EDL documentary I – My Hometown Fanatics (Stacey Dooley Investigates)

February saw the broadcast in the UK of two separate in-depth documentaries taking the English Defence League (EDL) as their theme.

Long overdue, these programs both shared two particular characteristics. First, an almost allergic unwillingness to square up to or cite the easily-verifiable realities of Islamic doctrine, in any way. Second, an attempt by the respective filmmakers to use both editorializing and film-editing to present a slanted picture often at considerabe odds with the facts.

The first program was a childish, bordering on the infantile, effort by the BBC which purported to cover the subject of extremism in Britain in general, and Luton in Bedfordshire in particular; which is the hotbed of Islamic radicalism that gave birth to the EDL.

BBC3’s Stacey Dooley, a young lady clearly not recruited into documentary making because of her brains, failed to draw any evidence-based conclusions in her “examination” of both Islamism, and the English Defence League (EDL); which originated in her home town.

Dooley has considerable experience as a documentary maker and the format of her “investigations” are identical. They consist of the naive and ditsy Stacey being confronted with very serious issues indeed, in order to do little more than present her shallow emotional responses to the matter in question. That’s it. Simply, she doesn’t make films about issues, she uses issues to make films about herself.

However, no matter how hard the program-makers might have tried, in typical BBC fashion, to obscure the truth: much of the footage speaks volumes about the reality of life in Luton; and will prove eye-opening to many international viewers about what many working-class areas in England are like.

But some of the more laughable scenes include:

  • Stacey putting on a niqab to “understand” how Muslim women feel… While ignoring the issues of choice, force and consent; let alone honour killings and gender segregation; which are inherent in Islam.
  • Trying for the entire program to get an interview with the leader of the EDL, Tommy Robinson. Then, having succeeded in doing so spending all their time telling him about her views on a subject she knows nothing about (rather than asking him any questions and listening to his answers).
  • Not covering the question of the demographic replacement of native Britons in Luton by South Asians, as anything other than (a) completely normal, or (b) absolutely wonderful.
  • Taking at face value the pronouncements on Islam from individuals who clearly have a very strong vested interest in presenting a particular and distorted picture. And the usual crop of Muslims who do not even know the content of their own religion. (e.g. Islam “condemns the killing of the innocent”. Yes it does, but it also defines the unbeliever as necessarily guilty.)
  • Not confronting preposterous statements and situations. A particularly breathtaking segment is where a community leader says that none of the remaining native residents have complained about the call to prayer being broadcast through loudhailers in their former neighborhoods. Hmmm… what always happens to people who complain about Islam?
  • To say nothing of the young Muslim lad chatting up Stacey being presented as indicative of the community’s normalcy. I wonder what response a male non-Muslim program maker trying to pick up a Muslim girl would have elicited?
  • Dooley also chides Tommy Robinson as unreasonable for wanting to end any discussion premised on accepting the imposition of Sharia in his country (!): this while he and Dooley are being physically intimidated by “youths” because they are talking publicly and critically about Islam; and despite this, she insistently repeats the assertion that only a “tiny, tiny” minority of Muslims are extremists. (For the record, repeated surveys have pegged support for Sharia amongst Britain’s Muslims at 60%.)

Dooley’s final conclusion suggests that what is at fault in Luton, is “ignorance” as ignorance causes extreme feelings…

Sure Stacey, because people only hate Nazism until they find out more about it.

Though “My Home Town Fanatics” inadvertently reveals much about modern Britain there is an enormous amount that it deliberately conceals. Here’s footage from Leicester for example, a town slightly further down the Islamic demographic path than Luton, to give you an idea of what I mean.


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12 Replies to “EDL documentary I – My Hometown Fanatics (Stacey Dooley Investigates)”

  1. I saw the trailer for her “documentary” on this site ( I think!) and thought “what a brave lady”. Then I watched the whole thing on BBC I player, and my opinion changed completely to “what a cretin”.
    She lapped up everything the so-called moderate muslims said without question.

  2. I have not taken the time yet to watch this documentary, but I´ve seen the short clip that´s been posted here before and that is enough for me. Stacey Dooley is so ignorant about Islam and it´s oppressive capacity. She also made a complete fool out of herself when she decided to dress like a mobile tent.

  3. ok fine ..but for god’s sake you have all missed the real point…stacy is really really …really cute….I mean she is totally hot and I would want to go out with her absolutely…I am not sure about what she said, well actually I wasn’t really really listening, cause she is so friggin hot it doesn’t matter what she said….so really people grow up…stacy is cute and I would marry her in a second and surely that is all that counts in life!!!!!! yeesh…….um does anyone have her number?

  4. we are scared of them,they feel scared of us.What ever the reason there is gonna be trouble in the future.Thanks to previous and present govts for the failed social experiment that is multi culturealism.If only they had read a bit of history.Start with ancient rome.Same problems different times.Prepare yourself both mentally and physically for the next 30 yrs (if we all see them)

  5. To all my non-muslim friends, as history has proven over 1400 years of jihad wars-muslims will not leave quietly or without a fight.

    I recommend that we all get organized and get armed to defend ourselves, our communities and nation. We need to work as groups as they do as well. Fight Islam and Sharia law wherever it tries to impose itself on our secular democracy.

    they are here to conquer us-they know they are at war with us, it is time we accept this fact and act accordingly even if our elites/intelligentsia are clueless.

  6. @ Charles, agreed Stacey is super-cute and adorable, but very naive. She thinks talking will magically make the problems go away. When in reality this is a global war we’re in against a dark ages fascist totalitarian death cult/ideology that is like Nazism with a god.

    We need to keep our nations free and safe from Islam so the Stacey’s of the world can prance around being their cute and lovely selves without fear of being raped by muslim gangs, forced to marry one of them and terrorized into wearing living under a full body rag their whole adult lives while their psycho muslim husbands beat them for making their eggs to runny. Fuck Islam.

  7. muslims will only leave if they are made to feel ‘unwelcome’ if you catch my drift. We non-muslims must take the initiative and ‘encourage’ them to leave our countries. Otherwise when their population gets large enough, they will be forcing us to bow to them and their evil death cult.

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