World’s biggest people smuggler busted in Brazil

Thank you José Atento, blog Lei Islâmica em Ação, for this.

The biggest human smuggler in the world, Saifullah Al Mamun, was arrested in a joint operation between the Brazilian Federal Police and the US Migration Agency.

Eight foreigners were arrested on Thursday (31) in an operation to combat smuggling of immigrants, en route to the United States. Research shows that the gang earned $ 10 million between 2014 and 2019.

Five citizens from Bangladesh and three from Pakistan were temporarily arrested. Among them, leader Saifullah Al Mamun, considered by the US government to be the world’s largest human trafficker. The gang was housed in São Paulo. Illegal migration to the United States was done through travel agencies for the purpose of laundering money. The criminal organization charged up to 10 thousand US$ per person to facilitate the migration.

Since November 2017, 84 people sent by the gang have been arrested on arrival in the United States. The Federal Police confirmed that 395 other migrants passed the Brazilian route with the same destination through two agencies in downtown São Paulo. The victims are mostly young people in their 30s.

Illegal immigrants departed from Guarulhos International Airport in São Paulo, bound for Rio Branco, Acre. From there, they crossed the Peruvian border and drove by land to the Mexican border with the United States. Logistics were made in contact with members of the criminal organization in the countries involved.

The accused must be responsible for migrant smuggling crimes qualified by submission to inhuman and degrading conditions, money laundering and criminal organization.

Pakistan threatens India with nuclear strike

(This is not the first time that India-Pakistan jingoism has reached the nuclear threat level. This doesn’t mean its not serious, but it doesn’t mean you should spend all your savings on iodine tablets either.)

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Several injured in Kashmir in clashes with Indian police

SRINAGAR, India (Reuters) – Indian security forces injured at least six people on Saturday in Srinagar, the main city in the Indian-controlled part of Kashmir, as several protests broke out against New Delhi’s revocation of the region’s autonomy last week.


In New York, the U.N. Security Council held its first meeting in almost 50 years on Kashmir, a majority Muslim region claimed by both India and Pakistan – which controls its western third. However, China, which also controls a small part of Kashmir, failed to secure a Council statement.

Two police officials and eyewitnesses said clashes had begun on Friday evening.


Some city residents said they had been assaulted or verbally abused and that security forces had caused damage as they raided homes after stone-throwing incidents in the past two days.


Pakistani Mulla gets beaten up by women after he was caught doing a bit of ‘hanky-panky’ while teaching Quran to little girls

This may help to explain Rotherham

Asia Bibi in Canada

It is possible that this is the first genuine refugee Canada has taken in. And it is an amazingly good thing that Canada did. One wonders if there are conditions to her being here such as limits to her freedom of speech to discuss Islam and its impact on minorities in Islamic countries. It is difficult not to believe that the Saudi girls are not under conditions like that as their language has been extremely measured since arriving here.

The CBC article failed to mention that the UK turned down her application because of concerns over how local muslims would behave. Once again showing who makes the law in the UK.

It is a powerfully good thing that Canada brought in Asia. However I personally have met migrants to Canada from Syria who were Christian but had to lie and say they were Muslim to get into Canada as a refugee. So while this extremely high profile case is an excellent event, someone needs to look in to the actual policy in Canada in terms of accepting genuine refugees of Islamic horror and discrimination against minority religions and see what is wrong in the system.


Pakistan parades captured Indian pilot (UPDATES on India Pakistan conflict)

Daily Mail has good updates on the escalation of India-Pakistan conflict over Kashmir.

Pakistan suspends commercial flights, domestic and international over conflict region.

Thanks to all who are keeping us abreast of the events in the comments.


BREAKING: Indian jets BOMB targets in Pakistan – Pakistani airforce SCRAMBLES in response

From The Express:

INDIAN warplanes have bombed suspected militant camps inside Pakistan, following a suicide attack which killed at least 40 paramilitary soldiers last week, according to the country’s military.

The Pakistani airforce scrabbled its own jets in response.

The attack took place over the line of control, which separates the Indian and Pakistani controlled sections of Kashmir.


On Twitter Indian Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat commented: “Air Force carried out aerial strike early morning today at terror camps and completely destroyed it.”


There are no reports thus far of any casualties.

Pakistan’s military said Indian military aircraft had crossed into its territory in the disputed Kashmir region and “released a payload”.


Twelve Mirage 2000 warplanes dropped 1,000kg bombs on militant training camps according to sources speaking to The Times of India.

Pakistan plans retaliation’

Thank you Wrath of Khan


Pakistanis riot, demanding much that makes Lilliput look perfectly reasonable

It has been some decades since I read Gulliver’s Travels. The main part, and the part no one seems to remember anything else other than, is where two nations go to war over which end of the egg should be cracked before consuming it.

Well Pakistan has it beat.

For weeks now, major riots have been taking place resulting in numerous deaths and massive and regular breaches of all civilized rules, such as not hiding fighters in ambulances etc. All because a legislator proposed something and didn’t mention Islam’s founder and pirate in chief, Mohammad.

The legislator apologized and blamed it on a clerical error when he saw the scale and viciousness of the rioters but that wasn’t enough for them. They now demand his resignation and more.

(Maybe if Pakistan had some better TV shows?)

For more of this planned directed chaos intended to intimidate the few Pakistani legislators who may have a trace of liberal consciousness, please look at the comments in the Reader’s Links posts over the past few days and even last week.

Thank you M. and all who sent in related materials. This is no small thing. It is happening increasingly and with increasing lethality in the West. The Charlie Hebdo massacre was absolutely a manifestation of this consciousness.

Also the normalizing of the very concept of blasphemy as a criminal matter, and deserving of death is extremely serious. It was a scant few years ago when all of us would have thought the notion primitive, medieval and not possible in the modern world.