Tania Groth speaks at Yellow Vest protest, Sweden

This was delivered on February 2nd, 2019 in Sweden at a Yellow Vest protest that certainly gave the feeling that even the Swedes are awakening.

There are some real gems in this speech. Please focus and watch to the end.

Thank you Tania for sending us the video of this speech.

Police take on ANTIFA in Toronto today

Thanks to our friend, Paul Sutliff, who was the guest speaker at today’s PEGIDA event in Toronto, we have a first hand account plus some video of the fascist jackboot tactics of ANTIFA and today the Toronto Police not only defended the classical liberals of PEGIDA, but ANTIFA made the mistake of attacking the police when the police would not allow them to block the path of the march.
It did not go well for them.
Thank you Paul for giving us this interview on your way home.

PEGIDA Founder Lutz Bachmann Banned from UK After Officials Find Speakers’ Corner Speech in Baggage

From Breitbart.UK:

PEGIDA founder Lutz Bachmann has been prevented from entering Britain to deliver a speech at Speakers’ Corner, partly on the grounds that he “knows” identitarian activist Martin Sellner.

Bachmann had planned on delivering a speech written by the Generation Identity leader, who was recently detained along with YouTube political pundit Brittany Pettibone and then ejected from the country, partly on the grounds that GI is “viewed in the UK as a right wing organization” and partly on the grounds that Pettibone intended to “interview Tommy Robinson — a far right leader whose materials and speeches incite racial hatred”, according to seemingly official documents.


Bachmann also shared a picture of a document which he claims is from the officials who stopped him, which asserts that PEGIDA is “involved in the promotion and incitement of racial hatred and division of communities” and notes that “[by] your own admission during interview you have known [Sellner] well for some years” as grounds for denying his Free Movement rights.

Please click through for the rest:

Tania Groth leads For Freedom to the ANTIFA HQ in Copenhagen after they chased away a reporter

A few days ago, we published an interview and video of the Lawyer for For Freedom, formerly PEGIDA, Denmark when he was chased away from The People’s House in Copenhagen, as a mixed group of Muslims and self titled, ‘ANTIFA’ alternately screamed, “Jew” and “Nazi” at him.

Tania did something we rarely see activists on our side do short of Jordan Peterson or Milo Yiannopoulos. She took the fight to them.

Police offer massive protection for Christmas march in muslim area of Copenhagen

Although this video is in Danish, where there is speaking, it gives a really solid sense of the extent to which the police felt, having a Christmas march through a muslim area of Copenhagen is dangerous.

Notice the amount of police, armoured vehicles, even a helicopter.


UPDATE: PEGIDA Denmark Christmas march

The best information we have so far is from the Danish paper, Ekstrabladet.DK, which says that eight people have been arrested so far for trying to block the Christmas march in a muslim area of Copenhagen.

From Google translate of the Ekstrabladet link:

Eight people have been arrested in connection with a demonstration that is currently taking place in Nørrebro in Copenhagen.

It is the group ‘For Freedom’ (formerly Pegida), which is responsible for the demonstration, which started at noon on Israel’s place. Group demonstrates, according to his facebook profile ‘for freedom of expression and the creeping Islamization of Denmark and the West’. Today’s theme is Christmas in Nørrebro, because the local committee in Nørrebro has decided that they will not decorate for Christmas. And it seems Pegida is incorrect as juleoppyntning is a Danish tradition.

Tania Groth, leader of For Freedom, attacked at demo by ANTIFA for defending women’s rights from Hizb-ut-Tahrir

As usual, Islam’s useful idiots, or communist’s violent edge, perhaps both, met up with a group of middle aged and genuinly liberal Danish people marching and speaking against the Islamo-fascist group, Hizb-ut-Tahrir in Copenhagen today.

I’ll let Tania describe what happened.



More on the French Foreign Legion former leader arrested in Calais

This particular video company asked for an amount of money per minute that is impossible for me to pay and as the video starts with a strong insistence that the video belongs exclusively to them, I was not able to subtitle it properly. However Oz-Rita did do a timed translation so I will post the video and place the transcript with times below it.

Le Général PIQUEMAL arrêté à Calais /France.6 février 2016


[Empty titles removed]
00:00:45,000 –> 00:00:49,000
Vive la France

00:00:49,000 –> 00:00:53,000
Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

00:00:53,000 –> 00:00:57,000
On est chez nous / it’s our home

00:00:57,000 –> 00:01:01,000
this is our home

00:01:01,000 –> 00:01:05,000
on est chez nous

00:01:05,000 –> 00:01:09,000
General (unclear)

00:01:09,000 –> 00:01:13,000
00:01:13,000 –> 00:01:17,000
there are police everywhere…(unclear)

00:01:17,000 –> 00:01:21,000
Yes, that’s not normal, that’s for sure.

00:01:21,000 –> 00:01:26,000
It’s scandalous.

00:01:26,000 –> 00:01:30,000
Such a lamentable ban.

00:01:30,000 –> 00:01:34,000
There is no more France, the eternal France is truly dying.

00:01:34,000 –> 00:01:38,000
It’s catastrophic to see such things,

00:01:38,000 –> 00:01:42,000
that the French are padlocked like this in their own country.

00:01:42,000 –> 00:01:46,000
The decline, the decadence…

00:01:46,000 –> 00:01:50,000
of this Eternal France,

00:01:50,000 –> 00:01:54,000
I stand up…soldiers like us, we have served together

00:01:54,000 –> 00:01:58,000
and they behave like this.

00:01:58,000 –> 00:02:02,000
If there were someone in charge, I’d tell him what I think of this.

00:02:02,000 –> 00:02:07,000
It’s truly lamentable to get to this point

00:02:07,000 –> 00:02:11,000

00:02:11,000 –> 00:02:15,000
We are with you, our General.

00:02:15,000 –> 00:02:19,000
Mon general… dictatorship in power… no, France will survive…

00:02:19,000 –> 00:02:23,000
We will close ranks.

00:02:23,000 –> 00:02:27,000
We will stand up. Remain upright; this is how you write history; we will write history.

00:02:27,000 –> 00:02:31,000
It’s not finished; it’s just the start.
00:03:25,000 –> 00:03:29,000
When these soldiers hear the National Anthem,

00:03:29,000 –> 00:03:33,000
and they don’t stand to attention (garde a vous),

00:03:33,000 –> 00:03:37,000
this is truly shameful

00:03:37,000 –> 00:03:41,000
that you are not standing to attention when the Marseillaise is played.

00:03:41,000 –> 00:03:45,000
You should stand to attention and salute. And that is the General who tells you!

00:03:45,000 –> 00:03:49,000
It’s shameful, and you represent France;

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Speeches at PEGIDA Denmark for Freedom-March Europe Feb. 6 – 2016

Here is Tania G. Opening remarks and into speech. As the rest become available they will be posted here below. Lars Hedigaard and others will be ready soon.

Gavin Boby


Rare form of Herpes Simplex Ferrum


Elegant and articulate muslims object to Europeans preserving their own culture.

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