Two videos of, and about the damage at the Vanier Church on May 1, 2022

Sometime between Saturday evening, April 30th and Sunday morning, May 1st (International communist Christmas) the Church in Vanier which had been a meeting place and first aid station for anyone connected to the Freedom Convoy, and again for Rolling Thunder, was vandalized. Almost certainly by ANTIFA but certainly by far left totalitarians who believe there should be no opposition to the communist revolution facing the Anglosphere and beyond.

The first video shows some of the damage. But much was cleaned up before I could get there. The doors had been egged for example and other things had been hurled at the building. The paint is much harder to remove.

If anyone is familiar with the symbols on the back of the building in one of the scenes, please leave a comment as to what they are and potential origins. Could be meaningful, could be false flags.

Below, Sam Dubé of the Fifth Doctor offers his thoughts on location.

RAIR Foundation kept up with events over the weekend and did a great job representing what took place. Please pop over and visit for the story as it happened.

A quick look at a communist counter-demo from Feb 13th

On February 13, 2022, far leftist extremists staged a nasty kind of demonstration where they held captive a number of trucks on Riverside Drive and wouldn’t let them leave unless they removed all Canadian flags. They also seemed to walk them out of the kidnap area they created while heaping abuse on them as you can see from the video below. RAIR Foundation writes up some of the aspects of the tactics and organizations behind the counter-demo.

Below is one of the photos from the event, where you can see a revealing sticker on a car that was part of the demo, so most likely belonged to an organizer.

Also this flag demarcated the area the leftists took over:

Apparent False flag op downtown Ottawa

Don’t know more than this at the moment, but will update when more is known. For the moment, I would say that this is ANTIFA posing as NAZIS cause you can never find a real one when you need one for a false flag op it seems. I have two reports from Convoy members about kinetic attacks on them today. Will post one soon. The other is a conversation that was in another language and not recorded. But was basically a trucker couple that had reported that ANTIFA had been using significant force against US trucks in Freedom Convoys.


Communists attack Catholic procession in Paris

Here is a description of the following video:

Attack on a Catholic procession in Paris on May 29, 2021

A procession in memory of the Catholic victims of the Paris Commune was attacked by antifas on Saturday, May 29.

Organized at the call of five parishes in the twentieth arrondissement and the diocese of Paris, the event brought together some 300 faithful who had to walk 4 km to the Notre-Dame-des-Otages church, built on the spot where a fifty prisoners, including eleven religious, had been executed by Communards during the Bloody Week in May 1871.

The chants though, strike me as a tad Islamic. Sure sounds like “Allah” is being spat out a lot. But it could be a French word for some communist concept. From what we see, it is certainly communists and ‘ANTIFA’ attacking this Catholic procession.

Rep. Marjorie Greene fights back against attacks on police, and the promoting of ANTIFA

This is a great presentation by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. From the perspective of this site, while it’s great that people point out what they view as hypocricy, we think its a form of controlled opposition. We see the events she raises, not as examples of a double standard, but proof of a new, single standard. One where any action which promotes the communist revolution which clearly is taking place, will not be prosecuted, and in fact be rewarded and held up as an example for us all, while any counter-revolutionary action, thoughts or speeches will be punished using one of a number of devices created during the Obama years and amplified now under what might as well be Obama’s third term.
Devices such as The Office of Countering Violent Extremism, which seeks to equate swearing an oath to defend the US constitution in the military with being a violent extremist, and therefore the same as being a Muslim radical, even as it seeks to disassociate Islamic terror with Islam itself.

Increasing number of vague laws and regulations about racism and hate speech are similar devices used to negate the Western nature of the American polity overall. And used in a similar way. Where anything that attacks white people, heterosexuality, and a host of other things which define our species, history, culture and laws are lauded and even funded, and anything which defends them are swiftly punished, if not directly by law, by use of corporate power that ends up having a similar effect as the law might have.

Even so, this presentation is very good and deserves to be seen.

For the details, please see RAIR Foundation’s article on Rep. Marjorie Greene

ANTIFA makes threats, intimating murder, against mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler

Portland mayor, Ted Wheeler, had a chance to work with President Trump to deal with ANTIFA and the massive destruction by violent communist revolutionaries in his cities in such a manner that it would have solved all those problems for some time and with minimal cost.

It seemed at the time, that like so many partizan hacks, Wheeler decided to use ANTIFA, and allow the victimization of the citizens of his own city, to drum up additional hatred of President Trump and then when the Democrats won, they could all look like heroes and deal with ANTIFA at that point.

Yesterday, this video appeared on Twitter. A video for which a pretty solid case could be made is illegal. Interestingly, Twitter doesn’t seem to have any objection to it being there.

ANTIFA and Kurdish communist groups get green light to march in Amsterdam while Dutch covid measures protest ended by riot police

This video was published on video platform, Dumpert this morning. It shows Kurdish communists and ANTIFA having a march/demonstration possibly today in The Netherlands even though all such gatherings are forbidden due to Covid regs.

Here are some videos of how police treat Dutch people protesting oppressive Covid regulations:

February 7 2021

January 31st

It seems various governments in The Netherlands designate an area where a protest is going to be against Covid measures as a “Security risk zone” allowing the police to bust heads arbitrarily. Unless you are a violent communist insurgent. In which case carry on.

C. has provided more links and information at this comment.

Thank you C.