A tale of one city, and two maps

This first map is of Islamic concentration in the greater London area. If someone is familiar with the city, could they please grab this map, put the names of the places listed on the second map and send the image back in?

Map from Wikipedia 

Now The Sun map of acid throwing no-go zones for certain services and classes of people at night. Women and delivery people for example.

Related article about another area cleft in twain by lots of Islamic enrichment.

BRADFORD is “heading towards disaster” and the Council has allowed racial hatred and the perception of fear to “become a real problem”, the chairman of a scrutiny committee has warned.


Councillor Arshad Hussain, who chairs Bradford Council’s corporate overview and scrutiny committee, said there were”many areas in this city” where people were afraid to go, depending on their ethnicity.


Cllr Hussain (Lab, Toller) branded the situation a “horrible state of affairs” as the committee discussed a new report on community cohesion and how the Council’s diversity and cohesion team was working to strengthen community relations. The report said the team was working with all religious groups and other organisations in its response to the Louise Casey report on opportunity and integration, which gives recommendations to the government.

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Breaking: Acid Attack in London Mall

At 8pm local time, an acid attack was carried out in the Stratford shopping mall, London. Witnesses say perpetrators were ‘young black teenage males’.

Photo: Twitter/@Atlantide4world

Police treat victims outside the shopping centre by a bus stop. Photo: Twitter/@faridque

Police attending to victim(s) inside the station. Photo: Twitter

A substance can be seen inside the doors of Stratford shopping centre. Photo: Gustavo Valiente / i-images

Daily Mail: “ACID attack injures at least eight people as gang goes on a ‘spree’ through east London’s Stratford tube station and nearby shopping centre causing widespread panic
At least eight people injured tonight in a massive acid attack after a gang of men sprayed a noxious substance
Police and paramedics rushed to the Stratford Shopping Centre in east London at 8pm to reports of attack
Witnesses described panic in the moments after the assault as injured people hurried to wash their faces
Paramedics treated eight people for injuries as one man repeatedly screamed ‘I can’t see’ in Stratford station ”

The Guardian: “Six people have been reported injured in a suspected noxious substance attack near an east London shopping centre, police said.
Scotland Yard said officers were called shortly before 8pm on Saturday to the area of Westfield shopping centre in Stratford amid reports of a group of men spraying what is believed to be a noxious substance.
One man has been arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm. A cordon is in place as emergency workers continue to treat the injured.
A spokesman for the Metropolitan police said the attack was not being treated as terror related. Officers remain at the scene.”

Video footage:


Acid attack on group in North London

In an event which in rational times, be called a chemical weapons attack and the people charged, not under the criminal justice system but in The Hague for violations of the Geneva convention, if they live that long, someone has thrown acid on a group of people in an attack that is being called, not “life threatening” but “life changing” for the people involved, and a child has serious chemical burns to his face.

If it was a man seeking revenge for a personal matter, a case could be made for a criminal prosecution. But even then his reasons would be alien to Western thinkers. A refusal for marriage or something perfectly within the rights of every human being is often grounds for an attack of this nature against a woman and even her family if the man is sufficiently made indignant.

But if this was against non-Muslims for religion-political reasons, then it was an actual chemical weapons attack and should meet with the same kind of force President Trump just used against Syria.

The precedent is set.

Lets see it used.

Article, what little of it there is, can be read here:

The Islington assault has left a man, a woman and their two-year-old son with burns.

Scotland Yard said “strong acid” was thrown at the group by an assailant.

 Firefighters, who were among the first at the scene, used their hose to cool the victims’ burns.

A Met Police spokesman said the man, aged 40, has suffered serious injuries.

(More posted if and when it is discovered.)

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Assaults on Danish grad-carts in Copenhagen

An original translation by Tania Groth

From this Danish news site:

Everyone is familiar with the sight of open-bodied trucks filled with noisy happy students. It is a Danish tradition that students in high spirits drive around for visits to individual students’ homes on the day they don their graduation cap.

So it was with a class from Ørestad Gymnasium. But a day which began with celebration and joy was turned into something of a nightmare when a group of immigrant men attacked the wagon firing various “missiles”.

It happened in a tenement Hørgården on Amager, where many immigrants live. Here Mohamed also lives, he was one of the students on the wagon.

A group of migrant boys and young men had planned an attack. In a video you can see how the waste containers were rolled out on the road to block the vehicle while students were inside at Mohamed’s family’s apartment. Watch the video here:

The driver, Brian Brandt, who stayed down by the truck, said he could see a group of youngsters with eggs, water balloons and cooking oil gather together on a nearby lawn. More and more people came to join them.

As the students came down the street one of the immigrant boys stood ready with a bottle of cooking oil, which was shaken and then sprayed over them. Then the rest of the group began to bombard the students with water balloons, eggs and flour.

Brian Brandt, who has been driving these student parties 20 years, says he has never experienced anything like it.

It was a shock to see these young mens’ behavior. All the attackers were of ethnic background, and they were totally indifferent to what I said to them. At one point I was afraid that they would smash the truck, says Brian Brandt to Ekstra Bladet.

He quickly tried to get the truck quickly away from the narrow Bryde Alley but it was difficult as the road was blocked by containers.

“They barricaded themselves and were ready with eggs by the containers, so I chose to back out. But when I get a ways down the road, I encounter other vehicles, says Brian Brandt to Ekstra Bladet. These can also be seen on the video.

Meanwhile the attackers bombarded the truck with eggs and water balloons and even jump up on the side of the truck and begin pouring cooking over some students who were trying to hide under a some banners which they had torn from the side of the wagon.

One of the students at the wagon was Stina Marie Carlsen. She tells about the experience which for her was a huge shock:

“I noticed that a crowd of about 20 young people start to congregate around the truck, but don’t otherwise think anything of it. When we get up in the back of the truck, they suddenly began attacking us and throwing eggs and oil and flour. Several of my classmates begin to pull some carpets of the pallet tables that were in the middle of the vehicle, while the others pulled banners from the side of the truck in an attempt to use these as protection, “says Stina Marie Carlsen to BT.

“I was beginning to think about how to get away from there as the driver could not drive anywhere. Imagine if they came up to us in the wagon! At the same time it was really disgusting to feel egg and flour running down my head and my back. I was completely soaked afterwards and it stank terribly, “she says to BT.

Stina Marie Carlsen was afraid that the rest of the day would be ruined and the student run canceled as the truck was completely covered in eggs and oil after the attck

The trip, however, was completed, although only with effort.

“I had to shower a total of three times during the rest of the trip because I could not get the smell of eggs and oil away. At the same time I kept finding eggshells in my hair. My mother had to come with a change of clothes for me, “says Stina Marie Carlsen to BT.

Mohamed: It was just for fun – Police: We take it very seriously

Mohamed El Ar Bagi tells EB, that it really was for him the eggs were intended and that the throwing of eggs after students had been a tradition in the area for some years, he says.

But this time they may have gone too far. But we just laughed and blotches of egg on my student cap is only a dear memory of the day, says Mohamed.

Others are also trying to downplay the attack. They’re just little boys, they said. But on the video you can see that they are big guys.

Others have also a completely different assessment.

The driver says it was like a war zone in Beirut.

One of the residents calls what he saw for a commando raid.

And the police have received at least five reports on the matter. They had officers in the area for several hours. And the constable in charge said that they are taking the matter very seriously.

A Danish tradition on its way to being destroyed

The attack on the students may well be a warning sign that a good Danish tradition may be on the way to being destroyed.

Mohamed said that the eggs are a tradition in the area. Amongst immigrants that is.

But it is apparent not only in Hørgården on Amager this is happening.


In Valby was another vehicle from Ørestad Gymnasium came under attack.

“Five young people suddenly began to throw rocks at us when we were leaving. We drove toward a traffic light, and they followed us and waited for the truck to stop at a red light. There they threw rocks at us, and one of them hit me right on the head, says graduate, Manon Pignot to TV2 Lorry on the 26th.


At Husum Station in Copenhagen two female students were sprayed in the eyes with acid during their student drive on Friday. The liquid was apparently sprayed with a water gun from a car. It sent the two girls to the hospital, where they had to endure an almost two-hour long rinse treatment. (Jamie – elsewhere in the news I have read that they had damage to their corneas).


Soren Elkrog was a driver this past Friday on a student truck. He saw four immigrants throwing eggs at the vehicle. They had no connection with or relationship to any of the students on the truck.


Another team of students have had eggs thrown onto them on their truck tells a group of HF students from VUC in Hvidovre Sunday evening to Ekstra Bladet.

It happened at Naver gate in Avedøre and the road leading to Avedøre Station. It is an area inhabited by many with immigrant backgrounds.

Around 4-5 big guys threw eggs at the the 25 students on the truck.

They were waiting for us, says Steven Button, who sent photos to Ekstra Bladet.


And last night came a description of Nørrebro (on FB), where smaller immigrant boys threw water balloons after a group of students. It was later taken off from FB due to disagreement with the comments witten.

Both Ekstra Bladet, BT and the police talk about other examples of the same thing happening – albeit apparently not so violent.

It is feared that the attacks will spread as the number of immigrant background become students.

The attacks often hit all the students on a truck.

Many immigrants come from non-Western Muslim countries with generally violent cultures.

There is much violence in everyday life amongst immigrants in Denmark and in other European countries.

It is possible that the reason for this particular attack was Mohamed. But the reality that was serious violence hit all the students present on the truck.

Finn tells us that he heard shouts of “Nak dem alle” (get all of them).

A Danish tradition may be under attack, and it can be gone before we know it.

Message from a former Muslim, now Christian preacher for all the non-muslims of the world. (Nov 2012)

From Yucki:

Christian Pastor in Uganda Attacked by Muslims with buckets of Acid

This man of G-d was born to follow Mohammed and raised to disseminate dawa filth. Then he heard the call of Christ and knew truth. His courage to spread the “good news” was rewarded by a world of pain.

After 2 years in hospital in Israel, he’s ready to go back to his family and his church. But first he’s asked to say a few words to the public.

Starting at 6:03 is a message to Christians – a sermon more powerful than any you’re likely to hear at church tomorrow.

Then he’s asked what he’d tell others watching the video – Jews, secular people in the West. He’s just as direct, just as powerful as a biblical prophet.

Victoria’s Secret worker scarred for life when niqab-wearing attacker threw acid in her face as she walked home from shop

Daily Mail:

  • Naomi Oni, 20, was almost blinded and will need years of skin grafts
  • She was heading back to her flat from the bus stop when she was injured
  • Had been talking to her boyfriend on the phone after a late shift
  • Says the apparently random attack has ‘destroyed’ her life
  • The shop assistant no longer wants to go out in public
  • She was inspired to share her story by acid-attack victim Katie Piper

By Emma Reynolds

PUBLISHED: 14:17 GMT, 1 February 2013 | UPDATED: 16:38 GMT, 1 February 2013

A Victoria’s Secret shop assistant was scarred for life when a mysterious figure wearing a niqab threw acid in her face as she walked home from work.

Naomi Oni, 20, was left with severe burns on her head, neck, arms, legs and body after she was attacked in Dagenham, east London.

She has spent the past month having skin grafts and almost went blind, although she has now recovered her vision in her left eye and has partial sight in her right.

Naomi Oni
After the attack

Shocking: Naomi Oni, 20, was on the phone to her boyfriend when someone wearing a niqab threw acid at her

Her attacker was dressed like a Muslim woman in a niqab, so Ms Oni could not see their face. Police have no idea who was responsible for the vicious attack, or why they did it.

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Teenager, 16, may have been left blind after acid was thrown in his face as he walked in woodland

Something tells me there is a very sinister aspect to this story. I hope the details about who, and why, become known soon.

H/T Taffy in Canada

Daily Mail:

  • wo men, aged 46 and 33, arrested in connection with the Hampshire attack
  • Boy was walking beside woodland in Yateley when he was attacked
  • Being treated at a specialist hospital in London with family at his side
  • Suffered sever burns to his face, eyes and upper body
  • Police described the incident as ‘terrifying’ but said attack is not thought to have been ‘random’

By Mario Ledwith

PUBLISHED: 13:52 GMT, 16 January 2013 | UPDATED: 17:02 GMT, 16 January 2013

A teenage boy suffered ‘horrendous’ injuries that could leave him blind after acid was thrown into his face as he was enjoying a walk in woodland.

It is feared the 16-year-old could be permanently disfigured after suffering severe burns to his face, including his eyes, and upper body.

The unnamed boy is being treated at a specialist hospital in London with his parents at his bedside.

Attack: A 16-year-old boy has been left with 'horrendous' injuries after being attacked with acid as he was walking beside woodland in his hometown of Yateley, Hampshire Attack: A 16-year-old boy has been left with ‘horrendous’ injuries after being attacked with acid as he was walking beside woodland in his hometown of Yateley, Hampshire (stock image)

A Hampshire Constabulary spokesman said it was ‘too early for prognosis’ and that they are still investigating what the acid was and what container it had been in.

Two men have been arrested by detectives investigating the chemical attack, which happened in darkness as the boy walked near woods in his hometown of Yateley, near Farnborough, Hampshire.

The 46-year-old man from Yateley and a 33-year-old man from Farnborough have been released on bail pending further inquiries.


Police denied the attack was a drug deal gone wrong or over a financial matter or girl. They confirmed the young victim was white and British.

Paramedics were called to the scene and gave the boy immediate treatment for the facial injuries before he was rushed to hospital.

The teenager, who has not been named by police, was left writhing in agony on the pathway as the acid burnt through his clothes and skin.

The attackers, who were wearing dark clothes, ran off before emergency services arrived.

A spokesman for Hampshire Police said that the attacker was a stranger to the teenager, but added it was not a random incident.

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The Acid Attack on Reyhan K.

Gates of Vienna:

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Reyhan K., victim of acid attackLast week a young woman named Reyhan K. was subjected to a devastating acid attack at her residence in Germany. She and one of her attackers are of Turkish origin; the other suspect is Syrian.

Our Canadian correspondent Rembrandt Clancy sends a summary of press reports about the incident, including updates from Express.de dated 1 January 2013, and WAZ on 2 January 2013, along with video material. As background for the case, he sends a video by Sabatina James entitled “Women in Islam, Equal Rights or Oppressed?”

He includes this note:

Just a point: The modus operandi of this case has a striking similarity to that of the case of the model and TV presenter, Katie Piper, in 2009 in North London. Her ex-boyfriend, Daniel Lynch put Stefan Sylvester up to throwing the acid. Although this was a brown-on-white attack, I have not been able to discover the origins of the perpetrators.

All the translating and subtitling of this material was done by Rembrandt Clancy.

The Acid Attack on Reyhan K.
by Rembrandt Clancy

The Gates of Vienna news feed of 30 December 2012 made reference to an acid attack on a young Turkish woman in Germany.

The essentials of the press reports of the acid attack on Reyhan K. can be summarised as follows: Twenty-year-old Reyhan K., a Turkish immigrant woman who lives in Hilden near Düsseldorf in North Rhein-Westphalia, has landed in a special clinic in Duisburg with severe burns to her face and body. On Saturday morning, December 29, 2012, the doorbell rang at the residence of Reyhan’s grandparents. A man in disguise quickly sprayed the young woman twice in the face and body with a fluid which turned out to be sulphuric acid. He then fled the scene without having said a word.

A few hours after the attack, police arrested a former boyfriend, a 22-year-old Turkish man by the name of Serhat K. During interrogation the suspect admitted having incited a younger 18-year-old male accomplice to carry out the attack. The name and other background information of this individual does not appear to be available at this point, although the video included here identifies him as Syrian. On the day of the crime he turned himself in to Düsseldorf police in the company of his lawyer.

Here is the news report from Westdeutsche Rundfunk (WDR) of 30 December 2012:

Examination of many media sources failed to turn up any mention of Islam in connection with this crime, although all the principals appear to originate from the Islamic cultural sphere, and the circumstances of the event suggest a crime of the “honour” type.

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Woman in Germany seriously injured in acid attack

Original translation by Bear 

H/T Magic Martin

From Le Figaro


a young woman of Turkish origins was gravely injured at Hilden (west of Germany) after being victim of an attack of sulfuric acid. the young woman aged 20, had opened the door of her home saturday morning when a stranger hosed her with a liquid from a can, explained the police of Mettmann.

“the victim immediately sensed a strong sensation of burning on the face and called for help.” that noted that it was acid. Gravelly injured the young woman was evacuated to a hospital in the region but her prognosis remains uncertain. the grand mother of the young woman was also lightly injured by the liquid.

two suspects were arrested after the attack by police. the first aged 22 of Turkish origins was arrested saturday. during his interrogation he indicated to the investigators to have financed this aggression to a person he knew has indicated the police of Mettmann and the floor of Dusseldorf in a common communication. he was presented to a judge and imprisoned.

the second suspect aged 18, presumed author of the aggression, turned himself in Sunday to the police and was to be presented to a judge. “The aggression was committed with sulfuric acid that the perpetrators had bought in a pharmacy’ explained the authorities.

UPDATE: Two Muslim turks arrested

Woman forced to remarry the husband who threw acid in her face after she divorced him for being unfaithful

H/T EDL Buck

Daily Mail:

  • Nurbanu had divorced her husband of 18 years after discovering he had been unfaithful
  • Eight days later the 36-year-old was at home in Bangladesh when her former spouse arrived and threw acid into her face
  • He was jailed for a year but following his release Nurbanu is once again living with the man who left her blind and severely scarred


PUBLISHED: 12:22 GMT, 27 November 2012 | UPDATED: 14:34 GMT, 27 November 2012

Survivor: Nurbanu's husband threw acid in her face eight days after she divorced him for being unfaithfulSurvivor: Nurbanu’s husband threw acid in her face eight days after she divorced him for being unfaithful

This woman’s horrific scars serve as a cruel and permanent reminder of the moment her husband of 18 years flung acid into her face.

Nurbanu had divorced her unfaithful and violent spouse after catching him with another woman.

Eight days later, she was cooking at home in Bangladesh when he pulled up on a motorbike and doused her with acid, leaving her blind and disfigured.

The 36-year-old now has to endure living with her former spouse again after his mother forced her to sign an affidavit to have him released from prison following the attack.

Nurbanu’s husband of 18 years went into hiding after mutilating his former wife, but was caught ten months later and jailed for a year, according to a report on The Huffington Post.

‘His mother paid for his release on bail,’ said Nurbanu, who is from Satkhira in south west Bangladesh.

‘She made me sign an affidavit to have him released. She used my sons to convince me to marry him again.

‘People would think a husband would take care of a blind wife. But this doesn’t happen,’ Nurbanu said.

She also said her spouse continues to beat and threaten her, adding: ‘This is how my days go by.’

Nurbanu, who is unable to even prepare a meal for herself following her husband’s devastating attack, is one of thousands of women to fall victim to acid violence in Bangladesh in recent years.

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