Germany: Do Islamists plan a chemical attack on drinking water?

Thank you Egri Nok for translating both the video and article on this important news item being ignored by all other Western media:

From Die Welt German News Site:

Federal Criminal Police Office and Interior Ministry: Do Islamists plan a chemical attack on drinking water?

January 24, 2017

Islamistically-oriented perpetrators are apparently willing to acquire and employ larger quantities of chemicals. According to information received by Bild, this is what a risk analysis by the Federal Criminal Police Office and Interior Ministry says.

Summary from FOCUS Online:

According to a report by Bild, the Federal Government and Federal Criminal Police (BKA) warn of the danger of possible terror attacks with chemicals.

This is what the paper reported on Tuesday, referring to a “risk analysis in Civil Protection” by the Federal Government. According to the study, perpetrators motivated by Islamism were ready and capable “of acquiring larger quantities of chemicals and employing these”, BKA writes in the paper, which was made available to the newspaper.

A chemical attack on the drinking water supply of apartment buildings is seen as a “realistic option”, or on foodstuffs. Also, possible attacks against facilities or transports for the chemical industry had “a high-risk potential”.

According to this government report, a “determined terrorist group, equipped with adequate knowledge, should be in the position to peruse the potential of hazardous chemical substances sufficient for their purposes for use in an attack in Germany.”

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11 Replies to “Germany: Do Islamists plan a chemical attack on drinking water?”

  1. There have been Moslems caught sniffing around Eastern Big City water supplies since the Bush II administration, this makes me wonder how long the attacks have been in planning where they are going to hit?

    The US?

    All of the above and more?

      • I remember, Boston and New York City. There may be others but those two stuck in my mind. It would take a lot of chemicals but with the right personal it could be done.

        • Thing is, the reservoir that supplies most of Boston becomes contaminated on a regular basis anyway. So we’re more prepared for periodic shutdowns than elsewhere. Of course we’d be just as vulnerable as anywhere else to a fast-acting and highly toxic contaminate.

          What I mean to say: FORGET BOSTON, you lice!

  2. Gosh, when we import an occupation force, complete with their up-to-four woman and multiples of children, all of whom curse us five times a day through their “prayers” as they ask their deity for “victory” over us, what could be the outcome?

    Islam is war. Islam has always been war. Those with the power to import these Muhammadan occupation forces intend war upon us; such is their hatred for us which is why *most* of the occupiers are parked in jurisdictions the government has little support in. It’s not just payback for the past few election cycles, it’s payback that will endanger our children’s children and beyond.

  3. Germany: Do Islamists plan a chemical attack on drinking water?

    Well … DUH!!!

    Jihadists have been planning terrorist chemical attacks on Western (potable water supply) reservoirs since seconds after the 9-11 Atrocity. Anyone who thinks differently is delusional.

    Whatever strategic door we (idiotically) leave open—or even just slightly ajar—will be the next “point of contact” with these vicious, barbaric, specimens of ambulatory excrement.

    What could possibly go wrong? about this is even slightly unclear?!?

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