Police take on ANTIFA in Toronto today

Thanks to our friend, Paul Sutliff, who was the guest speaker at today’s PEGIDA event in Toronto, we have a first hand account plus some video of the fascist jackboot tactics of ANTIFA and today the Toronto Police not only defended the classical liberals of PEGIDA, but ANTIFA made the mistake of attacking the police when the police would not allow them to block the path of the march.
It did not go well for them.
Thank you Paul for giving us this interview on your way home.

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14 Replies to “Police take on ANTIFA in Toronto today”

    • Kansas City Antifa Endorse Soviet Union While Interrupting YAF Chapter Meeting

      YOOHOO! Big Yuge Clue: The Soviet Onion imploded decades ago.

      Sorta gets everything out in the open when these loons laud a collapsed empire.

    • Antifa Activist on why Political Violence is Acceptable

      It sounds like he desperately needs a dose of his own medicine.

      These idiots need to be reeeeeally careful about what they wish for.

  1. IMHO: If Antifa knew. And we’ll never know because officials will make sure of such.

    The vehicle rammer ‘Man…issian’, Armenian guy, is a closet gay that could not come out of his box because of his upbringing. He never had a sexual relationship with a female because he was so indoctrinated toward women (aka mommy/daddy-crushed) and immediate environment.

    The moment I saw his photo, I knew. As close friends, I was with many gays for many years in my life, I really like these people. So many are still in the closet because of family, workplace, and religious pressures.

    QUESTION that wasn’t asked, I think: Was he still living with his parents?

    There’s very little info about this guy’s personal life. As I said in another post, before it was published in MSM, the majority of the victims were women. And I was correct.

  2. Thanks Vlad .. A great post. Paul Sutliff is one of ours. Thanks so much, you give an official air to your video documents when you narrate them , Vlad ..

  3. It would be interesting to know how the Toronto news covered the Pegida rally. Anyone in Toronto able to catch TV or print news reports?

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