Is Jordan making, buying or selling illegal deadly mustard gas?

UPDATE: There has been quite a bit of reaction to this item on Twitter. One of the respondents is Dan Kaszeta, who wrote a book on nerve agents. He is adamant that this material is not mustard gas, but is likely Chlorine Gas. That photos of Mustard Gas are rare, and then only black and white. This stands to reason, although I personally would have assumed that it was still made somewhere and modern photos of it would exist from tests or whatever purpose it may still be in use for. For example, India still makes DDT.

Mr. Kaszeta also adds the following:

Thank you Mr. Kaszeta for making the effort to correct this record.

First. check out this video of today’s event in Aqaba. Skip to 35 seconds

Then check these images from Google of what Mustard gas looks like

Read the story here

Ten people were killed and more than 200 injured Monday in a toxic gas explosion in Jordan’s Aqaba port, authorities said. Footage on state TV showed a large cylinder plunging from a crane on a moored vessel, causing a violent release of a yellow gas.

The force of the blast sent a truck rolling down the harbourside, while port workers could be seen running for their lives. Nearby areas were evacuated and residents told to stay indoors.

The death toll rose to 10, government spokesman Faisal al-Shaboul told AFP, revising an initial toll of five killed. Prime Minister Bishr Khasawneh and interior minister Mazen al-Faraya headed to the site of the accident, state media reported. Civil defence spokesman Amer al-Sartawy earlier reported that 234 people were injured after the tank filled with toxic gas fell.

“Specialists and the hazardous substances team in the civil defence are dealing” with the incident, Sartawy added.

Pentagon Biolaboratories – Investigative Documentary


Pentagon contractors worked in Ukrainian biolabs under $80 million program

Leaked documents give new information about the Pentagon program in biolaboratories in Ukraine. According to internal documents, Pentagon contractors were given full access to all Ukrainian biolaboratories while independent experts were denied even a visit. The new revelations challenge the US government statement that the Pentagon just funded biolaboratories in Ukraine but had nothing to do with them.

Last week US Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland confirmed that “Ukraine has biological research facilities” and the US is worried that “those research materials” may fall into the Russian hands. What “research materials” were studied in these biolaboratories and why are US officials so worried that they may fall into Russian hands?

The Pentagon activities in Ukrainian biolabs were funded by the Defense Threat Reduction agency (DTRA). DTRA allocated $80 million for biological research in Ukraine as of 30 July 2020, according to information obtained from the US Federal contracts registry. The US company Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp. was tasked with the program.

Please read the rest at source.

All things Russia Vs. Ukraine for March 11, 2022

1. Russia Convenes UN Security Council Meeting to Present BioLab Evidence — Friday at 11 AM

Friday is going to be a very bad day for the United States. Sixty years ago (yes, I was alive then) the United States roasted the Soviet Union in a UN Security Council meeting convened over the Cuban Missile Crisis. There is an old saying, “revenge is a dish best served cold.” Russia is going to dump a load of frozen food on the United States tomorrow at 11 am by exposing U.S. support to Ukraine over the last 17 years for research into biological and chemical weapons.

Zero Hedge also has this story.

2. German Anaesthesiologists: “We will not treat Russian and Belarusian citizens. Our solidarity is with the Ukrainian people!”

More craziness from Munich doctors, who appear to have hatched a private sanctions plan of their own, premised on owning Putin by unilaterally refusing to treat Russians.

Remember Ortrud Steinlein, director of the Ludwig Maximilians-Universität Clinic for Human Genetics? She’s the one who declared that, “due to the serious violation of international law by the autocrat Putin, who is obviously mentally disturbed,” she would be “refusing to treat Russian patients.”

Well, that wasn’t an isolated case. It now looks like various Munich physicians got together and worked out this informal sanctions regime among themselves. A few days ago a similar announcement from a private Munich clinic came to light, dating from around the same time and bearing exactly the same message (only in more inflammatory terms):

3. YouTube blocks Russian state-funded media channels globally

OAKLAND, Calif., March 11 (Reuters) – YouTube is immediately blocking access around the world to channels associated with Russian state-funded media, it said on Friday, citing a policy barring content that denies, minimizes or trivializes well-documented violent events.

The world’s most used streaming video service, which is owned by Alphabet Inc’s (GOOGL.O) Google, said Russia’s invasion of Ukraine now fell under its violent events policy and violating material would be removed.

YouTube spokesman Farshad Shadloo said the blocking of the Russian outlets was in line with that policy.

4. Vlog by The Duran on the conflict. It’s 2 hours long, but came recommended, and the first few minutes look promising so far.

They are correct that there was indeed false flags in Syria about use of Chem-weapons. This site posted video of the nacent Islamic State by other names showing how they killed rabbits with chemical weapons and how they improvised guns that could launch those weapons. Next thing you know, chem-weapons attacks happened in Syria and the Western media blamed Assad. So, points to them for making that observation out of the gate.

This appears to be what a false flag looks like in stage 1:

5. A SCRIBD with the deleted docs on bio-weapons labs in Ukraine

Ukraine Embassy Documents o… by Kyle Becker

This post will be updated here and in the comments as the day goes by.

Protest outside Russian Embassy, March 11, 2022

So yesterday, it was a conspiracy theory that there are biological weapons facilities in Ukraine…

Today, the US is concerned that Russia may get their hands on these “research materials” with which it seems, they could inflict great harm. Fascinating. The turn-around time from conspiracy theory to fact is a lot shorter than it was two years ago.

One may add, the US seems perfectly content to pay and support one vicious communist dictator to try and slow down a nationalist one.



Its official: Big pharma paid off the lancet, NEJM, to publish a phoney study panning Hydroxychloroquine, killing hundreds of thousands of people

And lets be clear. Google, Twitter, Facebook, are equally complicit. They blocked all attempts to explain the true science and facts of HCQ. And I am certain MANY of us will have a very hard time trusting anyone in medicine again without real scrutiny.


Our colleagues in China inserted spike proteins in SARS

I was going to write that if arrests are not made then democracy and rule of law are a total illusion. But this has been true for a long time. Maybe this is part of the demoralization stage, referred to by that most famous of KGB defectors to the West, Yuri Bezmenov.

For the second time, the smoking gun of Chinese bioweapons and Covid is out in public

Please watch both these videos and spread them around. It is time for us to realize China is most definitly at war with the rest of the world, that Covid is indeed a weapon of war, and most of our own politicians either through incompetence, by being forced or blackmailed, or because they are ideologically in line with China, are on the other side.

For anyone who has the slightest doubt of the veracity of the video above, I would like to point you to a video we subtitled from Italian TV last year, which was actually broadcast five years ago in Italy.

Chinese virologist on Tucker: Chinese intentionally created this virus

This is a generational copy of the video. Hopefully a proper video shows up soon and Ill replace this one.

Better copy:

Best official FOX video

40 minutes of the show:

Twitter has shut down her account. So now you know about them as well.



This is the woman appearing on Tucker Carlson tomorrow night, September 15 2020

Unusual Features of the SARS-CoV-2 Genome Suggesting Sophisticated Laboratory Modification Rather Than Natural Evolution and Delineation of Its Probable Synthetic Route

The COVID-19 pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 has led to over 910,000 deaths worldwide and unprecedented decimation of the global economy. Despite its tremendous impact, the origin of SARS-CoV-2 has remained mysterious and controversial. The natural origin theory, although widely accepted, lacks substantial support. The alternative theory that the virus may have come from a research laboratory is, however, strictly censored on peer-reviewed scientific journals. Nonetheless, SARS-CoV-2 shows biological characteristics that are inconsistent with a naturally occurring, zoonotic virus.

(Full report available at link above)

A 2013 bat virus may have been manipulated to create COVID-19

Youtube description:


Flinders’ University Professor Nikolai Petrovsky has told Sky News there are fears a bat virus discovered by the Wuhan Institute of Virology was tampered with to create the COVID-19 virus.


It is believed the closest genetic relative of COVID-19 is the RaTG13 virus founded by researchers from the Wuhan Laboratory in 2013. Professor Petrovsky said the possibility of the RaTG13 being manipulated to make COVID-19 is clearly a concern. He told Sky News host Sharri Markson there are differences between the bat virus RaTG13 and COVID-19. “There are several other elements that don’t seem to fit with (COVID-19) being a direct descendant of the bat coronavirus”.


“Either a whole lot of viruses have mixed in nature to get these new elements or the other potential explanation is someone has put those elements directly into the original bat virus”. Professor Petrovsky said scientists across the globe still can’t properly determine how COVID-19 emerged. “Was it a natural event or a scientific experiment gone wrong”.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is the deal with shut downs, authorities, and the Chinese made Pandemic? Links 2, April 11, 2020

1. Army’s Seattle Field Hospital Closes After 3 Days, Without Treating a Single Patient

The hastily built field hospital set up by the Army in Seattle’s pro football stadium is shutting down without ever seeing a patient, so the service can shift resources where they’re more urgently needed, Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee said.


Medical equipment at the CenturyLink Field Event Center is being returned to the Federal Emergency Management Agency for use elsewhere, but the governor cautioned against reading too much into the move.


“Don’t let this decision give you the impression that we are out of the woods,” Inslee said in a statement Wednesday. “We have to keep our guard up and continue to stay home unless conducting essential activities to keep everyone healthy.” Washington state saw the first coronavirus death in the U.S. on Feb. 29.

Also at

2. More big brother for Corona

(Going out? Leave your phone at home while its still legal to do so)

3. Now this is odd.

4. Ottawa Civic Hospital

5. Chinese virus propagandists

6. Singapore lockdown

7. And yet USA records over 2K deaths in a day attributed to Wuhan Flu

8. Bosonaro’s Brazil is defiant of the shut-down of all civilization. (That is the Brazilian PM at the drug store)

9. About those Chinese made face-masks

10. US Authorities become increasingly Soviet over social distancing guidelines.

Best not to thank anyone for this post. GG though, sent in the Civic Hospital footage.

In the 1970s it was fashionable to go to midnight showings of Reefer Madness at theatres where all who smoked dope would indulge in it, while watching anti-Marijuana propaganda. In those days you could still smoke in theatres and while dope was illegal, it was seldom prosecuted or cause for arrest.

The movie shows a fellow who never smoked before being talked into trying it for the first time. He has one puff, if memory serves, and goes on a raping and killing spree which ends in permanent madness.

This was a great laugh for all the teens in the audience puffing away knowing this was stunningly bad 1950s “right wing” propaganda.

Human nature being what it is, people would watch the movie, know it wasn’t true, and assume therefore, there is no danger in smoking THC products at all, and many went on to ruin their lives with marijuana, destroying their ambition, ability to really focus or concentrate hard, and sometimes getting late onset schizophrenia now believed to be connected to long term THC use. It also doesn’t seem like any of them are smarter than they were when they started smoking either.

Humans often think in binary extremes. We are told X. X isn’t true. So Y must be true but for sure not X.

Showing these videos in this post that suggest that we are over-reacting to the Wuhan Flu does not mean there is no danger. It means it wasn’t what we thought it was exactly, or the measures we are taking are actually working extremely well.

Here is another hypothesis about the state we are in now:

Geneticists, virologists, and experts could have told leaders like President Trump something like:

‘This appears to be an artifact. A man made virus, very likely a weapon. We don’t know what it does exactly. But what we do know is, its profoundly contagious. It is lethal but we don’t know exactly how lethal. It can be spread by people who are not symptomatic, or are pre-symptomatic, making it much more dangerous than Ebola or SARS which is so visible in its contagious stage, that its easy to isolate the sick for the benefit of the rest of the population.

Which means that it could kill more people overall, even if less by percentage.’

We had a sticky post for several days that showed this was exactly the case by a Ph.D. in biology, with a follow up post to come showing more evidence of same.

Leaders, like President Trump, might find themselves in a position where they had to respond as they did, given that information, if this is anywhere close to the truth.

In essence, we got hit by a Chinese WMD with serious and important unknowns and the value of explaining this to a general public where the media is hostile to the president and the US in general in some ways, is questionable.

If this is the case, we should know enough about it by now to swap strategies.

Continue the sequestration of the elderly, the Type 1 diabetics or uncontrolled type II, heart patients and immune-compromised for their own sake and get everyone else back to work.

The cost of a prolonged shut-down of the supply chain of everything is not predictable entirely. But no projection of it is good. At least not for humanity.