2006 CBC documentary, Nuclear Jihad. AQ Khan’s Nuclear weapons Walmart

I first saw this documentary around 2006. It was on CBC stunningly, although the Toronto Library website seems to have sanitized the description a lot since then. Amazing how fast the CBC went from a news service to enemy propaganda.

This documentary offers a decent explanation of how Pakistan got the bomb. The excellent documentaty on the true nature of the UN, UN Me, also gives some insight on how Pakistan got the bomb. The bottom line is about how Islamic leaders like Bin Laden, were both capable and willing to use nuclear weapons against infidel cities for jihad.

From the description:

A.Q. Khan — a rogue Pakistani scientist – has done more than any other person or country to spread nuclear weapons around the world. Name a nuclear hotspot — and Khan’s clients are there. Iran. North Korea. Libya. And perhaps the deadliest potential customer.a terrorist network. willing to make its own nuclear jihad. This is the story of one man’s deadly legacy that spread around the world. How he managed to get away with it for so long . and how the nuclear seeds he helped plant could explode anytime, anywhere. A.Q. Khan has changed the rules of the nuclear game forever. The first nuclear age was about great powers facing off against each other. It was terrifying, but at least everybody knew the rules. In the second nuclear age, in the age of A.Q. Khan, there is no return address and so there is no deterrence. The bomb could come in a backpack, in a briefcase, in an oxcart. In the second nuclear age, we’re seeing the privatization of the atomic bomb. The outsourcing of the bomb. It’s a much more frightening world. Award Winner – This film has won an Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Award for broadcast journalism.

Double take on Imam’s tweet on the attack on a UK Church

First the tweet:

Two things:

  1. Lie of ommission. Islam teaches that Jesus was NOT the son of God and that he would come back in the end times to “break the cross”. In other words, to kill Christians for being led astray from Islam. But in the literal sense, this man was doing what Islamic scripture says Jesus will do in Islamic eschatology.
  2. Notice how he uses that slippery leftist tactical language to make Muslims the victim of a hate crime by a Muslim against Christians.

Rasmus Paludan makes the list

From Gates of Vienna:

It seems that Rasmus Paludan, the founder and leader of the Danish party Stram Kurs (Hard Line) has been put on the Al Qaeda hit list. He’s in exalted company now.

Many thanks to LN for translating this article from Samhällsnytt:

After Swedish-Danish Rasmus Paludan’s Islamophobic party Stram Kurs went on tour in Sweden and burned several Korans to demonstrate against the Islamization of Denmark’s neighboring country, and for freedom of expression, the terrorist organization al-Qaeda announced that it will assassinate the party leader. Paludan, however, shakes off the threat, and is now collecting money for another return visit with Koran burnings.

Samhällsnytt has followed the development of recent events around the Danish party Stram Kurs’ interest in Sweden, where the police announced a two-year entry ban on the party leader Paludan, and in violation of the constitution banned their demonstrations throughout Sweden. Despite this, party functionaries have carried out several actions, including burning the Koran and ‘Koran football’.

On Monday Geert Wilders, the party leader of the PVV (Party for Freedom), who already lives with death threats from Islamists, noted that the Muslim terrorist organization al-Qaeda is now urging all Muslims inside and outside Europe to attack all individuals who humiliate Islam, the Prophet Muhammad and the Koran.

Paludan new on al-Qaeda’s death list

Al-Qaeda lists the people it is particularly interested in, and a new name is Rasmus Paludan. Furthermore, the terrorist organization is still looking for the Swedish artist Lars Vilks. Below is what is said to be an excerpt from al-Qaeda’s message…

Mila, French girl under heavy security for speaking a fraction of truth about Islam, speaks on French TV

The video she made is below:

She was pretty kind in this video. The history of Europe and all states that border Islamic ones since the time of Mohammad is a history of defending themselves against the worst barbarism, cruelty, slavery, industrial rape and more, mostly beyond the comprehension of modern man raised in a world of Greco-Christian sensibilities.

A few British people who follow the Muslim rape gangs have a clue about it. A proper study of the real Vlad Tepes would give some indication of what is required to at least temporarily halt the Satanic advance of Islam perhaps.

What appears to be a religious Muslim describes Jesus and Mary in highly offensive terms

WARNING: As our friend Paul put it, “(this) Might be the most offensive 1.29 minutes on film.

This was translated for us by Janya, a translator of most Indian dialects into English. If you are sensitive about how you wish to hear Jesus and Mary described, I would give this a miss. But seeing as how muslims like to riot and burn things when someone says something true about Islam or Mohammad in an unflattering way, there doesn’t seem to be a point in hiding this.

We don’t know anything else about this clip yet. But hopefully we can find out how this guy is and what his cannon is like.

Dutch TV circles the truth closer than usual about Islam in Muslim schools

This is interesting because what I believe to be Dutch MSM, actually invites a little truth without mocking, humiliating or otherwise setting up the truth teller for negative social or even criminal consequences. This is quite interesting.

Thank you C. for the translation

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A genius level tactic in the war to speak truth about Islam

One of our go-to arguments here at Vlad, used to be the idea of saying to people:

“If I said I wanted for Islam, what Islam wants for the rest of humanity, am I guilty of a hate crime?”

The idea of course is it forces people to either admit that Islam is a doctrine of global and genocidal manifest destiny, or they keep pretending its the religion of peace and are annoyed as hell that I can continue to say that.

There is a loop hole of course that renders this tactic less useful, and that is the socialist notion that you can adjust the context of anything said by anyone to suit your specific and immediate purpose and therefore attack the speaker on something other than the objective truth.

But this guy, this guy gets it right and you can see the results in people’s reactions.

I hope he does a series:

“Islam is right about black people.”

“Islam is right about dogs.”

“Islam is right about Jews”

“Islam is right about all non-muslims”

This is forcing people to examine what Islam really says to know if its a problem or not.

I doubt this tactic will work as well as it would in a nation of reason and truth based events. But damn it is an excellent try.

Pray and punch. The muslim 5 mile high club

Retired NSA Arabist, Barry Webb: Slavery in Islam part II

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For part I please click here.


Guess who’s coming to our countries?

A rather important video C. sent in and translated for us all.

We should maybe all see this before allowing our traitors in command to bring these “foreign travellers” home to take millions from us and work triple shifts to destroy everything we have.

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C adds this:

VRT is the belgian (flemish) public broadcaster. they’re reporting on a story by a nonprofit called Jihadoscope. Jihadoscope claims this type of video is a new phenomenon, started earlier this month.
Jihadoscope’s twitter:

Repost of two of Michael Hansen’s films

Since filmmaker, Michael Hansen’s appearance on Infowars as well as two articles at Breitbart on his work, there have been requests to see his two films now publicly available so we are posting them here.

Rumours circulate of an updated version of his US film on the state of free speech. We look forward to that a great deal.

Abridged version of Killing Europe:

Killing Canada:

Islam in Sweden

If you are having difficulty getting this video to play, please see it directly on D Tube.