Montreal Police abandon law, and go Stasi on Rebel Media staff

Let’s hope and look for more on this. Police may or may not have been acting ultra-vires up to now, meaning using powers not granted to them under whatever act they claim they are enforcing, but now this is plain police state tactics. This has nothing to do with law at all, if Ezra’s interpretation of these events are correct. And he is a lawyer.


UFOs over Trudeau Airport, April fools a day early?

UPDATE: Richard offers this link for those of you that want to add UFOs to your own photographs. Of course there are lots of ways to do it in any decent video editor.

Yesterday a neighbour approached me and asked if I had “heard about Montreal last night” or not? That would make it the night of March 30.
He them proceeded to show me photos and videos on his phone that he said was rapidly being deleted from ‘social media’ (Judo propaganda) and I had to see it before it was gone from Facebook.

It is video and photos that anyone who has seen a movie since 1940 would interpret as alien spacecraft over Dorval, now called, Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport in Montreal.

Since at least two ranking US government officials have come out and talked about a major effort to declass lots of UFO materials, and since, as I was reminded last night, President Trump occasionally hinted at something like this during his tenure as president, I thought its worth posting here on April 1st since although its probably a hoax, at least as hoaxes go its a fun one.

I saw one clip over the neighbour’s shoulder where news anchors appeared to be watching it live and talking about it. But again, it would seem like if this happened, there would be more out there about this event and more videos from more phones, and CERTAINLY better videos. Also longer ones. I mean who would film this and just put up a few seconds? Unless you went to a lot of effort to do this as an effect in which case you would post a short video since its too much work to do a long one. I mean if I had a half hour of video of UFOs on my phone I would post the best bits and the whole thing separately for sure.

Anyway April Fools or not, at least its fun to think about compared to everything else we deal with on this site.

Happy Easter Weekend to all our readers and contributors.



Montreal police knock phone out of father’s hand while thugging him for Curfew

Please read the details over at RAIR Foundation.

I must thank Oz-Rita for the rapid translation she did on this video, which was very difficult as its in a heavy Quebec dialect as well as very poor audio quality, and Sassy for going over it and filling in the blanks where it needed a Quebec ear.

Below, the segment from Ford where he speaks on Quebec’s measures

Here is the entire presser with Doug Ford as well as the Q&A. It was captured during a live stream so it is unedited.

Quebec goes full Soviet with no visible signs of crisis

UK Government May Only Let People Out ONCE A WEEK

(Somehow this is about science? I think its an example of scientism as it was designed to be. A powerful tool for communists to use language and deception to achieve policy that normally people would burn down the legislatures before allowing to ever happen)

The British government has reportedly discussed upping COVID restrictions even further by only allowing people to leave their homes once per week.

Claiming that the National Health service is at breaking point, the government is said to be considering implementing stricter rules, including  compulsory mask-wearing outdoors, and banning so called ‘extended bubbles’, where people are allowed to meet one person from another household.

Most chilling, however, is the revelation that cabinet ministers have privately debated preventing people from talking to each other in the street and in supermarkets, and even preventing people from leaving home more than once per week, and introducing curfews.

Maybe its time to have another look at the video a brave woman took of an empty hospital said to be overwhelmed by the BBC that is the casus belli used to justify these measures. Remember, the woman who shot this video was arrested and jailed overnight for taking this video. I do not know what happened to her after that. Rumour has it, Ontario Diktator Ford

Then there is Montreal since the curfew set on Saturday night:

There is worse coming today. Videos being subtitled now.

Canadian police violently raid family gathering of six on New Years Eve after neighbour reports coronavirus violation

Please see RAIR Foundation for the details, and Ezra Levant’s twitter feed for some proper outrage on this issue.

CBC is enemy propaganda example F462YYG79

First check how CBC describes a peculiar event where a man armed with a knife broke into a fire station that resulted in police shooting him:

Man shot, injured after police open fire in Montréal-Nord

And now, a machine translation from La Presse.Ca

(First of all the man is said to have a gun by La Presse and he had a Maghrebian accent. This means North African from the Islamic part of Africa. […]

Quebec appears to be forcibly interning “uncooperative” people in undisclosed locations not their homes for Corona reasons

Please read the whole story at RAIR

Translation of letter from the Quebec board of Health for medical staff

****UPDATE**** (Thank you to the PPC )



Translation courtesy of MissPiggy with much thanks

By E-mail
To the Clinical and Administrative Directors and Clinical and Administrative Directors of the Optilab clusters

To the Medical Directors of the Optilab Clusters

Ladies and gentlemen,

The Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (MSSS) is aware of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the autopsy service. For this reason, we are sending you the following guidelines to help you manage requests in this regard.

-If the presumed cause of death is COVID-19 (with or without a positive test), an autopsy should be avoided and death should be attributed to COVID-19 as the probable cause. In addition, deaths with a probable cause of death attributable to COVID-19 are considered natural and are not subject to coroner’s notification.

-The law respecting research into the causes and circumstances of death (RLRQ, chapter R-0.2) applies and autopsies requested by a coroner in persons without suspected or confirmed COVID-19 are continued in the health and social services institutions that normally provide this service.

-The MSSS designates two centres to perform autopsies on persons suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19, whose presumed cause of death is not COVID-19:

–Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM);
–University Institute of Cardiology and Pneumology of Quebec City – Laval University (IUCPQ – UL)

Montreal riot videos

1. Best way to protest what might or might not be a racist motive for black man who died in custody, is stealing really expensive guitars.

2. Skateboard is the weapon of choice for ANTIFA. If you see a skinny psychotic looking white male all in black carrying a skateboard you know what to expect.

3. Interesting footage of the Montreal proto-riot

4. 3:24 long shows how fireworks can potentially turn a protest into a riot quite quickly.

5. Some major league ANTIFA riot action in Montreal. Notice the 1, 2 step here. One guy smashes the windows at the Bell Building and the second guy tries to insert a flare into the broken window to start a fire.

Quebec closes bridges to Ontario across Ottawa, claiming Chinese Corona as the reason.

Across the World we are seeing more and more borders going up, such as the famous bridge between Denmark and Sweden, now closed due to Corona, and even the Schengen Zone closing down in the EU.

However Gatineau and Ottawa are considered one city. And its curious that only the Quebec side, a province well known for its separatist ambitions, would close of bridges going to Ontario.

Even more strange is that it appeared to be only one way. Traffic moving from Quebec to Ontario seemed to be more or less unimpeded, while traffic moving from Ontario to Quebec was slowed to the point where some complained that it took hours to cross the main bridges.

Border between Quebec and Ontario much more closed than what separatists ever asked for

From CBC

Gatineau police set up checkpoints to limit interprovincial traffic

Gatineau police set up checkpoints on interprovincial bridges and other roadways Wednesday in an unprecedented effort to enforce the province’s new ban on non-essential travel into western Quebec.

The ban started at noon and includes visitors crossing into Quebec from Ontario.

By Wednesday afternoon, traffic was lined up near crossings between the two provinces, including the Champlain and Alexandra bridges.

Police are asking drivers and passengers about the purpose of their trip to assess whether or not it’s essential, a news release from Gatineau police said. Essential trips include travel for essential work, medical appointments or for humanitarian reasons.

Gatineau police say checkpoints are currently set up at:

  • The Masson-Angers ferry.
  • The Alexandra Bridge.
  • The Portage Bridge.
  • The Chaudières Bridge.
  • The Champlain Bridge.
  • The intersection of Highway 148 and chemin Terry Fox.

(Thank you PePi.)