CBC is enemy propaganda example F462YYG79

First check how CBC describes a peculiar event where a man armed with a knife broke into a fire station that resulted in police shooting him:

Man shot, injured after police open fire in Montréal-Nord

And now, a machine translation from La Presse.Ca

(First of all the man is said to have a gun by La Presse and he had a Maghrebian accent. This means North African from the Islamic part of Africa. […]

Quebec appears to be forcibly interning “uncooperative” people in undisclosed locations not their homes for Corona reasons

Please read the whole story at RAIR Foundation.com

Translation of letter from the Quebec board of Health for medical staff

****UPDATE**** (Thank you to the PPC https://twitter.com/PPCpfdsddo )



Translation courtesy of MissPiggy with much thanks

By E-mail
To the Clinical and Administrative Directors and Clinical and Administrative Directors of the Optilab clusters

To the Medical Directors of the Optilab Clusters

Ladies and gentlemen,

The Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (MSSS) is aware of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the autopsy service. For this reason, we are sending you the following guidelines to help you manage requests in this regard.

-If the presumed cause of death is COVID-19 (with or without a positive test), an autopsy should be avoided and death should be attributed to COVID-19 as the probable cause. In addition, deaths with a probable cause of death attributable to COVID-19 are considered natural and are not subject to coroner’s notification.

-The law respecting research into the causes and circumstances of death (RLRQ, chapter R-0.2) applies and autopsies requested by a coroner in persons without suspected or confirmed COVID-19 are continued in the health and social services institutions that normally provide this service.

-The MSSS designates two centres to perform autopsies on persons suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19, whose presumed cause of death is not COVID-19:

–Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM);
–University Institute of Cardiology and Pneumology of Quebec City – Laval University (IUCPQ – UL)

Montreal riot videos

1. Best way to protest what might or might not be a racist motive for black man who died in custody, is stealing really expensive guitars.

2. Skateboard is the weapon of choice for ANTIFA. If you see a skinny psychotic looking white male all in black carrying a skateboard you know what to expect.

3. Interesting footage of the Montreal proto-riot

4. 3:24 long shows how fireworks can potentially turn a protest into a riot quite quickly.

5. Some major league ANTIFA riot action in Montreal. Notice the 1, 2 step here. One guy smashes the windows at the Bell Building and the second guy tries to insert a flare into the broken window to start a fire.

Quebec closes bridges to Ontario across Ottawa, claiming Chinese Corona as the reason.

Across the World we are seeing more and more borders going up, such as the famous bridge between Denmark and Sweden, now closed due to Corona, and even the Schengen Zone closing down in the EU.

However Gatineau and Ottawa are considered one city. And its curious that only the Quebec side, a province well known for its separatist ambitions, would close of bridges going to Ontario.

Even more strange is that it appeared to be only one way. Traffic moving from Quebec to Ontario seemed to be more or less unimpeded, while traffic moving from Ontario to Quebec was slowed to the point where some complained that it took hours to cross the main bridges.

Border between Quebec and Ontario much more closed than what separatists ever asked for

From CBC

Gatineau police set up checkpoints to limit interprovincial traffic

Gatineau police set up checkpoints on interprovincial bridges and other roadways Wednesday in an unprecedented effort to enforce the province’s new ban on non-essential travel into western Quebec.

The ban started at noon and includes visitors crossing into Quebec from Ontario.

By Wednesday afternoon, traffic was lined up near crossings between the two provinces, including the Champlain and Alexandra bridges.

Police are asking drivers and passengers about the purpose of their trip to assess whether or not it’s essential, a news release from Gatineau police said. Essential trips include travel for essential work, medical appointments or for humanitarian reasons.

Gatineau police say checkpoints are currently set up at:

  • The Masson-Angers ferry.
  • The Alexandra Bridge.
  • The Portage Bridge.
  • The Chaudières Bridge.
  • The Champlain Bridge.
  • The intersection of Highway 148 and chemin Terry Fox.

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The following story was published in French in the Quebec newspaper, La Presse

Translation by Sassy with much thanks. The translator suspects the restaurant in the story is in Montreal. 

It was December 7th. Suzanne A. was delighted to introduce her family to this great little restaurant. She’d been there at least ten times. As a family, it was going to be their first time. For Danielle’s birthday party, her little sister, it was perfect.

For lunchtime, they were a party of eight including Suzanne’s siblings and their respective spouses.

Because the restaurant is a “Bring your own wine”, they also brought four bottles of wine.

It was also a “Bring your own cake” that day: When Suzanne made the reservation two weeks earlier, the owner agreed that they would bring their own cake for Danielle’s party.

Suzanne is therefore among the first to arrive. It’s the owner’s wife who welcomes them. She recognizes the owner, who is vacuuming the floor.

The guests arrive little by little. “Please open the bottles”, someone says, at the table…

The owner’s wife, who wears the hijab, opens the bottles. But she warns the group: At half-past noon, I’m going to have to take the bottles and glasses away from you…

Consternation at Suzanne’s table: Take away the wine, but why?

The owner’s wife explains: “There is a very religious Muslim group that made a reservation, they do not want any wine in the restaurant …”

“She was nervous, she felt bad,” Suzanne recalls.

The group rebelled, there was no question of accepting such a diktat. They tried to parley (to no avail), to have the owner explain (“unavailable”, replied his wife) and to offer compromises (putting the bottles on the floor), nothing helped.

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Student’s Association (Humanities) at University of Quebec in Montreal posted these logos

These are the logos of what appears to be the University Students Assn. for the science of the humanities (Social Sciences) that was posted to the university Website for several days till (we hear), the Dean made them take it down.

It was in support of the Climate demonstration and it seems to say, an ANTIFA demonstration at or near the same time. Notice the profound and intimate connection between climate hysteria and anti-capitalism.

On the logo above, the original university logo read 50 years of D’audace (50 years of daring)
but the students here changed it to 50 years of struggle. Notice how close that is to the Nazi, Mein Kampf (My struggle) or the Islamic arabic Fitna, which is also struggle. Also the A has been made into the symbol for anarchy along with the hammer and sickle, which of course are not part of the original university logo for the department.

The contents of the email that alerted our contact to this event follows:

Here’s one of the usual suspects who will be joining this ANTIFA demonstration Friday night. (September 27) Yes that is indeed the ‘’Université du Québec à Montréal – Sciences Humaines’’ student association!


There’s a big ANTIFA climate crisis demonstration in Montreal on Friday night at exact same time. And second image is a sample of organizer’s facebook likes.

Hopefully someone can send in video of the ANTIFA manifestation. But what we can get here is that the Universities have been weaponized as Communist vectors against freedom and free market economics, and that the climate is much more a matter of communist Habermassian consensus than anything to do with actual science.

On the website linked above, there is another communist logo as well:


Two plainclothes police officers attacked in Montreal

An original translation by Ava Lon

From this Quebec publication:

The video ends with one of the officers standing over his colleague, who is still on the ground, at the entrance to an apartment building.

“F*** da police” appears in the video, accompanied by big smiles.

Two suspects

According to our sources the officers suffered non-life-threatening injuries and have been discharged from the hospital.

Two suspects have allegedly already been by Amélie St-Yves, Journal de Montréal

August 25, 2019

[Photo caption: The two police officers who were beaten had just finished their shift at the police station in quarter 21 in Montreal. Witnesses recorded the scene and shared it on the internet.]

Two police officers were beaten by a group of people during the night between Friday and Saturday, near Émilie-Gamelin Square, Le Journalhas learned.

They were in plainclothes and had just finished their shift at the police station in quarter 21, just next door, according to our information.

In the video that Le Journal was able to watch, you can see one of the police officers exchange blows with three people before being brutally thrown to the ground, at Sainte-Catherine Est Street, while his colleague was approaching the group.

The two agents were then kicked and beaten by at least six individuals.


One of them was kicked four times while lying on the ground on his side.

Insults were shouted [at them] during the attack.

“Plainclothes police. You have been cracked.[…] You f***ing bitch! You’re not tough now,” yells the man who is recording the attack.

You can then hear him yell, “Put him to sleep!” after one of the men threw a right hook to the chest of the police officer, who [then] fell to the ground.

apprehended, but there are additional arrests to be made.

For now, it’s impossible to know what provoked the incident.

The Police Department of the City of Montreal will not confirm the incident and the Brotherhood of Police Officers of Montreal refused to comment.

[we are looking for the video now]

Update: Arrests have been made and some names are given.



The man who burned his wife in front of children in Quebec is a …

Thank you Sassy for finding this article from:

The Journal of Montreal:

[The following is a checked over, Bing translation]

The young woman was in the parking lot adjacent to the apartment building where she lives on Arago Street West in Quebec City’s Saint-Sauveur neighbourhood on Friday night when her ex-husband allegedly doused her in gasoline before setting her on fire.

“When I got downstairs, I found my daughter’s car with the trunk open. It’s like she had lifted the bottom to take the spare wheel,” the victim’s mother said in an interview with Le Journal at the victim’s apartment.
Artificial coma  

The 27-year-old woman was taken to a burn unit in the area. She was placed in an induced coma to spare her the pain of the burns that would have affected half of her body, including her face, back and hands. “She is in a bad condition, a serious condition,” the mother said, reporting that the hospitalization could last “many months.”

The Tunisian-born woman, who was visiting Canada, was tasked with caring for her two grandchildren. She hopes that her husband, the children’s grandfather, will be able to come to the country to support her.

“I’m traumatized. My daughter is in the hospital, 50% burnt, my wife and my daughter’s children are at home, alone… I don’t know what to do,” said the grandfather, Abdeljalil Haj Amor, who was contacted by Le Journal in Tunisia.

According to our information, the suspect, Frej Messaoud Haj, 39, is the ex-husband of the victim. The union is said to have begun about eight years ago in Tunisia. The young woman quickly joined her new husband in Canada, where he had been living for a few years.

A recent divorce, allegedly initiated by the victim, is believed to be the source of the terrible incident, the young woman’s father said, calling her former son-in-law “violent.”

“It’s been going on for years,” says Abdeljalil Haj Amor. I came in 2014 to visit my daughter and I saw that there were a lot of problems, a lot of conflicts. I stayed with her for several years in Quebec City to support her. »

Frej Messaoud Haj was arrested on counts of attempted murder and aggravated assault. He was scheduled to meet with investigators yesterday after his arrest near an A-W restaurant in Drummondville. The individual has no criminal history.

Anyone surprised that the suspect is a muslim, must have been shocked to discover that Epstein is dead.

Man arrested for setting his wife on fire in front of kids. No names given


From the Toronto Sun:

‘CRIES OF DEATH’: Man arrested after his ex-wife was set on fire in Quebec City, police say

QUEBEC — A man has been charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault after his ex-wife was allegedly set on fire in Quebec City, local police said Saturday.


The 39-year-old man was taken into custody by Quebec provincial police on Saturday at a fast food restaurant in Drummondville, Que., about 110 kilometres east of Montreal, police said.


Sgt. Etienne Doyon of the Quebec City police told reporters that the 27-year-old victim was in critical condition after suffering major injuries to her face, back and hands.

The woman’s young children and mother watched as she was allegedly set ablaze just before 9 p.m. in Quebec City’s St-Sauveur neighbourhood, said Doyon. […]


“Her hair was on fire, she was like a human torch,” said Allard. “Her long hair was scorched, you could only smell gasoline.”

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