A tale of two handshakes

I have often said, at least anytime I get the chance, that there is no such thing as ‘multiculturalism’, that no one actually believes there is, and the people who believe it the least are the ones who champion it the most.

Here is some minor evidence of these statements, although there are far more entertaining ones should the need arise.

But I like these because its the exact same issue, where a court was asked to decide exactly which culture was legally dominant, which no matter how you slice it, means there is no multiculturalism. Because its an oxymoron. In the same way as you cannot go back in time and kill your grandparents when they were kids.

Muslim Couple Denied Swiss Citizenship Over Refusing a Male-Female Handshake

According to the local officials, the bid was blocked due to the couple’s “lack of respect for gender equality.” In a similar episode two years ago, two Syrian brothers who refused to shake hands with female teachers sparked a national outrage in Switzerland.

The authorities of Lausanne, a city


in southwest Switzerland, have denied a Muslim couple’s citizenship bid over their refusal to shake hands with people of the opposite sex.


A three-member commission blocked the application, citing their “lack of respect for gender equality,” Lausanne mayor Gregoire Junod said, as quoted by AFP. The two have also struggled with answering questions asked by members of the opposite gender.

OK this is pretty straight forward. The muslims tried to shove their culture at the Swiss by not shaking hands with an opposite sex person. (At this late stage of the Marxist infection, we can at least be grateful both sides agree there are two sexes) The commission chose in favour of the very European notion of the importance of a handshake in new relationships of a professional nature.

So one culture won. The Swiss. Then you have this:

Sweden Muslim woman who refused handshake at job interview wins case

A Swedish Muslim woman has won compensation after her job interview was ended when she refused a handshake.

Farah Alhajeh, 24, was applying for a job as an interpreter when she declined to shake the hand of a male interviewer for religious reasons.


She placed her hand over her heart in greeting instead.

The Swedish labour court ruled the company had discriminated against her and ordered it to pay 40,000 kronor ($4,350; £3,420) in compensation.


Some Muslims avoid physical contact with members of the opposite sex, except for those in their immediate family.


However handshakes are traditional in Europe. Additionally, anti-discrimination legislation may forbid companies and public bodies from treating people differently because of their gender.

They should have added the exception to the physical contact thing that it doesn’t apply when muslims are raping Europeans. But what is interesting is that a court of law in Sweden has now made it clear that there is one culture, which is an Islamic one, while the Swedish one for the moment will be tolerated between Swedes only.

There are other groups that have similar no-contact rules for religious reasons, but typically they will not put themselves in a position where those kinds of choices have to be made. Much like the difference between Jews refusing to eat pork or pig products, and Muslims forcing you not to have pork or pig products, which is increasingly the case.

This isn’t really the most fun evidence of the initial assertion though.

I have started a list, and its growing by the day.

Should you know someone who claims to believe in multiculturalism, ask them a few questions.

Would they support a municipal arena to stone women who violated sharia in one of many ways?

Death for blasphemy?

Death for apostasy from Islam?

Would they donate to a bullfight arena downtown?

Is it OK to force burn the living widow of a man who recently passed away on his funeral pyre as the Hindus did till the British put an end to it?

A restaurant for Cannibals?

Would they support a ban on all representational art and all music that uses instruments or women’s voices?

Here is my personal favorite as a Canadian:

Can I open a bar where people can, if they choose to, come in and drink booze, smoke cigarettes and watch hockey while admiring women and maybe trying to meet one they don’t already know?

Since the answer to all these will be no, we learn that multiculturalism is a code word for one global culture of a mix of soft-islam, and primarily postmodern Marxism.







And apropos of nothing at all:

When audacity meets stupidity, this is the result:

An original translation by Carpe Diem

From P.I. News:

When audacity meets stupidity, this is the result: In Herne/Germany a DHL courier has recently delivered parcels dressed in costume that allegedly represented Saint Nicholas and greeted his customers with the familiar “ho, ho, ho”. Many of his customers appreciate this nice gesture especially in the weeks before Christmas, something he had done in his district for years. Now, a “customer of a different faith” (guess which one) has complained because his religious feelings had been offended. DHL and police have now asked the courier to leave off the garment.

Many citizens are indignant. The founders of our Constitution certainly had different thoughts referring to religious freedom. But it gets even better: The postman didn’t even dress as Saint Nicholas but as Santa, Santa, who has nothing to do with Saint Nicholas or religion at all, since he I simply the advertising figure of a well-known soft drink brand…
One obviously cannot expect citizens of a specific religion, appeasing DHL board and docile police to understand such “subtleties”.

Reads: Official Partner of Santa

And it still gets better: Last year DHL couriers had a badge on their jackets reading “Official Partner of Santa”. So, a marketing gag is regarded as discrimination within a year. Amazing how fast hostile take-over of our country proceeds.


Translation: Carpe Diem

Petty criminal addicted to chewing stimulant plant khat jailed for 26 years for decapitating friend who bled to death in café


Daily Mail:

  • Ayanle Adan, 26, of Southend, launched surprise attack on Hanad Osman
  • Osman, 24, was looking at his phone when he suffered 8in gash to neck
  • Bled to death in front of shocked customers at café in Streatham, London

By Mark Duell

PUBLISHED: 19:33, 23 April 2013 | UPDATED: 19:57, 23 April 2013

  • Comments (19)
  • A petty criminal who almost decapitating a rival in a cafe selling the legal drug khat was today jailed.

Ayanle Adan, 26, of Southend-on-Sea, Essex, was sentenced to at least 26 years in prison after he launched a surprise attack on Hanad Osman, 24, after buying two knives from a Sainsbury’s store.

Mr Osman, who was looking at his phone, suffered an 8in gash to his neck and bled to death at the scene in front of shocked customers at the Waaberi Business Centre in Streatham, south London.

Somalitard decapitates man in London Cafe

Somalitard decapitates man in London Cafe

Sex attacker wins right to appeal over cultural differences

Any nation that pretends to multiculturalism actually has to do this. Not only grant him an appeal, but they should force the rape victim to ‘marry’ him and then let him kill her. After all, that is the Afghan tradition and Islamic law. Multiculturalism is an oxymoron. It simply cannot be. There cannot be more than one set of legal principles operating in the same area. The government of Australia is now asking a rape victim to accept no justice because her rapist was from a culture where rape of women is the norm.

In more rational periods of human history this would have been grounds for serious actions against a democratic government. It would have been headline news for weeks or even months in say, the 1960s and would have been discussed in the bars and schools of the free world by all. After all, one can’t help but notice that for us regular civilized folk, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse” while for an Afghan, “an unclear concept of what constitutes consent” (ibid) is grounds for an appeal.

As it is, likely the vast majority of people will never even hear about this.

H/T The Observer


AN Afghan refugee who argued cultural differences led him to rape a drunken girl has won a bid to appeal against a 14-year jail term.

Esmatullah Sharifi, 31, was given a total 11-year non-parole term for two rapes committed within days of each other in December 2008.

He pleaded guilty at separate hearings to raping a teen on December 19 and a woman, 25, on Christmas Eve. He’s been granted leave to appeal against the sentence for raping the teen.

A date is yet to be set.

Granting leave to appeal, Court of Appeal Justice Robert Redlich said: “The sentencing judge rejected any suggestion (Sharifi) didn’t have a clear concept of consent in sexual relations. His Honour concluded that the protection of the community was the principal purpose for which the sentence was imposed.”

But he said the 18-year-old victim had found there were “aspects of his conduct that were strange” because Sharifi treated her like a “willing participant”.

He noted that Sharifi, who came to Australia on a temporary protection visa in 2001, also drove her home.

“It proves, in my view, an adequate basis for most grounds of appeal that (Sharifi) wishes to pursue,” the judge said.

In April last year, a psychologist told the County Court that Sharifi had “an unclear concept of what constitutes consent in sexual relationships” in Australia.

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No names yet being mentioned, especially from where they originally hail, ethnic Swedes or from elsewhere.

Explosion at Jewish centre in Malmö

Published: 28 Sep 12 07:18 CET | Double click on a word to get a translation

Police were called out early on Friday morning after loud bangs were heard near the Jewish community centre in Malmö, southern Sweden.

“There as been an explosion. Something has detonated – we are certain of that,” said police officer Erik Liljenström to local paper Sydsvenskan early on Friday morning.

The police received a call shortly after 1am. Witnesses said they had heard loud bangs near the centre some 15 minutes earlier.

When police arrived at the scene they soon established that there had been some sort of explosion and that someone had tried to smash in the door.

There were loose paving stones lying among shards of shattered glass in front of the entrance, according to the paper.

While damage had been done to the front door, the building had not been damaged in any other way as far as the police could see, but according to witness statements the blasts were heard a few blocks away.

Police spoke to many of the witnesses and cordoned off the area pending the forensic investigation, carried out overnight.

Several independent witnesses said that they had seen two cars leave the area at high speed just after the bangs.

More here.


Stupid, stupid, stupid….

The headline to The Local is misleading, this is only one green light in a long line of many,  but this is how it all begins. The furthering of Islamization in Sweden till it reaches a tipping point. Keep clowning around with your freedoms Sweden, and don’t ever say that you weren’t warned. Here’s a quote by the Islamic society’s chairman, Ismail Okur which shows you exactly their mindset, their insistence to keep the pressure up for more and more:

Okur stressed, however, that the Islamic Association’s initial request was to have a call to prayer once a week, rather than five times a day. We have to start somewhere,” he said.

NOTE: Some years ago, Sweden’s ministry of (anti-)justice headed at the time by Göran Lambertz refused to raise charges against that allowed a mosque the right to continue offering tapes with antisemitic messages, deeming them in compliance with local cultural norms in discourse. This was done in light of the fact that Jews are consistently bearing the brunt  of antisemitic attacks, far more than Muslims claim (falsely) about themselves.

ALSO: Meanwhile: Jewish center attacked in Malmö Sweden breaking (today 28.9.2012)

On Tuesday, a majority of the members of Botkyrka municipality’s city planning committee voted in favour of scrapping a 1994 prohibition on allowing prayer calls dating from before the construction of the mosque, located in the municipality’sFittja district, the Dagen newspaper reported.

The Christian Democrats were the only party to vote against allowing the mosque to make prayer calls.

The matter was put to a vote after Ismail Okur, chair of the Botkyrka Islamic Association (Islamiska föreningen i Botkyrka) filed a citizens’ petition with the local council in January seeking permission to allow prayer calls at the mosque.


However, the local council’s decision to allow prayer calls at the mosque is only the first step toward making Okur’s request a reality.

First the entire municipal council and executive board must approve the move. Then the Islamic Association must decide whether to file a request for a permit with local police, or start sounding the call to prayer immediately.

The decision could be of major significance for Sweden, as it could set a precedent for other mosques in the country to follow, according to Dagen.

Stefan Dayne, a Christian Democrat member of the city planning committee who voted against lifting the ban, claimed that members of other parties didn’t vote to uphold the prayer call ban because “they were afraid” of losing the support of local Muslims.

More here.

French police shot in urban violence

The Australian:

  • AAP
  • August 25, 2012 11:20PM

FRANCE has suffered a fresh outbreak of urban unrest, with three police officers wounded in an attack by a crowd firing shotguns and lobbing petrol bombs.

Two of the officers were wounded by shotgun pellets and the third by a firework used as a rocket in the incident that began late on Friday in the Grigny suburb of Paris, police said.

The unrest began after a police unit broke up a fight between around 20 people. The officers were set upon as they returned to their vehicles by a crowd, some of whom fired shotguns and threw petrol bombs.

Riot police were rushed to the area and used tear gas to disperse the crowd.

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Muslim preacher who tried to strangle his daughter, 16, for refusing an arranged marriage to her cousin spared jail

Anyone think this guy has a restaurant that makes it worth it?

Daily Mail:

  • Abid Hussain grabbed his daughter around the neck after she rejected wedding plans
  • Her two brothers were also convicted of assault
  • All three were handed suspended jail terms

By David Baker

PUBLISHED: 08:36 GMT, 28 July 2012 | UPDATED: 21:40 GMT, 28 July 2012

Free to go: Abid Hussain leaving Manchester Crown Court where the Muslim preacher who tried to strangle his 16-year old daughter avoided jail Free to go: Abid Hussain leaving Manchester Crown Court where the Muslim preacher who tried to strangle his 16-year old daughter avoided jail

A Muslim preacher who tried to strangle his 16-year old daughter after she refused to enter into an arranged marriage with her cousin has avoided jail.

Abid Hussain, 56, grabbed the neck of Rabiyah Abid and said: ‘If you don’t follow my rules I will kill you’ after she rejected his plans for her to wed.

Hussain also left the teenager in fear of her life as he battered her about the head at the family home above the mosque he runs at Longsight, Manchester.

The father-of-five had snapped after discovering Rabiyah refused to follow strict Islamic tradition and embarked on a romance with a student she had met on Facebook.

She had previously run away from home to be with him and even helped police draw up a court order banning her father from forcing her into the marriage.

At Manchester Crown Court yesterday Hussain was convicted of assault and making threats to kill. He admitted his daughter’s conduct had ‘brought shame’ on his family and caused him ‘mental torture’ but denied wrongdoing.

His two sons Nawab Uddin, 23, and Bahaud Uddin, 21 were also convicted of assaulting the teen.

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Gipsies: a political affair

Translation by Michael Laudahn:

From Lematin.Ch

Since sunday, numerous caravans have occupied without authorisation a vaste private terrain at Collombey-Muraz (VS).

Society: Eight hundred gipsies are squatting on a terrain at Collombey-Muraz (VS) [Valais canton], to the great regret of the farmers. The population’s incomprehension and anger have led those elected to propose ways-out.


They have landed with some fifty caravans, sunday on a private land close to Collombey-Muraz (VS). Yesterday morning, ‘we have counted 77 of them, and more keep coming’, deplores Simon Turin, the farmer exploiting this field where gens du voyage [travelling people] of french origin have chosen their quarters in complete illegality. The gipsies should be more than 800 this weekend, in order to celebrate a wedding.


Irritated, Simon Turin and Paul Kunz, this land’s proprietor, have appealed to the forces of order, hoping to see the gypsies leave the place. But it won’t be that way. They will stay there until sunday, to the great regret of the farmers and the local population, all of them fearing for their security, and not understanding why these people’s presence is enforced upon them. With regard to police, officers – ‘bereft’ of the option to demand their expulsion – are in a bad position having to negotiate with the gipsies, according to Jean-Marie Bornet, speaker of the Valais canton police.


Contacted yesterday, the Valais security minister Esther Waeber-Kalbermatten is not envisaging an imminent solution. And does not appear to consider the situation’s dimension: ‘Police do their maximum to safeguard the population’s safety. They respond to the orders of the prosecution service.’ A Valais prosecution service whose role it is ‘to stop those infractions which persist’, explains Nicolas Dubuis, procureur général adjoint. ‘But this set of problems with travellers is complex. It is the politicians’ responsibility.’  Continue Reading →