Interview with Michael Stürzenberger on his criminal thought-crimes conviction and sentencing

For those of you who have read this site for some years, you may remember the superb efforts of Michael Stürzenberger’s efforts to warn Germans about the corrosive effects of Islam on a society. And his reward by the essentially communist German government? a seven month prison sentence (pending appeal). Please see RAIR Foundation for details.

Below, Michael debates with a Muslim in Germany who advocates for Islamic corporal punishments

Interview with Michael on his punishment for posting a historically accurate and in context photo of The Mufti of Jerusalem with a ranking Nazi

We have many more videos and interviews with Mr.Stürzenberger, but some are on platforms like D Tube which have been removed altogether. We shall look to restore them as time permits.

Michael attacked by ANTIFA

The letter sent to German authorities on Vaxx damage under-reporting


Protest videos for Germany and Austria on the weekend of January 15/16 2022

As usual please check the COMMENTS on this post for all the videos and news. But to start you off with a proper understanding of events, those who choose to peacefully protest against unconstitutional Covid measures and ‘vaccine’ mandates, are now ENEMIES OF THE STATE in Germany.

Protests in Austria and Germany for January 8, 2022

As usual, please look at the comments for this post, to see the news, videos and updates. Remember, Austria just conned all of its obedient citizens. Instead of getting some small portion of their rights back for taking the double shot, they are now all classed as “unvaccinated” with the total loss of rights of those they were trained to hate from the start. Namely those who chose against the shots. So one might expect some protests today.



German soldier orders subordinates to protect constitution and public from state thugs

This is quite a story and there is more to it. Please click through to RAIR for the additional video of his arrest and some explanation of this whole thing.

German woman details the state abduction of her children, additional punishment because she tried to sing to them

This is a horrifying story of how a socialist state does justice. She was guilty of a political crime only. A thought-crime, as Orwell might have described it. Watch her description of how the state determined how long to imprison her children. There is not even the pretence of disease control. In fact the children were healthy before their arrest and imprisonment, and caught Covid once inside.

Please read the description over at RAIR Foundation.