A closer look at the assassination of a Trump supporter in Portland

A day or so ago, we republished an analysis of the nature of ANTIFA by two trained special forces who were there to see how the riots were done tactically. If you haven’t read it, please do. It is very important in terms of understanding the tactics that ANTIFA uses, and raises the degree to which we can understand them as a strategic threat.

This link is a similar kind of analysis of the actual murder that took place last week of a Trump supporter in Portland. Read it at the link. Below, is one of the videos of that event.


Thank you Gates of Vienna


Understanding the degree to which ANTIFA is a threat

Article by 2 ex military who ran into ANTIFA in Portland. This article is really important and needs to be read to understand what is happening, and who ANTIFA are. But the site loads really slowly when it loads, and you need to be on a US server. I suspect its under heavy DDoS but DO read it.

In the article there is a video Youtube took down. Its no more violent than a million more on Youtube, but it shows ANTIFA for what they are, which is likely why they removed it.

Below appears to be part of that video

Thank you Gates of Vienna and ML. for this one.


The site linked at the top appears to have been taken down. I believe it is from DDoS, which the site operators also claim is the case.

I will post the text of the article below, with the understanding that it is better if people click through and read it at the source once their site is restored. But this is a very important article as it reveals the extent and sophistication of ANTIFA/BLM attacks and how they manage to achieve a military set of objectives but force the rest of us to respond in a law and order manner, effectively giving them the win despite inferior force multipliers:

“Very basic background. My friend is a prior service 1st LAR 0311, 0351. (from Wiki: 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion is a fast and mobilized armored terrestrial reconnaissance battalion of the United States Marine Corps.) Multiple tours in the early to late 2000s, then DoE, then was put through selection and went to work for Colonel G____ as a team member. Since leaving, he has been doing contract work.

He is an experienced and capable meat eater and the furthest thing from a pussy or coward. Try to learn from his experiences.

“Me and three of my buddies were in Portland this weekend, got attacked by Antifa. There’s a Twitter video with millions of views on it. They ended up on Hannity and Tucker Carlson, Ben Shapiro etc., of us getting beaten with bats and rocks the size of cantaloupes thrown at us, getting spit on etc. We were all carrying pistols as well. Opportunity, ability and jeopardy, we were in a deadly force situation and we could easily articulate the use of deadly force, but they had pepper sprayed us. They were using industrial strobe lights on us, etc. We couldn’t PID our target and what lied beyond it, They did a great job of taking our situational awareness away, it was fucking incredible.
Bro my perspective on this changed so much.

The reason we were there wasn’t to counter protest or some shit, **** and *****, two of the guys with me, one of which is a bronze star and Purple Heart recipient. They’re both in the hiring process for the Portland Police Department. One is from Ohio and one is from Virginia. They both flew in that day just so they could come check out the city before they move their families across the nation.

Something else that I should make perfectly clear. We went to the Federal Courthouse first. There wasn’t a whole lot going on down there. We walked around and took some pictures. Bumped into a Sheriff at one point. Talked to him for a while. We asked him if the riots were over? He said fuck no, they’re trying to fuck a police station up right now on 47th and Burnside, We asked him if we could go, and he said yeah, it’s still a peaceful assembly, it hasn’t been declared a riot yet…. So, legit, we walked into this thing blind, in hindsight it was stupid on our part, I had no idea that they were like that. If it had been a full-blown riot we would not have gone. Bottom line, man, if you had ever given me a scenario like this and said hey, you’re sober, and you have a gun, and somebody is hitting you with a bat and throwing rocks at you that could kill you or put you in a coma, you try to get away but they cut you off with a convoy of vehicles and the assault starts again. They impede your movement and beat you with bats…
Would you shoot?

I’d be like, yeah what fucking planet are you from?

But in all the training that I’ve been through my life, I’ve never been in one where in the first five seconds of the scenario you’re blinded with a strobe light and sprayed with pepper spray…. That changes everything. They were throwing these rocks from 15 feet back in the crowd, you couldn’t see who the fuck through it, etc. things like that…. It’s just a good talking point for guys that carry concealed, but you need to think through all these different scenarios.

It got way worse after that video ended, they chased us for 11 city blocks. They had a convoy of about 25 vehicles that cut us off at the next intersection, They had scouts on the corner with radios, they had a drone following us, they had a bull horn calling us Nazis, and the crowd was following a red strobe light that was up in the air on a stick, so they would announce Nazis and then people would follow the red strobe light, That video is just the beginning, I’ve got a fucking fractured hand from a baton, everyone of us has black and blue bruises up and down their legs and back, I had a guy spit in my face from 6 inches away, call me a pussy and a coward for not doing anything about it, and then tell me that he was going to find where I live, rape my mother, rape my children in front of me and then kill me.

I’ve never been more angry about something in my fucking life, the level of restraint that it took for us to not fight back in any capacity whether that was with a gun or fists is incredible. All of us have kids at home. The only thing going through all of our minds was we have to be able to justify deadly force if we’re going to go that route, there’s also hundreds of these people, we can’t see straight because of all the pepper spray, and it’s hard to PID exactly who is throwing these rocks and hitting us with batons, because they would hit you and fucking run and their buddy would run up and hit you. It was an incredibly stressful situation, they did a very good job tactically of taking away your situational awareness, and in my opinion complicating your legal defense when you split one of their faces open with a hollow point.

As we were running from the crowd after about the third block or so, we’re sprinting because the mob head caught back up to us and vehicles were trying to cut us off, I put my hand on the back strap on my appendix, And I heard somebody yell “Hey bro, whatever you’re reaching for, don’t reach, just keep running, they’re still 30 feet behind you. Keep running straight.”

We get 11 blocks down the road and this black Chevy Impala is ghosting us down the street, he’s kind of been in our shadow since block two or three He rolls his window down and starts asking us a bunch of questions. Why are we here, what are we doing, telling us we need to get the fuck out of here, asking us where our car is etc., we pretty much told him to get the fuck away from us because we didn’t know who he was. I finally asked him at one point, Who the fuck are you, man, you need to leave us alone, and he was like I’m the fucking police, bro, who are you? So he pulled his car over and he and his partner talked to us. He was one of the special programs guys, either with SWAT or SRT or whatever. He was the one that yelled at me not to reach, and tried to help us out. He said he knew that we’ve been pepper sprayed and we’re having trouble seeing, I kind of snapped at him, Like hey motherfucker, You’ve been watching this whole thing fucking unfold and you didn’t intervene at all or light the crowd up or something? He started laughing and he was like, Man, if I got out and tried to help you guys, my fucking car would be on fire right now, and I’d be running next to you.

Bottom line: don’t go to an Antifa protest where you can put yourself in that situation. And if you find yourself in that situation, expect them to employ tactics that take away your situational awareness, and complicate the use of force continuum.”

Text scraped from site linked at the top

Didn’t a top tier Democrat recently give instructions to do this sort of thing?

Update: Man who shot Trump supporter in Portland killed by police during arrest

Somewhat related:

(Link above is from enemy-propaganda org. New York Times. Add filters when reading)

Michael Forest Reinoehl, an antifa supporter, died when law enforcement went to arrest him, four officials said. He was being investigated in the fatal shooting of a member of a far-right group.

SEATTLE — A man being investigated in the fatal shooting of a right-wing activist who was part of a pro-Trump caravan in Portland, Ore., was killed on Thursday night when authorities moved to arrest him, according to three law enforcement officials familiar with the investigation.

The officials said the suspect, Michael Forest Reinoehl, 48, was killed during the encounter in Lacey, Wash., southwest of Seattle, when a federal fugitive task force moved to apprehend him.

An arrest warrant had been issued by the Portland police earlier Thursday, on the same day that Vice News published an interview with Mr. Reinoehl in which he appeared to admit to the shooting, saying, “I had no choice.”


Before Kyle shot 3 ANTIFA, they tried to kill everyone with a flaming dumpster into gas pumps

Seems some normal people decided to fight back in Portland against ANTIFA

It becomes clear watching this video above why various leftist governments like Canada’s and various left run, US states like New York, went to extraordinary lengths to destroy perfectly legal and decent organizations like The Proud Boys. It is because they would not tolerate any organized effort to fight back against the Bolshevik thugs of the communists like ANTIFA and the phoney black rights group, Black Lives Matters.

2017 at Parliament Hill:

October 14, 2018 interview with a man who was expelled from the Canadian Military just for belonging to the Proud Boys. He had not even attended any meetings, and meetings were mostly just having a few beers out with the boys. None of the incredible pressure put on the Proud Boys while none is put on ANTIFA or BLM makes any rational sense unless you view leftist insurgency groups as a thug army of leftist governments who were waiting for a period like this to launch their insurgency.

It all makes sense now. There was NO reason for the New York judiciary to do what it did to Proud Boys who had been attacked by ANTIFA and no reason for what happened to this soldier, other than that the leftist long marchers in Government are determined to do to all patriot groups or anyone willing to resist the communist revolutionary insurgency.

October 19, 2018

What actually happened:

ANTIFA attempts to invade a biker’s meet up in Sturgis

This post is probably going to grow for a few days. So do check back from time to time as we update it with more info and hopefully really fun videos of ANTIFA fascists getting their organs handed to them on pewter plates.

Google’s new little trick is to remove sound from videos they don’t want us to see. Back in the day, they did that if there was a song playing and they could pretend it was a CR issue. But the video above has sound and the one below does not, just like the Alex Jones video posted earlier today. So we know what is really going on. Its that question that should be plaguing everyone:

If power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, then how corrupt is google, given that they have more power than any institution of any kind before in world history?

Sound and fury. ANTIFA commie tries to push over a rider on his bike with his foot.



Seattle Police Chief resigns

Seattle City Council made major cuts to the police budget. This appears to be connected to the resignation.

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best has officially resigned after the Democrat-controlled Seattle City Council voted on Monday to slash millions of dollars from the Seattle Police Department’s budget.

News broke within the around 9 p.m. PST that Best was expected to resign tomorrow, and about 30 minutes later she had reportedly submitted her letter of resignation to the Seattle Police Department.

Resignation speech:


Young German man makes some interesting observations about the state of Germany today

This fellow is very bright and really interesting. But he speaks very quickly so for those of us that do not speak fluent German, focus. Be prepared to read quickly.

A lot of what he refers to is what we typically avoid as “insider baseball”. Material that is so deep in the minutia of the workings of that nation or party that it holds no general interest. But to long time readers of this site, many of the refrences he makes are to people we have covered in the past in some detail. For example, Thilo Sarazin. A man who was head of the Bundesbank for some time in Germany till his open rational comments about immigration and Islam ended his career.

He then spoke at universities under heavy security but eventually got cancelled. We may restore some of his videos over the next weeks as time permits.

But one of the references in this young man’s ‘rant’ was about how ANTIFA cancelled a woman Cabaret artist. This was interesting enough to alert Oz-Rita to it, who watched some of her material and felt it was quite brilliant, subtle push back against the state communist mandatory narrative. And for this, ANTIFA made sure she was cancelled out of a large performance. This is all detailed in the top video.

One of her performances, which has content that likely got ANTIFA excited about her in exactly the wrong way, is posted below.

It should be understood that ANTIFA has been directly and undenoiably linked as supported and funded by Merkel, her party, and teh Green Party as well as Die Linke, the Left party in Germany.

THis means that Merkel, the actual chancellor of Germany, is using an anti-state to enforce a communist narrative entirely outside of law and any kind of state procedure as people expect to be governed.

Thank you Helleuin GB for the herculean task that translating this first video must have been, Oz-Rita for scanning the material of this wonderful Cabaret artist, and translating one of her bits. And Gates of Vienna for the editing on these, as well as all the videos we title.

The Cabaret performer:

Hydroxychloroquine appears to be the line where totalitarianism in the leftist corporate-anti-state becomes undeniable


One of the doctors in the videos has some other opinions that would be called discrediting by many. It may or may not mean her experience with HCQ is untruthful as she describes it, but it would be remiss of me not to post this link about her in any case.

However some of the other doctors in that video are doing very well in terms of standing up to being vetted.


the gateway pundit – BREAKING: Twitter, Google, YouTube, Facebook REMOVE Videos on COVID-19 “White Coat Summit” — Now Squarespace REMOVES ITS WEBSITE!


Tech giants are REFUSING to broadcast an effective treatment for coronavirus promoted by frontline doctors!


twitter @JamesTodaroMD

Wow. It appears Squarespace took down our website today


We are reaching new levels of censorship.

Do people agree with this?

more :


[Thank you M. for the comment reposted above. Its possible that this may hold the key to some other mysterious events in the recent past concerning the disposition of this site and various corporate actions against it. Need more data before it can be stated outright. But what we can say is, anyone who denies that there is a forced consensus on many issues, most visibly Hydroxychloroquine at the moment, is either on the other side or not worth discussing the issue with anymore. At least from this chair, its becoming so obvious that the global narrative is shaped and where truth is not a factor, even possibly being an anti-factor in the nature of the narrative which must be accepted by all.

The blocking of any authoritative people discussing the potential benefits of hydroxychloroquine exceeds all reason. Even if the medication does what its worst critics claim it does, the censorship of contravening opinions and expertise is not only not justified, but the forced belief in any number of other critical things which are far more harmful continue through the pipe without blockages.

At this point many of what appear to be the more abstract aspect of Stephen Coughlin and Rich Higgins’ paper becomes concrete.

It is not fake news, but it is enemy propaganda.

It is not a deep state but an entire anti-state created by some politicians, like the Portland and Chicago mayors, and corporations like GoDaddy and Google who violate both real law, and their own stated rules to make sure the narrative is preserved while contradictory ideas, even where proven to be true, will not be allowed unimpeded.]