BBC reports on one of its own presenters who is confirmed to have died of the mRNA shot

This must have presented quite a dilemma for the Beeb. They appear to have worked around it by stressing the “rarity” of these events. That rhetorical device may not work much longer though, as more and more people will come to know vaxx damaged, and vaxx deceased. Even the most slavishly obedient to the authorities and the narrative will have to internally at least, begin to question that one.

Condolences to her family.

Segment 1 from weekly Reiner Fuellmich webcast on Covid issues: Sally Beck

Sally Beck, reporter for among others, The Daily Mail. starts out discussing much that most people who would read a website like this would likely already know for the most part. But she gets into the issue of pilots and the injections, which the MSM is working very hard to keep out of public knowledge. She also discusses the orders of magnitude of deception of the BBC compared to the reality of events. For example, one freedom protests in London had over 500,000 people, and the BBC (British Brainwashing Corporation) reported only 350.

German translations edited out.

Pop quiz: The BBC named the motive for the Paris police jihad attack as:

1. Premeditated jihad attack

2. Spontaneous jihad attack

3. Workplace violence

4. Episode of Schizophrenia

5. A moment of madness

Paris police attacker had suffered ‘psychotic fit’, says wife

The wife of a police employee who killed four colleagues at the Paris force’s HQ says he had a psychotic episode, was incoherent and heard voices the night before, reports say.

Mickaël Harpon, 45, was shot dead by police at the scene.


His wife, who is in police custody but not charged, told police that he had a disagreement with his bosses, according to French media.

French officials are trying to establish a motive for the killings. [bm]


Police union officials have also suggested that Harpon may have been involved in a workplace dispute.

The BBC deliberately fails to mention a number of points that are well known at the time of publication.

A. He smuggled a ceramic knife in that would pass the metal detectors, and likely had to modify that knife as most ceramic knives do have metal in the handles to trigger metal detectors.

B. The “disagreement” at work was about working with women and shaking hands with women.

C. He had converted to Islam 18 months before this attack. (This is said but far down the page and couple with “no sign of radicalization”)

D. His wife was also arrested by Paris police.

E. semi-related, this man worked with IT at the French counter-terrorism HQ for the whole country. France is in a mild state of panic as they do not know how much information from their whole counter-terrorism program was leaked to islamic or other terror groups, as this man worked with IT in a secured area. Also, once it becomes more wifely known, French security will rightfully be seen as a joke and will likely diminish its role and trust level with international counter-terrorism. We hope to do a video on that later today or tonight.

George Orwell was an optimist

This is why they call it the Lugenpresse in Germany, and “Fake News” in the USA.

For anyone who has been following the story of the Senegal migrant to Italy who decided to take revenge on Italian Children he was paid to drive by burning them all alive because he couldn’t willy nilly import every friend or relative he has at state expense, you might see why this BBC headline could be upsetting to some:

Imagine if you would, thousands of Englishmen going to the various publicly funded palaces of the BBC with piles of dog evacuate sandwiches and glasses of urine and offering them to the staff inside and telling them, “This is filet mignon and Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1999 please enjoy! And if they protest that it is not, and claim  it’s really a shit sandwich and a glass of piss, start screaming at them that they are horrible racists who just hate brown people.

That would actually be what even the BBC would have to call, “proportional response”.


Antisemitic CBC reports on “Claims” that “militants” fired rockets at Tel Aviv

In its classic racist and antisemitic fashion, the CBC spins an undeclared attack on a civilian city with rockets as a “claim” by militants. Which I guess is better than the BBC which appears to be waiting for Israel to respond so they can publish how Brutal Israel is.

Israeli news reported that Islamic Jihad was likely the source. So “Hamas denies responsibility” is so spun its fake news.

BBC busted for invention. Again.

Brian Krebs is widely respected in his field. One of the very top. It is a worthy thread overall and one begins to see how the BBC is losing any respect and credibility amongst increasingly reasonable and established ranks of people.


The BBC shows us why “Fake News” is not a strong enough term

We are all used to the MSM having as much of a cultural-Marxist shift to it as does Netflix. But the BBC has hit new lows with outright factual misrepresentations, compounded by lies against those they do not like, and multiplied by unreferenced allegations and a sprinkle of repetition to try and make something that is Soviet era propaganda look more like news.

Lets have a look at the click-bait yet irrelevant title of the ‘news-piece’ for openers:

German Jews propose anti-Semitism lessons for Muslim migrants

(I am pasting screen grabs of sections of the article because if BBC is dishonest enough to post this article, they are dishonest enough to change elements of it without explanation or admission of the earlier version.)

The first part of the problem of course is that they make Antisemitism a function of nation state propaganda, and not Islam, which is the actual reason muslim countries teach antisemitism as a base value.

While there is at least an admission that “many of whom come from muslim majority countries”, this could be called the kind of half truths famously referred to as “the damnedest of lies” by our literate forefathers. I would call it a lie of omission.

Then they go on to try and pin antisemitic acts against the classically liberal AfD, a party which is the only refuge for gay or Jewish or any other people who may have one attribute that muslims find to be more of a target than a cause for a ‘celebration of diversity’.

There are entire gay and Jewish groups that are formally AfD supporters. We have featured translated videos of them here at Vlad.

And while the German communist propaganda organ, DW typically invents anything and everything to try and herd Germans into suicide booths, one expects the BBC to be a little more subtle than they are in this article.

Also, notice that there are zero examples or attributions to the statements that the AfD is 1. Far right, 2. Antisemitic and 3. the majority of antisemitic attacks are by far right groups.

These are what we call, “claims”, not reportage.

Any non-far-left-extremist publication would be drawn and quartered for this kind of rampant invention.

Now lets have a look at the video they embedded in their report:




Above, a screen cap from the embedded video of what they claim is, “A young Jewish man that was attacked in Berlin”

(Readers of this site might remember that we were the first people to post that video outside of Facebook, and had it pulled twice from Youtube despite every MSM source having it online)

The facts are, that this was a young Israeli Arab, who’s friend had given him a kappa as a present but warned him not to wear it in Berlin as the danger from muslims would be high there.

An interview with the man targeted can be seen below:

Although the target was NOT JEWISH, he could not believe things were that bad for Jews in Germany so he wore the kappa as a test of his friend’s assertions, that turned out to be sadly true.

These are well known facts. But the BBC made him Jewish to set the tone for the rest of the article, which is a hit piece against the AfD, with a pretext of being about classes against antisemitism for muslim immigrants.

Here is the actual video:

The rest of the article as it is can be found here. I have backed it up and photographed it in case BBC attempts further Winston Smith like changes to history.

Further example of BBC propaganda from some years ago, a documentary claiming that Jesus Christ was really a Buddhist monk named ISSA.

All fair and good. Now let’s see their documentary using Robert Spencer’s excellent research showing that Mohammad never existed.

Eeyore for VladTepesBlog

(A current example of a DW propaganda piece is this one from today, where they claim that the German security chief is being fired for refuting the “well documented” case of migrant hunting in Chemnitz, which in fact has been clearly established as an ANTIFA staged and edited clip use by the Merkel government to quell protests against her globalist policies in Germany)

Manchester mosque inspired arena bomber by calling for armed jihad

From this BBC article:

I would like to congratulate the BBC for this story. While it is still clinging to the narrative that this is not the real islam etc. ad-nuseum, it is amazingly factual and meaningful compared to any UK or major Western MSM production. The spin at the end was deflecting and one or two mandatory salutes to islam in the middle, but overall, this was amazing by the standards of a mostly fully deceiving far left wing extremist media in the West.