Zhudi Jasser on the announced merger of Al Qaeda, the Islamic State and the Muslim Brotherhood

Zhudi is spot on here if you make a couple of minor changes. If he replaces the word, ‘radical’ with the word ‘Kinetic’ and exchanges the word ‘extremist’ with, ‘orthodox’ or ‘religious’ then he is actually great on this video linked here.

The main thing is, they distorted the timeline here. The Muslim Brotherhood is the parent organization of the other two. There is no merger, just a public admission that all these groups are identical but one was a beard for the other.

Video here duration 2:35


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  1. There isn’t any way to really tell for sure, is there… But I do know this. If I honestly believed that “Allah” actually existed, I would not under any circumstances cross him. Allah is so scary and so vindictive and so capable of following through on his threats, that no one would ever knowingly risk getting on His bad side. Allah can follow you into the afterlife. He can burn off your skin and then grow you back some more skin, and then burn that off, and so on and so on. And Allah says that lying in the cause of Islam is a very good thing indeed. Who knows.

    The thing is, that if Dr. Jasser does not literally believe in Allah, why doesn’t he just formally give up Islam and just be a regular person? Like, why go through all the praying and everything if you’re not a real Believer? Would you?

    • Lot of possible answers. In Canada there are a couple of guys who are apostates for all intents and purposes but the media gives no attention, and possibly even negative attention to a convert from islam. The narrative is that Islam is a peaceful wonderful religion deserving of a place at the table but was hijacked by a few monsters. So the media tends to give all the time and effort to those who tow that narrative.

      One guess is Zhudi and a few Canadians I could name maintain the label of being a muslim to try and warn the rest of us about Islam and take advantage of the media attention. Then there is the possibility that they are better liars than say, Tariq Ramadan who is getting outed by more and more organizations he used to have well anesthetized. If that’s the case lets hope they get the message out about what islam is all about before they are able to do any damage for that side. For the moment they certainly seem to be doing good. In this clip, Zhudi says it all correctly. The only thing he has wrong is the notion that these groups are deviant. They are following islam to the letter.

  2. If this is true then there ought to be some FBI agents driving up to the White House right about now with warrants for the arrest of one “Barack Hussein Obama”. If the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS and al-Qaeda are talking about a merger, that means they have been very close for a long time, which means that Barry’s open sympathy with the MB makes him a traitor, ba-da- bing! Obama’s on the same side as guys who crucify Christian children! Hillary has a personal assistant who’s parents are openly in with guys who throw homosexuals off rooftops! The White House has been infiltrated by Jihadi John and his pals…

    Gee, Bob Woodward. Isn’t that gun smoking enough for you? I wouldn’t be surprised if they marched the whole bunch of these Charlatans off to the hoosegow and threw away the key. And don’t forget Eric Holder…

      • I will agree that the MB is the parent organization of the other two and is probably giving them their marching orders on a regular basis.

        Obama being arrested for any crime, not just giving aid and comfort to the enemy in time of conflict is a pipe dream that isn’t going to happen unless we have a coup of one type or another. Treason charges can only be filed during a declared war or for acts during committed during a declared war after the war is over. There are several other legal hoops that have to be jumped through so this charges is rarely filed. As Yucki commented when I pointed this out to her, this may be why the US hasn’t declared war since WWII, this way the left can’t be charged with treason.

        This restriction is in the US Constitution, not that most of the government is paying much attention to the Constitution lately.

  3. not wastin’ any more time with rudy zudi toodie. fox favorite keep in touch with
    the muslim 199 million who are not radical .. would be a shame if the next
    islamic attack blew fox studios to smithereens .. eh ??
    course they would have an on scene report by ..U guessed.. rudy toodie ..

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