A way to push back, and invest in your future at the same time

Shortly after Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States, a minting company made a fine looking 1 and 2 Oz. Silver coin with President Trump on one side and the White House on the other.

The odd thing is, they are extremely difficult to get. Virtually all places that buy and sell silver do not have it.

Speculation is, that most places who carry the coin/round faced such blowback that they just stopped carrying the product. Not worth the hassle produced by leftist agitators that seek to destroy choice for everyone they disagree with.

One place resisted however and you can still get them there.

The good news is, silver is very low right now, treading water between USD $15.00 and $16.00 at time of writing, so its a good time to buy a little. And what great gifts these would make for Christmas should you not wish to hang on to them!

The bad news is, they only ship to US addresses but increasingly there are more and more companies that provide a re-shipping service from the US to Canada.

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  1. I’m not much of an impulse shopper, but I bought myself a 4th of July present. I’d like to rig it with a loop to put on a chain. Somehow.

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