Germans call for massive demonstration on Saturday: Reformation 2.0

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German Government and Media Admit ‘Covid’ Vaccine Damage, Victims Tell Their Horrific Stories

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These videos are stunning. And important. There is a third one in the works and should be released soon. But meanwhile please check out these first two parts translated for us by Hellequin Gentlemen Bastard, a regular here at Vlad. I’m sure many never thought the day would come when legacy media would even go this far in terms of vaxx truth.

Part II

MEP Gunnar Beck: Germany is becoming the Lebanon of Central Europe

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“Germany is now communist” -Co-founder of Fidesz with Viktor Orban

Theory and proof

Co-Founder of Hungary’s Fidesz party and veteran journalist examines Germany’s replacement policy with migration:

German news item exemplifying the above from January 2020:

German news item from this last month or so:

Lebanese immigrant to Europe makes video epitaph for Germany

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Breaking: German Parliament Vice President Calls For Investigation into Covid ‘Vaccine’ Deaths and Damages

This is powerful stuff. At this point anyone in denial of the dangers of the vaxx and the deaths and serious disease it causes, may as well become a junkie as their avoidance of reality is on that order of magnitude.

We also have a 5 part one hour total, AfD press conference coming up with official stats from the top health agencies and insurance companies in Germany on this. Watch out for that. It’s truly stunning.

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I think a peak moment is when one of the panelists says: “Everyone who got vaccinated did so at their own risk.” I am glad I was not on the panel with them. I would be in jail right now on legitimate charges. But what a sterling example of what is to come. An attempt to shift reposnability for the killing of a great deal of people, not just from forcing the vaccine in any rational definition of force, but from the various components of that force. Things like banning any other potential treatment for Covid, and even censoring and destroying people who advocated effective treatments that might have brought about “vaccine hesitancy”.

Anyway, please watch and spread this video. Something is changing. And one wonders if what we are seeing here is what Stephen Coughlin referred to as how we, the people, will never be ahead of the narrative. That even when it appears that broadcast media is beginning to reflect our reality, it is just getting ahead of us in order to lead us down another imposed pseudo-reality.

That statement sure looks like more than just mere damage control to us.

The elites begin to mock our desires for the basics

For those of you who have been with this site for some time, you may remember a document we once published by the Rockefeller Foundation in 2010. It had a chapter called, “Operation Lockstep”. In it, the document revealed that the various things that would be implemented around the world would be more or less simultaniously applied world-wide, but they would adjust details to make it more palatable sounding and effective to whatever local culture to which it was being applied.

Put simply, if you think what you hear in the video below is just a German problem, your in for some cold cold mornings.

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German classical-liberal gets a rock to the head from muslims during presentation

Michael Stürzenberger has been a calm, educated reasoned voice of opposition to mass Islamic immigration into the West and Germany for many years now. He doesn’t lose debates when people actually debate him on the merits and facts of his arguments. Which is why the left and muslims tend not to debate him. Instead, they do this:

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The facts of the German health minister are now known. HIs lack of vaxx is an attack on the people he rules over

People reflexively use the word “hypocrisy” to describe the endless examples of those who try to frighten, insult and force us into submission and then are seen faking taking the shots, or otherwise not obeying any of their own rules. The temptation to call this hypocrisy is powerful one must grant. But when it’s this consistent, that can’t be what it is. What is more likely, is this is evidence that the measures they deployed on us are an attack against the people, and at no time did they think things are as they presented them to us. One also knows this because the more left leaning the governments, the more measures they tried to force, and the more consistently they were caught flagrantly violating those very measures. Measures which if they were actually needed, the politicians themselves would live in bubble-boy suits and have disinfectant sprayed on them and everything they touched till the crisis was over.

A few examples from German health-minister, Lauterbach:

JUST IN – German Health Minister Lauterbach apparently received his last COVID vaccine injection 271 days ago. This raises questions.

MORE – Lauterbach flashed his personal QR code at the camera as he presented the new controversial “color code” update for the COVID app at a press conference, involuntarily making his vaccination status verifiable to all.