Germany: 60+ Syrian Refugees In Fact Al Nusra Fighters

An original translation from the German newspaper Merkur.

Members of Islamist Group in Germany
Report: About 60 Men From Terror Militia Came As Refugees

About 60 fighters of a Syrian Islamist Militia are residing in Germany, according to media reports. The Office For The Protection Of The Constitution [“Verfassungsschutz”, German Intelligence Service – translator] is observing the former fighters.

Liwa Owais al-Qorani car convoy, photo: Wikipedia

Hamburg – as the news magazine „Spiegel“ reports, quoting Intelligence findings, the members of the group Liwa Kwais al-Karni came to Germany as refugees. The unit initially fought on the side of the Free Syrian Army and then changed over to the Nusra Front which is close to Al-Qaeda.

According to the report, their members were involved in „several massacres of captive civilians and Syrian army“. Currently, there are investigations ongoing against 25 former fighters of the unit.

Authorities think that at least 30 more fighters of the group are residing in Germany. But many of them have not yet been identified with absolute certainty or traced down. According to information obtained by „Spiegel“, the Office For Protection Of The Constitution formed a task group on this issue.


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