Peaceful protestor fires GUN at passing car

The following video by Salty Cracker is quite good. While watching it at around 4 minutes, 7 seconds, it looks an awful like this guy FIRES his gun towards the car before they driver suddenly starts ramming the peaceful protestors. Being shot at might tend to affect a drivers decision making process on accelerating braking and turning.

Frame from around 4:07

What to expect for July 4th in the US?

This is a difficult post. A reader sent me a very long txt msg claiming it to be from Q anon.

It makes very strong claims about what is planned by ANTIFA for July 4th in the US.

I am reluctant to repost it as at the end of the day, so far at least, its just a text message with no source and no verification. Ill try and point-form it but don’t want to post it verbatim because like those 1990s computer virus warnings with instructions on how to remove it, (the email was the virus and the agent was you and if you followed the directions and removed the critical files, you yourself caused your computer to break) posting this could perhaps in a way cause a serious problem when the initial threat warning itself is a fiction.

The precautionary principle, (being careful to distinguish it from Pascal’s Wager) suggests that some general overview of what is claimed is planned by ANTIFA and other communist groups for July 4th is worth at least mentioning.

But before we get into the claim of the threat, there is one data point that lends at least some credibility to the claims below.

Rubicon Crossed – DNC Official 2020 Position: Celebrating July 4th Equals White Supremacy….

Under normal conditions one might expect to identify this moment as the official moment the rubicon of DNC insanity has been crossed.  However, it’s 2020;… therefore as soon as you think the boundaries of DNC stupidity have been reached, the DNC will bring out their stupid boundary stretchers.


In a tweet earlier tonight the DNC takes the official position that celebrating the fourth of July is the equivalent of celebrating white supremacy: [Archived]


So if celebrating the 4th of July is “White Supremacy”, which is the justification communist agents use to attack whatever they attach that label to, then they have created the circumstances that allow them to attack anything they can associate with the 4th of July independence day celebrations cause Racism! etc.

If you add this to Brad Johnson’s analysis on the Democrat state Senator who was attacked by the communist mob, one sees that the Democrat Party is indeed now the dog being wagged by the tail. The tail being the DSA and communist groups that the Democrat party has been happy to pretend are useful idiots to the DNC.

So on to the claims:

Alleged to be from ‘Q Anon’, The claim is that under cover of “Professional grade fireworks”, which ANTIFA has themselves acquired large quantities, they intend to set fires on houses in White suburbs and start shooting people where people cannot distinguish the difference between gunshots and fireworks. And the fireworks themselves can start house fires.

Its impossible to dismiss this out of hand as each week brings a new situation that was wholly and fully unbelievable just the week before. “It can never happen here” should be the epitaph on the Tombstone of the West if we don’t start fighting back.

But its most likely untrue. At this point its easy to imagine that all the communists who are sufficiently full of hate and willing to act are out there already doing everything they can to damage the US and that they don’t have the manpower to do an attack like the one described in the text I got. Which I am informed, is circulating around the internet via social media.

In any case, it’s worth keeping at least one eye at least half peeled.


Important testimony at Senate hearings about ANTIFA by Journalist, Andy Ngo

There should be a statue to this man in every Western capitol.

Why has no MSM journalists either bothered or dared to cover ANTIFA and its terrorist actions across the US and indeed, across the Western World. Some journalists like Billy 6 in Germany have covered their actions and here and there videos appear. But no one has been as consistently brave and honourable in reporting an ANTIFA terrorist actions as Andy Ngo has.

The UN is as corrupt and anti-human rights as is its components, the OIC, and the the WHO

If there is anything good about these times we are currently experiencing, its that fear of Donald Trump being reelected has forced agencies like the UN, that were well on the way to forcing the destruction of all nation states, peoples, and history of peoples in the world (in part through vehicles like the “Global Migration Compact” and other treacherous plots) to assert a global Marxist government at the expense of democracy via stealth and subversion to drop the facade and show their true natures.

And their true natures are totalitarian, and contemptuous of self rule.

Thank you ML., M., and everyone who sent in this Tweet today.

Candice Owens on the martyring of serious criminals

Really worthy video by Candace Owens on the peculiar martyring of serious criminals in the black community.

We believe BLM is a front for communist organizations. But she makes valid points all through this anyway, not withstanding who is doing the martyrdom.

Also she uses the term, ‘Consensus’ which is a Frankfurt school term intended to be read as ‘agreement for policy purposes’ or something very much like that, but in truth means, the most radical player at the table determines how things are, and anyone who disagrees with it is guilty of hate speech.

I remember when listening to the trial of the police in the treatment of the Los Angeles career criminal, Rodney King. The judge would NOT ALLOW the reading of King’s criminal history at the trial of the officer as “it would prejudice the jury”.

A few years after all that mess, if I recall correctly, King was re-arrested for the pimping of children as prostitutes.

Thank you RAIR Foundation for the link to this video.


Brad Johnson on ANTIFA and Muslim/Kurdish communist groups who train them: from October 2019

This is an excerpt from an interview with Retired CIA Chief of Station, Brad Johnson done in October of 2019.

We are reposting it because this look at ANTIFA training with Kurdish communist groups should now resonate with more people than it did at the time.

Perhaps more people are willing to accept who these communist insurgents actually are and what they are willing to do.

Perhaps tonight we will restore the entire interview. But this segment has most of the relevant material.

Montreal riot videos

1. Best way to protest what might or might not be a racist motive for black man who died in custody, is stealing really expensive guitars.

2. Skateboard is the weapon of choice for ANTIFA. If you see a skinny psychotic looking white male all in black carrying a skateboard you know what to expect.

3. Interesting footage of the Montreal proto-riot

4. 3:24 long shows how fireworks can potentially turn a protest into a riot quite quickly.

5. Some major league ANTIFA riot action in Montreal. Notice the 1, 2 step here. One guy smashes the windows at the Bell Building and the second guy tries to insert a flare into the broken window to start a fire.

Shocking hypocrisy and lack of insight by the UK left on Freedom of Speech

This video also exposes ANTIFA:

Related: Below is a video that was sent to me as being from ANTIFA on Facebook. Thinking that was the case, we added a title before and after so that in no way would it appear that we endorsed these actions. But there is more to this:

Looks like we were had. Like millions of others on this:

Thank you MLA and ML and all who sent in related materials.

ANTIFA paid by German government

Well it’s official now. The Bolshevik thugs, ANTIFA, are paid by the German taxpayer via leftist parties in power.

Thank you Miss Piggy for the translation and to all who brought this to our attention such as Hellequin Bastard.

Comment under original YT video:

Renate Künast gibt Finanzierung der ANTIFA offen zu!
Renate Künast admits openly the FINANCING of ANTIFA….with Taxpayers Money.
She belongs to the Party Bündnis90/die Grünen (former SED-party of Eastern Germany)

Germany is back in the clutches of a Authoritarian Regime that uses Terror and Intimidation to stay in Power and the vast majority of the German people are COWED and QUIET again.