Chanting screaming muslims ackbarring through the streets of Berlin live tonight

From Sassy:

Happening in Germany, this evening, I figure Berlin: they are going on full offensive.

Click the links to see the videos. Very low res. Something odd about all this. Can someone in Germany confirm this is Berlin? Are there real videos of this out there?

Also the event was an hour or so ago as of now, no longer live.

Studies on mask use and Covid suppressed while some areas double down on forced masking OUTDOORS

1. Danish study shows that masks do not do what we are forced to believe they do

Delingpole: Why Won’t Top Medical Journals Publish Landmark Danish Mask Study?

Do masks protect against Chinese coronavirus and reduce its spread — or are they, as their critics maintain, mere empty gesture politics?

A major study which might finally have answered this question has been postponed indefinitely after three of the world’s top three medical journals mysteriously declined to publish it.

The researchers behind a large and unique Danish study on the effect of wearing a mask are having great difficulty in getting their research results published. One of the participating professors in the study admits that the still secret research result could be perceived as ‘controversial’.

For weeks, the media and researchers around the world have been waiting with increasing impatience for the publication of a large Danish study on the effect – or lack thereof – of wearing a mask in a public space during the corona pandemic.

Now one of the researchers who has been involved in the study has said that the finished research result has been rejected by at least three of the world’s leading medical journals.

These include the Lancet, the New England Journal of Medicine and the American Medical Association’s journal JAMA.

“They all said no,” says the Chief Physician in the Research Department at North Zealand Hospital, Professor Christian Torp-Pedersen.

However, the Professor does not wish to disclose the journals’ reasoning.

Let us all remember that the New England Journal of Medicine AND The Lancet knowingly published fake ‘studies’ on the efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine for the purpose of discrediting that treatment, not to inform the public. The studies were so badly faked that enough scientists screamed loudly forcing retractions. But no policy changes came making the treatment available. The fact that these journals did not accept these studies at this stage makes it reasonable to think that the Danish study is well done, but contradicts the narrative, or more accurately, the “consensus” (political position taken by a small group to be imposed on a large group which usually imposes a pseudo reality at the expense of actual reality) and therefore must not be stamped with the rapidly diminishing credibility of these once great publications. Hopefully like their fellow Danish scientists who discovered through rigorous application of the scientific method that the Earth’s climate is driven by the sun, and that CO2 levels FOLLOW temperature changes and not the other way around, these Danes will also go straight to the public with a film.

To prove a point, the German Government in a fully Orwellian way, is now sending the police forth in the streets of Frankfurt to announce that masks are mandatory for all OUTSIDE now. Which adds a lot of weight to the theory directly above:

Translation below:

“To all pedestrians on Schweizer Strasse,
Due to the increasing corona numbers, the city of Frankfurt has decided in a general decree that in every shopping street as well as (every?) Schweizer street, mouth and nose covers are to be worn on the street to protect everyone at all times. Put on a mouth and nose cover, otherwise you may be fined.”

So there you have it. Germany is making mask wearing mandatory OUTSIDE on the basis of ‘cases’ almost certainly from increased testing and not serious illness, even as evidence mounts that masks may not do what we are told they do.

Meanwhile, as Christmas Markets in Germany likely fold, some effort is being made to make masks more festive at the expense of, well an actual festival. What we need are masks that say, “This is s token of communist control”


German mother explains how school tested her young children without her knowledge or consent

Please read the whole story at RAIR

It helps to understand that the German constitution has a specific article saying that the state may not conduct any medical tests without your knowledge or consent under article 2 of freedom of physical integrity. But like the Canadian constitution, there is an out for the state. “Unless there is a law”. This page is an interesting read as it shows that with basic rights, the constitution has created a condition where the German government can run roughshod over its own constitution by redefining a thing or two or deciding a given condition, in this case a virus, allows them to do so.

Canada has a “not withstanding” clause which allows governments to ignore what laws they want as well. Only the US one has absolutes. And I think we can all see why now.


The right to protest is vanishing in Victoria, and Germany, UK

1. Victoria Australia busts Avi Yemeni for attending a protest against mandatory Covid measures


‘It is very important for us all to understand that all of our freedoms and our authority must be given to the state without question or protest and if we fail to submit, we are selfish and endangering the lives of all others. No evidence shall be required nor asked for to support that claim’.

2. Robert Kennedy in Berlin also gave this speech where he claims that Google is in the vaccine business.

The following is from Oz-Rita, who sent me the video above:

If you observe the guy in the Blue T Shirt next to Kenedy, he is one of the lawyers of the Querdenkers (demo organisation). He interrupted the speech rather abruptly and I have a feeling, Kennedy wanted to say more. However at that moment, the “order” or information came that the Police were closing in and shutting the demo down. It is right after that (from my estimation) that the beatings by the Berlin Police of the demonstrators begun. They were hunted (by the police) through the forests (around the Demonstration site).

So basically Kennedy was forced to shut up by GERMAN police. Incidentally hardly anything, if anything at all, was reported in the Goebbels-Style Merkel Media about the presence of Kennedy (who incidentally repeated the words “Ich bin ein Berliner” during a rally).

Thank you Oz-Rita and Malevolent Pixie and M.

Meanwhile in Nottingham UK:

The video below may answer the woman’s questions. It seems that a demonstration (with some but not all in masks) in Dover is allowed. Interestingly, the demonstration is in favour of the mass migration coming in from Africa via France. So far left wing.

So its increasingly clear that demonstrations are allowed of any size or nature so long as it pushes leftwards, is anti-state and pro-destruction of classical thought and institutions. But any resistance to the neo-Marxist order will be met with increasing force.


Serious allegations: Woman allegedly died after police action in Berlin

We were alerted to this story which is causing serious concern in Germany, by Oz-Rita this morning. Below, Miss Piggy translated an article about the event, but videos are in the works. Please stand by for those, although a video of the arrest will be included here:

Translation by Miss Piggy from this source:

31.8.2020 – 13:21, Alexander Schmalz

Circulating on the Internet, is a video which shows how police officers violently pin down a woman. It is claimed that the demonstrator died shortly afterwards. The police say they are unaware of a woman dying.

Berlin – A woman lies screaming on the asphalt while four policemen handcuff her. One of the officers strikes her back twice with his fist. Witnesses filmed the scene on the fringes of the Anti-Corona [measures] demonstrations on the weekend. The violent arrest is currently being virally shared on social networks. It is also being claimed that the woman was so severely injured during the arrest that she died shortly afterwards. Police Commissioner Barbara Slowik told the Home Affairs Committee on Monday that she was not aware that anyone had died in connection with the weekend demonstrations.

The video filmed by a witness, is about 25 seconds long, and is said to have been distributed first by the telegram group “Info Kanal Berlin”. It was then published on Facebook, where it has already been shared several thousand times. The text to the video reads: “This woman later died of internal injuries of the carotid artery while being driven to the police station”.
At the request of this newspaper, the police confirmed on Monday that they are aware of this video. According to the current state of knowledge, it is considered authentic. There is a second witness video that shows a different perspective. So far, the police have no knowledge that a demonstrator has died.

The exact procedure and the harsh actions of the officers are currently being investigated, it was said. It must be clarified exactly whether there was any resistance against the enforcement officers. In addition, the police officers concerned are to be questioned about the harshness of their actions. The investigations are continuing.

(The MSM is claiming she was slightly injured and released. The Police are planning a media release on this today)