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16 Replies to “Brad Johnson on the attack in Toronto on April 23, 2018”

  1. The single-most important distinction to be brought forth from all of this is the clip’s final point. This is not a legal matter and, instead, one that deals with issues of National Security. Those who doubt this may wish to reconsider the trillions of dollars per year that Islamic terrorism costs the global economy.

  2. Not a rhetorical question:

    I know the “authorities” treat the “people” (which Merkel calls “the Pack”) as morons, and in too many cases their instinct is right, and so I do expect low-flying lies from them, but what I really really really cannot understand is WHY? Why denying, even when faced with screaming evidence, that an unmistakable Islamic Terrorist Attack is NOT an unmistakable Islamic Terrorist Attack ?

    Corruption ? Cowardice? Missing Braincells? Or are they all (not only silly Trudeau) Muslims?

    PS: I wonder what Mr. Brad Johnson thinks about the seemingly incontinent James Comey?

      • If the governments of the West admitted these are Islamic Terror Attacks they would then fact the questions of why are they letting so many Moslems into the West? Their motives in not punishing the Moslem criminals would be questioned and the politicians would be voted out of office. If they are voted out of office and replaced by people who will defend the Western Nations how can the left destroy the Western Civilization so they can create their vision of utopia?

        • Stiff wind against “voting them out of office” where there’s no Electoral College. In Canada it can be all over – and lost – before the polls close in the western Provinces. Flood the east with “New Canadians” that vote the MB party line, that’s the ballgame.

          Elections in Europe and Israel usually aren’t resolved by straightforward voting. Coalition governments end up as sly bargains in smokey-rooms with narrow interest parties.

          Geert’s PVV can’t form a government; no one will join a coalition with him. Bibi has to give away the store to ultra-Orthodox parties. Victor Orban’s overwhelming victory is all the more remarkable in context.

      • What Richard said, Rita.

        More simply, however much contempt they show for our justice system, they’re still scared of US. And they better be.

        Somebody smells tar, knows we have pitchforks. And just might inform the others that we’re their worst nightmare.
        Molon labe.

        Charlton Heston; From My Cold Dead Hands.

        • In one of his books Louis Lamour (My favorite western author) had his hero say that it was time to start an uplift society and let a rope do the uplifting. Start a debating society and let Colt and Winchester do the debating.

          In the same book one of the villains said that it was time to leave, the good people were getting mad and when that happened they start looking for hanging trees.

          Yucki you are right, they had better fear us because the good people are getting mad and starting to think about hanging trees, or the modern equivalent, lamp posts.

  3. And here comes ‘the narrative’:

    Alt-right uses flimsy evidence to fuel jihad conspiracy theory in Toronto van attack
    The internet provides fertile ground for those inclined to see a jihadi in every corner and a false flag on every ship

    When a van plowed into pedestrians over a long stretch of Toronto sidewalk Monday, many immediately assumed it was the work of a terrorist following in the tracks of lone-wolf jihadists in Europe and the United States.

    A portrait has since emerged of the accused, Alek Minassian, as someone motivated not by radical Islam but more likely by sexual frustration and social awkwardness.

    Yet in the darker corners of the web, where conspiracy theories take hold, alt-right voices cling to the flimsiest evidence to suggest Canadian authorities are covering up what was actually an Islamist attack.


      • Do read the whole article…

        Must I?

        This crap gets to be so obvious after a while.

        Not your fault, but exceedingly intolerable, nonetheless.

      • Ok, I gave them my click.
        Wouldn’t of done, if I couldn’t reject every revenue-generating pixel via Little Snitch.
        12 network alerts, for one sticking slice of text: Deny_x_ 12 !

        I’m creeped out by enemy lurkers. Bigly.

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