker’s Protest

The protests in Ottawa Continue:

Please see the details over at RAIR

Also, I believe that Saturday was another of the World Wide protests against government overreach. The Ottawa one was token, but the main event was in Toronto I believe. Still, check these videos out from Ottawa.

Interview with a man beaten by police with rifle butts

(I need to add that I inset a video I found online of a man in Ottawa on that day being beaten with a rifle butt by police. I do not know for a fact that it is the person I am talking to here in the video. If I see him again I will ask. It is a real video of the event he refers to, at the same place and time. but I do not know for a fact if it was he who is in the inset video)

Catholic procession into Parliament Hill in support of the Truckers